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Science Fiction Conventions
Both recent and of old. I'm frequently to be found where there's music, so many of the albums have lots of pictures of people making and listening to music.
Copyright © Fred A Levy Haskell
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AppleCon 2008
1. AppleCon 2008  (11-13 April 2008)

A local Minneapolis convention. “AppleCon is a convention that brings together the best parts of Minneapolis music, science fiction fandom, Wizard (a game of trump), and pie” There is an album in my “Experimental Series” folder which contains the experimental images I took at that event.
Copyright © Fred A Levy Haskell

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Snapshots of ConFusion 31
2. Snapshots of ConFusion 31  (January 20, 2005)
An folder full of albums of snapshots taken at ConFusion 31, a science fiction convention hosted annually in the Detroit, Michigan area by the Stilyagi Air Corps, otherwise known as the Ann Arbor Science Fiction Association. As I keep saying in most of my albums, one of these days I’ll do some post-processing on the best of these and make ’em look real pretty, but for now y’all can at least enjoy these as snapshots. It was a good convention.
Copyright © Fred A Levy Haskell
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Snapshots of Confusion 30
3. Snapshots of Confusion 30  (January 23, 2004)
Under my new “post now…think later” philosophy, here are some (not as yet post-processed) snapshots from last year’s Confusion. Perhaps someday I’ll give the good ones the full Photoshop treatment and I’ll repost those then.
Copyright © Fred A Levy Haskell
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Congenial X
4. Congenial X  (October 1, 1999)
Most of these were taken at the music parties at Congenial X, an sf relaxicon in Racine, Wisconsin. Although some of these photographs start approaching some artistic merit, and in some the subjects don’t look too bad, I’m afraid that most of them are merely interesting snapshots. Which can also be enjoyable, I guess—just not as pretty, nor as wonderful, as I’d’ve liked….
As always, help in identifying the “unknowns,” or corrections to those names I thought I knew, are welcome.
Thanks for ID assistance: Erik Wessing.
Copyright © Fred A Levy Haskell
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Midwestcon 21
5. Midwestcon 21  (Summer, 1970)
These snapshots were taken at the 1970 version of Midwestcon—one of the oldest extant science fiction conventions … and one of the best. It's held every summer in Cincinnati, Ohio.
I've tried to identify as many people as I could—corrections or additions are always welcome!
THANKS! for help with identification: Dave Locke, Ned Brooks, Ted White, rich brown, Jerry Kaufman, and Suzanne V. Tompkins.
Copyright © Fred A Levy Haskell
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Saint Louiscon
6. Saint Louiscon  (August 28 - September 1, 1969)
The 27th World Science Fiction Convention, Labor Day weekend 1969, in St. Louis, Missouri.
I’m startled and embarrassed by how many of these photos cause me to think, “Ah, there’s good old … um …. Gosh, it’s been years since I thought of … er ….” or just, “Hey, that’s … ahh … what was that name again…?” So if anybody has any corrections or additions to my attempts to identify people, please send them to me!
THANKS! for help with identification: Astrid Bear, Lise Eisenberg, David Emerson, Mark Owings, Rich Wannen, Howard DeVore, and Michael Novak.
Copyright © Fred A Levy Haskell
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