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The IAWP Historical Cards 5/2016
The IAWP historical cards were issued from 1984 - 1995, by Fred Erdman, and each individually numbered. Eschewed by most collectors, and known more for poor printing quality and obscure subjects than historical significance, they nevertheless provide some important images available nowhere else. Included in this set are some of my favorites, with a little history included.
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Enlarge photo 1
Aeropostal  DC-9-10
HC #630, Issued Sept. 1991. An outstanding in flight view of YV-C-AAA, delivered to Aeropostal in 1968. It was transferred to AVENSA in October 1976, and in Jan 1983 became N100ME, launching Midwest Express. Sadly, written off in Milwaukee in 1985, the only crash in Midwest's history.

Enlarge photo 2
Air California 737-200 #1
HC #495  Sept 1990. A great view of Air California's 1st 737. I included it even though there is a nice airline issue in these colors. N463GB was delivered to Air California in July of 1968, went to PSA in 1972, then back to AirCal in April 1984. It flew for the last Braniff in 1988 and ended life with Airmark in 1991.

Enlarge photo 3
Air Florida 727-200
HC #3. The historical series was started with 3 Air Florida cards,  This is a splendid card of their 727-200 in flight, and the only card I've seen of this airliner. N274AF was delivered to Air Florida in November of 1981. It went to Alaska in 1983, and operated for 10 years. In 1993 it was sold to American TransAir, operating until 2002.

Enlarge photo 4
Air Florida DC-9-10 #2
HC #47. An absolutely beautiful card of Air Florida's DC-9-14, N72AF. Delivered new to Continental in 1967, it went to Air Canada as C FTOT in 1973 before joining Air Florida in October 1980. After leaving Air Florida, it flew for Emerald, Purolator, Emery, Unifly Express, Air One, Reliant, and is still active with Ameristar!

Enlarge photo 5
Air West 727-100
HC #714, Jan. 1993. An outstanding postcard view of N898PC, which was delivered new to Pacific Airlines in 1967. It flew briefly with Air West, operated for a year with Braniff, then to Union of Burma in 1970. It joined DanAir in 1976, and ended life in Tatarstan. The only card I've seen of the Air West 727.

Enlarge photo 6
Airborne Express DC-9-30
HC #365, June, 1987. An excellent in flight card of an Airborne Express DC-9-30. N906AX was originally a Trans Australia aircraft, delivered in March 1969. Bought by Airborne May 3, 1982, and operated with them until stored in 2009. Now broken up.

Enlarge photo 7
Airlift International DC-8-54F
HC #167 March 1985. An interesting rotation shot similar to the early Trans International airline issue. This , I believe, is N109RD, the second Airlift DC-8, originally ordered by Riddle. It was delivered in June, 1964, and operated for Airlift until 1981. Then was leased by Arrow Air until 1984.  Now Broken up.

Enlarge photo 8
Airlift International 707-320C #3
HC #169, March 1985. An excellent in flight card of N525 EJ, which was leased by Airlift pending delivery of their own 707s. Was subsequently leased to Air Bahama in 1968, Caledonian in 1970, Britannia in 1971, and purchased by British Caledonian in 1973. Ultimately purchased by USAF as a VIP aircraft.

Enlarge photo 9
Alaska 727-100 #4
HC #590 Sept. 1991. An absolutely stunning card of Alaska's 727-100 # N124. It was delivered new to All Nippon in 1965. It was sold to PSA in 1972, then leased to Alaska. It operated for Mexicana for 2 years, and returned to Alaska, but was written off at Ketchikan on 5Apr76.

Enlarge photo 10
Allegheny  Convair 340
HC #298, Oct 1985. An excellent in flight card of Allegheny's Convair 340 N3436. It was delivered new to Braniff in Jan. 1957, and bought by Allegheny in May of 1962. Allegheny converted it to a 580, which ultimately crashed at Bradford PA in 1969

Enlarge photo 11
American  Convair 990 #2
HC #362, Jan 1987. An impressive view of American's 990 Astrojet N5605. It was delivered to American in Jan 1962, and sold to Modern Air in 1967. It operated with Modern until 1976, when it went to Denver Ports of Call.  This Aircraft is also featured on Modern Air Postcards.

Enlarge photo 12
American  Electra #4
HC #640, May 1992 A splendid image of the first American Electra, The Flagship New York. When I was 13, the American ticket agents put me on a VIP flight introducing Louisville businessmen and dignitaries to the brand new Electra. It was the Flagship New York. Sadly the aircraft crashed a little over a month later on approach to LaGuardia.

Enlarge photo 13
American Flyers DC-8-63 #1
HC #170, 1985. A great card of American Flyers DC-8-63 in the classic American Flyers Livery. The DC-8s were immediately repainted after delivery and operated only a short time. Delivered in 1970, it went to Flying Tiger in 1971 as N798FT. Sold to UPS in July 1984, and converted to a 73. Finally WFU in 2009.

Enlarge photo 14
Bar Harbor Convair 600 #2
HC #219, May 1985.   Bar Harbor issued no cards in their classic livery, but this is a nice postcard view of their Convair 600. This was delivered to American as Flagship Fort Worth, then went to Trans Texas in 1964. Converted to 600 in 1967. Sold to Bar Harbor in 1979 and operated through 1989.

Enlarge photo 15
Bonanza DC-9-10 #1
HC #172  Mar. 1985. A great in flight view of Bonanza's 1st DC-9, N945L. Delivered  in December of 1965, it operated for Bonanza and the newly formed Air West until December of 1971, when it was acquired by Itavia. It returned to the US with Airborne Express and operated until 2007.

Enlarge photo 16
California Central Martin 202
HC #844 Apr. 1995. An outstanding portrait style card of California Central's Martin 202 N93045. Also the only card I've ever seen of the aircraft. It was born in 1947 and delivered to Northwest, operating only until 1951. It became the "City of Burbank" for California Central until the Airline's demise in 1955. It then joined Allegheny as  "The New Yorker" until 1966.  Now broken up.

Enlarge photo 17
Cordova DC-3 #2
HC #344,  Jun 1986.  A much better look at a Cordova DC-3 than the Airline Issue. N25669 was delivered to Braniff in 1940. It was sold to Cordova in 1952, and served until transferred to Alaska Marine Foods. It later served with Bahamas Poultry Transport in 1981, and was sold to TALA of Columbia as HK2819X.

Enlarge photo 18
Eastern 727-200 #4
HC #644 May 1992. If Eastern had issued a 727-200 card, this would be it.  A splendid in flight view of Eastern's 1st 727-200 Advanced, delivered on 23Nov76. It operated until the sad day of Jan 19, 1991 when Eastern died. Went to FedEx in 1992, and operated until Aug 16, 2012. Donated to Spartan College of Aeronautics.

Enlarge photo 19
Eastern DC-9-10 #1
HC #505 Nov. 1990 Given Eastern's history with the DC-9, it's surprising that they never issued a card. This is their 1st DC -9, N8901E, which I flew a number of times. It was delivered to Eastern in April of 1966, Went to Texas International in 1979,, and operated for Continental from 1982-91. Purchased by Intercontinental of Colombia, and crashed  on 1/11/95 at Maria La Baja.

Enlarge photo 20
Emery Convair 580
HC #221  May 1985.  There are few cards of aircraft in the very  un-glamourous Emery Air Force livery. This is one of the best. N5810 began life as a United Convair 340, and was sold to Allegheny in 1962. Allegheny converted it to a 580 in 1965 and operated it until 1978. when it went to Evergreen for service with Emery. Flew with CanAir Cargo in 1988, and last operated for Air Tahoma.

Enlarge photo 21
Evergreen 727-100
HC #296 Oct. 1985 In January 1979 Evergreen bought 2 Ex Lufthansa 727s. The very nice 727 shown on the card didn't operate as N700EV, but after a lease to VASP, I believe became N701 EV, which operated for Evergreen from 1980-82 before being bought by UPS. It was later converted to the Tay powered Quiet Freighter, and flew some passenger charters for UPS. Now Stored at Roswell.

Enlarge photo 22
Jet America MD-80 #2
HC#566 Sept. 1991.  One of my favorite IAWP cards is this Jet America in flight card. It would have made a great Jet America issue. The registration shown is a mystery, but perhaps had something to do with its delivery flight to Arizona. It's presumed to be N778JA, the first MD-80 delivered to Jet America. Continued in operation with Alaska after the merger, and was stored in 2001.

Enlarge photo 23
Mackey Convair 440 #3
HC #383 1987.  Just a splendid in flight card of a Mackey Convair. Originally delivered to Eastern in July 1957, it went to Mackey on December 24, 1970, as N442JM. It left Mackey in 1979, and operated for Starflite, Liberty Airlines, the US Marshal's Service, and finally to Lineas Aereas Mexicana de Carga on Aug 23, 1996, before ending life with Wings of Hope.

Enlarge photo 24
Maritime Central DC-6B
HC #317,  July 1986. A beautiful in flight of Maritime Central's DC-6B, which was delivered, but due to a collapse of Maritime Central's charter business didn't last long.  Sold to USOA in July of 1958, and went to Braathens on Feb 27, 1964.  It later operated for Delta Air Transport of Belgium, and ultimately became a fire Bomber for Conair.

Enlarge photo 25
Mississippi Valley SD-330
HC #295  September 1985. A nice ramp view of MVA's Shorts 330. Sadly, MVA issued no postcards, and views of the workhorse 330 are hard to find. N330MV was delivered to Mississippi Valley in 1979, and operated through the merger with Air Wisconsin. It later went to Celtic Airways, and finally to Emerald Airways, before being scrapped at Southend in 2004.

Enlarge photo 26
North Central DC-3 #3
HC-177 March 1985.  An outstanding card of a great airliner, North Central's N 21728 was the 18th DC-3 off the line. Originally delivered to Eastern in 1939, it went to North Central in 1952 and operated 23 years until June 1975. It now resides in the Henry Ford Museum, having operated 83,032 hours, using 136 engines, over 12 Million miles.

Enlarge photo 27
ONA DC-9-30
HC #573 Sept. 1991. With the advent of Advance Booking Charters, ONA was flourishing, and the new Convertible DC-9-30 was added to the fleet in October 1967.  Nine years later N931F was sold to Evergreen, and was featured on their DC-9 postcard. It went to Airborne Express in 1981, and since 2009 has operated for DHL. A great plane with a great history.

Enlarge photo 28
Pan Am Tristar #1
HC-651 May 1992. A beautiful in flight view of Pan Am's Tristar 500 that would certainly have made a better card than the rare oversized Pan Am Issue. N 501PA was delivered to Pan Am as Clipper Eagle in 1981, and was transferred to United in Feb. 1986. It was sold to Delta in 1988 as N759 DA, and operated until 2000. Broken up in 2004.

Enlarge photo 29
People Express 737-100
HC-611 Sept. 1991. An excellent card of People Express' first 737. It was the 9th 737 built, and was delivered to Lufthansa on Mar 20, 1968. People Express took delivery May 30, 1981 to launch the very successful low cost airline. It was absorbed into Continental in 1986, and repainted in the new Continental colors, as N16201. Continental retired it in Oct. 1988.

Enlarge photo 30
Piedmont FH-227
HC-71R May 1985  A nice in flight view of Piedmont's FH-227 N704U. Delivered in March 1967, it operated for Piedmont until April of 1976, when it was sold to the predecessor of Iran Asseman Airlines (Air Service Iran). Believed scrapped around 1987

Enlarge photo 31
Piedmont YS-11 #1
HC-115R May 1985  A great card of a significant airliner. This is the only in flight card of the Piedmont YS-11. Piedmont took a bold step in 1969, becoming the first US airline to order the Nihon YS-11. N268P was delivered in December of 1969 as the "Great Smokies Pacemaker".  It operated for 10 years, until it was sold to Airborne Express in August of 1979.  It operated for Airborne as N922AX until it was WFU in 1997.

Enlarge photo 32
Pilgrim F-27 #3
HC-489 April, 1990. A splendid in flight card of Pilgrim's F-27 N142PM. It was actually one of the originals, delivered to Trans Australia in 1959, and purchased by Pilgrim in 1979. It continued to operate with Business Express from 1986 until 1990, when continuous ownership changes left it derelict at Hernando County Fl. still as N142PM.

Enlarge photo 33
Quebecair BAC-111-400 #3
HC-612 Sept. 1991. An excellent view of Quebecair's BAC-11-304, "Le St. Laurent" on the ramp. It was delivered originally to British Eagle in April of 1967, but was sold after 2 years to Quebecair, where it operated until 1984. Sold to Airways Int'l Cymru in 1984, then to Dan Air in April 1988 where it operated until 1991.  Ended life with Okada in Nigeria.

Enlarge photo 34
TWA Martin 404 #2
HC-655  May 1992. This is my favorite IAWP card. Even as a boy, I wondered why TWA continued to distribute the old silver 202 card. This would have been a much better choice. N40401 was delivered to TWA in February of 1952, and sold to Piedmont 10 years later as the Tidewater Pacemaker. Sadly written off in a training accident at Wilmington in August of 1962.

Enlarge photo 35
Texas International Convair 600
HC-122 Sept. 1984. An excellent ramp view of Texas International's Convair 600 N94253. Originally delivered to American in Nov. 1948 as the Flagship Lynchburg. Sold to Trans Texas in 1964, and converted to 600 in Jan. 1966. After 14 years with Trans Texas, it departed for SMB Stage in 1978, Precision in 1980, Bar Harbor in 1982 and finally to International Turbine Service in 1989.  Written off 3 months later. This is the same aircraft shown on the Trans Texas issued Convair 600 card.

Enlarge photo 36
Trans American DC-6B #2
HC-653 May 1992. A beautiful in flight card of a Trans American DC-6B. N6121C was delivered new to Trans American (AKA) North American in 1955. In 1963 it was sold to Trans Mediterranean, and converted to an A configuration. It joined the Zantop fleet in 1974, but was withdrawn from use by 1978.

Enlarge photo 37
Transamerica 747-200 #1
HC-595 Sept. 1991. An outstanding postcard of a splendid aircraft. N741TV was the first 747-271C delivered to Transamerica, in January 1979. It was leased to Nigeria in 1980, and UTA in 1985. It was sold to Cargolux in 1987, and finally to Atlas Air in 1999. Stored in 2008 and now broken up.

Enlarge photo 38
United 737-200 #1
HC #514  Nov 1990 A very nice card of United's 737-200, N 9042U, which was delivered on Dec. 22, 1968. It seems strange that United never issued a card of this airliner in its original scheme. It was a really significant addition at the time. It was later sold to Piedmont in October, 1972, was transferred to US Air in 1989, and finished its career with Vanguard from 1995 -2000.

Enlarge photo 39
United DC-6A #2
HC #535  Nov. 1990. I believe the only in flight cards of United's DC-6A are from IAWP. N37590 was the first DC-6A delivered to United, in April 1956. It served until 1968, after which it embarked on a journey that included Aero Costa, Americana de Aviacion, Aviateca, and Inair of Panama. Finally scrapped in 1982

Enlarge photo 40
Wien Air 737-200 #4
HC #493  April 1990. A really unusual and striking view of Wien Air's 737-200 in later colors. N4905W was delivered to Wien in April 1974, and sold to ARAMCO in 1980. TACA International acquired it in Dec. 1984. Made a stop at Estafeta Carga Area of Mexico, and was bought by Aloha in 2006. Served with Aloha Cargo until 2010, and is still active with Africa Charter Airlines.

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