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The Vickers Issued Postcards. 8 / 2017
Vickers Aircraft enjoyed some success with the Viking, but the Viscount revolutionized air travel. Alone in the marketplace for turbine powered airliners, Vickers capitalized on the success stories of Viscount operators, and marketed them in many ways including postcards. Postcard advertisements extolled the accomplishments both real and projected of the Viscount and later the Vanguard.
The Vickers airliner cards were beautifully presented, with excellent images of the aircraft, and frequently a success story on the back.
Following are the few I have been able to collect, accompanied by a number of remarkable contributions by Kuo-Ching Fu.
First listed are the early art cards featuring some of the earliest purchasers. Then the later 1950s issues with identification on the bottom.
Included are 2 data cards which are presumed to be Vickers Issue, and a sampling of Vickers post card advertisements.
    Finally, there are several Airline Issues prepared by Vickers. Additions to any of these categories would be much appreciated!
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Enlarge photo 1
Vickers Viscount 700 House KCF
A rare early issue of the Viscount in a house livery by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu.

Enlarge photo 2
B Vickers Viscount House KCF

Enlarge photo 3
Air France Viscount 700 #7KCF
The first of 12 Air France Viscounts was delivered in May of 1953, less than a year after BEA's first 700 took flight. This is one of the original Vickers Issues by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu.

Enlarge photo 4
B Air France Viscount 700 #7 KCF

Enlarge photo 5
British European Viscount 700 #10KCF
The earliest Vickers Issues were all artist cards, and in my view this rare BEA version from Kuo-Ching Fu is one of the best. BEA took delivery of the prototype, c/n 3 in August of 1952, operating until receipt of c/n 4 in January of 1953.

Enlarge photo 6
B British European Viscount 700 #10KCF

Enlarge photo 7
Capital Viscount 700 #9
The Capital Viscount gamble led the airline to dominance in some major markets, essentially clobbering American and United. As Electras and jets arrived Capital's advantage was lost, and the airline was absorbed by United. The Viscounts continued in service for some years with United.

Enlarge photo 8
B Capital Viscount 700 #9

Enlarge photo 9
Misrair Viscount 700 #2
Misrair, a previous Viking operator was one of the first Viscount orders, and were included in the early Vickers issues.

Enlarge photo 10
B Misrair Viscount 700 #2

Enlarge photo 11
T A A Viscount 700 #3KCF
A great view of a TAA Viscount through a Viscount window. Trans Australia received their first Viscount in October of 1954, but it was lost on a training flight. Twelve additional 700s were delivered by 1957.

Enlarge photo 12
B T A A Viscount 700 #3KCF)

Enlarge photo 13
Aer Lingus Viscount 800 #2
A splendid card of Aer Lingus Viscount 808C EI AJK, delivered in May of 1958. This was the 3rd new 800, but Aer Lingus took delivery of additional used 800s as late as 1967. This aircraft went to Air Bridge in 1974, Dan Air in 1975, and British Air ferries in 1983. Was ultimately DBR with British World at Belfast in 1996

Enlarge photo 14
B Aer Lingus Viscount 800 #2

Enlarge photo 15
Aer Lingus Viscount 800 #3KCF
EI AJJ was the 2nd 800 delivered to Aer Lingus, in January of 1958. It is shown on this beautiful card with the 1958 livery, kindly shared by Kuo-Ching Fu. It spent its career with Aer Lingus, but was retired in 1969

Enlarge photo 16
B Aer Lingus Viscount 800 #3KCF

Enlarge photo 17
Air France Viscount 700 #8 KCF
Air France followed BEA with Viscounts in 1953. It seems strange that a ramp view was used for this issue.

Enlarge photo 18
B Air France Viscount 700 #8KCF

Enlarge photo 19
British European Viscount 800s KCF
A busy production line, loaded with BEA Viscounts

Enlarge photo 20
B British European Viscount 800s KCF
Card is also found with a custom message typed on the left side.

Enlarge photo 21
British European Viscount 800 #8MC
Apparently the only one of the Viscount cards with a message on the front was this BEA 800, provided by Mike Charlton. The card also exists without the front message.

Enlarge photo 22
B British European Viscount 800 #8MC

Enlarge photo 23
Central African Viscount 700 #2
This is the first Vickers issue of a Central African Viscount, noting its service accomplishments. VP YNA was delivered in April 1956, and continued in service with Air Malawi and Air Zimbabwe until WFU in 1986

Enlarge photo 24
B Central African Viscount 700 #2

Enlarge photo 25
Central African Viscount 700 #1
An updated 1961 issue of Central African's VP YNA

Enlarge photo 26
Vickers Backs MC 1
Thanks to Mike Charlton for providing this card. The card is also seen with no message on the back

Enlarge photo 27
Continental Viscount 800 #3
Continental was the only US purchaser of the Viscount 800, taking delivery of 15 during 1958 and 1959. This aircraft G AOYV was never operated by Continental, but was painted in Continental colors for marketing purposes. Ultimately it was sold to VASP of Brazil in 1960, and later sold to PLUNA.

Enlarge photo 28
B Continental Viscount 800 #3

Enlarge photo 29
Cubana Viscount 700 #2
An outstanding view of the Cubana Viscount 700. Cubana, launched as a subsidiary of Pan American, was a leader in Latin American aviation until the communist takeover in 1959.

Enlarge photo 30
B Cubana Viscount 700 #2

Enlarge photo 31
L A V  Viscount 700 #2
LAV of Venezuela was one of the early Vicount operators, starting in 1956. This beauty, YV C AMX, operated until 1974, when it crashed on approach to Margarita Island.

Enlarge photo 32
B L A V Viscount 700 #2

Enlarge photo 33
Lufthansa Viscount 800 #5
Lufthansa's first Viscount D ANUN was delivered in October 1958. Only 10 more were delivered, but the Viscounts served European routes through 1970. This one however, spent most of its time as a Condor aircraft

Enlarge photo 34
B Lufthansa Viscount 800 #5

Enlarge photo 35
Northeast Viscount 700 #2
Northeast was the first US trunk after Capital to introduce the Viscount. But it was not until 1958 that the first of 11 Viscount 700s were delivered. Northeast disposed of the Viscounts in 1963 and 64

Enlarge photo 36
B Northeast Viscount 700 #2

Enlarge photo 37
Northeast Viscount 700 #3KCF
An outstanding view of Northeast's Viscount 700 provided by Kuo-Ching Fu.

Enlarge photo 38
B Northeast Viscount 700 #3KCF

Enlarge photo 39
South African Viscount 800 #5 KCF

Enlarge photo 40
B South African Viscount 800 #5 KCF

Enlarge photo 41
British European Vanguard #6KCF
Hard to believe that launch customer British European did not issue a Vanguard card, but this rare Vickers issue is a nice substitute. A very rare Vickers Issue by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu.

Enlarge photo 42
B British European Vanguard #6KCF

Enlarge photo 43

Enlarge photo 44

Enlarge photo 45
British European Viscount 800 #10 KCF
A rare Vickers issued data card, showing the new Viscount 800 in British European colors. Card kindly shared by Kuo-Ching Fu

Enlarge photo 46
B British European Viscount 800 #10 KCF

Enlarge photo 47
Continental Viscount 800 #5KCF
An excellent data card showing Continental's new 800 series aircraft. Card by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu.

Enlarge photo 48
B Continental Viscount 800 #4KCF

Enlarge photo 49
Trans Canada Vanguard #4KCF
A pre delivery data card showing a Trans Canada Vanguard in flight, also shared by Kuo-Ching Fu.

Enlarge photo 50
B Trans Canada Vanguard #4KCF

Enlarge photo 51
Vickers Vanguard ad KCF
An interesting and rare card apparently issued in connection with a sales tour in Japan.
"Card by courtesy of Kuo-Chin..."
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Enlarge photo 52
Vickers Vanguard Back KCF

Enlarge photo 53
Vickers Ad 1KCF
One of the earliest of a series of advertising postcards used by Vickers, extolling the success of early Viscount operations.
A rare item shared by Kuo-Ching Fu.

Enlarge photo 54
Vickers Ad 1 BKCF

Enlarge photo 55
Vickers Ad 2KCF
Another outstanding and rare Vickers issue kindly provided by Kuo-Cing Fu. Card details performance achieved by the fleet of Viscounts.

Enlarge photo 56
Vickers Ad 2BKCF

Enlarge photo 57
Vickers Ad 3KCF
This Vickers promotional card, provided by Kuo-Ching Fu announces fare cuts by British European upon initiation of Vanguard services.

Enlarge photo 58
Vickers Ad 3B KCF

Enlarge photo 59
Vickers ad 5
It would seem that the Vanguard sales cards were directed at travelers rather than airlines, as each add describes wholesale fare cuts with Vanguards. There is little mention of increased profit margins. Unfortunately the traveling public wasn't buying many Vanguards.

Enlarge photo 60
Vickers Ad 5b

Enlarge photo 61
Central African Viscount 700 #3
In addition to 2 Vickers Central African cards, this airline issue appears to be a Vickers production. (also featuring their first Viscount delivered in April of 1956)

Enlarge photo 62
B Central African Viscount 700 #3

Enlarge photo 63
Hong Kong Viscount 700
A rare Hong Kong Airways Viscount card, produced for the airline by Vickers. The airline, as it's appearance would indicate, was an affiliate of BOAC, which ultimately was acquired by Cathay Pacific in 1959

Enlarge photo 64
B Hong Kong Viscount 700

Enlarge photo 65
Hunting Clan Viscount 700 #1
Hunting Clan took delivery of 5 Viscounts in 1955 and 56, operating briefly before leases to Middle East and Icelandair

Enlarge photo 66
B Hunting Clan Viscount 700 #1

Enlarge photo 67
Hunting Clan Viscount 800 #1

Enlarge photo 68
B Hunting Clan Viscount 800 #1

Enlarge photo 69
Iraqi Viscount 700 #1
Iraqi bought 4 Viscount 700s for delivery in 1955. Viscounts served Iraqi until 1978, when sold to Alidair.
Card produced by Vickers.

Enlarge photo 70
B Iraqi Viscount 700

Enlarge photo 71
Iraqi Viscount 700 #2
An additional Iraqi issue, produced by Vickers, and sharing identical back.

Enlarge photo 72
B Iraqi Viscount 700 #2

Enlarge photo 73
National (NZ) Viscount 800 #3
One of  a number of National Airways Viscount cards, this displays the classic Vickers format.

Enlarge photo 74
B National (NZ) Viscount 800 #3

Enlarge photo 75
Tradair Viscount 700
An outstanding Viscount card from Tradair, which appears to be a Vickers production, but lacks the typical left hand side text.

Enlarge photo 76
B Tradair Viscount 700 #1w
Tradair's Viscounts came from Aer Lingus, and were used for Charters primarily  to Spanish island destinations. They operated approximately 2 years before the airline was absorbed by Channel.

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