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eharmony's First Album

How To Date A Supermodel This Year

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Want to date way out of your league? Tanit Phoenix was kind enough to let us in on a few secrets...

If you want to date the model, actress, vegan and nature lover then you're going to have to up your game. Here's Loveawake dating site experts how...

When is the best time to approach you?

When I am dancing. I absolutely love to dance, and if a guy can dance and I mean really dance ( I am a trained dancer), then you stand a good chance to shake that booty to the rhythm with me.

When is the worst time to approach you?

When I am rehearsing a scene, or I am about to start shooting a scene for a film. I am in concentration mode, and the guy will get zero points for breaking it.

What opener will make you melt?

'I dare you to...' I love adventure and being completely free spirited, if you catch me in the right mood, I will totally play along. If its fun that is.

What opener will make you retch?

Sliding a black credit card over the table in my direction, (which has happened to me). Really? Is that the best you got? I find it insulting that some men believe money is all you need to 'get' a girl. Not me... I am impressed with originality, mystery, a sense of humor and a lot of intelligence. I am a cerebral woman... and I need tons of adventure, a sexy bum and sexy legs helps too. Oh wait... did I mention it's all in the kiss? You can tell alot about a guy by the way he kisses... hahaha...

Which skills should we have if we’re to pique your interest?

A sense of humour, love for music, interest in worldy matters such as... good knowledge on anthropology - the human psyche (after all its my profession to understand the human mind) - world religion and spirituality, an adventurous nature, love for travel because I am a bit of a gypsy, a great dancer, extremely kind compassionate and selfless, loving to the max, love for sport or exercise helps - I am a runner and mountain biker, cooking - I am in love with food, but I should mention being a vegan means I eat no meat, fish or dairy. But what impresses me the most is a man that's willing to support me and my work no matter what, and that is a skill that will score you massive brownie points.

Which skills could you not give a damn about?

I find human beings extremely interesting, it is my job as an actor to observe people, so all skills impress me really because there is a passion behind all of them.

Where’s the ultimate first date spot?

Candle lit dinner, under the stars on a beautiful private beach, with warm water lapping over my feet. I am extremely passionate about nature, so even somewhere on top of a mountain with a gorgeous view, in a garden enclosed with butterfly's, or in a jungle with a waterfall in sight, or somewhere adventurous like in the Antarctic in an igloo with snow falling outside or near lava flow in Hawaii, or on a boat in the Amazon jungle... Don't get me started.

Where’s the worst first date location?

Caprice in Camps Bay.

When should we go in for that first kiss?

After some time spent together, build the tension... but as soon you can feel your solar plexus vibrating, know this, my solar plexus is spinning too... then kiss me!

How long of a window do we have to kiss you until we’re lost in “friend” territory?

Depends on how much time has been spent together, I guess, you have two weeks.

How is dating a supermodel any different from dating an ordinary girl?

Get ready to say goodbye at the airport a lot. Supermodels travel the world and often have to leave at the drop of a hat. Most men will be eyeing your Supermodel girl, and some will even try to win her heart right in front of you. Supermodels make a lot of money, so best you be OK with her earning more than you.

What is your insider tip?

Woman love sensuality, and for the most part fantasy. That's why adventurous experiences, travel and surprises keep the flame of passion alive. Guys, don't lose that part of yourself, and if you have never thought of being any of the above mentioned I suggest you go to school and learn. You do not have to be the best looking, the wealthiest or the sexiest guy, most woman would rather have a fun relationship with passion.

Is it true that you have Danny Trejo on speed dial ready to deal with any guys that are bothering you?

Danny Trejo is my Machete, my personal body guard. If I am stuck out in LA, Danny rushes to my rescue. One line he loves to use on guys, 'You think you're a good looking guy? Let's see what you say in two minutes'. Oops. you better run boy! Haha! I adore Danny, we have a very special bond.

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