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Airliners Nobody Wanted part 2 Feb 2019
Boeing, since the advent of the 707, has been pretty consistent in the success of their offerings. But along the way there have been the occasional bust when airliners simply did not attract buyers. Most of these have been successful in service despite their low numbers.
    But then there was the 737-600. To the casual observer it was just another 500 without a winglet option and a much higher price tag. While obviously a serviceable aircraft, the airliner is comparatively inefficient.
    Others that didn't sell, such as the 737-100, 757-300, and 767-400, have distinguished themselves with excellent service despite their paltry numbers. It's hard to believe only 55 757-300s were sold. No 767-400 and few 757-300s have been unloaded by their original buyers.
     Douglas had their own models that drew no interest as well, such as the DC-9-20 and 40 models.
     Following is a postcard review of these unwanted airliners.
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Enlarge photo 1
Boeing 737-600
The 737-600 was the last of the Next Generation 737 offerings, launched by SAS in 1995. After more efficient 700 and 800 models were already filling airline order books, there really was no place for the smaller model and after 6 years of no orders, it was removed from the product line.

Enlarge photo 2
Air Algerie 737-600
Not a postcard, but a nice simulation of Air Algerie's 7T VJT in flight. Air Algerie ordered 5 600s to complement their new 800s. Delivered in 2002, the 600s are still active.

Enlarge photo 3
Lauda 737-600 #1
Lauda published one of the best cards of the new 737-600. OE LNM was delivered in May of 2000 as part of a larger order for 737 NGs. I don't believe Lauda ever issued a card of their 800.

Enlarge photo 4
Austrian 737-600 #1 KCF
Austrian inherited the 2 600s with the acquisition of Lauda in 2008. Both were scrapped in 2012. This nice card is an N CEWE issue by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu.

Enlarge photo 5
Austrian 737-600 #2 KCF
Another excellent view of the short lived Austrian 737-600 published by Ifolor. Both Austrian cards are of OE-LMN, inherited from Lauda in 2008.

Enlarge photo 6
Malev 737-600 #1 KCF
Malev, a significant 737 operator took delivery of new 737-600s and 700s in 2003. This Ifolor issue by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu shows HA-LOJ in flight.

Enlarge photo 7
Malev 737-600 #2 KCF
The 600s operated until the sad demise of Malev in 2012. They were returned to their lessor, but apparently found no takers, and were broken up.
This is an N CEWE issue, showing HA LON, the last 600 built,  delivered to Malev in 2004. Card kindly shared by Kuo-Ching Fu.

Enlarge photo 8
S A S 737-600 #1
Scandinavian acquired a mixed fleet of 600, 700, and 800s, all of which are currently operating. Shown on this Cromatica issue is SE DNM, the first 600 delivered by Boeing.

Enlarge photo 9
S A S 737-600 #2
Some 600s are still flying for Scandinavian, although most have been scrapped. This is one of a number of SAS issues. Ironically I have not seen any cards of the 700s and 800s.

Enlarge photo 10
S A S 737-600 #3
An excellent SAS issue from Germany of the first 737-600.

Enlarge photo 11
S A S 737-600 #4
This card is, in fact, a postcard sized calendar from the year 2000

Enlarge photo 12
S A S 737-600 #6 KCF
An excellent over-length Scandinavian issue of the 600 by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu.

Enlarge photo 13
S A S 737-600 #7 KCF
One final outstanding view of SE-DNM, on an unidentified card, shared by Kuo-Ching Fu.

Enlarge photo 14
Tunis Air 737-600 #1 KCF
An outstanding postcard view of TS IOR, the last of 7 600s delivered to Tunis Air in 2000 and 2001. The Tunis 600s are still operating. The card is an excellent but unidentified issue, shared by Kuo-Ching Fu.

Enlarge photo 15
Westjet 737-600 #2
The newest and largest active 600 fleet belongs to WestJet. This is a nice view but not a postcard of C GWSI, one of 13 737-600s acquired by WestJet.
A total of 69 737-600s were built, about half of which are still operating.

Enlarge photo 16

Enlarge photo 17
Boeing 737-100
The 737-100, launched with an order for 22 (originally 24) from Lufthansa, ultimately sold only 29 aircraft to 3 airlines. It wasn't so much an undesirable aircraft, but it was extinguished by Boeing itself with the near simultaneous introduction of the 200 model. After United's launch order for 200s in 1967, only 7 additional 100s were purchased. Nevertheless, the 100s served reliably from 1967 to 2005, with a number of significant operators.

Enlarge photo 18
Air Florida 737-100 #1
Air Florida operated 6 737-100s in the late 70s and early 80s. Shown on this Michel Moskal issue is N40AF, originally delivered to Malaysia Singapore in 1969. It served Air Florida for 4 years before sale to Sun Bank in 1984. In January 1988 it went to Faucett of Peru as OB-R-1288, operating until the sad failure of that great airline.

Enlarge photo 19
AirCal 737-100
AirCal operated 2 737-100s for a decade before their absorption by American. Both were originally Avianca aircraft delivered in 1968.
This one, N471GB operated briefly for the Luftwaffe in 1971, and went to Aloha for 4 years before purchase by Air Cal.
The card is an Aironautica Issue

Enlarge photo 20
Ansett New Zealand 737-100 #1
Ansett New Zealand acquired their 4 737-100s from America West in 1987.  These operated for 6 years and were retired in 1993. Shown on this Ansett issue is ZK NEC, delivered new to Lufthansa in 1968. It served America West for 3 years before joining Ansett.

Enlarge photo 21
America West 737-100 #1
This historic airliner was line #2, delivered to Lufthansa as D ABEA in May 1967. It was sold to America West in April 1984, and operated for 3 years before sale to Ansett New Zealand in 1987. Now broken up at Marana. Card is an Aero Gem issue.

Enlarge photo 22
America West Phoenix Suns
A very nice postcard view of N708AW, in Phoenix Suns livery, one of 6 737-100s operated by the Airline. This ex Malaysia-Singapore airliner operated for Air Florida and Savar of Venezuela before coming to America West in 1985. In 1990 it went to Sierra Pacific, but was retired in 1991. Card is an Air Hobby issue.

Enlarge photo 23
Avianca 737-100
Avianca ordered two 737-100s which were delivered in November of 1968. They later flew for 4 years with Aloha, and another 10 years for Air California.
Avianca only issued this historical card of their 737.

Enlarge photo 24
Condor 737-100 #1
Lufthansa leased 3 of their 100s to Condor  in 1969. This excellent Condor issue shows D ABEL in flight. Acquired by Lufthansa in 1968, it was leased to Condor for two years from 1969-1971. It later became part of the original People Express Fleet

Enlarge photo 25
Condor 737-100 #3 KCF
Another Condor issued information card shared by Kuo - Ching Fu features the same image of D ABEL in black & white. It ultimately became N 405 PE for People Express, and N20205 for Continental. Now broken up at Marana.

Enlarge photo 26
Condor 737-100 #2 KCF
D ABEM featured in this rare Wing Publications issue, followed the same path as ABEL. Card by c ourtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu.

Enlarge photo 27
Continental 737-100
Long after Continental had introduced 737-300s to their fleet, 17 100 models were added with the acquisition of People Express. This one, N77204, was delivered new to Lufthansa in 1968, and was part of the fleet of Lufthansa 737-100s acquired to launch the innovative low cost airline. It came to Continental in February 1987, and operated until WFU in 1990.

Enlarge photo 28
COPA 737-100 #1w
COPA operated the 737-100 for 13 years. Shown on this logoed (A I?) Movifoto issue is HP 870, one of 2 737s acquired from Air Florida in 1980.
It was originally delivered to Malaysia Singapore in July of 1969, operating for 10 years before sale to Air Florida.

Enlarge photo 29
COPA 737-100 #2 KCF
HP 870 was reregistered as HP 873 CMP and continued to operate until  November 1993 when it was DBR in a strong crosswind landing on a Miami-Panama City flight. The card is also a logoed Movifoto issue.

Enlarge photo 30
Far Eastern 737-100 #3
Far Eastern Air Transport acquired 2 of Lufthansa's 737-100s in 1981. B 2621, shown on this excellent FATS issue was the 3rd 737-100 delivered, and operated for 15 years before going to Aero Continente in 1996. It was the last operating 100, retired in 2005 after nearly 40 years of service.

Enlarge photo 31
Malaysia Singapore 737-100 #2
Malaysia Singapore took delivery of the last 5 737-100s in 1969. 9M AOU, shown on this MSA issue was delivered in July 1969. It operated for 10 years before sale to Air Florida, and later operation for COPA. This is the aircraft shown on the COPA cards above.

Enlarge photo 32
Malaysia Singapore 737-100 #1
A final look at 9M AOU, on a very similar MSA issue.

Enlarge photo 33
Lufthansa 737-100 #1
Without Lufthansa there would have been no 737-100. But, Lufthansa launched the otherwise unwanted airliner with an order for 22. D-ABEC, surely one of the most photographed airliners, appeared on several Lufthansa issues as well as this excellent Spanjersberg card.

Enlarge photo 34
Lufthansa 737-100 #8 KCF
This splendid Lufthansa issue, by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu, is perhaps the best view of ABEC in it's original livery

Enlarge photo 35
Lufthansa 737-100 #10 KCF
D ABEC was delivered in December, 1967, and operated Lufthansa's European routes until  1984 when acquired by America West. In 1987 it joined Ansett New Zealand, operating until 1993.
The card is an uncommon Jos. Kessel  issue commemorating the first flight from Frankfurt to Brussels, kindly shared by Kuo-Ching Fu.

Enlarge photo 36
Lufthansa 737-100 #7
An L.Cloos issue featuring D-ABEC, apparently with the image modified to show the later livery

Enlarge photo 37
Lufthansa 737-100 #5
A nice 1970 Lufthansa issue of their fifth 737-100, D-ABEF. I presume this to be the first 737 delivered or painted in the newer livery, therefore the many publicity photos. It was delivered in 1968, later serving with Far Eastern and Aero Continente.

Enlarge photo 38
Lufthansa 737-100 #6
An excellent Beringer and Pampaluchi issue of ABEF

Enlarge photo 39
Lufthansa 737-100 #9
Photoglob issued this excellent view of D ABEF

Enlarge photo 40
Lufthansa 737-100 #13 KCF
A rare oversized Lufthansa Cargo issue of D-ABEF, shared by Kuo-Ching Fu. An excellent card, although the aircraft never operated as a cargo plane.

Enlarge photo 41
Lufthansa 737-100 #3
This is a 1969 Lufthansa issue, the only one featuring D ABEM. This aircraft, delivered in April of 1968, did operate for Condor briefly, but returned to Lufthansa until the sale of the remaining 737-100 fleet to launch People Express in 1981.

Enlarge photo 42
PEOPLExpress 737-100
An excellent view of the first PeoplExpress 737-100. N 401PE was acquired from Lufthansa in May of 1981, and was the 9th 737 built. After the merger with Continental, It became N16201 operating a number of years before retirement.
Card is an IAWP Historical issue.

Enlarge photo 43

Enlarge photo 44

Enlarge photo 45
American Trans Air 757-300
American Trans Air was the first North American Airline to commit to the 757-300, ordering 10 in 2000. N 550TZ, shown on this nice ATA issue, was delivered in August of 2001. Upon the collapse of American Trans Air in 2005, Continental acquired the fleet. All are still operating with United

Enlarge photo 46
Arkia 757-300
An outstanding view, but not a postcard of 4X BAW, the second of two 757-300s delivered to the Airline. It operated for Arkia for 18 years and was sold to Icelandair. The other Arkia 300 is going to Condor

Enlarge photo 47
Condor 757-300 #1
Condor  was the launch customer for the 300 with an order for 13 aircraft, with first delivery in 1999 and 2000. This I believe is the first Condor issue of the aircraft. D ABOA was the prototype, which 1st flew in 1998. Delivered to Condor 6/25/1999.

Enlarge photo 48
Condor 757-300 #3 KCF
An excellent Condor issue, shared by Kuo-Ching Fu

Enlarge photo 49
Condor 757-300 #4 KCF
D ABON, shown on this Condor issue, was the last of the 13 original 300s delivered to Condor, in June of 2000. It, like all of the fleet remains in service. Card by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu.

Enlarge photo 50
Condor 757-300 #6 KCF
A similar Condor Issue of D ABON, also shared by Kuo-Ching Fu

Enlarge photo 51
Condor 757-300 #5 KCF
Another excellent Condor issue of D ABON, with winglets installed, kindly shared by Kuo-Ching Fu, wearing the airline's 50th anniversary livery

Enlarge photo 52
Condor 757-300 #2
No doubt, my favorite card and livery of the winglet equipped Condor 757-300.

Enlarge photo 53
Continental 757-300
A splendid take off view, but not a postcard of Continental's N75851, delivered in November of 2001, and currently operating with United

Enlarge photo 54
Delta 757-300
A stunning view, but also not a postcard of Delta's N582NW, delivered to Northwest in 2002. Delta has maintained the Northwest fleet of 300s, and equipped with winglets.

Enlarge photo 55
Icelandair 757-300 #1 KCF
An Icelandair issue of TF-FIX, the 31st 757-300, delivered in March of 2002. Card by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu.

Enlarge photo 56
Icelandair 757-300 #2 KCF
A better view of TF-FIX on an unidentified publisher card from Kuo-Ching Fu. Icelandair has acquired a second 757-300 from Arkia

Enlarge photo 57
J M C 757-300 #1jpg
JMC Air received a single 757-300 in April 2001. In 2003 the airline became Thomas Cook Airlines. It has now been acquired by Condor. The card is an Aviation Postcards issue.

Enlarge photo 58
Northwest 757-300 #1a
Northwest added 16 757-300s to their fleet beginning in 2002. The only Northwest issue is a collector card, which describes both 200 and 300 models. I have removed the 200 from the image, since it clearly is a 300. The complete Northwest fleet is now in service with Delta.

Enlarge photo 59
United 757-300
United currently operates the complete Continental 757-300 fleet. Shown on this depiction (not a postcard) is N 29124, delivered to Continental in 1998

Enlarge photo 60

Enlarge photo 61
Boeing 767-400
Here it is, the Boeing 767-400, the ultimate version of this great airliner. Comfortable and efficient. Only almost nobody wanted it. A total of 37 767-400s were delivered, all of which are operating today. Like the 757-300 it has proven to be an outstanding and popular aircraft (with passengers)

Enlarge photo 62
Continental 767-400
Continental was quick to take the 400, ordering 16, and placing them in service on long haul flights. Shown on this excellent photo is N66056, delivered in June of 2001, and current with United.

Enlarge photo 63
Continental 767-400 #1 KCF
An interesting card from a vacation club promotion, showing a Continental 767-400, I think, and one of the only postcard images of the airliner. By courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu.

Enlarge photo 64
Delta 767-400 #1
Delta received the first 767-400, in August of 2000, and ultimately received 20 more, all of which are operating. The card was issued in 2000, and as far as I can tell, is the only airline issued 767-400 postcard.

Enlarge photo 65
Delta 767-400 #2 KCF
In 2003, Delta issued this 767-400 collector card as part of a set, which had operating data on the reverse. Card by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu

Enlarge photo 66
Delta 767-400 #3 KCF
A second collector set from 2004 included this 767-400, also shared by Kuo-Ching Fu.

Enlarge photo 67
United 767-400
United only issued a collector card of the 767-400. This nice image would certainly make a good postcard. United continues to operate the complete Continental fleet of 400s.

Enlarge photo 68

Enlarge photo 69
Aeropostal DC-9-21 #1
The DC-9-20, truly an airliner nobody wanted. Maybe the only airliner outsold by the Mercure!
This photo, unfortunately not a postcard, provides a great view of YV 13C, one of three DC-9-20s operated by the Airline from 2001-2006. Aeropostale was really the only other significant operator of the 20.
It was the prototype and first 20 model delivered to Scandinavian in March of 1969.

Enlarge photo 70
Allegiant DC-9-20
Allegiant acquired their single DC-9-20 from Valujet in June of 1998, operating it until December 2003. It is now a skydiving plane. N127K was originally Scandinavian's SE DBO, delivered in May, 1969.
Card is an OKC issue.

Enlarge photo 71
S A S DC-9-20
Scandinavian did not see fit to issue a card of the 20, so this Billund Airport issue has become the "official" card of the airliner.
OY KGF, the Rolf Viking, was the 5th DC-9-20 delivered, on March 31,1969. It operated for Scandinavian for 30 years before becoming a corporate aircraft for Thompson Electronics.

Enlarge photo 72
SAS-DC-9-20 #2
Here is OY-KGF years later in a more modern SAS livery. The 20 was specifically designed for some shorter runways used by Scandinavian, and was essentially a 10 model with series 30 engines and wings. It apparently suited Scandinavian's purpose as the small fleet served SAS for 30 years.

Enlarge photo 73
Douglas DC-9-40 #2 KCF
A total of 71 DC-9-40s were produced, far fewer than the 10s or 30s. But the airliner was equally effective and versatile. Its service with a number of later operators continued through the early 2000s. Card by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu

Enlarge photo 74
Airborne Express DC-9-40
In 1991, Airborne Express began acquiring 40s for conversion to freighters, and operated the fleet for nearly 20 years.
Shown on this Airborne issued photo is N990AX, acquired from Scandinavian in 1995. It continued to operate in DHL colors after the acquisition.

Enlarge photo 75
DHL DC-9-40
The Airborne DC-9-40s continued flying with DHL Shown on this photo is N969AX, delivered new to Scandinavian in 1970, and joining Airborne in 1992.

Enlarge photo 76
Finnair DC-9-40 OH LNE
Finnair acquired 6 early TDA DC-9-40s in 1985, operating them for a little more than 10 years. OH-LNE shown on this Aero Postcard Sales issue, went to Spirit in 1996

Enlarge photo 77
Japan Air System DC-9-40 #1TH
In 1996 Japan Air System said goodbye to their last DC-9-40. Most had gone to Airborne Express, and continued in service for another decade. This excellent card by courtesy of Terry Hale

Enlarge photo 78
Northwest DC-9-40
In 1991 Northwest added 11 DC-9-40s to their large DC-9 fleet. This beauty, N756NW, was delivered originally to Scandinavian in July of 1968, operating for 23 years, before joining Northwest for another 18 years of service. Delta did not operate the airliner after the merger, and parked it at Marana.

Enlarge photo 79
S A S DC-9-40 #1
Scandinavian launched the DC-9-40 with an order for 48, taking delivery from 1968-1976 and operating the fleet for more than 20 years.
Shown on this Scandinavian issue is SE DAO, delivered in December of 1971, sold to Airborne in 1992, and operating for DHL after 2000.

Enlarge photo 80
S A S DC-9-40 #2
A very nice Scandinavian issue of the 40 in flight, however, showing a fictitious registration previously used on a Caravelle.

Enlarge photo 81
S A S DC-9-40 #5
Another nice Scandinavian issue showing SE DDR, the Atle Viking, landing. It was delivered in 1977, and operated for 24 years, WFU in 2001.

Enlarge photo 82
S A S DC-9-40 #6
A much less common Scandinavian issue shows SE-DBT, delivered in 1968. This aircraft became Northwest's N760NW in 1991, operating until the Delta merger in 2009. Broken up in Sanford in 2011.

Enlarge photo 83
S A S DC-9-40 #3
A newer Scandinavian issue shows SE-DBW, also delivered in 1968, and picked up by Northwest in 1991. Stored at Marana in 2009.

Enlarge photo 84
S A S DC-9-40 #4
One final SAS issue of the DC-9-40 features LN RLK, the Erling Viking, delivered in May of 1968, and like others, joining Northwest in 1991, retiring in 2009.

Enlarge photo 85
TDA DC-9-40 #1
TDA was a second purchaser of the 40 model taking delivery of 22 from 1974-1979. The Toa fleet operated through 1988, when it became Japan Air System, and continued through the early 2000s.

Enlarge photo 86
TDA DC-9-40 #2
A splendid TDA issue of JA8426, delivered in May of 1974, but sold to Finnair in 1982. It operated for Finnair for 13 years and was acquired by Dinar Lineas Aereas of Argentina, operating until 2003

Enlarge photo 87
TDA DC-9-40 DC-9-40 #3w
A very similar card, but a different aircraft shown on this TDA issue. JA8424 followed 8426 to Finnair, but went to Spirit in 1996. WFU in 2003.

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