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GRCH Desert Highs Light Of Eternity

Prince's OFA #'s Patella's: RAT-PA450/12M/P-NOPI
OFA Cardiac:RAT-CA226/12M/P-NOPI

Prince is a Black Tan and White Tuxedo Male Born Jan. 14th 2006.

He is 16 inches tall and weighs 25 lbs at 3  years old.

He is our home grown boy! The Very Moment he was born both Gary and Mason said at the same time, "There He Is" "Prince"! We didn't even know what sex he was at the time. He was and is no doubt a gift from our Lord.   Thank you Jesus, we love you!

His Sire is: UKC CH RPK's Desert High Sandstorm

OFA Petella's Normal # RAT-PA177/15M/P-NOPI
Cardiac: OFA # RAT-CA121/29M/P-NOPI
DNA-VIP Oct. 20, 2004
Hip Prelimed (Good to Excellent) Feb 2, 2005

His Dam is: UKC GRCH San Fermines's Zoe

Petella Normal. OFA # RAT-PA339/28F/P-NOPI
Cardiac: OFA # RAT-CA124/27F/C-NOPI


He is an amazing, loving, kind Family Pet First.  Loves to Please us beyond words.  Loves to play with other dogs and baby puppies too!  Sleeps in the covers with us, and his Daddy Dezi too.  Has his favorite chair in the living room when relaxing. "HE" Will play fetch all day long if you are willing.  He is ONE Sweet Sweet Boy! Prince has produced puppies that are Beautiful in Structure, have brains, and are just as sweet has he is. We couldn't be more blessed with the Gift we have been given with Prince.

He has been in the UKC Top Ten for 3 years running since 2006!  He is currently in the UKC Top Ten 2009 #7, only shown under two judges!

Prince!    BIMBS,RBIMBS UKC Top Ten # 6 2008, #4 Top Ten 2007 and #5 TOP TEN 2006
What an amazing wonderful Honor, With Limited showing!

His Total BIMBS 16 And 6 RBIMBS

We are Delighted to have been Blessed with our Prince!

2006/2007 Judges who blessed Prince with his Awesome wins!

**Valerie Plitz**John Tompkins**
Theresa Werder**Valerie Plitz**John Davidson** Kimberly Allison**Pamela Perdue**Violet Denney** Dianne McConnell**Pamela Moore**James Heinz**Austina Heinz**Debbi Orwin**Al Orwin**Jeanne Heger**Roger Bennett**Debbi Orwin**Patricia Young**Mary Happel**Virgina Pearson**Michael Pearson**Pam Perdue**Al Orwin**Tim Parr**Michael Pearson**Patricia Johnson**Sandra Drake**Virgina Pearson**Michael Pearson**Virgina Pearson**Michael Pearson**Patricia Young**Avril Black**Michael Pearson**Virgina Pearson**Denise Morgan**Debra Mitchell**Sandra Drake**Dan Crutchfield**Debbi Orwin**Mary Happel**Pamela Simmons** Jeanne Hager**Jim Jones**Pamela Perdue**Betty Umberto-Wells** Francis Geiger**Beth Snedegar**Eleanor Main** Dianne McConnell** Warren Shivers** Olen Nichols  


We are very Proud of This Fine boy!  In Three short months, the last of 2006 Show Season Prince went on to be #5 in the UKC TOP TEN…  Taking 17 Best of Breeds and Multiple Group 1, 2 and 3 placements.  He also won 4 BIMBS and 4 RBIMBS in his short time in the ring.

Prince Has Sire of this amazing dogs below

UKC GRCH Desert High's I Saw The Light BIMBS
UKC GRCH Desert High Beneath His Wings,BIMBS
UKC GRCH Desert High's Light Of The World, RBIMBS
UKC GRCH Desert High's Breath In Me
UKC GRCH Desert High's Strong Tower BIMBS, RBIMBS
UKC CH Desert High's Keep On Shinin'
UKC CH Desert High's Choosen By Grace

We owe these pups Mom's and Dad's so much for trusting in us and working so hard with their babies!  THANK YOU!
Album by Debbie Glaspey. Photos by Debbie and Gary too!. 1 - 68 of 68 Total. 6485 Visits.
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Hey! How's this boy doing? If he's anything like his Daddy I bet he's looking even better with age. Could you share some new pictures please? :)
Meta |, Thu, 28 May 2009 9:57AM
Debbie this boy just gets better and better. I really enjoyed his 16 month photos. He really is outstanding.
Stacy |, Wed, 23 May 2007 12:54PM
Oh Debbie & Gary we have had many many talk's about this boy and his bloodlines,and as Marti also know's there isn't much better then this. He is a true blessing as they all are,congrat's friend's well well deserved. He is a true "WOW" boy !!
Lynette |, Tue, 3 Oct 2006 5:34AM
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Enlarge photo 1

Enlarge photo 2
Shelton Show 2008
Prince was blessed with Best in Multi Breed Show and Reserve Best In Multi Breed Show!

What an Honor, We Thank Ruth Kramer and Allen Kenrick so very much!

Enlarge photo 3
Shelton Show 2008
Nina Marie Sheer Blessed Prince with Best In Multi Breed Show!

Thank you so very much!

Enlarge photo 4
March Show
Thank You Jeanne Heger For Prince's Best In Breed and Group One!

Enlarge photo 5
Best In Multi Breed Show 2007
Prince Won 9 BIMBS And 1 RBIMBS in 2007..

What an honor for our Breed!

One Beautiful Boy!

Thank You Judge Patricia Young for this Awesome Win!

Enlarge photo 6
Best In Multi Breed Show 2007
Thank you Michael Pearson

Enlarge photo 7
Best In Multi Breed Show 2007
Thank You Pam Perdue!

Enlarge photo 8
Prince At Premier
Photo Credit Tonia

Thank you girl..

What an exciting trip to the Premier.. what a blessing to meet so many wonderful people in person.. Can't wait to go back!

Enlarge photo 9
Our Silly Boy
Loves to play and go go go

Enlarge photo 10
Bloodlines Ad May 2008
Our ad for Prince for the Top Ten Bloodlines Magazine May 2008.

We also put this ad in the UKC Premier Catalog coming out at the Premier 2008!

We are so very proud of our Fun Loving Boy..

Enlarge photo 11
Best In Show Class!

Photo Credit,

Alicia Ivie!!

Thank you so much Alicia for the picture and your compliments on Prince!

Enlarge photo 12
Balance and Beauty
Here is a wonderful of example of Very Very Close Correct Balance and Structure!  

We know "No" Dog is Perfect, but believe it is our obligation as breeders to strive for correct structure/balance which in turn makes for a dog that has beautiful movement and can do his/her job effortlessly with out breaking down...

Enlarge photo 13
His Handsome Face

Enlarge photo 14
Bloodlines July 2007

Enlarge photo 15
Winning BOB and Group 2
Under Judge John Davidson

Enlarge photo 16
Prince 16 Months
Our Beautiful Boy Growing Up..

This boy is beyond words in Structure/Balance and Movement and What a Smashing Sweet Personality...

He is ready to pounce the squeaky toy in this picture.. Looks like the look of a Rat Terrier ON IT..

Enlarge photo 17
Prince and His Sire Dezi
Beautiful Heads.. Our Beautiful Boys.. Love this picture!

Enlarge photo 18
Bloodlines Jan 2007

Enlarge photo 19
Prince 9 Months
Best of Breed Winner Both shows in Shelton Wa Oct. 2006.

Thank you so much Judge Dianne McConnell for BOB!

Thank you so much Judge Beth Snedegar for BOB and RBIMBS!

Here our boy is with his BOB Trophy donated to the show by Robbin of Irish Glynn Rat Terriers! Prince won this award at the Sat. show.

What a blessing to have one of Robbin's amazing paintings of a Rat Terrier!  This is a Treasure to have in our home!  

I didn't tell Gary or Mason Prince had won this awesome trophy and they both were so excited to see this when we got home!  Yippie, Mason said!!!

Enlarge photo 20
Prince 9 Months
Prince and his Momma (me) waiting to do the one at a time around the ring in the BIMBS class.. 14 dogs in this class!  Randi took this pic of us... Thank you Randi!

Enlarge photo 21
Prince 8 Months
Prince BOB Winner with Judge Pamela Perdue in Graham Wa Sept 2006!

Thank you so much Judge Pamela Perdue for this Awesome Win!

Prince also won Best of Breed under Judge Olen Nichols, Thank You Judge Olen Nichols for this awesome Win!

Enlarge photo 22
Prince 8 Months BIMBS Sept 23 06
Can you see the excitement..

Thank you so very much Judge Debbi Orwin for this awesome Blessing!

Enlarge photo 23
Prince 8 Months RBIMBS Sept 24 06
We are just speechless with what this boy has done in the last couple months!

Thank you so very much Judge Jim Jones for this awesome blessing!

Enlarge photo 24
Prince  8 Months BIMBS
Thank you so VERY Much Judge Virgina Pearson for the Great Honor of Best In Multi Breed Show!
Reno NV, Sept 16th 2006

This Young Man has earned to date 6 Best of Breeds, TWO Group 1, One Group 2, One Group 3, One BIMBS and Two RBIMBS!

Sept 16-17th 2006
We are beaming!!!

Enlarge photo 25
Prince  8 Months RBIMBS
Thank you so VERY Much Judge Michael Pearson for the Great Honor of Reserve Best In Multi Breed Show! Reno NV Sept. 17th 2006!

We are truly Blessed!

Enlarge photo 26
A Picture of Pure JOY!
Starting from July 15th to Sept 4th 2006 This little Man earned all these beautiful awards!

Needless to say we are very blessed to say the least. A Grateful Thank You to our Lord Jesus for His gift of blessing us with Prince!

And a Very Special Thank you to the Honorable Judges for loving our boy!

Avril Black
Debbi Orwin
Michael Pearson
Virginia Pearson
Sandra Drake
Dan Crutchfield
Debbie Mitchell
Dennis Morgan
Mary Happel
Pamela Simmons
Jeanne Hager

Thank you, Thank you!

Enlarge photo 27
Prince 7 Months
Reserve Best In Multi Breed Show

What a Honor!

Thank you Judge Avril Black and to the Sponsor to this class,
Madras Paint and Glass

Enlarge photo 28
Prince Kissing Momma
His First CH Win and a Big Kiss!

Enlarge photo 29
Prince 7  and one half Months
We as truly blessed to have this awesome boy!

Enlarge photo 30
Prince 7 Months
After earning his Grand in Utah he was happy to be home in his own yard...  Just stopped to pose for me for a second.

Enlarge photo 31
Prince 6 Months
Our Beautiful Boy

Enlarge photo 32
Prince 6 Months
Beautiful Head This Boy Has

Enlarge photo 33
Prince 18 Weeks
Look at me I am growing up!

Enlarge photo 34
Prince 18 Weeks
Pretty Boy...

Enlarge photo 35
Prince 18 Weeks
Happy Happy Puppy... Love to run and play ALL the time!

Enlarge photo 36
Prince and Daddy Dezi
What ya sniffing Dad?

Enlarge photo 37
Prince 16 Weeks
Ready to Pounce on Sunni..

Enlarge photo 38
Prince 16 weeks
Show Dog Training...  Do I really have to stand still?  Move your front for a bit Prince dear!

Enlarge photo 39
Prince 16 Weeks
That's it Prince.. You are doing so GOOD!

Enlarge photo 40
Prince 15 Weeks
Learning to be a REAL show dog now!  Waiting for that Treat!

Enlarge photo 41
Prince 14 Weeks
His First Dog Show!  And won his NLC puppy class!  He had to much fun in the show ring... LOL  trot trot.. then lope rear trot and bounce.. I laughed all the way around the ring..

Enlarge photo 42
Prince 14 Weeks
Standing watching the rest of the dog show... Look at those silly ears.. LOL

Enlarge photo 43
Prince 11 Weeks
Watching the Horses..

Enlarge photo 44
Prince 11 Weeks
Loves His Sticks!  Darling picture!

Enlarge photo 45
Prince 10 Weeks
I just love the show table... I get LOTS of treats and CHEESE when I stand here..

Enlarge photo 46
Desert Highs Light Of Eternity  8 Weeks
Mr. Prince Caspian..

Prince weighs 6 pounds 2 oz

Happy Boy..

Enlarge photo 47
Prince 8 Weeks Front
Ears are still Flying.. lol  But more upward this week..

Sweet loving boy!

Enlarge photo 48
Prince 8 Weeks
What a guy.. MORE CHEESE MASON.. Please..

Grandpa says I ate it all..

Enlarge photo 49
Desert Highs Light Of Eternity 7 Weeks
Prince showing off a bit here!

Prince Weighs 5 pounds 0 oz

Enlarge photo 50
Prince 7 Weeks
His Front View

Enlarge photo 51
Prince 7 Weeks
Please the Cheese.. Please!

Enlarge photo 52
Prince 6 Weeks
Prince Looking Good!

Prince weighs 4 pounds 5 oz

He loves his Mason

Enlarge photo 53
Prince 6 Weeks
Look at them ears.. We see Daddy Dezi's face in this boy.. That little blaze is to cute!

Enlarge photo 54
Prince 6 Weeks
May I please Just have the Cheese..

Enlarge photo 55
Prince 5 Weeks
Gary's Handsome Boy!

Prince weighs 3 pounds 9 oz

Looking Good Prince!

Enlarge photo 56
Prince 5 Weeks
His Front View... to cute!

Enlarge photo 57
Prince 5 Weeks
Reaching for the CHICKEN.. Prince got chicken... lol  

Already being spoiled!

Enlarge photo 58
Prince 3 Weeks
Prince looking grown up too!  

He weighs at 3 weeks 2 pounds 6 oz

Prince is a sweet loving boy..

Enlarge photo 59
Prince 3 Weeks
Grandpa wouldn't let me do it alone, he said I was trying to leave all the time.. so he held me still..

Enlarge photo 60
Prince 3 Weeks
Kiss Me Kiss Me..  Aren't are cute!!!

Enlarge photo 61
Prince 3 Weeks
His Front

Enlarge photo 62
Prince 3 Weeks
Prince is Roaring..  or is he?

Enlarge photo 63
Prince Caspian Two Weeks

He weighs at 2 weeks 1 pound 11 oz.

He is a love

Male/Black White Tan Tuxedo

Enlarge photo 64
Prince Two Weeks
His darling face..

Enlarge photo 65
Prince 1 Week
Look at that face!

He weighs at One week  17.8 oz

He is a Black White Tan Tuxedo

Enlarge photo 66
Prince Caspian 3 Days
Handsome little man!

Enlarge photo 67
Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the Desires of your heart

Enlarge photo 68

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