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 Michel Clavette | Home  
Pictures by Michel Clavette
Welcome to my place on the Net where you will find pictures and info on my hobbies such as woodworking, welding, trucks, tractors and electronics.

Plus bas vous trouverez des photos de notre petite famille.
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1. Workshop 
Design and construction of my 20' x 50' workshop as well as tools and machines found within.
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Power Wagon and Motorcycle
2. Power Wagon and Motorcycle 
The restoration, modification and maintenance of my 1957 Fargo K6-W300-126 Power Wagon and my Suzuki TS200R motorcycle
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3. Tractors 
Pictures of my John Deere tractors and implements.
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4. Welding 
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Home Improvements
5. Home Improvements 
Here you will find pictures of my home improvement projects.
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Photos de famille
6. Photos de famille 
Photos de la famille, des vacances et des fĂȘtes.
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7. Francis  (May 9, 2010)
RĂ©pertoire des documents de Francis
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