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Stacy building daughters pond
Although we sell scrapers, and I've run them ever since I was wet behind the ears, I had never built a pond. I've told all of my kids, that if they lived close enough and had the right location, I would build them a pond.

My oldest daughter and son-inlaw are moving closer to home, and bought a piece of ground for their new home, and Dad made good on his promise in July of 2005.

After visiting with the S&WCD for about 30 minutes, I designed and built this almost 4 acre pond. There's 12,000 yards of dirt in the dam, and I hauled another 2,000 yards of dirt for them to use for landscaping. The dam is 950' long. The overflow pipe is 96' x 12".

It took me a little over two weeks of long hours to build it. Like most farmers, I really enjoy moving dirt. Down the road I plan on building a couple of 5-10 acre ponds on my mother-inlaws ground.

I built this pond with a Toreq 12D. It will hold as much or more than most 14's. The direct mount really works good for ponds. For most farmers building and maintaining terraces, and doing drainage work, the dollied scraper is a better choice for them.

May 2013: Lord willing, I will start on a 10 acre lake in June or July 2013. Return for pics and an update on it.
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Enlarge photo 1
Just getting started

Enlarge photo 2
Finishing up a load

Enlarge photo 3
It took 35-55' to load

Enlarge photo 4
Looks like I didn't quite fill this one

Enlarge photo 5
Topping off the south end

Enlarge photo 6
Headed to the top soil pile

Enlarge photo 7
Youngest son and chief greaser

Enlarge photo 8
The south end is only 8' deep, it's the swiming hole

Enlarge photo 9
Almost Done

Enlarge photo 10
This is what their home will look like

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