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Toreq 14 yard direct hitch
Here are a few pics of the Toreq 14D. The capacity of this scraper has been underated compared to the competition. It will haul as much as most 17 yard scrapers

The 14-yard Direct mount  Toreq weighs app. 15,000 lbs. It has a 104" cut. The front gate opens 54". The scraper has  17"-22" clearance under the cutting edge when raised.  It has  23.5 x 25 16-20 ply rear tires. Rear spindles adjust independent of one another so if you ruin a tire, and only one tire is changed, you  can still level up the scraper (tire heights will vary 3-4" between brands). It has machined and steel welded hubs inside of  gusseted wheels.

All cylinders are built by Steiger, and have screw on the outside endcaps. All major pins go through bushings and are greaseable.All pins and bushings are hardened by Steiger.  The scraper has an 18" spill plate on the ejection gate. Notice the size of the gate arms and frame work in the pictures. You won't find a tougher built scraper.

Toreq's built by Steiger are industry leaders when it comes to durability, workability and resale. Steiger began the production of Toreq scrapers in 1970, at the same facility that the first 125 4-wheel drive tractors were built. Over the last 36 years they have become known as the best hydraulic eject on the market.

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