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OCP Police Helmet replica
1. OCP Police Helmet replica  (N/A)
These are the pics of the progress while making the OCP Police helmet from the first ROBOCOP movie.
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GB 3D Printed Logos
2. GB 3D Printed Logos  (2/29/2020)
Collection of my newest project for Ghostbusters 3D Printed Franchise Logos to offer for sale sometime in the near future.
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Ghostbusters stuff
3. Ghostbusters stuff 
Album for anything and everything Ghostbusters
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Dragon*Con 2015
4. Dragon*Con 2015  (Sept 3 - Sept 13, 2015)
Yearly Dragon*Con convention in Atlanta GA during Labor Day Weekend.
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Relay For Life 2015
5. Relay For Life 2015  (April 24, 2015)
Event with the Georgia 501st, to support of breast cancer survivors.
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Columbus Cottonmouths SciFi Night 2015
6. Columbus Cottonmouths SciFi Night 2015  (27 March 2015)
Pictures of our trooping for the Columbus Cottonmouths SciFi semi-yearly night event.
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AthCon 2015
7. AthCon 2015  (14-15 March 2015)
Second convention in Athens, GA., but first one for me to be part of it.  Glad to see a bunch of my friends, and some friends I wasn't expecting to see there, but glad to see there as well.
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8. Columbus_Comic_Book_Show_2015_v1  (February 22, 2015)
Pictures of our bi-annual Comic Book Show at the Coca Cola Space Science Center.
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TFT Phenix City Troop
9. TFT Phenix City Troop  (7 DEC 2014)
A small comic and toy convention, plus a TFT (Toys For Tots) toy drive event.  We were represented well by both the Georgia and Alabama Garrisons.
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Starry Night Atlanta 2014
10. Starry Night Atlanta 2014  (Nov 8, 2014)
Trooping for an event to benefit Brain Tumor charities.  Very nice event, and the kids were happy to see us there.
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Columbus Sci Fi Show
11. Columbus Sci Fi Show  (4 October 2014)
Few pics of our annual little convention at the Coca Cola Space Science Center in Columbus, GA.  Our guest of honor this year was writer and author Kevin J. Anderson.
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DragonCon 2014
12. DragonCon 2014  (28 Aug - 1 Sept 2014)
My costumes and antics at Dragon*Con 2014 in Atlanta, GA
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Columbus Comic Book Show_3-AUG-2014
13. Columbus Comic Book Show_3-AUG-2014  (3 August 2014)
Secoond Columbus Comic Book Show of the year, and first time bringing my OCP Police Cruiser from ROBOCOP.
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Shredder Costume
14. Shredder Costume 
Progress pics of my TMNT The Movie (90's) "Shredder" costume.
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Columbus Comic Book Show_2014
15. Columbus Comic Book Show_2014  (23 February, 2014)
Pics taken at the first Columbus Comic Book Show of 2014.  AL Ghostbusters and the GA 501st Legion were present at this event, making it really fun for us.
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