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The 1st Intercontinental Airliner 1/2016
The Douglas DC-4 spelled the end of long distance Flying Boat operations. With enough range to traverse oceans without getting wet, the DC-4 began the post WW II period of ever more practical international air travel. These are some of the many DC-4 Postcards.
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Enlarge photo 1
A B A Swedish DC-4 #2
One of a number of nice Airline Issues from ABA. SE BBE is one of the 79 Post War DC-4s which was delivered directly to the Airline. Flew the Atlantic for ABA and after 1948, Scandinavian. Sold to Air France in 1956 and finished its career with Air Madagascar.

Enlarge photo 2
Air Atlas DC-4
A surprisingly common Airline issue from the Predecessor of Royal Air Maroc. F BDRY was built as an Air force C-54, and began its civilian career with KLM. It arrived at Air Atlas in 1953, and later flew for T.A.I. and Air Afrique before service with the Royal Lao Air Force

Enlarge photo 3
Air Charter (UK) DC-4
A splendid Airline Issue of a very special aircraft. G ANYB was built for the USAF and delivered to Braniff in 1945. It went to World in 1953, and then to Air Charter Ltd. in 1955. In 1961, this airliner was converted into the first ATL-98 Carvair. It served with Channel Air Bridge until  retired in 1967.

Enlarge photo 4
Air France DC-4 #11
Something of an iconic and rather hard to find Air France issue of the DC-4 Linking New York and Paris. This was soon to be replaced with a similar card featuring the Constellation

Enlarge photo 5
Air Ferry DC-4
An uncommon Airline Issue  of the 80 seat Air Ferry DC-4. It was originally a USAF C-54 which was delivered to Pan American as the Clipper Radiant. Sold to Balair in 1960, and on to Air Ferry from 1963-1969. It ended its career in Libya.

Enlarge photo 6
Air Liban DC-4
The outstanding Air Liban Issue is one of the best views of the DC-4 in flight. OD ACI Began life in 1944 as a C-54, and initially went to Brazil for Cruzeiro but apparently never operated. It went into service with Seaboard and Western in 1952, then to California Eastern from 1953-54, and finally purchased by Air Liban. Operated for Air Liban until 1962, its fate is unknown.

Enlarge photo 7
Alitalia DC-4 #2
A very nice Alitalia issued DC-4. Shown is the Citta Di Roma, I DALZ, That was delivered to Pan Am as Clipper Golden Eagle in 1947.  It joined Alitalia in March 1950, and departed in 1953 on an odyssey that included REAL, A.I.I., California Hawaiian,  Slick, and in 1967, Avianca. It was written off in Columbia in 1975

Enlarge photo 8
Atlas Tire DC-4
A unique aircraft, the Sky Merchant was a flying display or conference room, most famous for a 1948 Around the World Merchandising Flight from Jan 13-April 15,1948. It was built for the Navy, and delivered to Cruzeiro in 1947 as PP CCJ. The aircraft is also featured on the Cruzeiro DC-4 Postcard. In 1953 it went to California Eastern and was destroyed in a crash a little over a month later.

Enlarge photo 9
Australian National DC-4 #2
A nice Australian National Issue, VH ANC was one of the 79 Post war DC-4s, and was delivered to ANA in 1946. It served until 1958 when delivered to Sabena, and finally to Trans Mediterranean. This image was used on 3 cards, showing ANA, ANB, & ANC

Enlarge photo 10
Avianca DC-4 #3
A rare airline issue of AVIANCA's DC-4. Avianca Operated DC-4s from 1948 - 1975, and the aircraft launched services from Columbia to Europe, operating the route until Constellations took over in 1951.

Enlarge photo 11
Braathens DC-4
An outstanding Braathens issue of their DC-4 LN HAT. An ex USAF C-54, it was delivered to Braathens in 1947. It flew the Atlantic with Loftleidir from 1958-1961, and was sold to the French Army. Re entered service as a freighter for Air Fret in 1975

Enlarge photo 12
British Commonwealth Pacific DC-4
A great postcard from British Commonwealth Pacific. VH BPB was a Post War DC-4 originally delivered to Trans Australia in September 1946, it was operated by BCPA from April 1948-February 1949, connecting the UK with Australia. It continued in operation with Trans Australia until being sold to Air Viet Nam in 1970.

Enlarge photo 13
California Central DC-4
A very nice and surprisingly common Airline Issue from California Central. California Central, like PSA was a California Intra state carrier, primarily operating Martin 202s. I'm not certain that the DC-4 actually operated, but if it did, the aircraft was the ex Alitalia Citta Di Roma delivered in 1954 as N1437V, which operated for affiliated companies California Eastern and California Hawaiian. My guess is a package of cards was discovered, and disbursed long after the airline's demise.

Enlarge photo 14
Capital DC-4 #2
I love this postcard. This is how it was when a certain young boy in Louisville lived at the airport and developed a lifetime love of airliners. Shown is N 88747, the Capitaliner Newark delivered to Pennsylvania Central in 1946, which went on to serve with Pacific Southwest from 1955-60, and Starways from 1961-64. The card is a Mary Jayne's Issue.

Enlarge photo 15
Civil Air DC-4
A rare Civil Air Transport issue of their DC-4 B 1004. Built for the Air Force it operated for Northwest before coming to C A T. Later operated by Air America and various freight operators. Crashed at Honolulu in 1983 while operating for Pacific Air Express

Enlarge photo 16
Chicago & Southern DC-4 #3
One of three C&S DC-4 cards displaying the same image. C&S retired their fleet of DC-4s immediately upon receipt of the Constellations in 1951. Most went to Brazil, but this one N86574, went to Flying Tiger. It was written off at Seattle on Jan 7, 1953

Enlarge photo 17
Colonial DC-4 #2
An outstanding Colonial Airlines issue of their DC-4. (One of my favorite DC-4 cards) This airliner became an Eastern aircraft with the merger in 1956, and served with Independent Air (UK) in 1958, and later World Wide Aviation.

Enlarge photo 18
Cruzeiro DC-4 #1
A splendid Cruzeiro issue of their DC-4. Three DC-4s were purchased for proposed flights to New York which were ultimately given to VARIG. This one was sold to Atlas Tire in 1948, sold to California Eastern in 1953 and crashed a little over a month later.

Enlarge photo 19
F A M A DC-4
F A M A acquired a number of DC-4s in 1946 and 47 to handle long range flights from Argentina. The DC-4s were operating across the Atlantic in 1947 which is approximately when this card was issued. Most of these cards are stamped and cancelled on the front. Happily this one was not.

Enlarge photo 20
Faucett DC-4 #3
The DC-4 served with Faucett for more than 30 years, from 1950 until the 1980s. During those years they operated 9 that I've identified, but probably more. I couldn't identify this one (fleet #50) but would guess this card to be approximately 1960.

Enlarge photo 21
Iberia DC-4 #1
Sort of a depressing card, this is one of 2 Iberia issues of EC ACE, a post war DC-4 delivered new to Iberia. It launched service first to London and then Trans Atlantic to Buenos Aires..  Later flew for Spantax in 1962, and Delta Air Transport in 1973. Ended life in Zaire in 1976

Enlarge photo 22
Invicta DC-4 #1
A nice portrait style airline issue of the Invicta DC-4, which retains a lot of the appearance of its previous operator British Eagle. Originally a Transocean aircraft, British Eagle operated them until they were sold to Invicta in 1965. The final DC-4 on the British register, G ASPM was sold to Africair in 1972.

Enlarge photo 23
Japan  DC-4 #5
An outstanding Japan Airlines Issue of JA 6002 "Takachino". Acquired from Pan Am in 1952, This DC-4 operated domestically, but I don't believe operated any of the international services which began in 1954

Enlarge photo 24
K L M DC-4 #10
This is an outstanding color in flight postcard from KLM. In my view the best of the many KLM DC-4 issues. KLM DC-4s launched Trans Atlantic services to New York on May 21, 1946, and resumed services to South America, The Caribbean and Africa.  The aircraft in this image is actually PH TAP delivered new to KLM in May of 1946

Enlarge photo 25
Korean National DC-4
A rare Korean National issue of their DC-4 HL 108. One of the last DC-4s built, it was delivered to ARAMCO in 1947.  It was sold to California Eastern in 1952, and then to Korean National. After 14 years of service it retired from Koreanair in 1967

Enlarge photo 26
Loftleidir DC-4 #4
Loftleidir started trans Atlantic DC-4 services in 1948, and amazingly operated them through 1961, using a low fare strategy with Luxembourg as the European gateway. The DC-6B began to take over the trans Atlantic flights in 1961, but the DC-4 was operated at least until 1963.This nice DC-4 card is  a Hamburg Airport issue, from approximately 1955.

Enlarge photo 27
Pan Am DC-4 #8
One of the less common Pan Am DC-4 cards Is this nice view of a DC-4 over Diamond Head. N88888 was delivered to Pan American Dec. 17, 1945 and served until 1961. It went to the Spanish Air Force in 1962. Later went to Zaire and fate is unknown.

Enlarge photo 28
Pacific Northern DC-4
An excellent Pacific Northern issue of their DC-4 in flight. PNA was awarded the Portland-Seattle-Anchorage route in 1950, and the DC-4 was ideal for the route.  The 1st DC-4 arrived from Guest Aerovias in 1951, and the DC-4s served until 1962

Enlarge photo 29
Peruvian International DC-4 #2
A very nice Panama City Airport Issue of the Peruvian International DC-4 OB SAC 172. Peruvian International was set up to fly from South America to NYC, and operated from 1947-1949. The airliner was a Navy R5D built in 1944. It went to Autrex 1n 1950 and sadly,crashed at Hanoi in 1954.

Enlarge photo 30
Qantas DC-4 #3
A later issue of Qantas DC-4 VH EDB, an airliner with an amazing history. Built in 1943 for the Air Force, it was delivered to American in 1946 as Flagship America. It went to Qantas in July 1949 and served for 9 years before lease to Malayan. Returned to Qantas in 1960, serving 17 more years. In following years it served with Air Express, Basler, Calm Air, Soundair, and Ernst & Young before arriving at Buffalo Air in 1991. There it experienced its second crash in 2006, was rebuilt in 2007 and now stored at Hay River. Wow!

Enlarge photo 31
Buffalo DC-4 #3
This is VH EDB after 2000, serving with Buffalo. A World Collector's Cards Issue

Enlarge photo 32
Sabena DC-4 #2
One of a number of Sabena DC-4 issues, this is my favorite. Born in 1947 as a civilian airliner, it was delivered to Sabena on May 28. Served with Sabena (except for a period with Lebanese International) until July 1960, when it was handed over to Air Congo. Retired in 1976 as Air Zaire, 9Q CBR.

Enlarge photo 33
S A S DC-4 #1
Another iconic postcard view is this Scandinavian issue flying over the Statue Of Liberty. For some reason Scandinavian scrubbed the registration from the image, perhaps not to imply that it was only a Swedish Airline. SE BBA was delivered new to ABA in 1946, transferred to Scandinavian in 1948 and sold to Avianca in 1953. Put to rest with TAT of Columbia in 1974.

Enlarge photo 34
Skycoach DC-4 #4
Another excellent card that just conveys an image of the mid 50's. Sky coach, operated by Great Lakes Airlines was providing trans continental flights in competition with the certificated airlines, taking passengers and drawing the ire of the CAB. Ultimately the CAB won, and Skycoach disappeared.   They did leave a nice legacy of 4 DC-4 postcards

Enlarge photo 35
South African DC-4 #4
One of a number of South African DC-4 postcards, this is an outstanding in flight view of ZS AUB, delivered on May 10 1946. It served South African for 21 years, and was the last DC-4 operating when sold to the South African Air Force.It was repurchased in December 1995 to be restored for South African's Historic Flight. It now belongs to the SAA Museum Society, and is actively flying charter flights for Skyclass Aviation in a 50 seat configuration.

Enlarge photo 36
Swissair DC-4 #2
A very nice Swissair Issue of HB ILA, a post war DC-4 which operated their first Trans Atlantic flight. It went to Balair in 1959, and sadly crashed in the Sudan in 1960. A 50th anniversary reenactment of the first Atlantic crossing was accomplished by South African's ZS AUB in full Swissair colors.

Enlarge photo 37
T A A DC-4 #2
This is the second of two Trans Australia issues of the DC-4. Trans Australia took delivery of new post war DC-4s in 1946 and operated them until 1970. Not that easy to find.

Enlarge photo 38
TAE (Greece) DC-4
The only Postcard issued by TAE is this nice DC-4 in flight. SX DAC was delivered originally to American Overseas, but went to the newly formed T A E Greek National Airlines in 1951. When TAE was taken over by Aristotle Onassis in 1957, it became Olympic, and it served until 1967, when it was sold to Greenland Air. Then to Bergen Air Transport in 1973, and finally to the DC-4 graveyard in Zaire

Enlarge photo 39
TACA DC-4 #3
This is a splendid TACA issue of a very special airliner. YS02C, sn 42904 was the first postwar civilian DC-4, delivered new to Western on June 18th 1946. Strangely, Western sold the new DC-4s, (At least two went to TACA) and replaced them with ex military C-54s. TACA operated this beauty for 25 years before retiring it in 1972. For what it's worth, it also appeared in the movie  "The Best Years Of Our Lives"

Enlarge photo 40
TAP issued this hideous Postcard of the DC-4 shortly after taking delivery of 2 EX USAF aircraft in 1947. They pioneered routes to Portuguese colonies in Africa, and introduced services to London. Ultimately, they were sold to the Portuguese Air Force. One of them, CS TSA is preserved at Alverca.

Enlarge photo 41
TWA DC-4 #4
TWA only issued 3 DC-4 cards, all in the art work series reflecting destinations. The DC-4 launched TWA trans Atlantic flights in 1946, with a small fleet of exotically named DC-4s. (Colosseum, Sphinx, Taj Mahal, Acropolis, etc.) Their routes extended through Europe to Cairo and Bombay. Constellations soon replaced DC-4s on the Atlantic, and the DC4s were gone by 1961.

Enlarge photo 42
Transocean DC-4 #4
This is one of a number of Transocean DC-4 cards, this one showing N88756 The "Royal Hawiian". Transocean was a major operator of DC-4s, and pioneered group tours to Hawaii, as well as Hajj flights and major airlifts throughout the world.
This aircraft was a Navy R5D that went to Guest Aerovias in 1948, and after a short stay with Alaska came to Transocean in 1952. It later served with Thai Airways and a number of African Carriers.

Enlarge photo 43
United DC-4 #4
This is a mint copy of the Jumbo Postcard Issue of a United DC-4. Like all the United issues, the back describes a DC-6, presumably under the assumption that no one would know the difference.

Enlarge photo 44
Channel Air Bridge Carvair #2
The Finished product of Freddie Laker's innovative program to carry cars and drivers is shown in this outstanding Channel Air Bridge Issue of what was DC-4 G ANYB. This is the aircraft shown on the Air Charter postcard above.

Enlarge photo 45
Trans Canada North Star #8
A rare Trans Canada Blue tone card of the DC-4M2, the pressurized Rolls Royce Merlin Powered DC-4s built under license in Canada. This was SN 136 delivered to Trans Canada in 1948, and operated through 1961. After sale to Overseas Aviation it was handed around, and scrapped in Middletown OH in 1964

Enlarge photo 46
Derby Argonaut #2
A splendid airline issue from Derby aviation of the Canadair C-4 Argonaut. Delivered to BOAC in 1948, the Merlin powered Argonaut continued in service with British Midland, but was broken up in 1970.

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