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Remembering Trans Australia 8/2016
Trans Australia was half of a bizzare twin airline policy in Australia, matching government owned Trans Australia with privately owned Ansett. Both Airlines had a nice postcard history. This is the TAA half.
  There is an excellent Trans Australia history site at www.taamuseum.org.au.
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Enlarge photo 1
T A A Convair 240 #3
The very rare pre delivery card of Trans Australia's Convair 240. The delivery flight was essentially a round the world tour, as the Convair's limited range required a trip across America, the North Atlantic, Europe, and Asia flying through Indonesia on its way to the Australian Continent. The airliner operated for TAA until 1959, and flew for several corporate operators, before ending life in Uruguay.

Enlarge photo 2
T A A DC-3
The only DC-3 card I have seen from TAA is this common take off view, issued around 1950. This is the 2nd livery on the DC-3.

Enlarge photo 3
T A A DC-4
Issued simultaneously with the DC-3 card is this take off view of the Trans Australia DC-4.

Enlarge photo 4
T A A Convair 240 #1
The Convair 240 in flight card was also issued with the DC-3 and DC-4 cards, but was subsequently re-issued with a somewhat different message.

Enlarge photo 5
T A A DeHavilland Drover
The very nice portrait style card of the Drover was issued in the mid 50s, and is very hard to find. It is a data card. One of only 2 airline issued Drover cards.

Enlarge photo 6
T A A DC-4 #2
The second DC-4 issue from Trans Australia. Also a data card, and rather hard to find.

Enlarge photo 7
T A A Viscount 700 #1
The excellent Viscount 700 card, like the Drover is an information card, but far more common.

Enlarge photo 8
T A A Electra #1
The first Electra card, I suspect a Pre-delivery issue, is an information card, as is its companion F-27 card, issued about 1959.

Enlarge photo 9
T A A F-27 #1
The first F-27 card issued by Trans Australia, approximately 1959.

Enlarge photo 10
T A A Viscount 800 #3
Also a 1958 or 59 issue, this is the first Viscount 800 card, in this case with a postcard back.

Enlarge photo 11
T A A Electra #2
This is the 2nd TAA Electra issue, a nice information card displaying "The Nation's Jet Line" scheme.

Enlarge photo 12
T A A F-27 #2
An excellent F-27 information card issued concurrently with the previous Electra. (Early 1960s)

Enlarge photo 13
T A A Viscount 800 #1
The first Viscount 800 issue in the "Nation's Jet Line" scheme, concurrent with the preceding Electra and F-27 Info cards.

Enlarge photo 14
T A A Electra #5
In my view the very best Electra card ever issued, this hard to find vintage plastichrome may have been sold at airports, but other than a companion 727 card, I've never seen another card from this publisher.

Enlarge photo 15
T A A Electra #3
Around 1963, Trans Australia issued 3 cards in the short lived dayglow scheme.  This Electra take off has a standard postcard back.

Enlarge photo 16
T A A F-27 #3
An outstanding in flight card of TAA's F-27 in the dayglow colors. It has a data back.

Enlarge photo 17
T A A Viscount 800 #2
A nice ramp view of the TAA Viscount 800 in Day glow colors. It, also, is an info card

Enlarge photo 18
T A A 727-100 #5 bd
A rare pre-delivery card of TAA's 727-100 from 1964. At the time, the "T" jet liveries had not been adopted. Card by courtesy of Bernd Dienel

Enlarge photo 19
T A A 727-100 #6 KCF
The image was updated with the T Jet logo on this rare Aerogram, kindly provided by Kuo-Ching Fu.

Enlarge photo 20
T A A 727-100 #1
The mid to late 60s brought the classic "T" Jet livery. This is the first and least common of the "T" Jet cards, all information cards.

Enlarge photo 21
T A A 727-100 #2
An excellent in flight card of the 727. The back is similar to #1, except this refers to the 727 as a "whispering" T Jet.

Enlarge photo 22
T A A 727-100 #3
This may have been issued concurrently with the previous 727 card.  Also a "Whispering" T Jet.

Enlarge photo 23
T A A 727-100 #4
This is a rare vintage card of the 727 issued by Murfett Publishers, which also issued the excellent Electra card. Perhaps they issued cards of other Australian airliners, but I have never seen any.

Enlarge photo 24
T A A DC-9-30 #1
An interesting view of the DC-9-30, even featuring a little smoke; also an information card.

Enlarge photo 25
T A A DC-9-30 #2
A very nice in flight data card, probably issued concurrently with the 1st DC-9

Enlarge photo 26
T A A 727-200 #1
The beautiful 727-200 card, featuring a somewhat updated 1970s livery, which no longer describes it as a T jet. One of at least 2 printings, both having postcard backs.

Enlarge photo 27
T A A DC-9-30 #3
In 1979 TAA embarked on a program to custom paint airliners with liveries featuring famous Australian Locations. Only two such aircraft were painted, this DC-9 and a 727.

Enlarge photo 28
T A A 727-200 #4TH
The 80's brought a new look to Trans Australia, but unfortunately, no company issued postcards. This is a very nice view of the 727-200 on an Australian publisher card courtesy of Terry Hale.

Enlarge photo 29
T A A A-300
An excellent Nu Color Vue issue of Trans Australia's A-300, the first departure from the parallel fleets with Ansett, which had existed for decades.

Enlarge photo 30
Australian 737-300
The mid 80s brought about the final livery, as TAA simply became Australian. This is a beautiful in flight card from Air Pictorials.

Enlarge photo 31
Australian Airlink BAE-146-100
This is a final information card, by Australian AirLink, operating feeder services with BAE-146 aircraft. Not a common card.

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