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The Atlantic Crossing
We sailed over 2100 nautical miles (over 2500 land miles) in two weeks and one day, an average of nearly 6 knots.  We had a tough time, with strong winds, large seas and some gear problems; there were very few days when photography was possible owing to spray and salt in the air (as well as in the cabin at times...).  Monica and the children were great, as was Clarabella.

INCLUDES a bit of video that I took, on a digital stills camera, on a 'quiet' Atlantic day.  For the most part photography of any description was just not an option on the crossing :-(
Date(s): January 2006. Album by Gerard Coulson. Photos by Gerard Coulson. 1 - 32 of 32 Total. 4137 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1

Leaving the anchorage in Mindelo

Enlarge photo 2

Head between the islands and keep going for 2000 miles!

Enlarge photo 3

The kids having a look round

Enlarge photo 4

Tom and Jonty

Enlarge photo 5


Enlarge photo 6

Tom holding on as a swell passes under us

Enlarge photo 7

Well rolled jib; a quiet day in the atlantic

Enlarge photo 8

Life aboard, Jonty playing with Lego

Enlarge photo 9

Becky toddling around

Enlarge photo 10

Monica asleep

Enlarge photo 11

More Lego

Enlarge photo 12

The 'jury rigged' shroud

Enlarge photo 13

A quiet day, thankfully, with the broken shroud

Enlarge photo 14

A cluttered deck; one wave took the rolled up dinghy over to the other side of the boat...

Enlarge photo 15

Our quietest day at sea

Enlarge photo 16

The cockpit, in ocean-going mode

Enlarge photo 17

LAND! At long last!

Enlarge photo 18

On the radio to friends on Iceni

Enlarge photo 19

More playing!

Enlarge photo 20

Monica's on watch

Enlarge photo 21

Can I play too

Enlarge photo 22

St Lucia for me please Daddy

Enlarge photo 23

Arrival preparations

Enlarge photo 24

Jonty's turn

Enlarge photo 25

and up we go

Enlarge photo 26

Our first glimpses of St Lucia

Enlarge photo 27

The boys go on deck for the first time in more than two weeks

Enlarge photo 28

Waiting patiently as Rodney bay grows nearer

Enlarge photo 29

Our welcoming committee

Enlarge photo 30

A great family achievement

Enlarge photo 31

Our reception bash gets under way!

Enlarge WMV 32
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