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Very strange sweets

Very strange sweets

Ice cream in the form of James Bond

Several real artists have worked on this exclusive form of cold dessert. They managed to recreate the sculpted torso of 007 and clearly convey his facial features. The prepared popsicle is especially popular with girls. The product is produced in three berry flavors: pomegranate, blueberry and cranberry.

Chocolate-covered crickets from Thailand

Thais are renowned for their interest in insect dishes, but this usually has nothing to do with confectionery. Nevertheless, in the example we are describing, the inhabitants of Southeast Asians freeze the crickets, remove their hind limbs, stew in the oven for a couple of hours and cover with glaze.

Bars of chocolate are brought to a boil in a separate bowl. After getting a thin and thick mass, the fried crickets are dipped in it one by one, and then they begin to dry on wax paper. In two minutes the dessert will be ready, but there are too few Europeans who want to try it.

Lollipops with scorpions, worms, cockroaches

Fans of sweets and extreme sensations will love the sweets of the American company Hotlix. This dessert is especially captivating with its non-trivial filling. Different types of insects can be chained inside the candy: scorpions, worms or cockroaches.

It is worth noting that you do not need to be afraid of poisoning with this delicacy. For example, a sting is removed for scorpions at the stage of making candy.

Cowboy hot jalapeno sweets

Cowboy Candy tastes it's a marvelous balance of sweetness that you wouldn't expect from ... hot peppers. It so happened that I myself grow hot peppers. Well, I'm trying to do this for the third season. Either in pots at home, or at the dacha in a greenhouse. One of the varieties that I definitely plant is jalapenos. The seeds are from Spain, bought on ebay, so my jalapeno tam is pretty spicy.

If suddenly you have extra fresh jalapenos lying around or you saw it on the market - take a kilogram, do not regret it. Even if you are not a fan of spicy foods, today I will teach you how to make a sweet-spicy piquant delicacy out of them in 10 minutes, which will appeal to many in the family.

As I said at the beginning, these things are called cowboy chocolates. Apparently because hot American farmers especially loved this snack and if like candy. They can be consumed as a stand-alone dish or to decorate sweet pastries, added to cocktails, and even used in sauces. You can use cowboy candy recipe for making that candys.

So, everything is simple.

10-15 fairly large jalapenos, cut into thick circles, seeds can be removed or left if you like it sharper
1 cup sugar for 1/2 cup apple cider vinegar, inexpensive but delicious
kururma or curry, 1 teaspoon + 1 teaspoon ground ginger
1/2 teaspoon salt
We mix uschus, sugar, add seasonings and put in a saucepan over the fire, bring to a boil, stirring occasionally. Add the jalapeños and over low heat for 5 minutes. You need to keep the pepper crispy.

Pour into jars, cool. The filling should turn out to be liquid, but at the same time it is simply monstrously tasty. If there is excess left over, use in sauces or tea. Do not empty.

Gummy beans with a disgusting taste

The confectionery company Jelly Belly drove the whole world crazy with a game called Bean Boozled. In this entertainment, the participants have to take turns spinning the roulette wheel and eat the beans of the color that fell. However, one of the proposed candies tastes good, and the other is completely nasty.

Their collection includes such unusual tastes as:

  • rotten egg;
  • stinky socks;
  • moldy cheese;
  • dog food, etc.

The player loses if he got a nasty candy, but he could not swallow it.

Strange durian flavored sweets

The fruits of this plant have a rather specific smell, which excludes their storage in closed rooms. This fact has not changed the desire of Chinese manufacturers to recreate the Durian Candy.

When this delicacy enters the mouth, people first begin to feel a pleasant milky taste. However, after it is replaced by a repulsive aroma, which provokes a gag reflex. This dessert should be especially liked by exotic lovers.

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