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Motorcycle trips and content of China, North America and Australia
Date(s): March 8, 2007. 1 - 12 of 12 Total. Shared
SME-NOE 2009
1. SME-NOE 2009  (September 2-8, 2009)
Wretches and Wrenches at the ZimRanch!
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2009 SME - Hunt's Lodge
2. 2009 SME - Hunt's Lodge  (April 16-19, 2009)
An early spring ride from Northern VA down to Tellico Plains, Tennessee via the Blue Ridge Parkway.  Deal's Gap "THe Dragon" and Cherohala Skyway photos.
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Moto - 2009 DC Motorcycle Expo
3. Moto - 2009 DC Motorcycle Expo  (January 10, 2009)
Washington DC 2009 International Motorcycle Show
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Moto - ChongQing CIMTE Expo 2008
4. Moto - ChongQing CIMTE Expo 2008 
The 2008 CIMTE (China International Moto Trade Expo) photo coverage
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Moto - Kashmir 06' - The Return
5. Moto - Kashmir 06' - The Return  (July 4 to August 4, 2006)
Return trip to reach the Pakistan border of China.  Inside we have a sample of the sands, mountains, history, wildlife and cultures of the Silk Road as brought to you by motorcycle and camera!

"The Return" - Riding Western China movie trailer is now available at:

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Moto - May Holiday 06'
6. Moto - May Holiday 06'  (May 1, 2006)
A five day Moto-graphic adventure once again into the mountains of Sichuan.  Although now they seem quite familiar to me, every time I go back they look different.  Bonus, this time we FINALLY see the west side of GongaShan(7550m/24200ft asl)!  That's one amazing mountain!
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Moto - Kashmir - The Lesson
7. Moto - Kashmir - The Lesson  (August 18, 2005)
A prematurely ended trip to Kashmir and what happened on the way.  

To see more of the story, please see "The Return - Riding Western China" film at:
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Moto - May Holiday '05
8. Moto - May Holiday '05  (May1, 2005)
In search of Gongga Shan. A four day trip in these here mountians of Sichuan - living with farmers and taking unmapped roads.
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Moto - Tibet-Qinghai-Sichuan
9. Moto - Tibet-Qinghai-Sichuan  (August 5, 2004)
17 days in the mountains of the Tibetan and Qinghai plateaus.  Beautiful land, beautiful people.
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Jialing JH125-L
10. Jialing JH125-L 
A few shots of this classic Chinese made dual sport.  Ones like this are early 90's models and they can run for a long long time.  It's amazing any are still on the road.  Super simple design and parts available in even the most remote locations in China.
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11. Melbourne-MiniSMEOz  (Jul 13-14, 2004)
Travel and tales from a distant Maggot...
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12. How-to's  (November 21, 2008)
A collection of illustrations for how-to articles.
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