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The Beechcraft Airliners 11/2016
In 1937, when the DC-3 was beginning to revolutionize commercial air travel, the twin engined Beechcraft 18 was starting a revolution of its own. Production started on the first of some 9,000 aircraft that became the ideal executive, light cargo or mini airliner from 1937-1969.
By 1969, Beechcraft was solidly established in the corporate aircraft arena.  But the rapidly expanding commuter airline market provided an opportunity to enter that market with a light turboprop airliner derived from the Queen Air. Some 240 99s were produced between 1968 and 1987. By 1984 the pressurized 1900 entered service, with significant numbers going to the trunk airlines code share fleets. a total of 686 1900s were delivered between 1984 and 2002.
Now the Beechcraft airliners are fading or have faded away. Following are some postcard reminders of the Beechcraft airliners.
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Enlarge photo 1
Beech H-18 #1
This was the last of the Beech 18s that led   Beechcraft into the airliner  business as well as the corporate aircraft arena.  A Beechcraft issue.

Enlarge photo 2
Air Kentucky B-99
N12AK was the original Air Kentucky B-99 bought directly from Beechcraft, and featured on my card. I made a lot of flights on this aircraft.
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Enlarge photo 3
A B A Beech King Air 300
ABA acquired this King Air 300 in May of 1999 for use as an Air Ambulance. It lasted only a year before being passed around to several entities and now operates for Carson Air of Canada as an ambulance.

Enlarge photo 4
Air Alpes Beech 99 #2
A really outstanding card, this is an Air Alpes issue of their Beech 99 from around 1970. F BRUX was delivered new in 1969 and was written off at Clermont Ferrand in 1978.

Enlarge photo 5
Air Kentucky Ramp
Owensboro was the home of Air Kentucky, which ultimately flew a number of Beech B-99s throughout Kentucky, and To Nashville. This Owensboro Airport card was produced by IAWP

Enlarge photo 6
Air Namibia Beech 1900C #2
Air Namibia operated 10 Beech 1900s during the 1990s.  This aircraft, V5 THC, "Kalahari" was delivered in 1991 and operated about 10 years. The card is one of several Air Namibia issues, as well as a Namib Air card.

Enlarge photo 7
Air Tindi Beech King Air
This is a nice Airline issue of C GDPB, a King Air  ambulance aircraft operated by Air Tindi of Yellowknife.

Enlarge photo 8
Air Vermont Beech 99
A beautiful view of N97AV, a new C-99 model delivered in 1983, which operated for a little less than a year, before the demise of Air Vermont. Now operating with Ameriflight.
This Mary Jayne's issue must be the most common Beech 99 card ever issued

Enlarge photo 9
Allegheny Commuter Beech 99
A splendid oversized Allegheny issue of their Beech 99 SN U35. It was operated by Pocono for Allegheny from 1968-1984

Enlarge photo 10
America West Beech 1900D
A nice Plane Views issue of America West's grotesque looking 1900D. It looks like they just kept adding appendages until it would fly.
It only flew for 6 years, operated by Mesa from 1994-2000

Enlarge photo 11
American Eagle  Beech 99
The 99 flew for the smallest independents to the largest major airlines. This is a nice view of N35CA, operated by Chaparral for American.
It was delivered in 1969 to Air Cape of South Africa, and operated there until 1979, when it entered service with Chaparral.
Currently flying for Sabourin Lake Airways in Canada.

Enlarge photo 12
Aria Beech 1900C
This is a hard to find Airline issue of the Aria Beech 1900, still wearing basic Danish Air Transport colors. It operated for 4 years between 2000 and 2004, operating mostly short range charters.

Enlarge photo 13
Bar Harbor Beech 1900
Bar Harbor became this first operator of the 1900 in Feb. of 1984. N 302BH operated with Bar Harbor until 1991, later operating for Air Midwest, Mesa, Gulfstream Int. and finally Alpine Express.    A Mary Jayne's issue.

Enlarge photo 14
Britt Beech 99
This Britt Beech 99 at the Sterling Rock Falls Airport is an IAWP Historical issue. N317VA was delivered to Britt in 1973, and operated for the airline until 1988. Apparently scrapped. I flew it once into Terre Haute, IN

Enlarge photo 15
Buddha Beech 1900D #2
A breathtaking view, particularly from the airplane. This Buddha 1900D was delivered in 1997 to perform Everest viewing flights. It operated in this unique service until Sept. 25, 2011, when it crashed attempting to land at Tribhuwan in bad weather.

Enlarge photo 16
Cessnyca Beech 18s
An uncommon airline issue of a fleet of new Cessnyca Beech 18s on the ramp. Issued approximately 1972, the 18s operated until the airline's demise in 1977.

Enlarge photo 17
Chaparral Beech 99
A very nice card of Chaparral's 99A N 324 CA. Delivered new to Air Texas in 1969, went to Rio in 1971, before arriving at Chaparral in 1980. After 10 years with Chaparral, it left for Belgium, and a number of other stops including First Air of Canada.

Enlarge photo 18
Christman Beech 99 #3
An outstanding Christman Air card of their Beech 99 N106SX in flight over Pittsburgh. The aircraft was delivered in July of 1981, and operated until October 1993, when it joined all the other Beech 99s at Ameriflight.

Enlarge photo 19
Colgan Beech 1900C
An absolutely stunning postcard view of the sleek Colgan Airways Beech 1900C. It operated for Colgan from 1985-90, the last 3 years of which was for Presidential. Aircraft is current with Southern Air Charter. A Mary Jayne's issue.

Enlarge photo 20
Continental  Express Beech 1900C #2
An excellent airline issue of the Continental Express 1900C. It flew for Continental from delivery in 1988 until 1996. Currently with Skylink Express of Canada

Enlarge photo 21
Continental  Express Beech 1900D #1
A beautiful Plane Views issue of the Continental 1900D, a card that brings back a flood of unpleasant memories of trips into Flint Michigan and Toledo.. Nevertheless this aircraft operated for Continental from 1995-2000, and is now somewhere in Ethiopia.

Enlarge photo 22
Empire Beech 18
This is a splendid and rare airline issue of Empire Airlines Beech D18C issued around 1945. Empire didn't last long, but the concept did. Empire State Airlines, based in Syracuse, began in 1964, also using Beech 18s, and finally the 1976 Empire Airlines based at Utica became a significant airline, ultimately bought by Piedmont.
Information is sparse on this intra state airline, and I can find nothing about the aircraft.

Enlarge photo 23
G C S Beech 18
GCS Air Services, was born in 1951, even preceding TAG in the Ohio Commuter market. Later operating as Fischer Bros. Aviation, it became one of the first Allegheny Commuters.
This card from 1965 is a schedule card, showing Beech 18 N911U. Unfortunately, I have not been able to find anything about the aircraft.

Enlarge photo 24
Golden Pacific Beech 99
A great airline issue of Golden Pacific's Beech 99 N100GP, even if it is, inexplicably, in black & white.
The airliner joined Golden Pacific in 1969, and operated until the 1973 demise of the airline. It ended life as a French registered Sky Dive aircraft, and crashed in Portugal in August of 2009.

Enlarge photo 25
Kepner Air Beech 18 #1
A really obscure airline, Kepner operated an air ambulance service, as well as regular charter flights. I would estimate the card as about 1950. Airline may be related to Kepner Funeral services of Wheeling WV.  Any input would be welcome.
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Enlarge photo 26
L'Express Beech 1900C
My Favorite 1900 card is this splendid airline issue from L'Express. N15466 (delivery registration) became N520LX after delivery in 1989. After the demise of L'Express, it went to Air Midwest in 1991, and spent 4 years with Air Littoral in France. Currently operating in Kenya.

Enlarge photo 27
Mackey Beech 99
An uncommon Mackey Issue of their Beech 99 N699JM. Purchased in 1968 for thinner segments, the 99 operated for Mackey from 1968-1975, and left Mackey for Cascade, Southern Frontier, and Time Air before its acquisition by a number of private operators.

Enlarge photo 28
Marco Island Beech 99
A really rare airline issued card of Marco Island's Beech 99. Marco Island operated 2 99s in 1972 & 1973. This one went to Henson in 1975, operating for Piedmont, and spent some time with Bearskin.

Enlarge photo 29
Mesa Beech 1900C
This beautiful 1900C operated for Mesa from 1990-1995. By 1990, Mesa had become a huge commuter carrier in the southwest. For at least some of the time it was operating in Mesa colors, but was reported ferrying across the Atlantic in United Express scheme.
It operated for SAL Express in Sao Tome from 1997-2004, and is currently in Spain

Enlarge photo 30
Mesa Beech 1900D
An incredibly gaudy livery on a hideous aircraft, This is an airline issue of the 1900D. Mesa operated 75 1900Ds, the majority in US Air Express colors. This Mesa scheme came along around 1999.
Thankfully, these are gone.

Enlarge photo 31
Mesaba Beech 99
A very nice airline issue of Mesaba's Beech 99 N 8099R, which was originally delivered to Keystone Commuter in Pennsylvania in 1969. It operated for Mesaba through 1986 where it became an early Northwest Air Link airliner. It was ultimately exported to India in 1991, flying for Trans Bharat Aviation as VT ERP. Sold to Damania Airways in 1993, and believed scrapped in 1995.

Enlarge photo 32
New York Air  Connection Beech 1900C
A beautiful in flight card of the 3rd 1900 built, New York Air Connection's N1900J. It was operated for New York Air by Colgan until the merger with Continental in 1986. It left for Sweden in 1990, flying for Travelair in 1990, and Euro Flight from 91-96. Finally sold to the Bolivian Air Force in 1998, where it is still operating.

Enlarge photo 33
Piedmont  Commuter Beech 1900
A nice Mary Jaynes Issue of a Piedmont Commuter 1900C. It was delivered to Brockway in September 1984, later operating for Trans World Expess after the US Air merger.  Now operating in South Africa

Enlarge photo 34
Pilgrim Beech 99
A nice ramp view of N134PM, which was originally delivered to Shawnee Airlines in September 1968. It operated for 10 years before delivery to Pilgrim. Operating only 3 years for Pilgrim, It also passed through California Air Charter before landing at Ameriflight.
An Aviation World Issue.

Enlarge photo 35
Pocono Beech 18
This is a splendid 1965 Pocono issue of their Beech 18.  (probably the last airline issue of an 18). At the time it was operating flights only between LaGuardia and Philadelphia and Mt. Pocono,PA.
Pocono soon became one of the early Allegheny commuters.

Enlarge photo 36
Q Airways Beech 18 (4) Panel
Q Airways typified the missions accomplished by the 18. this is a nice oversized card from this all but forgotten charter airline.

Enlarge photo 37
Rio Beech 99
An outstanding in flight Rio issue of their sleek B99. N17RA was delivered in Febrary of 1974, and operated for Rio until 1981.
After a period with Presidential, it moved to Canada, serving with Toronto Airways, Austin, Air Ontario, Bearskin and Prince Edward Air. Retired in 2010.

Enlarge photo 38
Royale Beech 99
My favorite Beech 99 card is this beautiful airline issue from Royale. N195R was delivered to Royale in 1970, operating for 6 years. It then had a long career with Chatauqua, from 1977 to 1992.  In 1993 it joined Alpine Air Express, and it's status is uncertain.

Enlarge photo 39
Shawnee Beech 99
This is an excellent airline issue of Shawnee Airlines'  Beech 99.  This was  number 20 off the line, and it operated for Shawnee for 10 years. In 1980 it was acquired by Colgan, operating for 9 years before joining Mall, Majestic, Alpine Express, and finally Ken Borek in 1997.

Enlarge photo 40
Skyway Beech 1900
Delivered in July of 1989, This Skyway 1900 operated as Midwest connect, feeding smaller destinations to the Midwest hub at Milwaukee. A definite outhouse to penthouse experience until Midwest replaced the 1900s with DO-328 jets.
Once it left Skyway, it operated for Falcon Express and Farner Air Transport in Europe until 2015.

Enlarge photo 41
Sudavia Beech 1900C
Sudavia operated 3 Beech 1900Cs from 1988 -1990.  Beechcraft bought them back in 1990, and leased to various airlines. Two of the 3 ended up with Hendrick Motorsports in 1997. The card is an excellent airline issue, with route map on back.

Enlarge photo 42
Sunbird (US) Beech 99
A splendid in flight view of Sunbird's new C-99 airliner delivered in1981.  It operated for Sunbird from  1981-1985. after leaving Sunbird, it passed through Mountain Air Cargo, Exec Express, and Sundance. It is currently operating in Alaska.

Enlarge photo 43
TW Express Beech 1900
This is a great Plane Views issue of the TW Express Beech 1900 line #1. It was delivered to Brockway in February 1984, but by 1986 was operating as a Piedmont Commuter. From 1995-2001 it operated for Gulfstream International, and ended life with Alpine Express , broken up in 2011

Enlarge photo 44
Transtravel Beech 1900D
A nice airline issue of a Trans Travel 1900D. Originally a Mesa aircraft, OY GEP operated for Trans Travel from 1999-2002. it's currently operating for Medavia in Malta

Enlarge photo 45
U S Air  Express Beech 1900C
An excelellent in flight view of N15031, delivered to US Air Express operator Commutair in 1990. It left the fleet in 1993, passed through Colgan, and operated for North Cariboo from 2003-2011. Now a freighter for Suburban Air Freight.  A Plane Views issue

Enlarge photo 46
U S Air  Express Beech 1900D
This excellent in flight postcard actually makes the 1900D look good. N834CA was 1900D #25, delivered to Commutair in 1992 and operated through 2000 as US Air Express. As of 2013 it's operating for a private company in Georgia. Card is Plane Views issue.

Enlarge photo 47
United  Express Beech 1900C
A nice in flight card of United Express N90YV, a 1900C model delivered in 1990, and operated by Mesa until 1995. By 1999 it was operating for Air Bataleur in Kenya, where it remains.
Card is a Plane Views issue.

Enlarge photo 48
United  Express Beech 1900D
United operated a total of 50 1900Ds, delivered from 1993-1996. All were operated by Great Lakes or Mesa. They didn't last long, and were gone, I believe by 2000, replaced by more appealing commuter liners.

Enlarge photo 49
Wagair Beech 99
In my view one of the best looking 99s is this Wagair beauty, in flight. A C-99 model, it was delivered new to Air New Orleans in December 1984, and passed through San Juan and L'Express before arriving at Wagair in 1991. Spent time with Gulfstream Int. and Air Vegas before joining the rest of the 99s at Ameriflight in 2005.

Enlarge photo 50
Wings West Beech 99
A great view of a Wings West Beech C-99. Delivered in 1981,it operated for Wings West for 10 years, and has now joined its brethren at Ameriflight. An airline issue produced by Aviation World

Enlarge photo 51
Wright Beech 99
This is a beautiful Airline issue of a Wright Air Beech 99. Delivered to Wright in1969, it operated through 1979, and was sold to Cascade in Jan 1980. It spent 4years with Cascade, and joined the 99 club at Ameriflight.

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