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The Basic Method in Writing Art Essay

Writing an art essay may be considered as once of the most delicate form of essay writing. Art essay has subtle points that every writer should consider. It will be profoundly illustrated if you are familiar with its significance. Your art essay addresses some gray areas that are often misunderstood by many if it is not carefully delivered. Focus and deep understanding on the subject will facilitate your assertions if you are questioned. All it takes is your deep sense of creativity depending on the subject that you are specializing.

There could be hundreds of topics that you will be able to tackle in the field of arts. It could be visual arts, music or literature. Your first step is to choose your domain to begin with your art essay. A thorough research is needed in this kind of field. Your art essay requires a careful study for the subject matter. Equip yourself with important data and information that are available in the libraries or museums if you are into visualizations.

Familiarize yourself same as the artist’s on its own masterpiece. Your art essay should be provided with proper portrayal to convey your message with your perceptions. Be creative in expressing your thoughts and ideas, to give life to your art essay. Writing your art essay must be expressed with vivid colors that justify the subject you are trying to convey to your readers.

The body of your art essay serves as your blank canvass. Feel free to express and illustrate all the details that will catch your reader’s attention. Strong assertion of your claim will convince your readers that you have a deep connection on the subject. That is why they call it arts. You are free to define the beauty of the subject in your essay. Always proofread your work before submitting it. An overlooked error will spoil your chance of achieving a good grade.

How to Write an Art Essay

Art essays involve evaluating a piece of art and writing about it. Art essays not only require evaluating the art from the writer's perspective but also require understanding of how well the mechanics (subject, composition, materials, etc.) are used. Art essay writing can become easy if one understands that the evaluation needs to be from the writer's perspective and not from the perspective of an expert.

Art essays writing involves two main stages – the first one is analyzing the work itself and the second one is writing down the analysis. The latter is similar to writing a basic essay. Hence, this part from authors of ExtraeEssay will focus on analyzing the art part of writing art essays.

Analyzing the piece of art

The first step in writing an art essay is to analyze the work: start with writing what you think the artist was trying to achieve with this piece of art.

The next step of art essay writing is to write whatever you know from looking at the piece of art. These facts need not identify people or places but could mention what it is all about. For example, a piece of art could show small houses with small streets giving a feel of a small town which is neat and clean (or perhaps dirty with garbage all around). It is important to jot down how you feel about it. The example painting could remind you of your home town or perhaps you disliked the garbage lying around. Remember, art essays is all about writing what you feel, not what you should be feeling.

Now compare the answers in the above two steps to see how successful the artist was in achieving his goal.

Next use the mechanics of the painting such as the subject, composition, materials used (paints as well as surface), brush strokes, color palette, etc. to understand how each contributes to the success of the art. Include a brief description of each aspect.

Once the notes are made as indicated above, use an essay writing guide to write the art essay. Remember, everyone has something to say about an art piece and that is what is required when writing art essays.

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