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Venezuela - en route
Venezuela: now the fun starts!  Any yachtsman who’s dreamed of venturing away from England’s green and pleasant land will have heard of Venezuela’s reputation for piracy, theft and general mayhem.  As we progressed further down the benign Leeward and Windward islands we were increasingly asked were we going to Venezuela, if so were we going with a ‘buddy’, were we armed, would we lock ourselves in at night etc but as is so often the case all the hype is generated by those who have the least experience and so after a lovely sail from Trinidad to Los Testigos – a dry and rocky set if islets belonging to Venezuela, about 100 miles off the mainland coast and inhabited by a handful of subsistence-living fishermen – we could not have had a warmer welcome from the teenage-looking guarda costa who ‘protect’ this guano strewn archipelago from all comers.  After a cursory glance at our papers he emerged from a back room with a glass of iced tea and we chatted for the next ½ hour about life.  The Testigos were beautiful, very peaceful after the bussle of Trinidad and we had the feeling for the first time of really going off the beaten track.  From there we sailed to Margarita, the main Venezuelan holiday isle, home of exceptionally cheap duty free booze (and thus home to a fair few dipso-liveaboards) where we rolled in Porlamar before heading off down to Puerto La Cruz, the centre of yachting in Venezuela.
Date(s): July / August 2006. Album by Gerard Coulson. Photos by Gerard Coulson. 1 - 17 of 17 Total. 2359 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1

Tom bending on the Venezuelan courtesy flag

Enlarge photo 2

Venezuelan Islands 15

Enlarge photo 3

Becky in the cockpit

Enlarge photo 4

At anchor in Testigo Grande

Enlarge photo 5

View from the anchorage

Enlarge photo 6

Our anchorage for the next night

Enlarge photo 7

Approaching Margarita at sunset

Enlarge photo 8

The old capital, Ascuncion, on Margarita

Enlarge photo 9

The kids in the hill fort

Enlarge photo 10

Venezuelan Islands 03

Enlarge photo 11

Venezuelan Islands 04

Enlarge photo 12

In the old part of town

Enlarge photo 13

Venezuelan Islands 06

Enlarge photo 14

Venezuelan Islands 07

Enlarge photo 15

Some avacado!

Enlarge photo 16

Venezuelan Islands 10

Enlarge photo 17

Venezuelan Islands 11

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