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Unless you are willing to live in a "clean room" and forgo daily life it is almost impossible to completely protect yourself from every trace of chemtrail toxin.   However you can significantly reduce your exposure.  Air cleaners would be the first line of defense.  Hepa cleaners are not suitable.  Although good for ordinary air pollution the sub micron size of the nano particulates in the chemtrails will go right through a Hepa filter without being removed from the air.  Aircleaners that utilize electrostatic means of air cleaning are better at removing the tiny particles.  Based on personel experience and the reports of others I recommend the Aprilaire whole house air cleaner (fits on the furnace) PLUS individual Ionic Breeze air filters for each bedroom or other space where you spend a lot of time (office, etc.)   The bonus of using an Ionic Breeze is that it is available with a UV light which kills  airborn pathogens (molds, fungus, bacteria). On heavy chemtrail days stay inside and keep windows closed.
"I have only been aware of this mess for a couple of days...I can't believe it..!!!! I can't believe it..!!! WTF..!!! Nowhere to turn for help. HELP..!!!!" --kantbelieveit, 05/09/10
"If you are having dificulty getting people to pay attention or beleive that this is happening. Take them out at night after a heavy spray day with an LED type flashlight. Just look around and you will see glitter everywhere and fibers." --James, 06/06/10
"Short white fibers are also very noticeable on upturned mirrors. I even notice them on my monitor screen. The fine,gray chemdust is very noticeable on car windshields, especially when driving into the sun. It is a very fine gray dust that appears slightly iridescent when the sun hits it at certain angles. I also see this dust on the outside of my windows at home along with other bizarre things." --Glenn, 06/28/10
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