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The Tobago Cays
The Tobago Cays are without doubt the most beautiful part of the Caribbean – provided the trades are not blowing strongly.  We were very lucky in this respect and enjoyed a memorable time amidst impossibly blue water, the best snorkelling and good walks ashore.  The Cays (pronounced ‘keys’) are a group of very small islands protected by barrier coral reef, which protects the anchorages.  The snorkelling, particularly on the seaward side of the reef is stunning.  Visibility is 100ft + with marine life, on the wall of the reef, plentiful and varied.  Here we first saw Eagle rays and Sting rays.  Off the boat we watched turtles feeding, and they were happy enough to have us snorkelling above them, only a few feet away.  Monica was doing just this when she suddenly shot back into the dinghy: she had had a close encounter with a 6ft nurse shark!  I, of course, went into the water immediately, but the thing had swum off!  Boat boys kept us in basic supplies and we spent a very happy time here.

From the Cays we hopped south out of the path of potential hurricanes, stopping at Mayreau again then to Union island where I collected my dive gear – in the town called Clifton! - and helped a customs chap not charge me any duty…!  Then we spent a a night or two at Petit Martinique and Petit St Vincent, both fairly unremarkable despite friendly locals before leaving the Genadines for Carriacou, officially part of Grenada.
Date(s): May 2006. Album by Gerard Coulson. Photos by Gerard Coulson. 1 - 33 of 33 Total. 5741 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1

P'tit Tabac island

Enlarge photo 2

Iceni at anchor

Enlarge photo 3

The Icenis

Enlarge photo 4

Tobago Cays 04

Enlarge photo 5

Our view for 5 days or so

Enlarge photo 6

Tobago Cays 10

Enlarge photo 7

The darker area of water is turtle grass, full of turtles feeding, eagle rays and nurse sharks

Enlarge photo 8

our anchorage

Enlarge photo 9

A local

Enlarge photo 10

Clarabella in paradise

Enlarge photo 11

Don't mess with this!

Enlarge photo 12

Silly boys!

Enlarge photo 13

Jonty's tortoise!  He spotted this chap just wandering round looking for supper

Enlarge photo 14

Tobago Cays 20

Enlarge photo 15

Looking over towards Horseshoe reef where the snorkelling was so good

Enlarge photo 16

Isn't this a lovely place

Enlarge photo 17

In the season there are many more boats

Enlarge photo 18

Another local

Enlarge photo 19

Tobago Cays 38

Enlarge photo 20

Tobago Cays 39

Enlarge photo 21

Tobago Cays 40

Enlarge photo 22

Jonty playing with his lego

Enlarge photo 23

Rebecca playing with her Duplo

Enlarge photo 24

Happy baby!

Enlarge photo 25

Tobago Cays 50

Enlarge photo 26

Me, doing what I'm doing right now!

Enlarge photo 27

Leaving the Cays astern

Enlarge photo 28

Tobago Cays 54

Enlarge photo 29

Tobago Cays 55

Enlarge photo 30

Tobago Cays 56

Enlarge photo 31

Tobago Cays 57

Enlarge photo 32

Tobago Cays 58

Enlarge photo 33

Nigel and Cath on their Nic 39

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