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Flying Boxes, The Shorts Airliners 5 /17
In 1959 Shorts moved forward with a concept for a multirole STOL transport suitable for use in developing countries as well as Europe. By 1962 a prototype flew, equipped with Continental piston engines. These were discarded in favor of Turbomeca Astazous, and later, Garrett TPE 331s. The first orders were from Aer Alpi of Italy, and Emerald Air in the UK and the Skyvan entered service in 1966.
The little shoebox with wings and a drop tail had little passenger appeal, but was quite practical as a light freighter for military as well as civilian operations.
By 1973 the 330 design was completed and presented at Farnborough. Not aesthetically pleasing , but quite practical, the 330 was the first cabin class commuter, providing relief to long suffering commuter passengers. The first orders were from Command and Time Air, and the airliner was well received.
In 1980 a final "stretch" of the Skyvan was announced, resulting in the somewhat more aerodynamic looking 360 model.
Production of the Shorts commuters continued until 1991 with nearly 400 completed. Presented are some postcard views of these "flying boxes".
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Enlarge photo 1
Shorts 330
The 330 model in Shorts Colors. This was the first cabin class commuter which began replacing the 15-19 seat claustrophobic cigar tins.

Enlarge photo 2
Aer Alpi Shorts Skyvan
The shortest of the Shorts models, the Aer Alpi Skyvan 2 was 31 inches shorter than the Skyvan 3. The blunter nose, round windows, and the Turbomeca Astazou engines distinguish this model from the 300 series.                The Skyvans were replaced by Twin Otters in 1967 following crash of I TORE at Milan.
  The card is a collector card issued by Brooke Bond Tea Co.

Enlarge photo 3
A L M  SD-330
A L M took delivery of 2 new 330s in the summer of 1978, operating them only for a little over 18 months, before sale to Mississippi Valley. Both ended their careers with Air Cargo Carriers.
   The card is a rare ALM issue, released upon introduction of the aircraft.

Enlarge photo 4
Aer Lingus  Commuter SD-360
An excellent In flight Aer Lingus issue of their 360. Two new 360s were delivered in 1984, plus 2 subsequent deliveries, all of which operated until 1993.

Enlarge photo 5
Aero Services Skyvan #1KCF
One of the last Skyvans built, The AeroService Barbados was delivered in 1984 as 8P ASG, operating from 1984- 1986. It went to the Guyana Air Force in 1986, and may still be active.
The card is a great Shorts image, on a Czech publisher issue.
This image kindly provided by Kuo-Ching Fu

Enlarge photo 6
Aeronaves Del Centro SD-330
A beautiful in-flight card of Aeronaves Del Centro's sole SD-330. YV-373C appeared at Farnborough in 1980, and was featured in Shorts advertising. Maybe not a great choice, as it operated less than 3 years and is derelict at Valencia.
   A Prop Card issue.

Enlarge photo 7
Air Business SD-360
A nice Air Business issue of OY MMB, delivered in September 1984, when, as the livery would suggest, it became a Maersk Commuter.
   Sold to Aurigny in 1990 where it operated for 8 years. Last operated at Emerald in the UK

Enlarge photo 8
Air North SD-330
An interesting Air North Issue. Although Air North took delivery of new SD-330s in 1979 and 1980, the aircraft featured on the card is N371HA, delivered to Hawaiian in 1978, but leased to Air North prior to arrival of the new aircraft. Later purchased to become N58AN.

Enlarge photo 9
Air U K SD-360
A beautiful in flight Skilton issue of Air UK's G BLPY. Delivered to Air UK in December of 1984 it was sold to Avia of Sweden in 1988. Also operated for Euroworld and CityFlyer until scrapped in 1994.

Enlarge photo 10
American Eagle  SD-360
An excellent in flight card from Plane Views showing one of American Eagle's 33 Shorts 360s. The 360s served American from the mid 1980s through 1997, originally with Simmons operating those hubbed at Chicago, and Command operating New York based aircraft. In later years they became Flagship aircraft, and finally Executive, operating mostly from Miami.

Enlarge photo 11
Aurigny SD-360
A very nice Aurigny issue of G BMLC, a 360 delivered to British Midland in 1986, but leased to Loganair through 1996. Eventually sold to Flying Enterprise, it was then leased to Aurigny from 2000-2003. It was last operated by Emerald Airways.

Enlarge photo 12
Avair SD-330 #1KCF
Avair of Ireland operated 2 SD-330s from 1982-1984 on Irish domestic flights. Removal of subsidies in 1984 resulted in the shut down of the airline.
Delivered new to Avair in late 1981, it was returned to Shorts and operated on leases to a number of British Airlines through 1996.
An unidentified publisher

"This rare image by courtesy ..."
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Enlarge photo 13
Avia SD-360
A very nice Avia issue of their 360, which joined the airline in June of 1989. Completed in 1985, the aircraft served with Air UK for a year, Aer Lingus, and Fairflight Charters before purchase by Avia.

Enlarge photo 14
British SD-360
An outstanding British Airways issue of G BLGB. This beauty (sort of) was delivered to Loganair in 1984 and assumed its British identity in 1997. It didn't last long as a British aircraft as it was damaged beyond repair in an accident at Stornoway Scotland in 1998.

Enlarge photo 15
British Midland SD-330
A very nice Skilton issue of British Midland's 330 G BJFK. Delivered to British Midland in 1981, it operated until 1984, when 360s were delivered. It passed through SpaceGrand, National Commuter and Emek Wings of Israel before joining the 330 graveyard at Air Cargo Carriers in 1998.

Enlarge photo 16
British Midland SD-360
Another nice Skilton Issue of British Midland's 360 G BMAJ. It was delivered in May of 1983, and leased to Manx and Loganair in the late 1980s. Sold to Pacific Coastal in Canada in 1999, and is currently operating with Air Cargo Carriers.

Enlarge photo 17
British Midland SD-360 #2KCF
A nice British Midland  issue of the 360 by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu.  G BMHY was delivered new to British Midland in May of 1986, operating until 1989. Like many Shorts airliners it then began a series of leases that include Aer Lingus, Guernsey, Euroworld, and CityFlyer. Finally sold to the US Army in 1995

Enlarge photo 18
C A A C SD-360 #1KCF
B 3601 was the first of 8 360s delivered to CAAC in 1985. It quickly became A China Eastern AIrliner, operating until 1994. Currently scrapped in Alberta.
A Prop Card issue, provided by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu.

Enlarge photo 19
Capital (UK) SD-360
A beautiful airline issue of one of Capital's new 360s. Unfortunately the fast growing British airline based at Leeds didn't last long. The 360s only operated from 1988 through the airline's demise in1990

Enlarge photo 20
Colgan Shorts SD-330
A nice Aviation World issue of Colgan's SD-330 N330CA, delivered in 1982. It operated Colgan's routes out of Washington DC, until some time after Presidential bought the Airline. It subsequently flew for Air Labrador and Air Cavrel in the UK. scrapped in 2003.

Enlarge photo 21
Comair SD-330
A very nice in flight card of Comair's N2630A, delivered to Comair in 1982. It went Air Puerto Rico in 1986 and joined the Allegheny Commuter system in 1987. Ended life with Skyway Enterprises in Miami in 1998.
An Aviation World issue

Enlarge photo 22
Command SD-330 #2
Undoubtedly my favorite Shorts postcard is this splendid Command Airways issue. Shown is N51DD delivered  in 1976. Command was a launch customer for the 330 and ultimately operated 13.  It was retired in 1990 after continued service with American Eagle.

Enlarge photo 23
ConnectAir SD-360 #1KCF
A very nice ramp view of ConnectAir's 360 G BNBD, delivered in April 1987. it operated briefly for Euroworld in 1991 and 1992, and was later converted to the C-23 Sherpa for the US Army.
     Card is an Antwerp Airport issue by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu

Enlarge photo 24
D L T SD-330
A nice DLT issue of their Shorts 330. DLT received aircraft #3 in 1977 after some Shorts promotional travel. Four other 330s were delivered in 1977 and 1978, but DLT began disposing of them in 1979.

Enlarge photo 25
Danish Air Transport Skyvan
Danish was one of the last operators of the Skyvan, operating them through the 1990s.. OY JRK was delivered to Air Executive Norway (Busy Bee) in 1973, and operated in Sweden and Malaysia before coming to Danish in1989. Presently a sky dive aircraft in Germany.
A Runway 06 Issue

Enlarge photo 26
Danish Air Transport Skyvan #2KCF
A Danish Air Transport issue of the Skyvan OY JRL, which operated from 1990-1999
"Image by courtesy of Kuo-Chi..."
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Enlarge photo 27
Flying Enterprise SD-360
An outstanding card of a Flying Enterprise SD-360. The Swedish airline operated 4 360s from late 1995- 1999. Shown is SE-LGE, delivered new to British Midland in 1986, but leased to Loganair. Sold to Streamline Aviation in 2000, then to Emerald in 2003. Believed derelict at Sarasota.

Enlarge photo 28
Flying Enterprise SD-360s
Another nice card from Flying Enterprise showing 2 360s in flight

Enlarge photo 29
Golden West SD-330
The first 330 card I received was this Golden West issue in 1978. N331GW was delivered new to Golden West in 1977 and operated through 1984. It was sold to the Department of the Army in 1985, and apparently is still active.

Enlarge photo 30
Guernsey Shorts SD-360
One of my favorite Shorts cards is this in flight Guernsey issue.  G BLRT  was delivered to Guernsey in late 1987 and only operated through October 1989. After leaving Guernsey it was handed around to 5 additional operators but ended up in Sarasota with Engage Aviation.

Enlarge photo 31
Hawaiian SD-330 #1KCF
Hawaiian included their 330s in their collector card set. The 330s operated less than a year before lease and sale to Air North and Metro Exp.

Enlarge photo 32
Henson SD-330
A nice Mary Jayne's issue of a Henson SD-330, operating for Piedmont. The 28th 330 delivered, It earlier flew in Allegheny Commuter Colors

Enlarge photo 33
Holmstroem Air SD-360 #1KCF
One of 2 Airline issues of Holmstroem's 360,  SE-IXE. The airliner was delivered to Air Hudik in November 1986. It was leased by Homstroem (later Swedeways) in 1992.
"Card by courtesy of Kuo-Chin..."
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Enlarge photo 34
Holmstroem Air SD-360 #2KCF
SE-IXE operated for Holmstroem until June of 2002, when it went to Emerald Airways, who was operating 10 360s upon its failure in 2006.
Both cards by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu

Enlarge photo 35
Imperial SD-360
N701A was one of 3 360s operated by Imperial Airlines of California. It was delivered in December of 1983, and operated until the shutdown of the Airline in sept. 1985.
The card is a Buchair Issue.

Enlarge photo 36
Inter City Shorts 330
An excellent in flight view of an InterCity SD-330.  G BITV was leased to InterCity in April 1981. It operated only until the collapse of the airline in July 1983. Then it went to British Air Ferries.
It had a checkered history of leases to various British Airlines until 10Jul1992 when it was damaged in a ground accident while operating for Gill Air. It was subsequently parted out.
An airline issue? Produced by Kingsley.

Enlarge photo 37
Inter Island Shorts 360 #1w
An Inter Island issue of one of their 6 Shorts 360s operating inter island flights. N351TA was delivered to CC Air in 1989 for service as a Piedmont Commuter.
It was sold to Trans International Express in 1998 and became Inter Island in 2004

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Enlarge photo 38
Jersey European SD 330
A nice postcard view of Jersey European's 330. G BJUK, which at some time operated In the same livery, with Spacegrand titles. It was delivered to Casair in 1982, and Genair in 1983, before arriving at Jersey European in June of 1985. It  was transferred to Air UK in 1988, but retired in 1990.

Enlarge photo 39
Jersey European SD-360 #1
The 360 played a much bigger role with Jersey European, Operating from 1988 until after 2000. This is a nice Jersey European issue of G OJSY.

Enlarge photo 40
Jersey European SD-360 #2
A much better look at G OJSY is this Skilton Issue. Jersey European purchased this aircraft from Simmons in 1986 and operated it until 1997, when it was leased to BAC Express.

Enlarge photo 41
Jersey European SD-360 #3
An altogether unappealing Jersey European issue of the 360.

Enlarge photo 42
Jersey European SD-360 #4
The Shorts commuters did have galleys and some airlines, such as Jersey European offered meal service on suitable flights. G OBHD was delivered new to Jersey European in 1987.

Enlarge photo 43
Jersey European SD-360 #5
Delivered new to Jersey European in 1987, G OBOH operated for almost 10 years before lease to BAC Express.

Enlarge photo 44
Loganair SD-330
An up close and personal look at a Loganair 330 in flight. Despite the fact that this is a Skilton card, this, along with a large oversized card of the same image came to me from Loganair.
   G BGNA was the first 330 delivered to Loganair, in 1979.

Enlarge photo 45
Loganair SD-360
An outstanding in flight card of Loganair's first 360, delivered in March of 1983. Loganair operated 17 360s during the 1980s and 1990s,  all but 2 of which were leases.
G BKMX operated for Loganair until June of 1988, when it went to Manx.  It became a British Regional airliner in 1998, and , like a number of others,  finished life at Engage Aviation in Sarasota.

Enlarge photo 46
Loganair SD-360 #2KCF
An excellent Skilton Issue
"By courtesy of Kuo Ching Fu"
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Enlarge photo 47
Loganair SD-360 #3KCF
And finally, a beautiful Dennis issue of the airliner, by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu

Enlarge photo 48
Manx SD-360 #1
A rather unimpressive Manx issue of a 360 landing.

Enlarge photo 49
Manx Shorts 360 #2
A much better in flight Manx issue of their new SD 360 G ISLE, delivered in March of 1984. It operated for Manx a little over 10 years before lease to Loganair.
Finished its career in 2008 with the demise of ATA Aerocondor in Portugal

Enlarge photo 50
Manx SD-360 #3KCF
And another very nice view of  G ISLE at take off; this card by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu.

Enlarge photo 51
Mississippi Valley SD-330
I always liked the Mississippi Valley 330. N330MV was the first of 8 330s operated by MVA.  It was delivered in 1979, operating for MVA until 1987, when sold to Celtic Airways. It spent time in Nigeria and Portugal before returning to the UK with Emerald Airways. Scrapped in 2004.
Card is an IAWP issue.

Enlarge photo 52
Muk Air SD-330
OY MUB was originally a Guernsey aircraft delivered in 1981. It arrived at Muk Air of Denmark in April of 1990, and operated until May of 2001. The fuselage is now used as a clubhouse.
   Card is a Flite-Line issue.

Enlarge photo 53
Muk Air SD-360
OY MUG was delivered new to Capital in 1987, and Arrived at Muk Air in 1997, where they at least thought enough of the airliner to issue this postcard. It flew until the demise of Muk Air in 2001.

Enlarge photo 54
National Commuter SD-360 #1KCF
A rare airline issue from National Commuter of their 360. G OCIA was delivered to National Commuter in 1989, but by September 1990 was sold  to Birmingham European.
After making the rounds of British airlines for a decade it ended up with Roblex and Air Flamenco in Puerto Rico

"Thanks to Kuo-Ching Fu for s..."
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Enlarge photo 55
New York Air  Connection SD-330
An outstanding in flight view of  a New York Air SD 330. The airliner was one of the original DLT aircraft (SD 330 #15), which went to Pennsylvania Airlines in 1980 and Colgan in 1985, where it assumed its New York Air Identity.  Went to Corporate Air of Billings MT in 1994.
Card is a Mary Jayne's Issue.

Enlarge photo 56
Olympic Skyvan
An oversized card from Olympic featuring its 2 Skyvan aircraft, delivered in 1970. The rugged little Skyvans served Greek islands and smaller cities for 20 years! SX BBO is now active with Malu Aviation in the Congo.
   SX BBN crashed in 1996 after running out of fuel on a skydiving flight.

Enlarge photo 57
Olympic Skyvan #2KCF
An outstanding view of Olympic's Skyvan in flight. Last operated for Malu Aviation in Congo
An unidentified publisher card.

"Image by courtesy of Kuo-Chi..."
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Enlarge photo 58
Olympic Shorts 330
A great picture, but not a postcard of Olympic's 330 SX-BGA delivered in 1980. Olympic operated 6 330s on inter Island and domestic flights from 1980- 1994. A Shorts photo. It should have been made into a card.

Enlarge photo 59
Philippine SD-360
In 1987, Philippine Airlines took delivery of 7 360s, primarily leased from Guiness
Peat Aviation.
EI BTO served Philippine for 7 years before service with Flying Enterprise from 1995-1999. It is now current with Air Flamenco of Puerto Rico.
Card is a Buchair Issue.

Enlarge photo 60
Piedmont  Commuter SD-330
A beautiful in flight view of Piedmont Commuter's 330, N332SB. Originally built for Air Ecosse, it went to Henson in 1985 for service with Piedmont. Its service ended in 1989, when it was blown up by an IRA bomb while at Belfast.
Card is an Aviation World issue.

Enlarge photo 61
Piedmont  Commuter SD-360
This beautiful Piedmont Shorts 360 was operated by Cc Air until 1989 when it became a US Air Commuter. It's next stop was Bahamasair in 1994.
It returned to the UK, operating with several companies from 2000-2014.
Card is an Avion Issue.

Enlarge photo 62
R A S  SD-360
A nice airline issue from Rheinland air Service. D CBAS  was delivered new to RAS in 1991, operating for 5 years before sale to Sunstate in Australia in 1996. It joined Air Cargo Carriers in2007, and remains current.

Enlarge photo 63
R A S SD-360 #2KCF
An additional RAS issue of their 360.

Enlarge photo 64
Simmons SD-360
In1982, Simmons was a successful independent commuter airline. They took delivery of their first SD-360 in November to accommodate their rapid growth. N360MQ operated for Independent Simmons through 1985, and then became an American Eagle aircraft, serving through 1996.
    After 1996 it operated in Panama, Nicaragua, and Mexico. Now derelict in Aruba.

Enlarge photo 65
Sonmez SD-360 #1KCF
Sonmez operated this 360 from 1993-1999.it had flown for Air Business and Guernsey as well as others before its arrival at Sonmez.  It went to BAC Leasing and served with several other airlines before arrival at Engage Aviation at Sarasota.
    This is the aircraft shown on the Guernsey Airline Issue above. I can't determine how it assumed the American colors.
  A rare airline issue from Kuo-Ching Fu.

Enlarge photo 66
Sunbelt SD-360

Enlarge photo 67
Thai (Domestic) SD-330
An excellent Avimage issue of Thai Airways SD-330 HB TSB. delivered to Thai on June 4, 1982, it operated until 1988 when bought by the Ministry of Agriculture. in 1992 it was purchased by Bangkok Airways operating until WFU in 1995.

Enlarge photo 68
Tiara Air SD-360 #1KCF
Tiara Air took delivery of 3 360s in 2006, operating them until bankruptcy in 2016, at least partially precipitated by the disaster of once prosperous Venezuela.
P4 TIA, shown on the card, was originally a Simmons aircraft delivered in 1983 which operated through 1994. In 1995 it went to Pacific Coastal, operating until delivery to Tiara. An excellent airline issue by courtesy of Kuo-Ching Fu

Enlarge photo 69
Time Air Shorts 360
An 8x10 view of the Time Air SD-360 which includes aircraft details on the back. This is the same image featured on the Time Air Issued fleet card.

Enlarge photo 70
Titan SD-360
Titan Airways acquired this beautiful  360 in August of 1992. It was originally delivered to Capital in 1988, but went back to Shorts upon the collapse of the airline.
It operated for Titan until sale to Roblex in 2001, and finally went to Air Flamenco, where it is still current.
The card is a Titan airways issue.

Enlarge photo 71
Transair Skyvan
This beautiful oversized card is something of a mystery. I was told by its first owner that it came from Transair. But I can find no evidence that it actually operated for the Airline. It was scheduled for delivery, along with another Canada bound aircraft, in June of 1969.
"I have been advised that Sky..."
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Enlarge photo 72
U S Air  Express SD-330
This card is really too ugly to include, but Allegheny and US Air Express Shorts 330s were a common sight in the Northeast.
This airliner, operated by Suburban Airlines was the 24th 330 built, which operated from delivery in 1979 until 1991.

Enlarge photo 73
Wright SD-360
Wright took delivery of 5 new 360s in 1984, but the airline was in distress following rapid expansion and the absorption of Aeromech. These beauties were returned, and disbursed  among other US commuters.
N631KC, shown on this card, went to Atlantic Southeast, and later US Air commuter before service with the US Army.
A Prop Card Issue.

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