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The Convair Jets 7 / 2017
There was nothing like the thrill of watching one of the Convairs departing with a massive cloud of black smoke slowly dissipating in its wake. The sleek Convair jets were the fastest of the new American jetliners, but never really found the niche that they hoped to occupy. Quickly obsoleted by more efficient tri jets, the 880s disappeared from their original buyers fleets, and never really had any significant secondary operators. The 990s lived on for some time with some upgrades, but they too are now a distant memory.
Following are cards featuring the fabulous Convair Jets!
Album by John Schmidt. 1 - 110 of 110 Total. 19383 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
Convair 880 House #1KCF
The beautiful Convair 880 in house colors, from 1959. Card is a more recent Frontier Productions issue by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu

Enlarge photo 2
Aerolineas Peruanas Convair 990 #2
A nice APSA issue of Convair 990 #5, originally destined for Scandinavian, but delivered to the Peruvian Airline in 1962. At the time APSA was rapidly expanding with new aircraft and lower fares, but by 1971 the airline collapsed.
Three 990s were operated by APSA. This one, OB R 728, operated for NASA from 1982-1987

Enlarge photo 3
Aerolineas Peruanas Convair 990 #1
An Avia Products issue of APSA's 990

Enlarge photo 4
Air Viking Convair 880
Air Viking was formed in 1972 by Sunna Travel of Iceland, to operate flights to Europe and various sun destinations. The Convair 880 was acquired in 1973, but was later replaced with Boeing 720s.
      TF AVB, 880 # 48, was delivered to Japan Airlines in 1963. It was originally ordered by Capital, prior to their acquisition by United. After service with Air Viking it was operated by Rowan Drilling Co.

Enlarge photo 5
Alaska Convair 880 #2
This is the most familiar card of Alaska's Convair 880, a Seattle airport card issued by Ellis post card. N 8477H, 880 #54, was delivered to Alaska in July of 1961, and operated through 1966. It then went to Cathay Pacific, operating until 1975.
    Also operated for Orient Pacific and briefly for Air Malta.

Enlarge photo 6
Alaska Convair 880 #1
An Aero Hobby issue from the Netherlands.

Enlarge photo 7
Alaska Convair 880 #3
An excellent, but unidentified in flight of Alaska's 880.   AI?  World Great Airlines?

Enlarge photo 8
Alaska Convair 880 #4
Alaska did issue this historical card in a collector series.

Enlarge photo 9
Alaska Convair 990 #2
An awesome card of Alaska's N 987AS, 990 # 13, issued by WGA.
Originally ordered by REAL, and delivered to Varig in 1962. Alaska operated it for 2 years, with a brief lease to AREA, before it joined Modern Air's fleet in October of 1969.  It was written off in 1970 at Miami.

Enlarge photo 10
American  Convair 990 #1
American was the launch customer for the 990. Shown is N5605, 990 #9, which also is featured on all ModernAir 990 cards.
It left American for ModernAir in 1967, but was then leased to Air France, for a year, and later purchased by Denver Ports of Call.  B/U in 1982.

Enlarge photo 11
American  Convair 990 #2
An outstanding card of N 5605, by IAWP

Enlarge photo 12
American  Convair 990 #3
An interesting American historical issue of their 990, apparently performing a crop dusting mission.

Enlarge photo 13
American  Convair 990 #4 KCF
One more View of N5605 on a B&W card from Frontier Productions

Enlarge photo 14
Avensa Convair 880
This is a very rare  pre delivery  issue of the Avensa Convair 880. The card uses a generic Convair image of N803TW, which of course was delivered to TWA in 1961. Avensa's 880s were ultimately delivered and operated by VIASA.

Enlarge photo 15
Balair  Convair 990
Balair operated HB-ICH from 1968-1971, on a lease from Swissair.  The airliner was delivered new to Scandinavian, then operated for Thai International prior to arriving at Swissair in 1966. Sold to Spantax in 1975, and retired in 1983.
     Card is a Balair issue.

Enlarge photo 16
Cathay Pacific Convair 880 #5
The first 880 card I received from Cathay Pacific, a much treasured card at the time. Shown is VR HFS, 880M #47, delivered to Cathay Pacific in 1962. Sold to Orient Pacific in 1975, and written off in 1976.

Enlarge photo 17
Cathay Pacific Convair 880 #4
I suspect a pre delivery card of Cathay Pacific's 880?

Enlarge photo 18
Cathay Pacific Convair 880 #3
A splendid 2 view Cathay Pacific issue of VR HFS, giving an excellent view of the 880 tracks across the sky.

Enlarge photo 19
Cathay Pacific Convair 880 #1
In 1968 Cathay Pacific issued 2 new 880 views, in both continental and Oversize. Shown on these is VR-HGA, which was delivered new to Civil Air Transport in 1961, and sold to Cathay in 1968

Enlarge photo 20
Cathay Pacific Convair 880 #7
The previous card in continental size.

Enlarge photo 21
Cathay Pacific Convair 880 #2
A better view , oversized, of VR HGA, issued in 1968.

Enlarge photo 22
Cathay Pacific Convair 880 #6
The previous card in Continental size

Enlarge photo 23
Cathay Pacific Convair 880 Interior #1KCF
A rare Cathay Pacific issue showing cabin service on their 880. A little more festive than most. Card kindly provided by Kuo-Ching Fu

Enlarge photo 24
Civil Air Convair 880 #2
One of my favorite cards, the first card of the 880 I received from CAT. This beauty, B-1008, was delivered in 1961, and is also the aircraft shown on later Cathay Pacific issues.

Enlarge photo 25
Civil Air Convair 880 #1
A similar Civil Air Transport issue.

Enlarge photo 26
Civil Air Convair 880 #3
The last Civil 880 I acquired was this excellent take off view.

Enlarge photo 27
Civil Air Convair 880 #4
The common APC Publications issue.

Enlarge photo 28
Civil Air Convair 880 #5KCF
One more nice view of Civil Air Transport's sole Convair 880, but not a postcard.

Enlarge photo 29
Delta Convair 880 #1
Perhaps the least common Delta 880 card is the vintage Dexter Issue from 1962. N8802E, shown on the card was the first 880 delivered to Delta, feb. 10, 1960. Traded to Boeing in 1973.

Enlarge photo 30
Delta Convair 880 #2
I picked up this Curteicholor issue of Delta's 880 at the Louisville Airport gift shop in 1961. Many years later I was booked on the last 880 flight to Louisville. Unfortunately I watched it leave from the O'hare  observation deck, and had to take a later DC-9 flight home.

Enlarge photo 31
Delta Convair 880 #4
This is the original Delta issue of the white fuselage all first class 880.

Enlarge photo 32
Delta Convair 880 #3
The early Delta issued 880 without the logo on the card

Enlarge photo 33
Delta Convair 880 #6
This is a Delta historical issue of 880 #29, N8807E, which was delivered in 1960 and was destroyed in a Runway collision at O'hare in 1972.

Enlarge photo 34
Delta Convair 880 #5
An excellent Aviation World issue which is the only card showing the 880 in the 1970s Delta colors. N8809E operated from 1960 through 1973, and then became Elvis Presley's Lisa Marie.

Enlarge photo 35
Florida Air Travel Convair 880 #1RN
"This Priceless card by court..."
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Enlarge photo 36
Garuda Convair 990 #1
A splendid Garuda issue of their 990, the first I received from Garuda. PK GJC was delivered in 1963, and was sold to NASA 10 years later. It was ultimately destroyed by fire after an aborted take off in 1985.

Enlarge photo 37
Garuda Convair 990 #2
My favorite of the Garuda 990 cards.

Enlarge photo 38
Garuda Convair 990 #3w
I'm still looking for this excellent  Garuda 990 on the ramp. Among my many "want" cards.

Enlarge photo 39
Garuda Convair 990 #4KCF
A Rembrandt Issue From the Netherlands By Courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu.

Enlarge photo 40
Inair Convair 880 #1HJ
This is an extremely rare Christmas issue from Inair of Panama. Inair was probably the most significant after market operator of the 880, operating 3 in the late 1970s and early 1980s.
The aircraft is probably HP 821, 880 # 41, originally delivered to Delta. Sadly, it was destroyed on landing in a storm at Panama City in 1980

"Many thanks to Hubert Jansen..."
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Enlarge photo 41
Inair Convair 880 #2HJ
A slightly more common Movifoto card of  N8813E, also an ex Delta aircraft. It appears that the Inair Titles were not yet Applied to the aircraft, but it became HP 876, delivered to Inair in 1980
"This card by courtesy of Hub..."
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Enlarge photo 42
Internord Convair 990
Danish charter airline Internord, took delivery of this leased 990 in June of 1967, operating it until returned to American in October 1968. Later leased to Middle East, and ultimately sold to Spantax, it crashed at Tenerife in December 1972.

Enlarge photo 43
Japan  Convair 880 #1
Japan really committed to the Convair 880, issuing a number of excellent cards. The first I received, this may be a pre delivery issue.

Enlarge photo 44
Japan  Convair 880 #2
Perhaps the most common Japan 880 is this card of JA 8021, "Sakura" delivered in July of 1961, and operated until April 1971. It later operated for Freelandia Travel Club, and finally served with air Trine until W/O at Miami in December of 1976

Enlarge photo 45
Japan  Convair 880 #3
A common APC issue  of JA 8021

Enlarge photo 46
Japan  Convair 880 #8
A much less common Japan issue of Sakura

Enlarge photo 47
Japan  Convair 880 #9
Without a doubt my favorite Convair 880 card is this splendid over-length Japan Issue.

Enlarge photo 48
Japan  Convair 880 #10
A great Japan issue featuring JA 8022, and a line of flight attendants. it operated for Japan until 1970, and was sold to Cathay Pacific. After 1975 it was handed around as a VIP aircraft, and was used in 1981 for a Jefferson Starship Tour.

Enlarge photo 49
Japan  Convair 880 #11
A nice over-length card, sold in a set at Japanese airports as far as
I can determine

Enlarge photo 50
Japan  Convair 880 #4
Japan issued a number of historical cards of 8021.

Enlarge photo 51
Japan  Convair 880 #5
Historical issue

Enlarge photo 52
Japan  Convair 880 #6
Historical Issue

Enlarge photo 53
Japan  Convair 880 #7
A similar image to the beautiful in flight over-length card.

Enlarge photo 54
Japan  Convair 880 #12 KCF
A vintage Japanese publisher card of the Japan 880, by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu.

Enlarge photo 55
Japan  Convair 880 #13 HJ
A splendid in flight view of JAL's 880 "Sakura" , on a Japanese publisher card kindly provided by Hubert Jansen

Enlarge photo 56
Japan  Convair 880 #14 HJ
Another excellent Japanese publisher card of the 880.
"Card by courtesy of Hubert J..."
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Enlarge photo 57
Japan Domestic Convair 880 #1
An absolutely splendid Japan Domestic issue of their 880 JA 8030, 880 # 45.
The airliner was delivered to Swissair in August 1961 as HB ICM! Returned to Convair in 1962, it was then delivered to Japan Domestic, and Crashed at Tokyo on a training flight in 1966.

Enlarge photo 58
Japan Domestic Convair 880 #2HJ
This is the rare Japan Domestic 880 on the ramp with the uniquely
Japanese Line up of flight attendants.
It is a Christmas issue in English

"Thanks to Hubert Jansen for ..."
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Enlarge photo 59
Japan Domestic Convair 880 #3HJ
The rare Japan Domestic 880 Christmas issue in Japanese, also provided by Hubert Jansen.

Enlarge photo 60
K L M Convair 880
KLM entered a joint operation with VIASA, using VIASA aircraft. Half of the aircraft was in KLM colors, the other half standard VIASA colors.
This aircraft, YV C VIC, operated with VIASA from1961 through 1965, when it was sold to Cathay Pacific. Written off at Hong Kong in November 1967.                                   An Avia Products issue.

Enlarge photo 61
Lanica Convair 880
LANICA's splendid Convair 880 Postcard. I can't identify the specific aircraft, but LANICA operated at least 4 during the early 1960s

Enlarge photo 62
L I A  Convair 990 #2TH
An excellent ramp view of OD AEX, an ex American 990, delivered to LIA in October of 1966. Two years later it was destroyed in a raid at Beirut.
The card is a Collection Vilain issue by courtesy of Terry Hale

Enlarge photo 63
Middle East Convair 990
A nice ramp view of Middle East's Convair 990 OD AFH, which was delivered new to American in May 1962. After a previous lease to Internord, it was delivered to MEA in June of 1969. Sold to Spantax in 1972, where it was written off in December.
This is the aircraft shown on the Internord card.
A P.V. card issue

Enlarge photo 64
Modern Air Convair 990 #5
A rare card of a Modern Air 990 in the original Silver Palace scheme. They were soon painted in the more familiar Modern Air Colors.

Enlarge photo 65
Modern Air Convair 990 #1
Modern Air issued a jumbo sized card of their 990, N5605, which was originally an American aircraft, delivered in 1962 and sold in 1967.  The aircraft was featured on the other Modern Air Issues as well.
Immediately after delivery to Modern Air it was leased to Air France, and is seen on a common publisher card that I don't have.

Enlarge photo 66
Modern Air Convair 990 #2
This is the most common Modern Air issue  of N5605. After its lease to Air France the airliner served Modern Air until 1976, when it was sold to Denver Ports of Call.  B/U in 1982.

Enlarge photo 67
Modern Air Convair 990 #3
Certainly my favorite of the Modern Air 990 cards was this outstanding German Issue. The airline operated numerous flights out of Berlin, and other German cities.

Enlarge photo 68
Modern Air Convair 990 #4
A final, and a little less common Modern Air Issue.

Enlarge photo 69
Modern Air Convair 990 #6
A Klagenfurt Airport issue, featuring Modern Air 990s.

Enlarge photo 70
NASA Convair 990 #1 KCF
A Frontier Publications issue of NASA's Convair 990 N 712NA, which operated from 1973 until destroyed in an aborted take off in July 1985. This is an ex Garuda aircraft, and is the same airliner shown on the Garuda airline issues. Card by courtesy of
Kuo-Ching Fu.

Enlarge photo 71
Nomads Convair 990 #1
A splendid Nomads issue of their first jet airliner, N 990E. Originally an American Airliner, it went to Modern Air in 1967, operating until sold to Nomads in 1975. Nomads replaced it with 727s in 1983 and it was sold to Galaxy. It was finally WFU at Ft. lauderdale in December 1985.

Enlarge photo 72
Nomads Convair 990 #2
A pre-delivery card of Nomads 990 which was detached from an announcement. Not a postcard back.

Enlarge photo 73
Northeast Convair 880 #2
One of the truly great 880 cards is this Northeast oversized. The 880 really boosted Northeast's position in the New York -Florida market, though they had operated a leased 707 previously.
Shown is N8483H, delivered in November 1960. It operated for 3 years before sale to TWA in 1963. It served TWA for 11 more years, and ultimately went to American Jet before retiring to Mojave.

Enlarge photo 74
Northeast Convair 880 #1
The common Avia Products issue.

Enlarge photo 75
Northeast Convair 990
A nice view of Northeast's Yellowbird Convair 990, N5612.  Originally delivered to American in April 1962, it went to Northeast in January 1967. It did a stint with APSA until 1972, then ultimately joined Denver Ports of Call.
The card is an IAWP issue.

Enlarge photo 76
Ports Of Call Convair 990 #2
Denver Ports of Call operated an amazing 8 Convair 990s, although not all simultaneously. This is a common oversized A/I artist card.

Enlarge photo 77
Ports Of Call Convair 990 #1
A nice take off view of N8259C, Denver Ports of Call's first Convair 990, delivered in May of 1975. She was originally delivered to Varig in March of 1963, operating until sold to Modern Air in 1971. Broken up in 1986.
  Card is an Aviation World Issue

Enlarge photo 78
S A S Convair 990
This splendid Convair 990 was delivered to Scandinavian in 1962, on a lease from Swissair. It operated with SAS until 1966, then returned to Swissair. There it operated until joining most 990s at Spantax in 1975.
An Avia Products issue.

Enlarge photo 79
Spantax Convair 990 #1
The most common Spantax issue, I believe.  The image was subsequently enlarged to produce 990 #2.

Enlarge photo 80
Spantax Convair 990 #2
A great Spantax issue of EC BQQ, Convair 990 #34, delivered to American in 1963. It went to Internord in 1967, and is featured on the Internord 990 postcard. IKt became a Spantax aircraft in April of 1969, serving until retired in 1986

Enlarge photo 81
Spantax Convair 990 #3
A nice, if somewhat backlit Spantax issue of EC BJC, an ex American airliner delivered to Spantax at the end of 1967. It served Spantax until wfu in Nov. 1979

Enlarge photo 82
Spantax Convair 990 #4
An excellent ramp view of the 990, on another Spantax issue. Spantax was to the 990 what Dan Air was to the Comet.

Enlarge photo 83
Spantax Convair 990 #6TH
A splendid view of EC BZO,in the much more modern Spantax colors. Convair 990 #30, was delivered to American in 1962, served with Middle East from 1969-71, and joined the other 990s at Spantax in 1972.  Retired in 1988.
A Concourse Card issue by courtesy of Terry Hale

Enlarge photo 84
Sunfari Convair 880 #1RN
"Many thanks to Rick Neyland ..."
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Enlarge photo 85
Swissair Convair 880 #2
Swissair took delivery of two Convair 880s in 1961. The aircraft were originally ordered for Capital before the United merger.
HB ICL entered service on Sept. 10,  and operated until May of 1962, when it was returned to Convair after receipt of new 990s.  
      After return to Convair, it was delivered to Cathay Pacific, where it operated until 1978.   An oversized Swissair Issue.

Enlarge photo 86
Swissair Convair 880 #1
A common Avialit issue of Swissair's 880.

Enlarge photo 87
Swissair Convair 990 #1
Swissair issued only this card of their 990, although they operated them for over a decade. This aircraft still showing its delivery registration became HB-ICA, and is featured on many vintage publisher cards.

Enlarge photo 88
Swissair Convair 990 #2
A splendid vintage Photoglob Issue of HB ICA, Convair 990 #7.  Swissair's 1st 990, it served Swissair until 1975, when it joined Spantax's 990 fleet.

Enlarge photo 89
Swissair Convair 990 #3
A nice in flight Beringer & Pampalucci issue.

Enlarge photo 90
Swissair Convair 990 #4
One of my favorite 990 cards, This is HB ICA on a vintage GM issue.

Enlarge photo 91
Swissair Convair 990 #5
This is a Werner Friedli issue showing HB ICF, 990 #6, which was originally ordered by Scandinavian, but delivered to Swissair in 1964.

Enlarge photo 92
Swissair Convair 990 #6
This is another Beringer & Pampaluchi issue of HB ICA, still wearing delivery registration.

Enlarge photo 93
Swissair Convair 990 #7
One final Beringer and Pampaluchi issue of Swissair's 990

Enlarge photo 94
Swissair Convair 990 #8
A final GM issue of HB ICA

Enlarge photo 95
Swissair Convair 990 #9KCF
A nice vintage Japanese publisher card of  HB ICA by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu

Enlarge photo 96
Swissair Convair 990 #10KCF
This is an unusual historical postcard from the Swiss Post Office, also by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu

Enlarge photo 97
Swissair Convair 990 #11KCF
A recently issued card from WGA

Enlarge photo 98
Swissair Convair 990 #12KCF
A B&W issue from Joseph Kessel that is the same image as #3 from Beringer & Pampaluchi

Enlarge photo 99
Swissair Convair 990 #13KCF
One additional vintage Japanese Publisher card from Kuo-Ching Fu

Enlarge photo 100
Swissair Convair 990 #14
One Final Swissair 990 is this excellent Over-length card from Joseph Kessel, also by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu.

Enlarge photo 101
Thai (International) Convair 990
A rather rare Thai International issue of their 990, leased from Scandinavian. HS TGE became HB ICH a Swissair aircraft in 1966, and like most 990s ultimately flew with Spantax.

Enlarge photo 102
TWA Convair 880 #2
The first in flight TWA 880 I acquired was this German publisher card. N815TW operated for TWA from 1963 to 1974. It however started life as Northeast's N8481H in 1960

Enlarge photo 103
TWA Convair 880 #1
My first TWA 880 card, from Aviation World

Enlarge photo 104
TWA Convair 880 #3
A common Aviation World card  that illustrates the 880 with the globe logo added to the aircraft.

Enlarge photo 105
TWA Convair 880 #4
It took many years, but at last a great in flight card of TWA's 880 was published. (Why didn't TWA issue this?)
WGA published some classic Convair Images!

Enlarge photo 106
U S Navy Convair 880 #1KCF
Convair 880 #55 went to the US Navy, by way of the FAA.  Converted to Navy use in 1981.
Card  is a Frontier Productions issue by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu,

Enlarge photo 107
Varig Convair 990 #2
The sole airline issue of Varig's splendid Convair 990. Varig took delivery of the 3 aircraft ordered by REAL in 1961 & 62. One of these became Alaska's 990 in 1967.

Enlarge photo 108
Varig Convair 990 #1
Aviation World's Varig 990 card.

Enlarge photo 109
VIASA Convair 880 #1
AVENSA had ordered 3 Convair 880s at the time VIASA was created, the first of which was delivered in August of 1961. YV VIA served until 1967 when sold to Cathay Pacific. It was ultimately destroyed by a bomb in 1972

Enlarge photo 110
VIASA Convair 880 #2
The second VIASA 880 card uses the same 880 image with a different background, but both make very nice cards.

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