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Toreq 9-yard scraper
Here are a few pic's of the 9-yard Toreq.  More pics will be loaded soon.

Toreq's are built by Steiger mfg, the family  that started the 4-wheel drive tractor revolution across North America.

As with all Toreq scrapers, the pins are hardened and replaceable, and all major pins go through bushings. It uses the same dolly swivel, lift and gate cylinders as the 13 yard Toreq. The rear axles adjust independent of each other. This feature is critical if you ruin a tire and replace with a different brand or different height. With the adjustable axles you can level the cut of the scraper. The wide front gate opening (54" gate to cutting edge) and 14" clearance under the cutting edge allow this scraper to handle sod or sticking dirt VERY well.

Some of the other features that make the Toreq stand out are: machined and welded steel hubs,,,,,, reinforced solid center rims,,,,,,, diamond tread tires,,,,,,, knuckle block steering made from T-1 steel with large hardened pins and bushings on the main stem,,,,,,, tungsten wear ring under the knuckel steer,,,,,, Steiger built cylinders with screw on the outside end caps and industry leading rod sizes,,,,,, 1" thick formed gate arms,,,,,,, 1/2" thick tubular steel in the neck, cross and draft arms.

Weight 8,500 lbs

Width of cut 86"

Front tires 13.5 x 16.1- R3's.............Rear tires 16.9x24's-R3's
Stacy or Doug......................660-548-3804

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Toreq 9-yard

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Toreq 9-yard

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Toreq 9-yard

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Toreq 9-yard

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Toreq 9-yard

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Toreq 9-yard

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Toreq 9-yard

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Toreq 9-yard

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Toreq 9-yard

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Toreq 9-yard

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