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Tahiti and Moorea
Tahiti, after the wide-open lagoons and turquoise colours of the Tuamotus, was a shock.  Papeete, the capital city of the Society islands, was a mass of roaring traffic and pollution so after spending a couple of pricey nights tied alongside the once busy town quay near the busy road we snuck off round the corner and once again found beauty, peace and quiet and those lovely turquoise anchorages.  Being a part of France we had good access to a Carrefour Supermarche which was heaven, almost literally, after having no real access to decent food shops since February!  Fresh French bread, brie and wine: bliss.  Oh, but you pay about double the supermarket prices in the UK.

From Tahiti we sailed to Moorea, an absolutely stunning island, which we were expecting to be overrun by tourists: not so.  Our first anchorage on the east side of the island was deserted and we anchored in water so clear that we could see our anchor and chain on the sand in the moonlight.  We spent subsequent days in Cook’s Bay and Oponahu Bay where we again found total solitude and scenery that is simply stunning.  In Moorea I did three dives beyond the protective reef that surrounds the island, diving with Black-tip and Lemon sharks amongst pristine coral; I even saw clown fish (you know, Nemo)  hiding in an anemone, a long term want for me.  As a family we swam amongst sting-rays that would literally eat out of your hand!  With the people being amongst the friendliest we have ever met we loved Moorea.
Date(s): July 2007. Album by Gerard Coulson. Photos by Gerard Coulson. 1 - 53 of 53 Total. 28196 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1

Tahiti - Venus point in the early morning after a heavy night of wind and rain at sea

Enlarge photo 2

Approaching Papeete

Enlarge photo 3

Tom gets a long overdue short back and sides

Enlarge photo 4

Me next!

Enlarge photo 5

Clarabella and Myrdinn alongside the town quay

Enlarge photo 6

At anchor overloooking Moorea

Enlarge photo 7

On a 'Le Truck', the public transport

Enlarge photo 8

Ashore at Venus point

Enlarge photo 9

The Venus Point lighthouse

Enlarge photo 10

On tghe wall of the lighthouse

Enlarge photo 11

At Venus Point we stumble on an outrigger-canoe race

Enlarge photo 12

Le Truck

Enlarge photo 13

Moorea at sunset

Enlarge photo 14

Leaving Tahiti astern

Enlarge photo 15

and Moorea is ahead

Enlarge photo 16


Enlarge photo 17

Hills of Tahiti

Enlarge photo 18

Approaching Moorea

Enlarge photo 19

The colour of water we anchor in

Enlarge photo 20

The hills of eastern Moorea

Enlarge photo 21

A hotel on Moorea

Enlarge photo 22

A lovely anchorage

Enlarge photo 23

Leaving through the pass you can see the reef and the quiet water in the lagoon

Enlarge photo 24

Clarabella at anchor in Cook's Bay

Enlarge photo 25

Cook's Bay from the shore

Enlarge photo 26

In Oponohu Bay

Enlarge photo 27

Clarabella - bootm right - at anchor beneath the towering Mt Rotui

Enlarge photo 28

Ashore walking in a  fruit plantation

Enlarge photo 29

At anchor in Robinson's Cove

Enlarge photo 30

What a beautiful anchorage this was

Enlarge photo 31

M falls in love with some local stray kittens

Enlarge photo 32

Robinson's cove

Enlarge photo 33

Anchored, with the stern tied to a palm tree

Enlarge photo 34

The girls with the kitten - it was hard to leave this little one behind

Enlarge photo 35


Enlarge photo 36

another sweetie

Enlarge photo 37

Mt Tohiea, as seen in the film South Pacific

Enlarge photo 38

At anchor in Pigs bay, on the other side of Oponohu

Enlarge photo 39

Picture postacrd stuff

Enlarge photo 40

Cook's Bay seen from the Belvedere

Enlarge photo 41

and Oponohu

Enlarge photo 42

the boys

Enlarge photo 43

Tahiti and Moorea 43

Enlarge photo 44

Tahiti and Moorea 44

Enlarge photo 45

Dolphins at the head of Oponohu Bay

Enlarge photo 46

Swimming with rays 1

Enlarge photo 47

Swimming with rays 2

Enlarge photo 48

Swimming with rays 3

Enlarge photo 49

Swimming with rays 6

Enlarge photo 50

Swimming with rays 4

Enlarge photo 51

Swimming with rays 5

Enlarge photo 52

Tom leaps from the ratlines

Enlarge photo 53

we leave Moorea in the setting sun as we head for Huahine

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