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19th & Early 20th Century BB Rarities

Date(s): May 13, 2006. 1 - 11 of 11 Total. Shared
1. Scorecards  (March 2005)
19th Century Scorecards.
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1887 N28 World Champions
2. 1887 N28 World Champions  (March 2005)
1887 Allen & Ginter tobacco insert cards.  50 card set.
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1888 R&S Artistic Die Cut Baseball
3. 1888 R&S Artistic Die Cut Baseball  (March 2005)
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1896 Mayo Cut Plug BB Game Card
4. 1896 Mayo Cut Plug BB Game Card  (March 2005)
N301.  A very rare set.  To my knowledge the exact game these where used for is unknown.  I am always looking to add to my set.  If you have anything you would like to sell or trade please let me know.
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1900 T203 Mayo Cut Plug BB Comics
5. 1900 T203 Mayo Cut Plug BB Comics  (March 2005)
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T206 Hall of Famers
6. T206 Hall of Famers  (March 2005)
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T5 Pinkerton Cabinet Cards
7. T5 Pinkerton Cabinet Cards  (March 2005)
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Victorian Baseball Trade Cards
8. Victorian Baseball Trade Cards  (May 14, 2006)
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ABC Childrens Book
9. ABC Childrens Book  (March 2005)
Baseball ABC (1885, McGloughin Bros., New York, Fr-Gd, soft cover) with the alphabet beautifully illustrated with very colorful baseball scenes. The ABC book is a significant rarity and a prize nineteeth-century generic baseball item. This example has condition problems to the front cover, and the back cover is missing, but the interior plates are bright, clean, and in excellent condition.
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The Book of Baseball
10. The Book of Baseball  (March 2005)
1911 by P. F. Collier & Son.  This is one of the best early baseball books about baseball.  It has numerous photos ballplayers and team from the early 20th Century.
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19th Century Oddball
11. 19th Century Oddball  (March 2005)
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