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Once again, we find that there are exceptions to this rule. Using because is okay, for example, if one says "Because I own a large truck and few possessions, I can move houses without a trailer." Here, notice that if the two parts of the sentence were switched at the comma, it'd have the same meaning. Still, in the vast majority of instances, using "and," "but," or "because" to begin a sentence is incorrect. "And I have one more thing to say" is common as well as, "But there is another solution." These are actually common echoes of an earlier rule: Don't use sentence fragments.
While there are many more common mistakes in sentence structure, not to mention the entirety of English grammar, these were some of the most common problems with the simplest solutions. Follow these tips and you will be sure to improve you're written and spoken grammar because they help me write my essay quality =)
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