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The ATRS Part 1 Sept. 2019
They're not very pretty. They sort of remind one of an updated Handley Page Herald. The announcement of the new European built commuter aircraft in 1981 barely evoked a yawn. The combination of Aerospatiale and Aeritalia had never built nor marketed an airliner.
   By the time of the announcement, 713 F-27s had been built, and the updated F-50 model was forthcoming. DeHavilland of Canada had announced the DHC-8, a versatile derivative of the DHC-7 that would be available in a number of sizes. It wouldn't appear to be the best market opportunity for a fledgling company.
   But, by August of 1984 the first ATR-42 took to the air. Aircraft #5 entered service with Cimber Air in December 1985. Other European regionals also gave it a shot, and to the surprise of many, The ATR-42 delivered. So much so that 1545 of the unassuming turboprops and the  derivative 72 models were delivered to operators, both large and small. Most are still in service today.
   Following are postcard images of some of the many ATR-42s
Album by John Schmidt. 1 - 121 of 121 Total. 3530 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
Aerospatiale ATR 42  #1 KCF
This is a beautiful in flight view of sn #1, the prototype ATR 42, which was unfortunately written off in a crash at Toulouse.

Enlarge photo 2
Aerospatiale ATR-42 #3 KCF
An oversized Aerospatiale issue of aircraft #1, also by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu

Enlarge photo 3
Aerospatiale ATR-42 #2 KCF

Enlarge photo 4
Aerospatiale ATR Fleet KCF

Enlarge photo 5
A T I  ATR-42 #2
Given Aeritalia's participation in the project,  it was perhaps obligatory that ATI should acquire the ATR. Shown on this outstanding ATI issue, Is I ATRB, the 20th Aircraft assembled.

Enlarge photo 6
A T I  ATR-42 #4 KCF
ATRB was the first of 10 ATRs operated by ATI, but they operated only for 3-4 years  before sale to Avianova in Sardinia.
This excellent ATI issue is shared by Kuo-Ching Fu.

Enlarge photo 7
A T I  ATR-42 #3 KCF
The airliner later served with Air Mandalay, went to Brazil with Total Linhas Aereas in 2004, and is presently flying with MAP of Brazil at the age of 33 years.
This card also shared by Kuo-Ching Fu.

Enlarge photo 8
A T I  ATR-42 #1
This final Editions PI issue shows I ATRJ, the 55th ATR delivered, which arrived at ATI in July of 1987, and is currently flying for UT Air in the Ukraine.

Enlarge photo 9
ACES of Columbia took delivery of this 320 model ATR-42 in December of 1991. The 1st of 14 operated by ACES, HK-3678X was the 261st ATR, and served ACES for 12 years. It is currently flying for Calm Air in Canada.
Card is an ACES issue

Enlarge photo 10
Aeromar ATR-42 #2
A beautiful oversized card from Aeromar, showing one of their 26 ATR-42s still in its delivery registration. At present two of the early  models, and 5 of the later 500 models are active..

Enlarge photo 11
Aeromar ATR-42 #1
This Mary Jayne's issue features recently operating XA SYH, delivered in September 1987. Shown as stored in 2017

Enlarge photo 12
Air Atlantique (France) ATR-42
This Air Atlantique Christmas issue features F GIIA, the 18th ATR assembled. It was originally delivered to Air Caledonie in June of 1986, and was sold to Air Atlantique in December of 1992. It last flew as a freighter for ARKAS of Colombia and was scrapped around 2010.

Enlarge photo 13
Air Botswana ATR-42
Air Botswana operated a number of ATR-42s, three of which were destroyed in a pilot's suicide. This one, however, was acquired in 2000 to replace the lost aircraft. It remained in service through November of 2018. It was delivered originally to Continental Express in 1996. Card is an Air Botswana issue.

Enlarge photo 14
Air Caledonie ATR-42 #4 KCF
This uncommon Air Caledonie issue shows the previous Air Atlantique aircraft as it was originally delivered, to Air Caledonie  in 1986. F ODGM, was temporarily operated by Pan Am Express, before sale to Air Atlantique.
This excellent Air Caledonie issue shared by Kuo-Ching Fu.

Enlarge photo 15
Air Caledonie ATR-42 #6 KCF
Air Caledonie issued a series of cards featuring the ATR in flight over various locations. This one however is not described.

Enlarge photo 16
Air Caledonie ATR-42 #1
This card features the ATR-42 over the Chapelle d'Easo on Lifou Island.

Enlarge photo 17
Air Caledonie ATR-42 #2
This card features the ATR 42 over the Pont du Mouli, in Ouvea

Enlarge photo 18
Air Caledonie ATR-42 #3
This card features the ATR 42 over the "Poule de Hienghene" a coastal limestone feature on the east coast of New Caledonia

Enlarge photo 19
Air Caledonie ATR-42 #5 KCF
This card, shared by Kuo-Ching Fu features the ATR-42 over the Kanumera Bay by the Isle of Pines

Enlarge photo 20
Air Contractors ATR-42 #1 KCF
Air Contractors, a descendent of Air Bridge Carriers, was rebranded as Air Contractors in 1998. ATR-42s were acquired to provide services for FedEx and others in the European market.
EI SLA, shown on this Air Contractors issue was originally a Pan Am Express airliner, delivered in 1989, later serving TWA, Gill Air and Falcon Air before its acquisition in 2005. WFU in 2017, now scrapped.

Enlarge photo 21
Air Contractors ATR-42 #2 KCF
Another Air Contractors issue, also by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu, features EI SLE, one of the very early ATRs (#24) delivered to Cimber Air in 1986. It arrived at Air Contractors in 2003, and was subsequently sold to Toll aviation in Australia in 2007, where it is still active

Enlarge photo 22
Air Guadeloupe ATR-42
An excellent Air Guadeloupe issue of one of their 5 ATR-42s. The first, F OGNF, was aircraft #58, delivered in November 1987.
It operated for 10 years before sale to Aeromar in 1997. It served with Aeromar for 20 years, and was recently stored.

Enlarge photo 23
Air Littoral ATR-42
Air Littoral,long a successful regional and frequent feeder for Air France received this 500 model ATR in 1996. The airline operated 21 ATRs during its years of service. This one later served with Airlinair and as of 2013 became part of the idiotically named Hop!

Enlarge photo 24
Air Malawi ATR-42
In my view one of the best airline issued ATRs is this uncommon Air Malawi issue. 7Q YKQ, delivered in 1991 spent its career with Air Malawi, and was WFU in 2013. Now broken up.

Enlarge photo 25
Air Martinique ATR-42 #1BD
Air Martinique operated 5 ATR-42s. Only 1, F OGNS was delivered new to the airline. This Air Martinique issue shows the aircraft in flight .it operated for the airline for 10 years.

Enlarge photo 26
Air Mauritius ATR-42
A nice Air Mauritius issue showing a representation of 3B NAH,  the 31st ATR delivered in November 1986. It flew with Air Mauritius for 11 years, then served with a number of African carriers as well as a 4 year stay with Eurolot, and is now flying for Overland Airways of Nigeria.

Enlarge photo 27
Air Queensland ATR-42
An outstanding Avimage issue showing an Air Queensland ATR-42 in its delivery registration. Air Queensland took delivery of 4 ATRs, but disposed of them in favor of continuing F-27 operations. The Queensland ATRs went to Air Pacific in 1987.

Enlarge photo 28
Air Saint Pierre ATR-42
An absolutely splendid Air Saint Pierre issue of F OHGL, their first ATR-42, a 320 model delivered in 1993. It served until 2009, when it was replaced with a new 500 model. It's now operating for La Costena in Nicaragua.

Enlarge photo 29
Air Tahiti ATR-42
One of the early ATRs, F ODUD was sn 35, delivered to Air Tahiti in December of 1986. In November of 1999, it was sold to Trip Linhas Aereas of Brazil. There it operated until retired in June of 2013.

Enlarge photo 30
Air Tahiti ATR-42 #2 KCF
Another Nice Air Tahiti issue of F ODUD. Air Tahiti currently operates 2 ATR 42s, but has operated as many as 12.
This card by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu.

Enlarge photo 31
Amakusa ATR-42 #1
Amakusa of Japan added an ATR-42-600 model in August of 2015, serving a number of Japanese cities from its home in Kumamoto. The routes were previously operated by a Dash 8.

Enlarge photo 32
Amakusa ATR-42 #2 KCF
JA 01AM shown on this and the previous card was an ATR 42-600, sn 1202, the most advanced model, delivered in August 2015.

Enlarge photo 33
American Eagle  ATR-42 #3 KCF
This beautiful oversized ATR information card, kindly shared by Kuo-Ching Fu, shows the first American ATR, SN 12, wearing its delivery registration. The ATRs became a major component of American Eagle Services.

Enlarge photo 34
American Eagle  ATR-42 #2
This American issued collector card shows the previous aircraft wearing its 1st American registration, N420MQ. The aircraft was initially operated by Simmons for American Eagle.

Enlarge photo 35
American Eagle  ATR-42 #1
A final view of ATR sn 12, on a Plane Views issue. Simmons later officially became American Eagle in 1998. It operated until sold to Si Fly of Italy in July 1999, and was written off in a crash 4 months later.

Enlarge photo 36
Astra ATR-42 #1 KCF
An excellent view on a JJ Postcard of SX DIR, an Astra Airlines (Greece) ATR-42-312. This aircraft was delivered new to NFD in 1992, and continued to operate through the formation of Eurowings until 2001, when sold to European Air Express. In 2008 it was sold to UT Air, operating until 2015, when sold to its current operator, Astra

Enlarge photo 37
Avanti Air ATR-42 #1 KCF
This is a rare postcard view of Avanti Air's ATR-42-500, D BTTT. One of 5 Avanti ATR-42s, BTTT was originally delivered to Eurowings. It went to Avanti in 2010, serving less than a year before sale to Eurolot. Now flying for SATENA in Colombia. Card, kindly shared by Kuo-Ching Fu, is Unidentified.

Enlarge photo 38
Azerbaijan ATR-42 #1 KCF
Azerbaijan Airlines leased 2 new ATR-42-500s from 2007 to 2013. After return to the leasing company, this one, 4K AZ52 sn 667, is now operating for Nusuntura Air Charter in Indonesia. The card, shared by Kuo-Ching Fu is unidentified.

Enlarge photo 39
British ATR-42 #1
Like the major American carriers, British contracted with other airlines to provide connecting service to smaller destinations, while preserving the British Identity.
G BVED, shown on this City Flyer Express issue, was delivered in November 1993. It later served with Rheinland Air Service and Alliance Air before joining the Colombian Army , where it is still active.

Enlarge photo 40
British ATR-42 #2
A nicer view of G BVED is this Plane Views issue, showing the airliner in level flight.

Enlarge photo 41
C S A  ATR-42 #1 KCF
This is an excellent view of CSA's 500 model, OK JFJ. Delivered in March of 2004, it operated for 8 years, and was sold to Hawaiian Airlines feeder, "Ohana by Hawaiian", where it is currently operating.
Card by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu.

Enlarge photo 42
Czech ATR-42 #1 KCF
This excellent card from Kuo-Ching Fu shows the ATR 42-500 in current Czech Airlines Colors. OK KFN was the 637th ATR, delivered to Czech in  May, 2005.
As of 2019, it was sold to Air Corsica.

Enlarge photo 43
Canadian Partner ATR-42
Ontario Express operated 6 ATR 42s for Canadian Airlines, as Canadian Partner. This card shows #201, C FLCP, one of the earlier ATR-42s delivered in 1988. It remained with Ontario Express, operating as Inter-Canadien until acquired by White Eagle Aviation of Poland in 2001. WFU in 2008
Card is a Mary Jayne's issue.

Enlarge photo 44
Cimber ATR-42 #4
Cimber Air of Denmark was the first to introduce the ATR, with airframe #5 in December of 1985. This Cimber Issue, shows aircraft #7, OY CIB, delivered in Feb. 1986. It operated until 2004, when it went to Air Atlantique of the UK

Enlarge photo 45
Cimber ATR-42 #2
This outstanding Cimber issue shows the same aircraft in flight.

Enlarge photo 46
Cimber ATR-42 #1
Another excellent Cimber issue shows OY-CIC, ATR #24, delivered in November 1986. It operated for Cimber until 1999, when it went to Eurolot.
It later was sold to Air Contractors, and is the aircraft shown on the 2nd Air Contractors card above.

Enlarge photo 47
Cimber ATR-42 #3
A final in flight view of OY CIC on another Cimber Air issue.

Enlarge photo 48
City Air ATR-42 #1 KCF
An excellent Holiday issue from City Air of Germany, showing D-BKKK, their sole ATR-42. It was delivered new to Eurowings in 1997, joining City Air in 2002. Later operated for Aegean, Cabo Verde and SATENA of Colombia.
Card kindly shared by Kuo-Ching Fu

Enlarge photo 49
City Connect ATR-42 #1 KCF
This is a rare schedule card from Kuo-Ching Fu, of the short lived City Connect ATR-42. It appears to have operated less than a year, operating a Trans Travel aircraft PH-RAQ, that was originally delivered to Ontario Express in 1989.
The airliner is currently a freighter for Calm Air in Canada.

Enlarge photo 50
City Flyer ATR-42
In 1992 CityFlyer Express was formed from the fledgling Euroworld Airways, establishing a code share agreement with British, and acquiring two new ATR-42s.
Initially the British segments were flown in CityFlyer colors, as shown on this excellent CityFlyer issue. Ultimately backlash from British passengers resulted in their repainting as shown on the British cards above.
G BUEA was the 1st ATR delivered to CityFlyer, and operated as a British aircraft until April 2000. It is still active today, flying for Air Mandalay.

Enlarge photo 51
Command ATR-42
An excellent postcard view of Command Airways' first ATR-42, sn #9, delivered in January, 1986. Shown in its delivery registration, F WWEE became N140DD  upon arrival at Command. The aircraft became an American Eagle airliner, operating until 1998, when it was sold to Aero Caribbean of Cuba. Still active.

Enlarge photo 52
Continental  Express ATR-42 #1
A nice in flight Continental Express issue of one of their ATR-42s operated by Bar Harbor. They were delivered to Bar Harbor late in 1989, but we're transferred to Britt in September 1990. Britt officially became Continental Express in 1993.

Enlarge photo 53
Continental  Express ATR-42 #2
N99838 is a newer 42, (sn 259) delivered directly to Continental Express in December 1992. It served Continental until 2003, when it was sold to FedEx. It was damaged beyond repair in a tornado at Greensboro in 2008
Card is a Plane Views issue.

Enlarge photo 54
Conviasa ATR-42 #1 KCF
An outstanding postcard view of Conviasa's ATR-42, YV1008. It was originally delivered to Gill Airways in December, 1993, operating for 10 years before sale to Air Wales. Upon the failure of Air Wales in 2006, it was sold to Conviasa, and operated, I believe, until the current chaos in Venezuela.
A German publisher card by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu.

Enlarge photo 55
Croatia ATR-42 #1
Croatia Airlines took delivery of 3 new ATR-42s, with the first, 9A CTS, delivered in 1993.

Enlarge photo 56
Croatia ATR-42 #2
The Croatia ATRs operated until 2008. Two of the aircraft were returned to their leasing company and went to Aviateca.

Enlarge photo 57
Croatia ATR-42 #3 KCF
The 3rd Croatia ATR, delivered in 1985, was sold to Islena Airlines of Honduras.
This Croatia issue by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu.

Enlarge photo 58
Croatia ATR-42 #5 KCF
A nice Croatia issue, shared by Kuo-Ching Fu, shows one of their ATRs in its final colors.

Enlarge photo 59
D A T (Danish) ATR-42
A splendid Danish Air Transport over-length card showing OY-CIR, the 107th ATR off the line.

Enlarge photo 60
Danish Air Transport ATR-42 #1 KCF
An excellent Ifolor issue, shared by Kuo-Ching Fu, of OY-CIR. The aircraft was delivered new to Ryanair in 1988.
It later served with Brit Air and Islandsflug before arriving in Denmark with Cimber Air in October 1996.

Enlarge photo 61
Danish Air Transport ATR-42 #2 KCF
OY-CIR finally arrived at DAT in June of 2000. There it operated until sale to Sky Express of Greece in May 2015.
Card by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu

Enlarge photo 62
Danish Air Transport ATR-42 #4 KCF
Over the years, Danish operated 16 ATR-42s. This Excellent oversized DAT issue, shows OY-CIU, delivered new to Inter-Canadian in 1988. It also passed through Cimber Air before sale to Danish in 2000.  
It currently operates for Sunrise Airways of Haiti.

Enlarge photo 63
Danish Air Transport ATR-42 #3 KCF
OY-JRJ, shown on this DAT issue, was airframe #36, delivered to Air Littoral in 1987. It was leased to Zambian Express for a number of years before sale to Danish in 1999. It is still operating with Danish today.
This card also shared by Kuo-Ching Fu.

Enlarge photo 64
Druk Air ATR-42
This is a very nice Druk Air issue of their ATR-42-500, A5 RGH. It originally operated for the Polynesian Government, as shown on the card below, but was sold to Druk Air in June 2011.

Enlarge photo 65
Eastern  Express ATR-42 #1 KCF
A hard to find Eastern Express issue of their ATR-42, N 23802, shared by Kuo-Ching Fu. It was delivered in December 1987 to Bar Harbor for operation as Eastern Express.
In 1990 it went to Britt for Continental Express, operating until 1995. After 1998 it was operating for Israir but was WFU and broken up in 2012.

Enlarge photo 66
Ethiopian ATR-42
An absolutely splendid Avimage issue of the first of 3 Ethiopian ATR-42s, still wearing its delivery registration. It became ET AJC upon delivery in 1988. It operated a little over 10 years, before it was stored at Addis Ababa in 1999.

Enlarge photo 67
Eurolot ATR-42 #1
Eurolot operated a substantial (24) fleet of ATRs, and also was a prolific issuer of ATR postcards.

Enlarge photo 68
Eurolot ATR-42 #2
Shown on the previous card, and the next 3 cards is SP EEA, the 11th ATR-42, which was delivered to NFD in October of 1986.

Enlarge photo 69
Eurolot ATR-42 #3
Another nice Eurolot issue showing SP EEA. It operated for 12 years with NFD and Eurowings before sale to Eurolot in July of 1998.

Enlarge photo 70
Eurolot ATR-42 #4
A final Eurolot issue of SP EEA, showing the Airliner in flight. In 2002 it went to Airlinair, and now operates for the Colombian Police.

Enlarge photo 71
Eurolot ATR-42 #5
This card features SP EEC, ATR #80. It too operated for NFD and Eurowings before arriving at Eurolot in May, 1999.

Enlarge photo 72
Eurolot ATR-42 #7
SP EEC is also portrayed on this LOT issue.

Enlarge photo 73
Eurolot ATR-42 #9 KCF
This LOT 75th anniversary issue shows a representation of SP EDA, a newer 500 model originally delivered to Air Littoral. It came to Eurolot in 2002, and is now flying for Sky Express in Greece.

Enlarge photo 74
European Air Express ATR-42 #4 KCF
An excellent European Air Express issue of D BAAA, ATR 42 #92, delivered to Zambia Airways in 1988. European Air received it in February 2000.

Enlarge photo 75
European Air Express ATR-42 #3
D BAAA only operated for EAE a little over 2 years, and ended its service with OLT. WFU in August 2012.

Enlarge photo 76
European Air Express ATR-42 #2
This European Air Express issue features a newer ATR, D BCRQ , delivered originally to RFG in 1991.

Enlarge photo 77
European Air Express ATR-42 #5 KCF
After serving with RFG and Eurowings, BCRQ  was sold to EAE in 2001. It operated until the shutdown of the airline in 2007.
It is currently operating for UT Air in Russia.

Enlarge photo 78
Eurowings ATR-42 #1
An excellent ATR card from Eurowings. Eurowings was created by the merger of two successful Regional airlines, NFD & RFG. Both were ATR operators at the time of the merger. D BKKK,  however, was a new 500 model, delivered to Eurowings in 1997.

Enlarge photo 79
Eurowings ATR-42 #2 KCF
BKKK operated for 5 years and was sold to City Air in 2002. (This is the Aircraft shown on the City Air issue above.)
After leaving City Air in 2005, it served briefly with a number of Airlines, and is now stored. Card is an outstanding Eurowings issue by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu.

Enlarge photo 80
FinnCom ATR-42
OH ATA, shown on this Nice Finncom issue, was the 641st ATR, a 500 model, delivered in 2005. One of 4 ATR-42s operated by FinnCom, it operated for 6 years and was sold to NordStar of Russia in 2012,  where is still active,

Enlarge photo 81
Foshing ATR-42
An outstanding Foshing Airlines issue of  one of their 4 ATR-42s, delivered in 1988. They served with Foshing and successor TransAsia for 8 years, later going to Air Madagascar and CSA. Aircraft believed to be sn 84, B 2201

Enlarge photo 82
Foshing ATR-42 #2 KCF
This excellent view on a JJ Postcards issue shows B 2201, which transferred to TransAsia, and was sold to CSA in 1994. In 1996 it went to Ethiopian, and in 1997 joined Air Botswana. There it was written off  when destroyed by a suicidal pilot in another aircraft. Wow!

Enlarge photo 83
Gill Air ATR-42
An oversized, blank back Gill Airways issue, showing G BVJP in Flight. BVJP was ATR 42 #371, delivered to Gill in 1994.

Enlarge photo 84
Gill Air ATR-42 #2 KCF
It operated for Gill until the shutdown of the airline in 2001. It later served Air Wales until it collapsed in 2006, and finally went to Conviasa, where it crashed on September 13, 2004. Card is an Avimage issue by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu

Enlarge photo 85
Inter Canadian ATR-42 #2
A very nice Inter Canadian issue of their ATR 42, C FIQB, delivered on October 26, 1988. In 1997 it was sold to Cimber, and went to Danish in 2000. This is the aircraft shown on the Danish issues of OY CIU, shown above.

Enlarge photo 86
Inter Canadian ATR-42 #1
An even better view of Inter Canadien ATR 42 C FIQB, is shown on this Mary Jayne's issue

Enlarge photo 87
Japan Air Commuter ATR-42 #1evh
One of the newest ATR-42s is this 600 model, JA01JC, operated by Japan Air Commuter. This is the 1215th ATR, on a JAC issue, kindly shared by Eddy Van Haute

Enlarge photo 88
Libyan ATR-42 #1KCF
A great view of a seldom seen aircraft is this N CEWE issue, shared by Kuo-Ching Fu. Shown is 5A LAF, a 500 model delivered in December 2009. As far as can be determined, still active.

Enlarge photo 89
Mahalo ATR-42 #1
A splendid postcard view of N983MA, one of 13 ATR-42s operated by the short lived airline. Card is a Plane Views issue.

Enlarge photo 90
Mahalo ATR-42 #2
Mahalo's N983MA operated for 2 years, but was returned to ATR and resold to Precision Air Services of Tanzania in 1996. As of 2012 it is operating for Tropical Air. Card is a JJ Postcards issue.

Enlarge photo 91
An outstanding but unidentified postcard of MAP Linhas ATR-42 PR MPO.  This beauty was originally an American Eagle airliner, delivered to Simmons in May 1988. It went to Brazil with Trip Linhas Aereas in July of 2003. After 9 years with Trip, it was sold to MAP, where it is currently operating.
Card by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu.

Enlarge photo 92
Muk Air ATR-42
An uncommon Muk Air issue of their ATR-42, OY MUK. This aircraft was delivered to Trans States in 1990 to operate as TW Express. It arrived at Air Sicilia in 1997, operating for 2 years before acquisition by Muk Air. after 2 years with Muk,  it went to Danish Air Transport, where it has often served with Danish Lithuanian subsidiary.

Enlarge photo 93
N F D  ATR-42 #1
This splendid N F D issue shows ATR-42 #110 in its delivery registration. It became D-BDDD with N F D, and served through the Eurowings years.

Enlarge photo 94
N F D  ATR-42 #4 KCF
D BDDD went to Coast Air of Norway in 2000, operating until the closure of the airline in 2008. Its final stop was Aereotuy of Venezuela in 2008, and status is uncertain. Card is an N F D issue.

Enlarge photo 95
N F D  ATR-42 #2
Another excellent N F D issue shows D BFFF taking off. This aircraft, sn 130, was delivered in March 1989 and continued to operate as Eurowings. In 2000 it went to a leasing company, and operated for Balkan as well as some other operators. As of June 2015 it is operating for Astra Airlines of Greece

Enlarge photo 96
Olympic ATR-42 #1 KCF
A very nice in flight card shared by Kuo-Ching Fu, of Olympic's ATR-42, SX BIA. It was delivered new to Olympic Aviation in December 1989, performing domestic and island flights.. With the collapse of Olympic in 2009 it was withdrawn from service and is now broken up.
Publisher is unidentified AI?

Enlarge photo 97
Pacific Sun ATR-42 #1 KCF
This  colorful ATR is a 500 model delivered to Air Mauritius in 1997. It was acquired by Air Pacific in 2006, to launch their regional subsidiary, Pacific Sun in 2007. As Air Pacific became Fiji Airlines in 2013, Pacific Sun was rebranded as FijiLink.
At the end of 2014, the aircraft was acquired by Air Swift in the Philippines, and operated there until 2017.
As of October 2018, it is in service with Omni Taxi Aereo in Brazil.
An N CEWE issue by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu

Enlarge photo 98
Pakistan International ATR-42 #1 KCF
An absolutely beautiful postcard view of Pakistan International's ATR-42, AP BHH.A 500 model, BHH is the 645th ATR, delivered in June of 2006, and still current with the airline.
A BAM issue, by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu.

Enlarge photo 99
Pan Am  Express ATR-42 #3 KCF
A rare Pan Am issued ATR card, which was detached from snack boxes, served on Intra European flights. The registration, obviously added to the photo later, indicates N4202G, sn #50, delivered on June 10, 1987. The aircraft shown is actually N4201G, delivered 5 days earlier.
N4202G later served with TWA, Mahalo, Inter Canadien, and DHL before arriving at Trigana Air Service in Indonesia in 2005. Sadly, written off in a crash in 2010.
Card by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu.

Enlarge photo 100
Pan Am  Express ATR-42 #2
This Pan Am issued sticker card shows N4201G in its delivery registration. This aircraft sn #48, also served with TW Express, and later went to Italair of Italy. There it was written off in a landing accident in 1998

Enlarge photo 101
Precisionair ATR-42
A very nice Precision Air issue, showing 5H PAA, ATR sn 308. It was originally delivered to Mahalo in September 1994, but after the shutdown of the airline, it was acquired by Precision in 1996. There it operated until sold to Tropic Air of Tanzania in December 2012, where it is still active.
  This is the aircraft featured on the Mahalo cards

Enlarge photo 102
R F G  ATR-42 #1
RFG of Germany was an enthusiastic ATR operator, with 11 aircraft operating before the creation of Eurowings. Shown on this nice RFG issue is D BCRM, their 1st ATR, still wearing its delivery registration, F WWET

Enlarge photo 103
R F G  ATR-42 #3
This excellent in flight card, also shows D BCRM before delivery. It was ATR #38 delivered in 1987. After service with RFG and Eurowings, it was sold to Total Linhas in Brazil in 2002, and finished its service with SBA Airlines of Venezuela.

Enlarge photo 104
R F G  ATR-42 #2
An excellent later RFG issue, featuring D BCRQ, delivered in 1991. It is ATR-42 #233, which was sold to European Air Express in August of 2001, and went to UTAir in 2008.

Enlarge photo 105
R F G  ATR-42 #4
This final RFG issue also shows BCRQ in flight. This airliner is also featured on the last 2 European Air Express cards above.

Enlarge photo 106
Royal Air Maroc ATR-42
An absolutely beautiful postcard by Avimage of Royal Air Maroc's ATR-42, CN CDT, delivered in 1989. This aircraft also was destroyed by a suicidal pilot in August of 1994.

Enlarge photo 107
Ryanair ATR-42 #1 KCF
Ryanair acquired a fleet of 4 ATR-42s in 1989. They operated only 3 years, and were leased to other airlines. The card is an Avimage issue by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu

Enlarge photo 108
TACV of Cape Verde operated a total of 5 ATR-42s. Four were delivered new, including a 500 model in 2007. Shown is a 320 model, the first two of which were delivered in 1994. They are now operating with UT Air of Russia. Card is a TACV issue.

Enlarge photo 109
TAT ATR-42 #2
An outstanding TAT Issue of one of their ATR-42s, F GKNA, delivered in January 1991. The airline ultimately operated 12 42s. This one only operated a little more than a year before it was sold to Air Inter Gabon. In 1998 it was sold to Pantanal of Brazil, where it is still active.

Enlarge photo 110
TAT ATR-42 #1
This also is a very nice TAT issue, showing F GKNB, delivered to TAT in January of 1991. This one operated for TAT for 5 years, after which it went to Brit Air, Air Lib, Airlinair and Hop!, before sale to a leasing company in 2013.
It served with CanaryFly for 3 years and is now scrapped.

Enlarge photo 111
TW Express ATR-42 #1
This nice in flight card of a TW Express ATR-42 appears to be an airline issue, although produced by FliteLine. The ATR-42s joined TWA in 1988, and were operating in the final colors on the sad day when TWA ceased to exist in 2001.

Enlarge photo 112
TW Express ATR-42 #2
This excellent Avimage card, shows the same aircraft, operated for TWA by Resort Airlines, which became Trans States in 1989.

Enlarge photo 113
Tahiti Nui ATR-42 #1 KCF
A remarkable publisher card showing F-OITQ in flight. It was delivered to the
Polynesian government in 2003, and operated in these colors until June of 2011, when it was sold to Druk Air of Bhutan. This 500 model, sn 622 is still active, and is shown on the Druk Air issue above.
Card by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu.

Enlarge photo 114
Titan ATR-42
An almost breathtaking Titan Airways issue of their ATR G BUPS. ATR#109 was delivered to Air Pacific in 1988. It operated briefly for City Flyer and then went to Titan in June of 1994. In 2004 it went to Aviateca and has now been returned to GE leasing.

Enlarge photo 115
Trans Maldivian ATR-42
A really great looking ATR, this is Trans Maldivian's 8Q ATM, a 322 model originally delivered to Bar Harbor in 1990. It operated as a Continental Express airliner until retired in 2001. Cape Air acquired it in 2004, and in February 2007 it went to Trans Maldivian. Currently it is operating for Hevilify Australia
Card is a Trans Maldivian issue.

Enlarge photo 116
TRIP Linhas Aereas ATR-42
Trip Linhas Aereas of Brazil operated a fleet of 23 ATR-42s until shut down in March of 2013. This one, PP PTC, is ATR #35, delivered to Air Tahiti in 1986.It was sold to Trip in November, 1999 where it operated until 2013, when it was sold to a leasing Company.
This is the aircraft shown on the Air Tahiti issues above.
Card shows the airport at Fernando De Naronja, issued by Brazil Turistico.

"pp ptc"
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Enlarge photo 117
Tuninter ATR-42
An excellent in flight postcard view of Tuninter's TS LBA, delivered new to the airline in February 1992. Between 1997 and 2001, it was leased out to Gill and Gandalf Airways. Later, in 2008 it was leased to Mauritania Airways, but is now stored in Tunis.
Card is an Avimage issue.

Enlarge photo 118
UT ATR-42 #1w
This very nice card from my want list shows a UT Air ATR-42 on approach. UT operated as many as 14 ATR-42s, but currently only 1 is active.

Enlarge photo 119
U T Air ATR-42 #2 KCF
An outstandingostcard view of UT Air's ATR-42! vP BPK. This aircraft was delivered to Bar Harbor as a Continental Express aircraft in December 1989, and remained a Continental Expess airliner until sold to UT Air in March of 2005. Now WFU.
Card is an unidentified issue by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu.

Enlarge photo 120
White Eagle ATR-42 #1 KCF
An excellent Aero Team issue  of White Eagle's   ATR-42, SP KCA.  This was ATR # 85, delivered to Ontario Express for operation as Canadian Partner in June, 1988. It continued operating as Inter-Canadien until acquired by White Eagle in May of 2001. It was retired in December 2008.

Enlarge photo 121
Zambia ATR-42
A really outstanding postcard view of Zambia's first ATR-42, 9J AFC. It was delivered new to Zambia in June of 1988, operating until 1994. It was sold to a leasing company and arrived at European Air Express in 2000. This is the aircraft shown on the first 2 EAE cards above.
After 2002, it flew for OLT Express until stored in August of 2012.
Card is an Avimage issue

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