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Vintage Convair Props 8 / 2018
On March 16, 1947 the Convair 240 pressurized twin engine airliner first flew. Designed to fulfill a requirement from American Airlines to replace their DC-3s, the 240 essentially obsoleted the competing Martin 202, and succeeding models dominated the twin engine market. The rugged Convair designs were literally reborn as turbine aircraft in the 1960s, and some are still operating today.
  Following is a selection of vintage cards showing many of the early Convair operators.
Album by John Schmidt. 1 - 165 of 165 Total. 26349 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
Convair 340 #1

Enlarge photo 2
A L M  Convair 340 #1w
A L M  took delivery of 3 new Convair 340s in 1953, adding 2 more in August 1964. This one, PJ CVA, was a KLM aircraft from 1953-1964, and is shown on a Rembrandt issue, most likely for the airline.

Enlarge photo 3
Aeronaves De Mexico Convair 340 #1
An early Aeronaves de Mexico issue of XA KIL, delivered in April 1954. Card is blank back but on heavy post card stock.

Enlarge photo 4
Aeronaves De Mexico Convair 340 #3
A rather rare AI of an Aeronaves Convair 340 over Mexico City.

Enlarge photo 5
Aeronaves De Mexico Convair 340 #2
A little more common is this color in flight Aeronaves issue of XA KIL. The airliner operated for Aeronaves until 1960, when sold to Linjeflyg.

Enlarge photo 6
Aeronaves De Mexico Convair 340 #4
A rather hard to find airline issue of XA KIL on the ramp at Mexico City. The aircraft operated for Linjeflyg from 1960 - 1978, and finished its service with Combs Freightair.

Enlarge photo 7
Aeronaves De Mexico Convair 340s #2
One final more common AI shows KIL and XA KIN on the ramp at Acapulco. Card was issued with both square and rounded corners.

Enlarge photo 8
Air Sea Convair 440 #1
This beautiful Convair 440 was originally a Luftwaffe aircraft, showing its gleaming new colors on an Air Sea issue from 1977.

Enlarge photo 9
Air Sea Convair 440 #2
HB IMU, Air Sea's sole 440 left the Luftwaffe in 1974, operating for 2 years for Delta Air Transport, before delivery to Air Sea in August 1976. It left Air Sea for Mexico in September 1980 and is still operating with Aero Cedros in Mexico.

Enlarge photo 10
Alitalia Convair 340
One of the great airline issued Convair cards is this Alitalia 340. Delivered to Alitalia in April 1953, I DOGI served until purchased by Finnair in March of 1961. It went to Cosmopolitan in 1980 and is now in a museum.

Enlarge photo 11
Alitalia Convair 440
The other end of the spectrum is this crappy AI artist card of Alitalia's 440. It's apparently supposed to be I DOVA, delivered in 1957, and sold to the Italian Air Force in 1961. Others were delivered, but quickly replaced by Viscounts

Enlarge photo 12
All Nippon Convair 440 #1
The Convair 440s served All Nippon from 1959-1964. This All Nippon Issue shows JA 5053, delivered in August 1959, operating through Nov 1964. Converted to a 640, it went to Pacific Western in 1967

Enlarge photo 13
All Nippon Convair 440 #2
An excellent in flight view of JA 5053 on another ANA issue.

Enlarge photo 14
All Nippon Convair 440 #3
This outstanding All Nippon Issue from 1960 shows JA 5055 in flight, delivered in August of 1959, also converted in 1965 to a 640 for Pacific Western.

Enlarge photo 15
American  Convair 240 #1
This iconic American Issue shows N 94211, the Flagship Tulsa, in flight. It was delivered in 1948, operated for 10 years and was sold to Cruzeiro as PP CEY. Cruzeiro operated it for 10 more years before retiring it in December 1967

Enlarge photo 16
American  Convair 240 #2
Another nice American issue shows NC94203, the Flagship Boston, deplaning passengers. It also went to Cruzeiro in 1957, and was written off in January 1963.

Enlarge photo 17
American  Convair 240 #3
An outstanding in flight view of NC94201, the Flagship New York still carrying  the NX designation. This was actually the 4th Convair produced, operating also until 1957, when sold to Cruzeiro.
Card produced by Hiawatha card Co. for Willow Run Airport

Enlarge photo 18
American  Convair 240 #5
This outstanding Enell issue shows N94219, the Flagship Newark in flight. Like other early American Convairs, it operated through 1957 and went to Cruzeiro.

Enlarge photo 19
American  Convair 240 #6
One more nice view of an American 240, this one N94253, the Flagship Lynchburg, shown on a Ft. Worth Airport issued card. This aircraft operated for American through 1964, and was delivered to Trans Texas. In 1966 it was converted to a 600, operating for TTA until 1978. It subsequently operated for SMB Stage, Precision and Bar Harbor.

Enlarge photo 20
Ansett Airways Convair 340
This is a rare Ansett Issue of their Convair 340, VH-BZD. The airliner was actually delivered to Braniff in October 1953, but sold to Ansett in August 1954. Ansett operated it until 1959, when it began an odyssey of corporate and airline operators. It was converted to a 580 for Allegheny, and later flew for Prinair.

Enlarge photo 21
Ariana Afghan Convair 340
A very rare Ariana Afghan issue of YA EAP, delivered new to KLM in 1953. Sold to a leasing company in 1963, and operated for Ariana during the mid 1960s.   It operated for Golden State Airlines in 1979, after several corporate operators.

Enlarge photo 22
Aspen Convair 440
An excellent Aspen Airways issue of N4815C, Built in 1953, it was a Delta 340, which was converted to a 440 and operated until 1969. It was acquired by Aspen in 1970, serving for four years until sale to Sierra Pacific.
After a number of freight operators, it was written off at San Juan in 2012. A nearly 60 year career!

Enlarge photo 23
Avensa Convair 340 #1
In my view, one of the best Convair cards ever is this AVENSA issue I received in 1960. This beauty was delivered on December 31, 1953. It was sold to Rutas Aereas Centro America in 1977, and it's fate is unknown.

Enlarge photo 24
Avensa Convair 340 #2
A very rare earlier issue from AVENSA of YVC-EVA. It later became YV-60C, one of 5 340s operated by the airline

Enlarge photo 25
Avensa Convair 440
Another excellent AVENSA issue showing their Convair 440, YV-C-EVD, delivered in 1957, it  became YV-61C and was converted to a 580 in 1964, operating for AVENSA until sold to Nordair in 1986.

Enlarge photo 26
Aviaco Convair 440
A rare postcard view of an AVIACO Convair 440, on a Valencia Airport issue.  EC-APU was originally a Sabena aircraft, delivered in August of 1956. Sold to AVIACO in December of 1959, it operated for 13 years before sale to the Bolivian Air Force.

Enlarge photo 27
Braniff Convair 340 #1
The classic Braniff issue of their 340 N3406. Delivered in 1952, it was the 6th 340 delivered. It operated for Braniff until 1964, when it was sold to Caribair. From 1964 to 1966 it was equipped with JATO canisters to assist in take offs at St. Thomas.

Enlarge photo 28
Braniff Convair 340 #4 KCF
N3406 was subsequently converted to a 640, and continued operating for Caribair until retirement in 1966. The above is a vintage unidentified card shared by Kuo-Ching Fu

Enlarge photo 29
Braniff Convair 340 #3
This is a nice view of Braniff's 340 N3415 on a Des Moines Airport card. This one was delivered in February 1953, operating until 1962. It went to Allegheny, was converted to a 580, and later passed through Great Lakes, Summit and Canair Cargo. Now an artificial reef at Sunny Isles near Opa Locka.

Enlarge photo 30
Braniff Convair 340 #5
A Ft. Worth Airport card showing N3423 on the ramp.. This 340 was delivered in May of 1953, operating until October 1967.
It was converted in 1968 to a 580 for North Central where it stayed until WFU from Northwest in1989. Last operated for Air Venezuela.

Enlarge photo 31
Canadian Pacific Convair 340
This is an interesting Canadian Pacific sepia card, part of a series including Britannia, DC-6 and North Star cards. Although titled as a 240,  the aircraft is clearly a 340 which apparently was not delivered. Five ex Continental 240s were added, perhaps in lieu of a 340 order.

Enlarge photo 32
Canadian Pacific Convair 340 #2 TK
A better view of the elusive Canadian Pacific 340 can be seen on this rare, colorized Gowan and Sutton  issue, kindly shared by Tadd Kotick.

Enlarge photo 33
Central  Convair 240 #2
An excellent Central Airlines issue of N74850, a 240 model originally delivered to American in 1948. The Flagship Akron operated for American until 1960, when sold to Central. Converted to a 600 in 1966, it went to Wright in 1976, SMB Stage in 1985, and Kitty Hawk  in 1991.
Card also issued as an oversized.

Enlarge photo 34
Central  Convair 240 #4
A very similar Central issue of N74850, which also was issued as an oversized card.

Enlarge photo 35
Condor Convair 440
A beautiful and rather hard to find Condor issue of D ABAB, one of the later Convair 440s delivered in 1957. It went to Lufthansa in 1961, and sadly was written off at Bremen in January of 1966

Enlarge photo 36
Continental Convair 240 #3
A rare pre delivery issue from Continental showing the "ultra modern" Convair 240.

Enlarge photo 37
Continental Convair 240 #1
An excellent Albuquerque Airport issued card of Continental's 240, NC90845. It was delivered to Continental on October 22, 1948, and bought by Canadian Pacific in 1953. Finally purchased by Toa Airways of Japan in Feb, 1964 and WFU in 1968

Enlarge photo 38
Continental Convair 240 #2
This is the common Continental issue of NC90844, delivered to Continental in 1948. It followed the same path as the previous Convair, but became a corporate aircraft in 1987 until scrapped sometime prior to 2006.

Enlarge photo 39
Continental Convair 240 #4 KCF
A rarely seen  Real Photographs Issue of Continental's NC 90844 in flight, kindly shared by Kuo-Ching Fu.

Enlarge photo 40
Continental Convair 340
The only Continental issue of their 340 was this linen card from 1954. I can't
identify the specific aircraft

Enlarge photo 41
Cruzeiro Convair 340 #1
This excellent Cruzeiro issue shows PP CDW, a 340 delivered in 1954. It operated a little over 8 years before crashing at Sao Paulo in March of 1963. It was the 159th 340.

Enlarge photo 42
Cruzeiro Convair 340 #4 TK
A rare and unusual Cruzeiro issue, shared by Tadd Kotick, featuring PP CDZ on the ramp, with PP CDY taking off. These 2 340s were delivered new to Cruzeiro in 1954. CDZ in the foreground operated for 13 years until WFU in 1967. CDY, on the other hand was written off landing at Prnaiba, Brazil in 1963.

Enlarge photo 43
Cruzeiro Convair 440
In 1958 Cruzeiro began taking delivery of 5 new Convair 440s. PP CEN was the first, delivered in  1957,  and operating for 10 years. It was converted to a 580 for Great Lakes, and later operated for Air Ontario, Canair Cargo and ultimately Aerosol of Colombia. Fate unknown.

Enlarge photo 44
Delta Convair 440 #1
Delta, a huge operator of the 440 never saw fit to issue a card. So this Paducah Airport card, (maybe the most common airport card ever issued) has served to illustrate the Delta 440 since the late 1950s. N4820C, shown on the card was delivered in 1954 as a 340, later converted to a 440, and sadly written off in 1968.

Enlarge photo 45
Eastern Convair 440 #4
After Eastern's big commitment to the Martin 404, the airline added 20 new Convair 440s in 1957. Shown on this unidentified card is N9302, the 2nd Convair delivered. It served Eastern from 1957-1970, was sold to a reseller and ended its career with Argosy Airlines. Ultimately ditched in the Ohio River in 1978 with loss of power in both engines.

Enlarge photo 46
Eastern Convair 440 #1
Like Delta, Eastern did not issue a card of the 440, so this nice Indianapolis Airport issue has more or less become the "official" Eastern 440 card. Shown is N9305, the 5th 440 delivered to Eastern. It flew with Eastern until 1969, when it was leased to Standard Airways. Sold to Mackey International in 1972, and was written off at Freeport in 1979.

Enlarge photo 47
Ethiopian Convair 240 #3 KCF
A very rare Ethiopian issue, shared by Kuo-Ching Fu. Card shows Convair ET-T-20 on the ramp at Nairobi. Delivered in 1950, this airliner spent most of its career back in the US as a 600 model.

Enlarge photo 48
Ethiopian Convair 240 #2
Always a progressive airline, Ethiopian acquired their two new Convair 240s in December of 1950, placing them in service on international routes. This outstanding Ethiopian issue from 1952 shows ET-T-20, the "Eagle of Ethiopia", in flight. It operated for Ethiopian from 1950-1964, when it was sold to Central, and converted to a 600. Ultimately went to Bar Harbor in 1981.

Enlarge photo 49
F A M A Convair 240 #1
FA M A issued cards of all their aircraft except the Convair. Thankfully, we have a Rembrandt issue of FAMA's Convair 240 LV ADP, delivered in 1949. FAMA became Aerolineas Argentinas immediately afterward, and it operated as such until 1960, when sold to LAP of Paraguay. Written off in May of 1967.

Enlarge photo 50
Farmer's Union Convair 240 #1 TK
An absolutely stunning card of the North Dakota Farmer's Union Convair 240, N656W. This beauty was delivered new to Sabena in 1949. There it operated until 1957, when sold to LOT in Poland. It came to the Farmer's Union travel club in 1968, and operated 4 years before sale to several corporate owners.
This rare Farmer's Union issue by courtesy of Tadd Kotick

Enlarge photo 51
Finnair Convair 340 #5
An uncommon Finnair issue of OH-LRA, the first 340 delivered to Finnair in February 1953.  Operated for Finnair until 1971, then joined Air Cambodge and was destroyed in a rocket attack in June of 1973.

Enlarge photo 52
Finnair Convair 340 #3
An outstanding postcard view of OH LRD, the 4th 340 delivered to Finnair. Card is an early Editions PI issue, but the same image is used on a Finnair card. LRD was delivered in 1956 and went to Cosmopolitan  Airlines in October of 1980. Sold to an individual in 1984.

Enlarge photo 53
Finnair Convair 340 #1
A rather common in flight card of OH-LRF, a 340 delivered to Finnair in August of 1957. It was sold to Stellar Airfreight of Norway in 1972, and served numerous companies until 1992, when it was written off operating for Servicios Aereos Santa Ana.

Enlarge photo 54
Finnair Convair 340 #4
Certainly my favorite in flight card of a Finnair Convair, this is an AI image showing OH LRF up close.

Enlarge photo 55
Flugdienst Convair 240
A splendid Flugdienst issue of D BOBA, an ex KLM 240 that was acquired in October 1957. It operated for Flugdienst, and later Condor-Flugdienst until  October 1962, when sold to Ozark. In 1965 it joined Mohawk for 2 years and later became a freighter for Air Wing International.

Enlarge photo 56
Frontier  Convair 440 #1
Strangely, Frontier chose to issue a black and white card of their Convair 440, after 2 color DC-3 issues. N73130 began life as a United 340 in March of 1953. Frontier converted the airliner to a 440 upon delivery in June of 1959 and operated it until December of 1962, when written off at Grand Island Nebraska.

Enlarge photo 57
Frontier  Convair 440 #3
This oversized card of the Frontier 440 at Jackson Hole airport is actually a Frontier issue, although it is more commonly seen as an airport issue. The same image is used on a standard size airport issue.
N73112 had quite a career, starting with United in October 1952. Went to Frontier in 1962 and was converted to a 580 in 1965. Sold to Sierra Pacific in 1974 and finished its service with Era of Alaska in 1992.

Enlarge photo 58
Fuji Convair 240 #1w
One from my hopeless want list is this Fuji Airlines issued 240 card. An ex American, possibly JA 5098

Enlarge photo 59
Fuji Airlines Convair 240s #1w
Another Fuji issue from the want list. Two unidentified 240s on the ramp

Enlarge photo 60
Great Lakes Convair 440
An excellent Great Lakes issue of Convair 440 CF-GLC.  As the colors might suggest, it was originally a Swissair aircraft, delivered in August of 1956.. Went to Great Lakes in December 1968 and served through 1976. This is the Aircraft shown on the Swissair Convair 440 #1 & 2 cards below.

Enlarge photo 61
Hawaiian Convair 340 #1
This is the most common Hawaiian Airlines issue of N5506K, an early 340 with an amazing resume'. Delivered to Hawaiian in November 1952, it operated until January of 1961, when sold to Allegheny.  It was converted to a 580 for Allegheny, and served until 1976. Afterwards it saw service with Evergreen International, Interstate, Summit, Prinair, Lincoln, Soundair, Canair Cargo, and Air Tahoma. Now in Mexico

Enlarge photo 62
Hawaiian Convair 340 #2
Another nice Hawaiian issue of N5506K.

Enlarge photo 63
Hawaiian Convair 340 #3
An interesting Hawaiian issued artist card, featuring the 340 in original colors.

Enlarge photo 64
Hawaiian Convair 340 #4
This very nice postcard view of N5512K over Diamond Head is seen both as a Hawaiian Airlines issue and a Hawaiian Views card.

Enlarge photo 65
Hawaiian Convair 340 #7
A better, and less common card of 5512K is this excellent in flight view, seen as both Airline Issue and Hawaii Color card issue.
N5512K was born as an ALM Convair 340 in 1953. It later saw service with KLM, and arrived at Hawaiian in May of 1959. By 1966 it was converted to a 640 and operated until 1973 when it went to Zantop.

Enlarge photo 66
Iberia Convair 440 #1
An excellent black and white Iberia issue of one of their Convair 440 airliners. EC AMS was delivered new to Iberia in February 1957. It flew for 15 years for Iberia and was then sold to the Spanish Air Force. In 1981 it was sold to Aerotur of Mexico, and finally in 1986 it saw service with Aerovias Caribe. Now scrapped.

Enlarge photo 67
J A T Convair 340 #1
The first JAT issued Convair was this artist image of YU ADA, issued in 1954. It didn't last long, as after delivery on March 25, 1954, it operated a little over 2 years before crashing on approach to Munich in 1956.

Enlarge photo 68
J A T Convair 340 #2
On the other hand, JAT issued this excellent in flight card of YU ADK, delivered in September 1957. After 16 years of service with JAT, it was acquired by Wright Airlines in 1974, then spent 8 years with Key and another  8 with Basler. Bought by an individual in 1995, now scrapped.

Enlarge photo 69
K L M Convair 240 #6
KLM began acquiring Convair 240s in 1948. This very nice KLM issue, shows a 240 in flight with the frequently seen fake registration of PH KLM.

Enlarge photo 70
K L M Convair 240 #9
PH TEC was actually the first 240 received by KLM, in September of 1948. This excellent in flight card is a DRC issue from approximately 1950. TEC operated for 9 years, and was then sold to Flugdienst in November 1957. It subsequently became the first Ozark 240 in July 1962, and joined Mohawk in January 1965.

Enlarge photo 71
K L M Convair 240 #2
KLM issued a lot of Convair cards, but not so many in color. This is the first color issue of a KLM 240, showing PH TEC in flight.

Enlarge photo 72
K L M Convair 240 #5
A later (I believe) KLM issue of PH TEC in flight.

Enlarge photo 73
K L M Convair 240 #16 KCF
However, the best view of PH TEC is this Jaeger issue, by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu.

Enlarge photo 74
K L M Convair 240 #3
A nice KLM issue of PH TEE, delivered in November of 1948. After operating only 5 years, TEE was sold to Swissair in 1953. It then was sold to Mohawk in 1956 and operated through January 1967.

Enlarge photo 75
K L M Convair 240 #4
PH TEF, later registered as CEF as shown above, was delivered in November 1948, operating for KLM for 9 years, and like others went to Flugdienst, Ozark, and Mohawk. It later was sold to Aero Caribe in 1973, operating there until 1977.

Enlarge photo 76
K L M Convair 240 #15MC
A very nice KLM issue of PH TEM, on the Ramp from Mike Charlton. Delivered in 1949, This aircraft had a similar history to other KLM 240s, passing through Flugdienst, Ozark, & Mohawk, before a final stop at Air Wing International .

Enlarge photo 77
K L M Convair 240 #8
A later KLM issue of an unidentified 240.

Enlarge photo 78
K L M Convair 340 #3
An Excellent KLM issue, (also issued by Editions PI) of PH TGD, delivered in September of 1953. Sold to Martinair in 1964 and converted to a 640. The aircraft and history are shown on the Martinair card below.

Enlarge photo 79
K L M Convair 340 #1
An excellent KLM issued artist card, showing a 340 with registration PH TGJ. However, I can't confirm that TGJ ever flew

Enlarge photo 80
K L M Convair 340 #6 KCF
An excellent vintage T.A.V.P.  issue of the mysterious PH TCJ, by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu

Enlarge photo 81
K L M Convair 340 #2
An outstanding in flight KLM issue of one of their 340s. One of the last KLM Convair cards issued around 1954.

Enlarge photo 82
Kar Air Convair 440 #1
An outstanding Kar Air issue of their first Convair 440, delivered on June 17, 1957. After flying with Kar Air it went to Finnair in 1964, Harrison Airways in 1973, Sun Valley Key in 1978, Basler and finally Sal Air in 1987. Written off in June 1995.

Enlarge photo 83
Kar Air Convair 440 #2
A much harder to find Kar Air issue of their first (of three) Convair 440.

Enlarge photo 84
Kar Air Convair 440 #3
One additional in flight card of the Kar Air 440, also an airline issue.

Enlarge photo 85
L A C S A Convair 340
One of the great Convair cards is this AI LACSA 340. Delivered in 1955, it was sold to North Central in 1960, and converted to a 580 in 1968. Sold to Gulf Air Transport in 1986, then to Kelowna Flightcraft in November 1988.

Enlarge photo 86
L A I  Convair 240 #1
L A I began adding Convairs to supplement their DC-3 Fleet in 1953, ultimately operating four. This is a common AI artist card.

Enlarge photo 87
L A I  Convair 240 #2
A little more interesting card, this LAI issue features I LIFT pictured over Venice.  The airliner was built for Pan Am in 1948, but acquired by Mid Continent in 1950. When Braniff acquired Mid Continent, it sold this 240 to LAI in 1953. It then went to Air Jordan in 1956, and was written off in 1959

Enlarge photo 88
L A I  Convair 240 #3
.An unusual AI postcard view of I-LARK,  a 240 model which took the same route to arrive at LAI as I LIFT, shown on the previous card.. It, however, was sold to Iran Air in 1956, where it operated for three years before sale to Air Jordan. Sold to Beldex Corp. in 1961, now scrapped.

Enlarge photo 89
LAN Chile Convair 340
A rare postcard view of Lan Chile's Convair 340, CC-C-LCB. It was originally delivered to Pan American in 1953. National acquired it in 1954, operating it until 1960. After a brief service with Allegheny, LAN Chile purchased it in 1961.
In 1965 the odyssey continued, with North Central converting it to a 580, and after 21 years of service, selling to Quebecair. Additional stops were Air Inuit, Hydro Quebec, Contract Air Cargo, and finally Pionair in 2006. Wow!
Card is unidentified.

Enlarge photo 90
L O T Convair 240 #1W
A rare LOT issued postcard of their 240 SP LPA. Originally delivered to Sabena in March of 1949, it was sold to LOT in July 1957. After several stops with corporate owners, it last served with Mey Air of Norway, retired in 1973
"This image by courtesy of Ro..."
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Enlarge photo 91
Lake Central Convair 340 #1
Lake Central began acquiring ex United Convair 340s as early as 1960. Ultimately 12 were acquired, and beginning in 1966 were converted to 580s.

Enlarge photo 92
Lake Central Convair 340 #2
N73151 appeared in 4 Lake Central black and white issues  it joined Lake Central in October 1960, became a 580 in 1966, and remained with Allegheny after their merger. In 1978 it was sold to Commuter Airlines, then joined Freedom in 1980.
It was sold to Air Ontario in 1984 and ultimately arrived in Panama with Cargo Panama Three in 1993.

Enlarge photo 93
Lake Central Convair 340 #3
An additional Lake Central issue of N73151.

Enlarge photo 94
Lake Central Convair 340 #4
One more Lake Central issue of their Convair. Strange that these were not in color, as Lake Central issued a beautiful color DC-3 at this time.

Enlarge photo 95
Linjeflyg Convair 340 #1
An unusual card from the Swedish Post office that shows an unidentified Linjeflyg Convair 340. Linjeflyg ultimately operated 21 Convair 340/440s.

Enlarge photo 96
Linjeflyg Fleet #1
This uncommon Linjeflyg fleet card includes Convair 440 SE CRP. It served Linjeflyg from 1960 through 1978. Originally delivered to Philippine Airlines in 1953.

Enlarge photo 97
Lufthansa Convair 340 #13 KCF
A remarkable Frankfurt Airport issue showing Lufthansa's 1st Convair 340, still showing its delivery registration. Card by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu.

Enlarge photo 98
Lufthansa Convair 340 #1
This is a Lufthansa issued card of their 1st Convair. D ACOH has replaced the US Registration shown on the previous card.

Enlarge photo 99
Lufthansa Convair 340 #4
Another nice Lufthansa issue of their 1st Convair, delivered in October 1954.

Enlarge photo 100
Lufthansa Convair 340 #7
D ACOH operated for Lufthansa through 1969, until sale to Tellair of Switzerland. It briefly flew for General Air, and was sold to LACSA in 1972. It joined Air Sunshine in 1977, Ocean Airways in 1979, and Cal Sierra in 1981. Finished its career with Air Resorts operating from 1982-1984.

Enlarge photo 101
Lufthansa Convair 340 #3
A final Lufthansa issue of D ACOH, after modification to a 440 in 1960.

Enlarge photo 102
Lufthansa Convair 340 #5
Often, Lufthansa images  were updated and reissued, as seen on these two ramp views

Enlarge photo 103
Lufthansa Convair 340 #6
This is the later version reflecting its modification to a 440.

Enlarge photo 104
Lufthansa Convair 340 #8
A similar pair of cards. The original image shown here.

Enlarge photo 105
Lufthansa Convair 340 #9
The later Lufthansa issued version of the previous image.

Enlarge photo 106
Lufthansa Convair 440 #4 KCF
An excellent, and uncommon Lufthansa issue of D-ACIG, delivered as a 340 in 1954, and subsequently modified to a 440. In 1960, it was sold to JAT, operating until 1974, when sold to Hillcrest Aircraft. The image would appear to have been of the original 340 with air brushed 440 exhaust added.
This card kindly shared by Kuo-Ching Fu.

Enlarge photo 107
Lufthansa Convair 440 #1
The later 440s were delivered in these colors. This card shows D ACIB, delivered on March 28, 1957. Note the additional window on the front fuselage of this 440. In 1968 this aircraft was converted to a 640 and delivered to Air Algerie. Sadly, crashed in 1976

Enlarge photo 108
Lufthansa Convair 440 #2
I believe Lufthansa only issued one color card of their Convair, sometime around 1960.This beauty, delivered in September of 1957 also operated until 1968, and was converted to a 640 for Air Algerie.
It, however, went on to serve with Norcanair and Canada West in the 1980s.

Enlarge photo 109
Lufthansa Convair 440 #3
This final card, a vintage Michael Steinlein issue shows the registration D ACAP,  not visible on the previous Lufthansa issued card.

Enlarge photo 110
Mackey Convair 440 #1
An excellent Mackey issue of N9307, a 440 originally delivered to Eastern in 1957. It went to Mackey in 1972, later re-registered as N445 JM. In 1981 it was sold to a Bolivian cargo operator.

Enlarge photo 111
Mackey Convair 440 #2
Another excellent Mackey  International issue, quite similar to the first, but featuring N 442JM, a beautiful 440 delivered to Eastern in July of 1957. Mackey acquired it in 1970 and operated until sold to a dealer in 1991. It ultimately became a freighter for Linea Aereas Mexicana de Carga in 1996.

Enlarge photo 112
Martinair Convair 340 #1
This is a rather rare Martinair issue of their  Convair 340. PH CGD was the first of only 2 Convairs to serve this great airline. It was originally delivered to KLM in September of 1953, and sold to Martinair in January 1964. Later converted to a 640, it operated for Martinair until 1971, when sold to Omni International. It joined Wright in 1982, serving until sold to Canada West in 1988. Ultimately became a freighter in Mexico.

Enlarge photo 113
Mid Continent Convair 240
This interesting Mid Continent issue, derived from an actual photo of N90663, describes it as a Convair 300. Originally a Pan American aircraft, it came to Mid Continent in 1950. After Braniff acquired the airline, the 240s were sold, with this one joining LAI of Italy. This aircraft is shown on an LAI issue above. Ultimately written off in Jordan in 1959.

Enlarge photo 114
Mohawk Convair 240 #1
One of my earliest acquisitions was this airline issued Mohawk Convair 240, in flight. N6632C the Air Chief Nanticoke,   was originally delivered to Central Air Transport  of Taiwan as XT-604 in 1948. It was sold to Mohawk in 1955 serving until 1960. It later operated for the Department of the Interior, and written off at Twin Falls Idaho on May 14, 1971.

Enlarge photo 115
Mohawk Convair 440 #1
A very nice Mohawk issue from 1960 showing N4403, their 3rd 440, delivered in 1959. The Air Chief Shenandoah operated for Mohawk until 1970, but I can find no information on its later history.

Enlarge photo 116
National Convair 340 #1
A splendid National issue of N8412H a 340 model delivered new to National in September 1953. In 1959 it was sold to Hawaiian, where it operated for 10 years, and was converted to a 640.
It was sold in 1969 to Pacific Western, who operated it for 9 years before sale to Aero Trades in 1978. It's final years were spent with Time Air from 1984-1991.

Enlarge photo 117
National Convair 340 #2
An excellent unidentified black and white card of N8412H. One of a complete set of black and White National cards that I'm inclined to believe are, in fact, airline issued.

Enlarge photo 118
North Central Convair 440 #1
North Central just didn't issue cards in the 1950s and early 1960s. This oversized Convair 440 card was the lone exception. This is one of a fleet of 34 Convair 440s operated by North Central.

Enlarge photo 119
North Central Convair 440 #2
A really excellent view of a North Central 440 on a Milwaukee Airport issue. N90852, shown on the card was originally a Continental 340 delivered in 1952. Sold to North Central in 1959, it was converted to a 440, then in 1968 to a 580.
Sold to Key Airlines in 1981 and Westates in 1985. Ultimately joined Kelowna Flightcraft in 1997.

Enlarge photo 120
North Japan 240 #1w
Another card from my hopeless want list is this outstanding North Japan issued 240 in flight. This beauty was the 27th Convair, an ex Western aircraft which operated from 1948 to 1961.
North Japan Acquired the aircraft in 1961, and it unfortunately was written off in May of 1965.

Enlarge photo 121
North Japan Convair 240 #2w
Another remarkable North Japan issue of one of their 240s in flight, also waiting in my want list.

Enlarge photo 122
Northeast Convair 240 #1
The first of the Northeast Convair 240 cards, featuring N91237, delivered in February of 1949.  It operated for 10 years before sale to Mohawk as the Air Chief Delaware. In 1966 it was sold to Cordova Airlines,and continued as an Alaska aircraft after their merger.

Enlarge photo 123
Northeast Convair 240 #2
This card, identical to the previous except for the bottom caption, was reissued annually, with slightly different text, usually referring to the number of cities served.

Enlarge photo 124
Northeast Convair 240 #3
A much nicer card of a Northeast Convair 240 was this later issue, featuring N 90655, originally delivered to Pan American in 1948. It operated  with Pan Am for 6 years  befo re joining Northeast in 1954. In 1959, it went to Varig, and was ultimately scrapped.

Enlarge photo 125
Northeast Convair 240 #4
This wonderful Northeast issue of N91237, although obviously staged, provides a glimpse of those thrilling simpler days of air travel.

Enlarge photo 126
Northeast Convair 240 #5
One final, exceptional view of N91237, was provided by this excellent Enell issue.

Enlarge photo 127
Pan Am Convair 240 #1
Pan American was quick to join the Convair club, receiving #9 in June of 1948. A total of 20 were acquired. N90673, shown on this Pan Am issue was delivered in September, 1948, operating until sale to Varig in 1957.  Varig operated it through the 1960s and it was ultimately scrapped.

Enlarge photo 128
Project Partner Convair 240
A very rare in flight card issued by the Churches of God in Anderson Indiana in 1969. The aircraft was originally delivered to Continental in July 0f 1948, and was sold to Canadian Pacific in December of 1952. After 10 years with Canadian Pacific it was sold to Nitto Airlines, a predecessor of Toa Domestic.  It operated for Toa through 1968 and went to Project Partner. Scrapped in 1988.

Enlarge photo 129
R E A L  Convair 340 #1
Among my favorite Convair cards are these 2 REAL issues. This one, PP YRA,  was delivered to REAL in 1954, served after the Varig merger, and went to Linjeflyg in 1963. In March of 1979 it was sold to Combs Airways and it's final stop was Trans Continental from December 1985 until scrapped  in the 1990s.

Enlarge photo 130
R E A L  Convair 340 #2
A later REAL Convair 340, PP YRI, delivered in 1958, which served REAL and Varig until 1963. Converted to a 440 for Iberia and served until July of 1972. Sold to Delta Air Transport, serving until sale to American Inter-Island in 1977. It's final stop, in 1982 was Air Resorts.

Enlarge photo 131
Sabena Convair 240 #7
My first Sabena issued Convair was this apparent pre-delivery card showing a 240 in flight with the fake registration OO SAB

Enlarge photo 132
Sabena Convair 240 #4
OO-AWO, shown on this early Sabena Issue, was delivered in February 1949. It operated only until December 19, 1953, when it was written off landing at Zurich.

Enlarge photo 133
Sabena Convair 240 #8
Another nice Sabena issue showing passengers boarding OO-AWO through a rear cabin door.

Enlarge photo 134
Sabena Convair 240 #3
My first actual in flight Sabena issued Convair was this excellent card of OO AWP. Delivered in March of 1949, this airliner operated for Sabena until July of 1957, when it was delivered to LOT as SP LPA, shown on the LOT issue above.

Enlarge photo 135
Sabena Convair 240 #6
Another outstanding in flight Sabena issue of OO AWP, issued around 1953.

Enlarge photo 136
Sabena Convair 240 #1
An Uitgave Best issued card of Sabena's OO AWR. AWR, delivered in April 1949 also went to LOT in 1957, but was written off in early 1958 on a training flight.

Enlarge photo 137
Sabena Convair 240 #2
A nice Sabena issue of OO AWS on take off. AWS was also delivered in 1949, and sold to LOT in 1957. It operated with LOT until 1966, when it went to a corporate buyer.

Enlarge photo 138
Sabena Convair 240 #10 KCF
Sabena issued a number of cards of Convair activity on the ramp. One of my favorites is this card from Kuo-Ching Fu showing stewardesses "strolling" on the ramp. We won't see that today.

Enlarge photo 139
Sabena Convair 440 #1
Sabena issued a set of art cards including the Convair, DC-6, and DC-7 in the late 1950s. This Convair 440 wears the fake registration OO SAB also.

Enlarge photo 140
Sabena Convair 440 #5 KCF
A rare black and white Sabena issue of OO SCL. SCL was actually the 3rd 440 received, operating from delivery in 1956 through 1967. Card by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu

Enlarge photo 141
Sabena Convair 440 #2
One of the best Convairs ever issued, in my view, is this splendid Sabena 440. Not that easy to find, the card also shows OO SCL, delivered to Sabena in 1956. Converted to a 580 for Frontier in March of 1968, it operated for 15 years before sale to Combs in 1983. Served with Metroflight from 1985-1987, Sierra Pacific briefly, and Aspen where it was written off in January 1989.

Enlarge photo 142
S A S Convair 440 #1
SE BSR, delivered to Scandinavian in 1956, served with Scandinavian for 19 years before sale to Nor Fly in 1975. In 1984 it went to the Norsk Metropolitan Club, and I believe, has been restored.
Card is a Bromma Airport issue.

Enlarge photo 143
S A S Convair 440 #2
An excellent Jaeger issue of Scandinavian's 440  LN KLB, in flight. Delivered to Scandinavian in March of 1956 this higher capacity version has the additional forward window, but no radome. It went to Linjeflyg in October 1968, and operated through 1977 when stored.

Enlarge photo 144
S A S Convair 440 #3
An outstanding Hanover Airport card of OY-KPE, a 440 (sans radome), delivered to Scandinavian in January of 1957. Like others it was sold to Linjeflyg in 1970, and after 15 years service went to Trans Continental in 1985. Later flew for Four Star Air Cargo.

Enlarge photo 145
ScanBee Convair 340 #1
An interesting ScanBee issue of their Convair 340 SE GTE, on the ramp. Originally a Braniff airliner, delivered in 1953, it was sold to Fred Olsen in 1968. ScanBee acquired it in 1976, and operated it through 1982. Sold to a leasing company.

Enlarge photo 146
Swissair Convair 240 #1
A Swissair issue from around 1950, showing Convair HB IRP, delivered in February 1949. After serving Swissair for 8 years it was sold to Mohawk. Mohawk operated it as the Air Chief Erie from 1957-1967. Traded to Fairchild Hiller toward new FH-227s.

Enlarge photo 147
Swissair Convair 240 #7 KCF
A rather unusual view of HB IRP, shared by Kuo-Ching Fu on a Swissair issue from around 1950.

Enlarge photo 148
Swissair Convair 240 #4
A much nicer, and less common Swissair issue of HB IRP.

Enlarge photo 149
Swissair Convair 240 #2
HB IRS, delivered 1 month later followed the same path as IRP, going to Mohawk in 1957 as the Air Chief Chippewa. , and ultimately traded on new FH-227s.
Card is an LM Koehler issue. This image was also used on a Jaeger issue.

Enlarge photo 150
Swissair Convair 240 #5 KCF
Jaeger also issued a much better view of HB-IRS, which operated for 7 years before joining Mohawk. Card by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu

Enlarge photo 151
Swissair Convair 240 #3
A nice ramp view from Swissair, issued around 1954. HB IRT also went to Mohawk, but was leased to Transocean for a year before entering service as the Air Chief Pequot. After trade to Fairchild Hiller, it was operated by 9 different entities and is now preserved.

Enlarge photo 152
Swissair Convair 440 #6 KCF
A really outstanding Swissair issue of HB IMG, a 440 taken from one of their DC-7Cs. Hard to find, this card by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu.

Enlarge photo 153
Swissair Convair 440 #1
The first of 2 excellent color Swissair issues of their Convair 440 HB IMG. Delivered in August of 1956, it flew for Swissair until August of 1968, when it was sold to Great Lakes Airlines.

Enlarge photo 154
Swissair Convair 440 #2
A better Swissair Issue of HB IMG. This is the aircraft shown on the Great Lakes issue above.

Enlarge photo 155
T A A Convair 240 #3
A rare pre-delivery Trans Australia issue of their Convair 240, VH TAO. The airliner was damaged on its delivery flight but entered service with TAA on July 3, 1949.
Sold to Beldex Corp in 1959 and operated for at least 4 other corporations. Scrapped at DuPage County Airport in 1968

Enlarge photo 156
T A A Convair 240 #1
A nice TAA issue of VH TAS, which upon delivery was christened "James Cook". Delivered  in October 1948, it operated through June 22, 1956. It was then sold to Pakistan International in July.  PIA operated it until October, 1959. Afterwards it flew for numerous entities and was used as a personal transport for Glen Campbell. Stored in California for possible restoration.

Enlarge photo 157
TAW  Toa Airways Convair 240
A rare Toa issue of JA5126, which was delivered to Continental in 1948. It was sold to Canadian Pacific in 1953 and served for 11  years before joining Toa Airways. This is the same aircraft shown on Continental Convair 240 # 1 above.

Enlarge photo 158
Trans Texas Convair 240 #1
An absolutely outstanding Trans Texas issue of their Convair N94226. Delivered new to American in 1948 it served for 14 years before sale to Trans Texas in 1962. It was converted to a 600 in 1967, and remained with Texas International until sold to SMB Stage in 1978. Later operated for Kitty Hawk and Rhoades.

Enlarge photo 159
United Convair 340 #1
An excellent in flight United issue of N73102, the 1st Convair 340 delivered. After 14 years with United , it was sold to Frontier and converted to a 580. After a brief stop at Golden Gate it was purchased by Aspen, operating there from 1984 to 1991. Finished its career as a corporate plane for Honeywell.

Enlarge photo 160
United Convair 340 #4
A very nice South Bend Airport issue showing N 73139 on the ramp. It was delivered to United in 1953 and was sold to Turbo prop Conversions with the intention of converting to a 540. It went to Allegheny in 1962, but apparently not re-equipped with the Napier Engines. Sold to the FAA in 1963 and the Department of Justice in 1965.

Enlarge photo 161
U S Air Force  Convair 240 #1 KCF
A large part of Convair 240 production went to the military for assorted transport duties. Shown above is an excellent Aerohobby Issue of C-131A (Convair 240) 52-5781 SN 53-1, delivered to the Air Force in January 1954. It later went to the Coast Guard on July 25, 1976. Now scrapped.
Card by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu.

Enlarge photo 162
Western Convair 240 #1
This is a great old Western issue of their Convair 240 NC 8409H. It was delivered to Western in July, 1948, and operated for nearly 12 years before sale to a leasing company. Five different companies operated the aircraft from 1960 to 1972, when it was scrapped.

Enlarge photo 163
Western Convair 240 #2
This is a rare Los Angeles Airport issue of N8409H.

Enlarge photo 164
Western Convair 240 #3
Another rare postcard view of a Western 240 published by Whelan. This one shows N8410H, delivered in June of 1948. It served Western through February 1961, and was sold to Hughes Aircraft. Unfortunately DBR on Sept 2, 1969 due to landing gear collapse.

Enlarge photo 165
Wright Convair 440
An outstanding Wright Airlines issue of N4401 taking off at Cleveland Lakefront. It was originally a Mohawk aircraft,  operated from 1959 to 1971. Wright purchased it in 1972 operating it until December 1977. It then went to Red Carpet Airlines and finally ended its service in Haiti in 1988.

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