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Would she dare
She was no lesbian not even really bisexual. But she did like looking at pretty young woman and she thought the sight of another naked woman making love to the same man as her would be highly erotic. And if she were honest with herself she found the idea of a few accidental brushes of soft silky female flesh tantalizing.

She was an attractive woman of 42, about 5'7" with short orange hair, soft pink skin, soft red lips, big blue eyes and a voluptuous figure, which had full yet tight curves of smooth soft flesh and she was married to a man who was alas probably straighter than she or so she thought.

Often she joked and teased him and his friend Quagmire about threesome's. She would waggle her eyebrows playfully at any references on TV but her husband never responded unlike his friend who got a boner every time he saw her.

One day they were watching a show where a man had a chance at a threesome with two stonking hot twenty-something's and passed it up. Lois howled out "What's the fuck's wrong with that guy?"

Her husband Peter and his friend Quagmire looked at her.

She said "Well you wouldn't pass up on a chance to make love to me and another woman would you Glenn?" and she couldn't believe she had just said that out loud.

Peter chuckled "well Quagmire you'd better answer the lady". "Oh God, Lois "giggity" "giggity" "giggity!" "If I where to ask you that you would chicken out before me Hun." He said.

Then they all just laughed and smiled at each other her cheeks blushing bright red with embarrassment. But that night when she and her husband went to bed she kept picturing in her mind one of Quagmire's famous young Chinese woman with her working over her and Quagmire's body. She exploded with a more violent climaxes that night than she could ever remember.

Over the next few days the topic of threesomes wouldn't leave her mind but she wondered if Glenn were right. Would she actually be able to go through with it? Not just to share herself with her husbands friend Quagmire but to be so close to another naked woman? To see her, to smell her, to feel her and to taste her?

"Oh, get off it he didn’t say that!" exclaims the ever pregnant woman in the bikini.

"Uh huh," gushes Lois, coming out onto the deck with drinks. "He had just finished showering after finishing down at the airport" she stripped off her own bikini bottoms exposing her fine bald pussy and plopped into the Jacuzzi.

"No!" Bonnie interrupts grabbing her best friend and neighbor to stop her slipping.

"…and I was sitting with Jillian on the couch. We’d been drinking tea and looking at some of their exotic photographs for a while before Quagmire got home. God, did he look good when he was all covered with sweat and dirt and whatever!"

"Was he wearing that work shirt?"

"T-shirt!" Louis jiggles her small firm tits around. Her nipples grow hard quickly and poking at their Lycra bindings.

"Even better. He had this great big hole in the back of his jeans. I think I actually came while I was sitting there!"

"Oh, I’m so jealous of you Lois."

Lois giggles. "Honey you just have to get in touch with yourself. You can come any time you want too." Lightly, playfully she pushes Bonnie away.

"No," Bonnie says coming close in the water again. "I need a big strong man fucking me and the smell of his body and the hair…" she reaches out a puts her fingers under Lois's top and squeeze her hard nipple. "Did Quagmire really say he was coming over here tonight?"

Lois smiled and said "You betcha, honey."

They kiss and then Lois pulls away feigning embarrassment. Bonnie splashes her. "What did he say Lois? What did he say?"

"Well Jillian had gone into the bathroom after he came out and I just couldn’t help myself, but try to peek through the crack of their bedroom door where he was dressing and right when I did the door opened and he came out and saw me."

Bonnie’s jaw hangs slack.

Lois starts rubbing Bonnie’s leg under the water. "He looks me right in the eyes and smiles and says—ooh, I’m getting hot just thinking about it—‘what are you doing trying to get a look?’ and I said "you betcha honey.’"

"Did you say that!?" Bonnie says.

"I always say that, Don’t you wanna hear?"

By way of reply Bonnie reaches between her friend’s legs and runs her fingers through her cunt.

"Yes" Lois says through building moans. "Glenn didn’t even register surprise." "He looked at the bathroom door where Jillian was and cocked his ear that way." "We both heard the sink running." He said, "You don’t have to sneak around with me baby.’ "giggity" "giggity" "giggity", And undid his pants."

Lois thrusts her hips out and into Bonnie’s manipulations and comes like a jackhammer literally shouting with pleasure her eyes closed up on her elbows on the deck outside the Jacuzzi. Bonnie slides two fingers in and out fast then slow, in and out plucking the clit with her other hand and watches Lois’s facial expressions with envy. When it passes Bonnie sits back sighs and reaches for a drink.

"See, it happens so fast for you. I swear I’d pay a million dollars for a machine that could make that happen to me." Bonnie smiles. "Mmm, these margaritas are yummy."

Lois grabs hers and drinks panting. "You betcha, honey." She says.

"So, then what?" Bonnie asks. "When did he say he’s coming over here?"

"Well Jillian was obviously finishing up in the bathroom so he puts his cock back in his pants—"

"When did he take his cock out of his pants?"

"Bonnie, you weren’t even listening!"

"Well, go on!"

Just then the doorbell rings twice on the other side of the house. Lois goes to an intercom device on the wall and presses the button. "Yes?" she says in her huskiest voice into the speaker.

"It’s Glenn."

"Hi, Glenn. Glad you could make it. Are you alone?"

"No, I brought Jillian with me and she’s pissed!" comes the reply and Lois and Bonnie's eyebrows both raise. Then Quagmire adds "Yes of course I’m alone."

Lois calls him a jerk through the intercom but lets him in just the same.

"He’s just playing games" Bonnie says.

"Yeah, well he’s hung like a mule. I’ll let him play whatever games he wants." Lois says. still standing outside the Jacuzzi when the sliding glass door opens and Quagmire steps out onto the patio. He’s wearing a worn pair of Levi’s and a black t-shirt both probably a size smaller than would be totally comfortable but accentuating his biceps, shoulders and thighs.

"This must be your friend" he says. "She’s hot." "giggity" "giggity" "giggity."

"That’s Bonnie from next door you dim wit" Lois says going over to him and reaching under his shirt. "She didn’t believe me when I was telling her you were coming over here."

Quagmire laughs. It’s a deep-toned almost pirate laugh. Instead of his usually "giggity" "giggity" "giggity" verbally responses, he unties Lois’s bikini top and throws it off to the side and begins to suck on her hard nipples. She coos with pleasure and rubs the swell of his crotch through his jeans.

Bonnie drops her drink and climbs out of the water and takes a position on her knees at his feet. He grabs her hair and ruffles it around as she reaches up and opens his pants. Not wearing any underwear as the buttons pop his semi-hard cock flops out onto her waiting tongue.

"What a nice cock" "much bigger than Joe's!" Bonnie says taking it into her mouth and pulling on it sliding it down her throat until her nose was in his dark hair.

"You like when I flex it like that?" Lois moans.

Lois grabs his cock with one hand and kneads his balls with the other as Bonnie continues to suck it all the way down her throat and then out to the tip and then back again. Before long Lois pulls it out of her friend’s mouth and puts it into her own licking the head and slapping it off her open mouth and tongue.

Glenn throws off his shirt and steps out of his shoes as Bonnie pulls his cock away from her friend and begins to suck on it as deep as she can again.

"Oh God, Lois "giggity" "giggity" "giggity" Lois" he cried!" "Yes! You girls can fight over my cock as long as you want to but can I maybe get one of those margaritas to soothe my parched lips?"

Lois smiles and bends over to grab one of the ones sitting by the Jacuzzi. When she does Quagmire slips his middle finger deep into her hot wet snatch from behind and vigorously works it back and forth in her sopping wet cunt.

"My that was a dirty trick," Lois purrs.

"That’s not the only one I know" he says "give me a drink." She complies pouring some of the tequila tea into his mouth then kissing him after he swallows and offering another rocking her cunt on his hand all the while his long thick finger was sliding in and out of her tight wet cunt.

Bonnie furiously sucks his cock and finally he pulls it out of her mouth and strokes it a few times moaning loudly before letting her continue. Lois makes a sour face at having her pussy massage interrupted.

"This girl’s a champion cock sucker" he says.
"Well she's been pregnant that long she's had lots of practice." Lois says.

Bonnie laughs. Lois drinks some more of the tequila and gets down on her hands and knees on a wooden bench just to Quagmire’s right. She begins to rub her clit and squeeze her tits and call his name effectively distracting him from the wicked blow job.

"I hope you girls are into eating cum" he says slipping his meat into the hot walls of Lois tight lips forcing her forward onto her stomach and her legs back, "because it’s been two weeks since I shot a wad."

Louis does not respond in English but her friend Bonnie says, "You can come all over my face honey. I’ll suck every last drop out of you."

"That’s what I like to hear," he smiles leaning on his hands and pumping Lois’s cunt. After only a minute she begins to ask him to go slower. When he complies she begins to moan louder and squeezes him with her legs.

"I’m coming!" OHH GOD! OHHHH GOD! OHHHHHH! OHHHHH FUCK!" She cried cumming hard. Gasping for air Lois screams as she explodes.

"Ooh damn "giggity" "giggity" "giggity"! he says. "She is a hot and live one!" He pulls out of Lois and sits down next to her on the bench. Bonnie is instantaneously slurping his spunk covered still hard cock into her mouth, lapping off her best friends fresh pussy juice and smiling as her face gets wetter and wetter every time his cock pops out of her mouth and brushes her skin.

But Lois will have none of it and climbs back onto Quagmire’s still ridged hot sticky massive cock facing away from him and putting her snatch right in her friends face as well.

Also not to be stopped Bonnie continues to pull on Glenn's balls with her mouth and stretches Lois’s wet twat open and applies her fingers to her slimy spunk covered pussy lips and clit and grabs the meaty cock that’s bouncing in and out of it pulling on it and rubbing both of the partner’s thighs.

"I taste cum" Bonnie says rubbing the the massive throbbing member on her tongue as her friend lifts herself off of it. Lois turns and scowls at Glenn who shakes his head.

"Not yet baby. You’ll know it." Quagmire says.

Lois climbs down off of him anyway and gets down next to her friend Bonnie. "You want to come all over my face?" she says. "You got enough for both of us?"

"Ooh, damn you better Believe it "giggity" "giggity" "giggity"! he says and then nods as the girls fight over his massive long thick hot ridged cock again. Lois is a good sport and puts up a fight but she can only get three or four strokes in before her friend wrenches his cock back from her and envelopes it in her lips.

Lois settles into the role of stroking the base of it, squeezing Quagmire’s balls and Bonnie pinches his nipples while getting the back of her throat abused by the bulbous head of his cock and her chin by the pounding of Lois’s fist.

"Oh my God, I think I’m gonna come" Bonnie says, her eyes rolling back in their sockets Quagmire’s rock hard cock still snaking back and forth between her wet lips. Her body begins to shake and she instinctively reaches down to her wet pussy and frantically massages it.

"You bad thing!" "What will Joe say you cumming and him not here!" "You filthy pregnant slut!" Lois exclaims swatting her on the behind. "I’ll spank your ass you naughty fucking girl!" Bonnie forgot about Quagmire’s rock hard cock momentarily as she started cumming.

Quagmire stood up and grabbed his dick in one hand and the back of Lois’s head in the other. He wasted no time in shoving all of it into her mouth and started to stroke his meat double time as Bonnie continued to moan like a whore below him.

Fondling Lois’s firm tits with his free hand he soon brought himself to a fast climax and thick streams of jizz started to fly out of the tip of his bulbous cock head and down onto her face leaving a trail of thick white sticky spunk from her hairline through one eyebrow down the side of her nose and into her small open mouth.

God damn Lois!" "giggity" "giggity" "giggity", Lois" he whispers. Lois reflexively brings up one of her hands as another blast hits her on the upper lip and then a big sticky hot wad again goes into her open mouth. She opens and closes her ruby red lips creating a sticky white web of cum. "Come and get it Bonnie you fucking brazen hussy" Quagmire says, clutching his massive purple cock head in his fist"I can’t hold it."

The pregnant Bonnie raised up from the ground from next to her friend and pressing her left cheek to her friends right just as Glenn loosens his grip and unleashes the mother of all lodes.

One burst after another fired out of his still rock hard cock the first one hitting Bonnie right in the left eye closing it and having such mass that a great pile of white cum drooled down her cheek and onto her massive milk laiding breasts. With a second he held the head of his swollen cock on her lower lip and fired his hot cum right into her open mouth.

Moaning she put her mouth around his massive hot wet shaft as he began squirting his hot seed again as it started to gush out around the side of his rock hard cock and her hot red lips. Still stroking it he pulled his cock out of her mouth and began to slap it off the sides of her face and after a couple more pumps, sprayed it all over Lois again.

A few more drops of sticky white cum directed towards both their tits and he fell back onto the bench with an exhale large enough to blow out a hundred candles.

"giggity" "giggity" "giggity" Good god I am fucked!" He exclaimed. "That’s exactly what I needed!"

Both women soaked in his love and continue to fondle and stroke his now shrinking limp sticky cum covered member trying to keep it hard licking it clean and speaking to him in the language of pleasure with no avail.

"I’m sure glad you came over tonight" Lois says.

The pregnant Bonnie nods her agreement cock in mouth.

"Me too" said Quagmire. "Hey can I use your phone?"

"Yeah," Lois replies, "What for?"

"I need to call Jillian and tell her we’re through."

"Oh don’t do that" Bonnie interrupts stroking his very long dick with both hands. "Just go on seeing her and come over here to take your aggression out on us."

Quagmire thought for a second. "giggity" "giggity" "giggity" Can I really do that ladies?" " And you ladies are up for that say every time peter and Joe are out bowling or at the Drunking Clam" he said.

Lois goes down on him while Bonnie starts to stroke his cock which is now starting to get rock hard again. "You betcha Glenn honey" says the pregnant young Bonnie. "You betcha."


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