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Due to popular demand
As many of you know, Grand River Sales is near famous for BBQ. We don't need a big excuse to fire up the grill and serve up some of the finest eating to ever be had anywhere. Our specialty is BBQ Prairie Dawgs.

Bob Cooper, with the help of Doug and Stacy, developed a recipe for Prairie dogs. The dogs are ground, secret ingredients are added, and then they are stuffed into casings. The result is the world famous Prairie Dawg brat.

Now these aren't high plains run of the mill gophers. Mr Cooper raises them in confinement, feeds and cares for them like they where his own kids, then he KILLS them and makes the finished product.

People have driven hundreds of miles to eat and buy these brats. Some customers take home 50 lbs of them at a time. Many have said it was worth buying a scraper or truck from us, just so they could eat the BBQed Prairie Dawgs. Some folks have even swore off of beef and pork, and now are on a healthy P-Dawg diet.

Two of the folks in the photo's flew all the way from New Zealand to eat P-Dawgs with us. Even though they market hundreds of cattle and thousands of sheep a year, they were completely sold on our BBQed P-Dawgs. They have asked to be the exclusive distribitor of P-Dawgs in South East Asia, New Zealand and Australia.

A P-Dawg a day, makes you do better.

DISCLAIMER: Grand River Sales LLC is not responsible for any of the content pertaining to BBQed P-Dawgs. Statements made are opinions only, and some of them may be out right lies. But it's all in fun, and if you get close to us, stop in and we'll cook up a mess of em.
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Enlarge photo 1
Almost ready to be stuffed

Enlarge photo 2
Prized breeding stock is pampered

Enlarge photo 3
Alan and Hilary from New Zealand

Enlarge photo 4
Hilary has agreed to try em first

Enlarge photo 5
L-R Alan, Bob, Stacy and Doug

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