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The Super Saabs 2/2016
In 1944 Saab launched an aircraft program that was to be the DC-3 replacement, a short to medium range airliner seating 30 passengers. It was something of a miscalculation, since by the time of its first flight, C-47s were available in large numbers, at a small fraction of the price of a Scandia. Despite a major World wide marketing effort, a total of 18 Saab Scandias were built.
Some 35 years later, Saab launched another airliner which was to have an entirely different result. The Saab 340 was the airliner that was to rescue many small city travelers from the  claustrophobic cigar tins that actually had replaced the DC-3. Some 461 were built between 1983 and 1999, and the 340 served with airlines from start ups to the US majors. Most are still flying today. These are some of my favorite Saab cards.
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Enlarge photo 1
Saab 340-2000
A beautiful in flight shot of the Saabs in House Colors.

Enlarge photo 2
S A S Scandia
An excellent in flight view, this is the only vintage airline issue of a Scandia. Ultimately all airworthy Scandias ended up with VASP of Brazil, but sadly, there were no VASP issues.

Enlarge photo 3
Saab 340 #1KCF
A very nice Saab issue of SN 2, used  as a test and demo aircraft.

Enlarge photo 4
Saab 340 Multiview #1KCF
Saab Issue

Enlarge photo 5
Aer Lingus  Commuter Saab 340
A portrait style postcard from Aer Lingus of their first 340, EI CFA. St Eithne, as it was christened, was the first of 4 340s delivered to Aer Lingus for internal flights and short hops to Scotland. In a short time Aer Lingus shut down the subsidized domestic services, and sold the Aircraft to Northwest Airlink. It has since served with Lithuanian, Aero Littoral, and currently, Next Jet.

Enlarge photo 6
Air Aland Saab-340 #1w

Enlarge photo 7
Air Baltic Saab 340
An outstanding Air Baltic issue of the 340. Air Baltic was launched in 1995 using Saab 340s to connect Riga with regional destinations such as Stockholm, Helsinki, and Hamburg. Since then the airline has grown to a significant international airline.
YL BAG, an ex Crossair aircraft was the first of 3 Saabs operated by Air Baltic through 1999. Currently it is operating for ABC Air of Hungary.

Enlarge photo 8
Air Bremen Saab 340 #2
This is a splendid Dennis issue of the Air Bremen 340. Like Air Baltic, the Saab was used to launch the airline. Unfortunately, this airline only lasted a couple of years. D CHBA  was delivered in Feb. 1989, went to Air New Zealand in 1991, Air Ostrava in 1998, Golden Air in 2000, and is currently with Next Jet. This is the same aircraft shown on the Air New Zealand card.

Enlarge photo 9
Air Midwest Saab 340
Air Midwest had become an enormous commuter airline with the acquisition of Skyways, and was one of the 1st purchasers of the 340. These ultimately operated for Eastern Express, and Ozark. Shown with its original registration on an Aeroprint issue, this aircraft was SN 011. It later flew for Kendell, Solinair, and is currently with ABC Air.

Enlarge photo 10
Air New Zealand Link Saab 340 #1
This is one of 2 Air New Zealand issues of the 340. Air Nelson, operating as Air New Zealand Link operated a substantial fleet (14) , between 1991 and 2007. Shown is ZK NSL, delivered in April of 1991, and sold to Air Ostrava in 1998. It was delivered new to Air Bremen in 1989, and is shown on the Air Bremen issued postcard. Serving with Next Jet since 2007.

Enlarge photo 11
Air Rarotonga Saab 340 #1
On May 31, 2000, Air Rarotonga took delivery of this beautiful 340. It, like many, was originally delivered to Crossair in 1986, and was sold to Business Air. This is  the aircraft shown on the Business Air 340 card. It's still operating with Air Rarotonga as E5 EFS

Enlarge photo 12
American Eagle  Saab-340
American was the largest Saab operator, with over 100 in operation. Shown is N174 AE, delivered to Nashville Eagle on Feb. 2, 1990. It operated for 15 years before being parted out and broken up at Abilene.

Enlarge photo 13
American Eagle  Saab-340 #3 KCF
A splendid oversized airline issue of N174AE, by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu.

Enlarge photo 14
Aurigny Saab 340
One of my favorite Saab cards, if a bit unusual, is this Aurigny issue of their Saab G RUNG. This was delivered new to Air Limousin in April 1987, and passed through Aigle Azur and Business Air, before arriving at Aurigny in 1999. There it served for 6 years before going to its present operator Danu Oro Transportes,  as LY RUB

Enlarge photo 15
Brit Air Saab 340
In my view one of the best looking 340s was the Brit Air, shown on this Editions P. I. Issue. Brit Air operated (5) 340s, which served for approximately 10 years. Two operated for Air France in full Air France colors. The others served French and regional destinations  in this livery.

Enlarge photo 16
Brit Air Saab 340 #2KCF
An excellent in flight airline issue of the Brit Air Saab by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu

Enlarge photo 17
Brit Air Saab 340 #3KCF
This is a rare holiday greeting card from Brit Air, also by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu

Enlarge photo 18
Business Air Saab 340
Business Air flew a fleet of Saab 340s on British domestic and Scandinavian routes. They were ultimately acquired by British Midland in 1998. G GNTA, shown in this Business Air Issue, was originally a Crossair Aircraft, delivered to Business Air in March of 1991. It was later sold to Air Rarotonga in May of 2000, where it is still operating.

Enlarge photo 19
Business Express Saab 340
Business Express was an ambitious Northeastern commuter airline that ultimately operated 43 Saab 340s for various airlines. The aircraft in this card is operating as a Delta Connection. It was delivered to Brockway in May 1989, and was leased to Business Express from 1991-2000. Currently Flying for Sky Bahamas.

Enlarge photo 20
Calm Air Saab 340
This is a slightly oversized Calm Air issue of the 1st 340B Plus. As its colors suggest it was operated on code share operations with Canadian. It stayed with Calm Air from delivery in December 1994 to 2012 when sold to Corporate Air.

Enlarge photo 21
Carpatair Saab 340
Carpatair began operations in 1999, serving Romanian destinations and other European cities from Cluj. The Airline grew rapidly, ultimately operating Saab 2000s, F-100s and 737-300s, before bankruptcy in 2014. The beautiful 340 shown in this card was originally a Crossair Aircraft, serving with Carpatair from 2000-2006.

Enlarge photo 22
Carpatair Saab 2000 #1
A splendid airline issue of the sleek Carpatair 2000. YR SBB was delivered new to Crossair in 1995, and sold to Carpatair in March of 2004.  Sadly it was returned to the lessor prior to the demise of the airline, leaving a legacy of very nice postcards.

Enlarge photo 23
Chicago Express Saab 340
A nice Chicago Express issue of their Saab operating as the ATA Connection. N306CE began life as an American Eagle in 1990, and came to Chicago Express in 2000. It served with Colgan and Endeavor Air before arriving at C & L Aviation in 2014.

Enlarge photo 24
Chicago Express Saab 340 #2KCF
An outstanding and very hard to find in flight Airline Issue, by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu

Enlarge photo 25
City Air Saab 340
An uncommon card of City Air's sole Saab 340. It operated for only a few months, before the Airline's demise. D CASD was originally a Crossair aircraft, delivered in January of 1991. It came to City Air in April 2003. Its final City Air flight was Feb 27, 2004. Now flying for Next Jet.

Enlarge photo 26
Comair Saab 340 #2
An awesome Comair issue of one of the very first 340s (SN 006) delivered in 1984. It also appeared as an oversized card. N360CA operated with Comair until 1995, when it went to Chautauqua for US Air Express. It went to Pacific Coastal in 2006, but is now stored.

Enlarge photo 27
Crossair Saab 340 #4
One of many excellent Crossair issues of the 340. Crossair grew from a small fleet of Metros to become the National Airline of Switzerland. They operated a large Saab Fleet, such as HB AHM  shown on this beautiful Crossair issue

Enlarge photo 28
Crossair Saab 340 #8
An awesome airline issue of the 340 in later Crossair Colors. This one is HB AKP, delivered to Crossair in April 1991. In 1997 it went to Moldavian, then to Avitrans, Carpatair, and finally to Sol Linhas Aereas in 2011

Enlarge photo 29
Crossair Saab 2000 #4
A splendid Crossair Issue of their 2000, HB IZD. Almost half of the total 2000 production went to Crossair. This one was delivered on Sept. 30, 1994, and operated for 10 years before going to Eastern Airways, Lithuanian and Golden.

Enlarge photo 30
Darwin Saab 2000 #1KCF
An uncommon schedule card from Darwin Airlines of Switzerland. An ex Crossair airliner, delivered in 1994. Thanks to Kuo-Ching Fu for sharing.

Enlarge photo 31
Delta  Air Saab 340 #2
A splendid oversized Delta Air Issue of their first Saab 340. It operated for Delta and Deutsche BA from Nov. 1986 to December 1995. Currently it is with Sprint Air after a number of leases.

Enlarge photo 32
Deutsche BA Saab 2000
An excellent Deutsche BA Issue of one of their Saab 2000s. They operated three from 1995-1997, all of which went to Regional of France.  It's interesting that the registration on the aircraft shown in the postcard, was a Crossair Aircraft.

Enlarge photo 33
Eastern Express Saab 340
A nice Eastern Express issue of their Saab 340, still carrying the factory registration. It became N407BH when delivered on Christmas Eve 1986. It moved on to Northwest Airlink in 1991, Golden Air in 2003, CCA in 2007, and Fleet Air in 2013

Enlarge photo 34
Etihad Regional Saab 2000 #1KCF
Darwin operated as Etihad regional after purchase of 1/3 of the airline by Etihad. Another card by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu

Enlarge photo 35
Eznis Saab 340 #1KCF
A remarkable card of Eznis Airways' Saab 340 JU-9903. Originally an American Eagle Aircraft, it went to Eznis is 2006, and operated until 2014.
This card also by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu.

Enlarge photo 36
Finnaviation Saab 340 #1
An outstanding Finnaviation issue their Saab 340. Finnaviation took delivery of their first 340 in September 1986, and operated them until 2001. Most went to Flying Enterprise between 1998 and 2000.

Enlarge photo 37
Golden Saab 340
A nice Golden Air issue of an airliner with a special history. SE ISG sn 156 was delivered new to Golden Air in 1989, and served continuously through to 2013 when Golden became Braathens Regional.  Golden operated 21 different 340s, of which only 3 were delivered new.

Enlarge photo 38
Golden Air Saab 340 #4
An outstanding oversized Saab issue, featuring  a Golden Air aircraft taking off. A kind contribution By Kuo-Ching Fu.

Enlarge photo 39
Hazelton Saab 340
Hazelton was a successful Australian Regional Airline operating a mixed fleet of commuter liners in 1990 when it took delivery of its first Saab, VH OLM shown in this Hazelton Issue. It operated through the acquisition by Ansett, and subsequent 2002 creation of Regional Express, still operating today as VH OLM

Enlarge photo 40
Hokkaido Air Saab 340 #2
A very nice Hokkaido issue of JA 01HC, delivered on Feb. 3, 1998. Hokkaido operates 3 of the newest 340B Plus aircraft. As the livery would suggest, Hokkaido provides connecting services to Japan Airlines flights.

Enlarge photo 41
Japan Air Commuter Saab 340
A splendid card of Japan Air Commuter's 340 wearing its original Japan Air System Colors. This one, JA 8886 is the 281st Saab 340, and JAC also took delivery of the final Saab 340, sn 459 in 1999.

Enlarge photo 42
K L M  City Hopper Saab 340
This is the only airline issue of the KLM City Hopper 340. Unfortunately PH KSH, delivered in June of 1990, was lost on a flight from Amsterdam to Cardiff on April 4,1994.
"SO SO nice to see my picture..."
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Enlarge photo 43
Kendell Saab 340
An outstanding oversized card from Kendell of their Saab 340 VH KDA. One of the first 340s (sn 016) it operated for Kendell for 17 years before becoming part of Regional Express in 2002.  Delivered to Pel Air June 28, 2012.

Enlarge photo 44
Lithuanian Saab 340 #1
An Excellent Lithuanian Airlines Issue of their 340 LY SBA. This is the same aircraft shown on the Aer Lingus card, which was delivered to Lithuanian in 1996. It operated for Lithuanian until 2002, when it went to Aero Mexico Connect, and then to Next Jet.

Enlarge photo 45
O L T  Saab 340 #1
An outstanding OLT issue of their Saab 340 D COLE.. Operated by Air Bremen and Air New Zealand Link before arriving at OLT in April 1999. Flew with OLT until the 2013 shutdown of the Airline. It was sold to Air Est of Estonia in 2015.

Enlarge photo 46
O L T  Saab 2000 #1
OLT was one of several airlines that operated both the 340 and the 2000. The airliner shown was an ex Crossair aircraft, delivered in October of 2003. It went to Eastern Airways in 2007. Unfortunately OLT perished in 2013, leaving a legacy of very nice postcards.

Enlarge photo 47
Next Jet Saab 340 #1KCF
This beautiful Next Jet Saab was delivered new to Formosa Airlines in 1988, went to Skyways in 1996 and arrived at Next Jet in 2008. Card by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu.

Enlarge photo 48
Northwest  Airlink Saab 340
An awesome view of the 300th Saab which went to Northwest Airlink (Express Air 1) on May 20, 1992. It served until 2009 attaining 34,643 hrs, and 30,774 cycles. Serving with Turbo Lease as of 6/12/09.
It also was my 1st Saab flight, replacing a Metro operation. A bottle of wine never tasted better.

Enlarge photo 49
Regional Saab 340 #1
A splendid Regional issue of their 340. (Also issued as a standard size card.)  Regional operated 7 340s during the 1990s, three of which were ordered originally by Air Vendee, whose livery was adopted for the newly formed Regional. The aircraft shown is probably F GMVX  sn 333, the first of a Regional order delivered in 1993.

Enlarge photo 50
Air Vendee Saab 340
An oversized Air Vendee issue of F GHVS, the first of 3 ordered by Air Vendee. Merged with Airlec to form Regional Airlines in 1991.

Enlarge photo 51
Regional Saab 2000
A very nice Regional Issue of their first Saab 2000, delivered on June 12, 1995. F GMVB (still showing delivery registration) operated for Regional until 2008, when it was delivered to the Pakistan Air Force.

Enlarge photo 52
S A S  Commuter Saab 2000
A splendid Scandinavian issue of their Saab 2000 Tore Viking. SE LSA sn 042 was delivered on Jan 24, 1997, and operated only until August 2001, when it went to Blue 1. It's currently operating for Eastern Airways in the UK.

Enlarge photo 53
Sal Air Saab 340 #1KCF
An absolutely splendid  oversized card from Sal Air. Shown is SE ISK still showing its pre delivery registration.  It operated for Sal Air from Sept. 1987 to Dec. 1992, when it was sold to Business Air. Now operating in Poland. Thanks to Kuo-Ching Fu for this card!

Enlarge photo 54
Skyways (Sweden) Saab 340
An outstanding postcard view of a Skyways saab 340. Skyways operated 21 340s plus some 2000s along with some larger aircraft. SE KRN was one of the newer Skyways aircraft, serving originally with Air Bremen, and later with Air New Zealand Link, Avitrans, and Job Air.
This card is the fleet card with the F-50 removed to feature only the Saab image.

Enlarge photo 55
Skyways (Sweden) Saab 2000 #1KCF
Skyways added the 2000 to their fleet in 2006, operating them only through 2007. This rare image also by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu.

Enlarge photo 56
Sprint Air Saab 340
This is an excellent Aero Team issue. Sprint Air of Poland is a current operator of the 340. This aircraft, SP KPR was delivered in 1988 to Finnaviation but was operated on lease to Golden Air until 2007, when it was purchased by Sprint and converted to a QC configuration.

Enlarge photo 57
Swedair Saab 340
An excellent Aeroprint issue of the Swedair Saab.  SE ISB was sn 003, built in 1983, displayed at Farnborough, operated for Swedair through 1985, then returned to Saab to be used for the mock up of the 2000.

Enlarge photo 58
TW Express Saab 340
A splendid card of TWA's Saab 340 N749BA. Delivered in 1989, it operated until the American merger, and ultimately was cannibalized in 2002. TWA used the 340 to feed its hubs in New York (Brockway), and St. Louis (Chautauqua).

Enlarge photo 59
Tatra Saab 340 #1
One of my favorite Saab cards is this Tatra Issue from the early 1990s. Shown is OK UGT which arrived at Tatra from Air Exel Belgium in 1992. It operated for Tatra until 2000. Currently it is flying for Alandia Air.

Enlarge photo 60
Tempelhof Saab 340 #1
A beautiful card of Tempelhof's Saab 340, N 120TA. It was delivered new to Tempelhof on August 31, 1989, but served less than 2 years before embarking on an odyssey that included Golden Air, Kendell, Air New Zealand, Estonian, and currently Sky Taxi.

Enlarge photo 61
U S Air  Express Saab 340
An outstanding card of N 125CH, the first Chautauqua Saab operating for US Air Express. It served US Air for 15 years, from August 1988 through July 2003, and is now flying for IBC Airways. US Air operated a substantial fleet of 340s, but all were gone by 2005.

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