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The Canadian Regionals 6 / 2017
Far more than the US, rural Canada needed air transportation. Numerous independent and government operated entities filled this need using an assortment of bush aircraft. From this fragmented group several airlines coalesced and with the aid of growing populations, charter opportunities, and DEW Line contracts, grew into entities resembling the CAB designated Local Service Airlines in the US.
Ultimately 6 were designated as "Regional" Airlines by the Canadian Government, providing service to smaller communities and feeding the 2 major scheduled airlines. From the 1960s through the 80s they grew in size and scope, but ultimately all were merged into Candian Pacific / Canadian. Ironically Canadian Pacific was acquired by the most successful regional, Pacific Western.
The names are all gone, but theirs was a legacy of growth and innovation, often in difficult circumstances.
Following are cards from the Regionals, and some of their predecessors.
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Enlarge photo 1
Maritime Central route Map Postcard
Maritime Central, formed in 1941 began services from Charlottetown to Moncton with a Boeing 247. By 1946, DC-3s were entering service on scheduled routes. An assortment of aircraft were added to perform  DEW Line contracts including C-46s and DC-4s.
In 1956, international charters began, operated by DC-4s, but a fatal crash in August of 1957 slowed the charter business and resulted in the return of two new DC-6s delivered in 1958.
MCA briefly operated a Viscount and a Herald prior to acquisition by Eastern Provincial in 1963.

Enlarge photo 2
Maritime Central DC-3
A rare MCA issue of their DC-3, from approximately 1960.

Enlarge photo 3
Maritime Central DC-4
Another hard to find MCA issue of their DC-4, used for long distance charter flights.

Enlarge photo 4
Maritime Central DC-6B
This beautiful DC-6B was in the possession of Maritime Central for 9 days. I can't confirm if it reached Charlottetown. Card is an IAWP issue.

Enlarge photo 5
Maritime Central DC-6B #2KCF
An unidentified publisher card of the short lived MCA DC-6B by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu.

Enlarge photo 6
Eastern Provincial route map
Eastern Provincial was formed in 1949, performing air ambulance, air mail and passenger services with an assortment of light aircraft. In addition to those services, Eastern Provincial operated scheduled services in Greenland from 1958-1965. Ambitious growth plans were realized in 1963 by the acquisition of Maritime Central.
Growth continued with Carvairs operating ferry services to Newfoundland, and Heralds operating scheduled services.
By 1969, EPA was adding 737s to the fleet, and eliminating all bush operations. The rapidly growing airline was sold to CP Air in 1984 and in 1987 Eastern Provincial was a memory.

Enlarge photo 7
Eastern Provincial Herald #2
The first EPA issue of their Herald. Not too common.

Enlarge photo 8
Eastern Provincial Dart Herald #1
One of my favorite Herald cards is this very nice EPA issue inflight.

Enlarge photo 9
Eastern Provincial 737-200 #1
An absolutely outstanding in flight 737-200 card from Eastern Provincial

Enlarge photo 10
Eastern Provincial 737-200 #2
A Gander Airport Issue showing the 737 with newer tail logo.

Enlarge photo 11
Quebecair Route Map
Quebecair (Rimouski Airlines) was formed in 1947, but assumed its identity in 1953 with the merger of  Gulf Aviation. Operating primarily DC-3s, the company added DC-4s for DEW Line contracts in 1955.
In 1958 the airline joined US local service airlines in purchasing Fairchild F-27s. Two years later Quebecair pioneered service with the Napier turboprop Convair 540, which ultimately led to the more successful Allison and Rolls Royce versions. In 1965 Quebecair purchased Matane Air Services, and continued to expand through acquisitions.
BAC-111s were added in 1969 for both scheduled and Charter work, followed by ex American 707s in 1974, operating Trans Atlantic Charters.
Aggressive growth continued until Quebecair was purchased by Nordair metro in 1986, resulting in the creation of Inter-Canadian, and ultimately integration into Canadian.

Enlarge photo 12
Quebecair DC-3
A beautiful Quebecair issue from approximately 1960

Enlarge photo 13
Quebecair Fleet
An interesting and unusual fleet card from Quebecair Circa 1960

Enlarge photo 14
Quebecair F-27 #1
In my view the better of 2 Quebecair issues of their new Fairchild F-27

Enlarge photo 15
Quebecair F-27 #2
Another Quebecair  Issue of CF QBA, the first F-27 delivered to the airline

Enlarge photo 16
Quebecair BAC-111-400 #1
Quebecair received their first BAC-111s in 1969, from British Eagle Airways. This is a very nice Quebecair issue.

Enlarge photo 17
Quebecair BAC-111-400 #2
This is a BAC issue of the Quebecair 111,
Unusual in the fact that Quebecair took delivery of no new BAC-111s.

Enlarge photo 18
Quebecair BAC-111-400 #3
An excellent ramp view of Quebecair's BAC-111-300 on a card issued by IAWP.

Enlarge photo 19
Quebecair 707-120B
A nice card from Aviation Hobby Shop, showing a Quebacair 707, preparing for a Trans Atlantic flight.

Enlarge photo 20
Quebecair Ramp
A very nice, and rather hard to find Quebecair issue of aircraft on the ramp at Rimouski.

Enlarge photo 21
Quebecair Convair 540
A remarkable card of a remarkable airliner. CF LMA was a 540 modified by Canadair, and equipped with Napier Eland turbo prop engines. It operated about 2 years before joining others at the RCAF.
Subsequently ,modified to a 580, it flew for Avensa, Interstate, and Kelowna before returning to Quebecair some 25 years later. It is now current with Nolinor.

Enlarge photo 22
Matane Air DC-3s
Acquired by Quebecair in 1965, Matane flew these DC-3s on scheduled services within Quebec

Enlarge photo 23
Quebecair HS-748
A nice view of Quebecair's HS-748 from APC Publications.

Enlarge photo 24
Quebecair 737-200
A very nice Quebecair issue of their 737-200. Every Canadian regional chose 737s for their main line services.

Enlarge photo 25
Air Gaspe HS-748
Air Gaspe acquired this HS-748 new in 1971 and operated it until  acquired by Quebecair in 1974. A rather rare airline issue.

Enlarge photo 26
Quebecair DC-8-63
This Editions P I card shows a Quebecair DC-8-63 operating a charter flight to Paris.

Enlarge photo 27
Quebecair 737-200
Quebecair issued this oversized artwork of the 737 in the new Quebecair livery. It is on photo paper rather than postcard stock.

Enlarge photo 28
Nordair Route Map from 77 report
Nordair was created in 1956, reflecting a new direction for previously existing Boreal Airways. By 1957, routes were extended to Frobisher Bay with DC-4s. In 1960 Wheeler Airlines was acquired, adding DC-4s and C-46s to the fleet.
In 1964, 4 Super H Constellations were added for charter services, eventually replaced by Convair 990s.
November 1968 saw the first 737, and FH-227s were introduced in 1971. DC-8s were added to the charter fleet in the 70s. Route strengthening by the Canadian Government and extensive charter programs kept Nordair profitable, but by 1986 Canadian Pacific successfully completed the acquisition of Nordair.

Enlarge photo 29
Nordair DC-3
This is the closest thing to a postcard I received from Nordair in the early 1960s. A nice postcard sized photo of a C-47 with stewardess.

Enlarge photo 30
Nordair DC-4
Another Nordair issued photograph showing CF NAA, originally Maritime Central's CF MCA

Enlarge photo 31
Nordair C-46
The C-46 was very important for Nordair, as it was for other Canadian Regionals. Most DEW Line contracts were fulfilled by C-46s, and the aircraft was effective in both passenger and freight configurations. The card is an IAWP issue.

Enlarge photo 32
Nordair L-1049H Constellation
An outstanding Nordair issue of their Super H Constellation, which performed long distance charter services. Not too common.

Enlarge photo 33
Nordair FH-227
In the 1970s FH-227s joined the Nordair fleet, operating services such as Ft. George - Matagami - Val D'or - Montreal, or Montreal - Ottawa - Hamilton.
    The card is a Mary Jayne's issue.

Enlarge photo 34
Nordair DC-8-50
179 seat DC-8s were performing long distance Charters in the early 1980s. The card is a Dexempo issue.

Enlarge photo 35
Nordair 737-200 #1
One of the great 737-200 cards, this is the 1st Nordair issue.

Enlarge photo 36
Nordair 737-200 #3
A splendid oversized Nordair issue of a 737-200 in later colors.

Enlarge photo 37
Transair Route Map From Schedule
Transair was created in 1956 through the merger of Central Northern Airways, and Arctic Wings.
Boosted by DEW Line contracts and the assumption of a number of Canadian Pacific Routes, Transair added 4 DC-3s and a DC-4. By 1962 5 more DC-4s were added. Additional routes and aircraft were added from Trans Canada in 1963, including the Viscount airliner.
  In 1965 Transair added Trans Atlantic charters first with DC-7s, and later with an Ex Northwest 707.
  1969 saw the arrival of YS-11s plus the first Skyvan in Canada. And 1970 saw the arrival of 737s and the "Golden Bird" Color scheme.
  In 1977 Pacific Western purchased the majority of Transair's stock and by the end of 1979, Transair was fully merged into Pacific Western.

Enlarge photo 38
Transair DC-3
An excellent Transair issue of one of their DC-3s from 1964

Enlarge photo 39
Transair DC-4
Also a 1964 issue from Transair. The DC-4 served Transair for many years.

Enlarge photo 40
Transair Viscount 700
The 3rd Transair Issue from 1964, featuring their newly acquired Viscount 700 aircraft.

Enlarge photo 41
Transair Skyvan
A very rare in flight card of Transair's only Skyvan. Apparently this logo appeared only in 1968 and 1969. I don't know if any other aircraft appeared in this livery.

Enlarge photo 42
Transair 707-320C
A Flightdeck issue of Transair's ex Northwest 707. The 707 was used for Trans Atlantic and other long distance charters, but operated only for 2 years.

Enlarge photo 43
Transair 737-200
An AeroGem card of a Transair 737-200. Like other Canadian Regionals, the 737 became the mainline aircraft for scheduled services.

Enlarge photo 44
Pacific Western Route Map from historical brochure
.Pacific Western was launched in 1945 as Central British Columbia Airways. Early on, CBCA benefitted from large contracts in connection with construction of AlCan and its associated hydroelectric plant.
  Multiple acquisitions led to the renaming to Pacific Western in 1953, and the company continued to grow through DEW Line contracts, and more acquisitions.
   In 1957, the airline took over some Canadian Pacific services, and began to focus on scheduled services.
   The 1960s introduced the PWA logo, and saw expansion of both scheduled and long distance charter flights.
  Boeing 707s and 737s, Convair 640s & Hercules freighters were operating in 1970.
  The late 70s saw the integration of Transair, and ultimately the standardization on the 737-200.
   In December 1986 PWA made the final acquisition, purchasing Canadian Pacific.
   It concluded an incredible story of growth from bush planes to Intercontinental Airline.

Enlarge photo 45
Pacific Western DC-6B #1
The first of two pitiful art cards issued by Pacific Western in the 1960s

Enlarge photo 46
Pacific Western DC-6B #2
A reissue of the Pacific Western DC-6B

Enlarge photo 47
Pacific Western DC-6B #3
IAWP did issue this nice postcard view of PWA's DC-6B

Enlarge photo 48
Pacific Western Convair 640 #1
An excellent Pacific Western Issue of one of their Convair 640s, with flight crew.

Enlarge photo 49
Pacific Western Convair 640 #3 KCF
A splendid In flight card of Pacific Western's Convair 640. An International Airlines Museum Issue by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu.

Enlarge photo 50
Pacific Western 707-138B #1
The 707-138 arrived at Pacific Western in 1967 and served until 1978. This is an outstanding PWA issue in its original colors.

Enlarge photo 51
Pacific Western 737-200 #1
A beautiful vintage card of the PWA 737-200 in original colors. Card by Natural Color Productions. Not that easy to find.

Enlarge photo 52
Pacific Western 737-200 #2
The more common Airline Issue of PWA's 1st 737, delivered in 1968

Enlarge photo 53
Pacific Western Convair 640 #2
A later Pacific Western Convair 640 issued by Felua Groep

Enlarge photo 54
Pacific Western 707-138B #2
A later PWA issue showing the ex Qantas 707 in the 2nd livery.

Enlarge photo 55
Pacific Western 707-320C
Expanded international charter demands resulted in the addition of a 707-351C, shown on this excellent PWA issue.

Enlarge photo 56
Pacific Western 737-200 #3
Pacific Western received this 737 in 1972, which 10 years later was sold to Pan Am. The only PWA issue of the 737 in this livery.

Enlarge photo 57
Pacific Western 737-200 #4
One of 4 different Pacific Western issues of their 737 in the final colors.

Enlarge photo 58
Pacific Western 737-200 #5
Another outstanding AI view

Enlarge photo 59
Pacific Western 737-200 #6
The 3rd of 4 737 cards.

Enlarge photo 60
Pacific Western 737-200 #7
The last PWA card I received, it seems to be a little harder to find

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