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Events, public and private: Weddings, demonstrations, brisses, parades, and other such events which don't exactly fit into my other categories/folders (i.e., bands & bars, parties, sf conventions, travel…).
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Guy Fawkes Day 2009
1. Guy Fawkes Day 2009  (21 November 2009)
It was held a little late this year, but it is nonetheless a Guy Fawkes Night party. I first put this album within my "Experimental and Artistic" meta-album because most of the images were taken with available light and are somewhat-to-very blurry (and many of them more interesting for that). I'm leaving a "stub" there, but I realized that if someone were to come to my site looking for these photos they'd probably look here in the "Events" meta-album first.
I know that fireworks photos are pretty much a dime a dozen, but I though these were at least pretty enough to include. You know, I'm not doing a really tight edit or anything.
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SPA Upper School Spring Concert 2008
2. SPA Upper School Spring Concert 2008  (26 April 2008)
St Paul Academy and Summit School
Upper School Spring Concert—Vocal & Instrumental
OʼShaughnessy Auditorium, College of St. Catherine, St. Paul, Minnesota
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The Duckwall-Brust Affair
3. The Duckwall-Brust Affair  (23 December 2006)
I didn't arrive in time for the actual wedding ceremony, but here are a few pictures of the reception/party that followed in the same space. Since I was there as a guest and not in any official capacity, but having decided it would be fun to get out my camera and take some pictures, I felt free to focus on whoever and whatever I pleased rather than feeling an obligation to document the event itself. Oddly enough, the people it pleased me to focus on tended to fall into two overlapping categories: friends and attractive women. Heh. Big surprise there, eh? [Technical details: The film was scanned at Pro-X, and I did some light Photoshop editing, cropping, and sizing. If you'd like a print it'd probably be best to get in touch with me and go back to the negative or make a higher-resolution scan.] Some of the photos please me, some please me greatly. Some of the sequences turned out to be fun. I hope you enjoy looking at them.
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B&K 10th Anniversary Party
4. B&K 10th Anniversary Party  (30 June 2007)
There's still a roll of black & white images I need to scan, but here are the colour shots from that lovely party. I'm surprised at just how many of these photos are really lousy and I will probably dump all but a small handful at some point, but I figured I'd just toss them up for now and let y'all look at them.
You'll probably notice that women and musicians feature prominently; this is because I wasn't trying to actually document the event, I was simply taking photos of what interested me. Heh.
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