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Controversial essay topics require wise

Controversial essay topics require wise arguments

Every one of us is talking about some burning issues that are discussed at the various forums. The issues can range from the events concerned with our daily life to the serious debatable topics like ‘abortion’ or ‘right to die’ etc.. Therefore, writing on the controversial essay topics requires wise planning and effective collection of data on the concerned issue.

The issues related to such topics are those which generate divergent feelings and opinions from the masses. In a way, the topics help in the classification of the masses by putting them in one or the other category depending on their viewpoint in support or against the related subject.

Students should understand the difference between writing such essays in comparison to other essay-writing papers. While other essays will have a certain essay outline, this essay will discuss only the argumentative topics raised.

However, students are still advised to look at other similar papers like argumentative essays and essay reference to understand fully well the issues involved. This article will discuss briefly a few controversial essay topics. Students will require expanding these in detail while giving their own arguments based on supportive evidence, collected during the research on these issues.

Use of alternative medicines

While Allopathic treatment is the established form of medical therapy all over the world, there are certain sections of the people in every country, which believe that Allopathic medicines do more harm, by way of side effects than any good, in the long run.

Therefore, several other alternative medicines are also in use throughout the world. This includes the homeopathic treatment, which is believed to be free of any harmful side effects. There are other alternative medical therapies under the Unani or Ayurvedic system of medicine. However, there is no alternative to the surgery done only under the allopathic system, which is necessary to cure many ills.

Students should make a detailed report in support and against the use of alternative medicine, in our daily life.

Act of Abortion

Ben Hadfield, an English copywriter, and editor at cheap paper writing service reports that this is an important issue for the controversial essay topics, as it generates hot debates, everywhere. While most of the religious bodies oppose this act, other sections of the society support it. Their argument is mainly based on economic considerations, as they feel it be an ill-advised concept for bringing to this world a life, which they may not be able to nourish properly.

While there can be many issues that have divided opinion from the masses, students should look at book review essays and persuasive essays also to understand the presentation skills required for putting forward their arguments.

Abuse of women

While in most of the western countries, even the verbal rude talk is considered abuse for the women, certain Muslim countries restrict the basic freedom of the women, like moving around freely. Ironically, women themselves are happy to live in such situations at these places. The religious dictates and tenets are used as a tool to support such repression of women.

Students should present the facts, both in support and against the issue raised. However, the data displayed should be from authentic and reliable sources. It is necessary that students give these arguments, without any personal involvement in the same.

For more about controversial essay topics, students can also go through the expert writings at custom essay writing service to improve their skills or order a customized essay.


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