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St Kitts and Nevis
We enjoyed Nevis; it is a quiet, civilised island that looks after its visitors well.  We had a slowish sail over from the west coast of Antigua; Clarabella has been in the water for a year now and although I dive to remove barnacles, weed and other things that seem to like International’s antifouling paint I’m losing the battle.  With a good breeze we can still notch up 6 knots – I suppose the barnacles pull themselves in or something – but in lighter winds we slow right down.  Anyway, we reached Charlestown, dropped the hook and went ashore the following morning to clear customs.  Normally this is a fairly painless affair but here I had to fill in a form with boat details, crew list (passport number, full names, dates of birth etc for all 5 of us) at customs, do the same at Immigration (at the local police station, where they write up the names of banned drivers on a black board under a heading that says ‘Jesus saves’) and then similar at the port authority.  I often give spoof addresses on these forms in the certain knowledge that they are never read!

The Golden Rock plantation was a genteel place where we walked in the morning, swam in the pool, saw lots of the local monkeys, had a good lunch, swam again and made our way back to the boat.  On St Kitts a bus driver – don’t forget that the buses here are all minivans packed to the gunwhales with people, reggae music at full volume driven at high speed – took us all the way up the hill (with a little financial persuasion for the driver to deviate from his route) to Brimstone fort, a lovely place to spend a few hours in the presence of a little history.

From St Kitt’s – where we languished for a week whilst waiting for a battery charger to arrive to replace the failed one – we sailed back to Nevis, disposing of Rebecca’s now-defunct pushchair en-route, much to the delight of the kids!  Back at Nevis we stayed at the very beautiful and peaceful Pinney’s beach, home only to pelican’s that dive for fish from a great height, not worrying at all about how close we might be swimming to their fishy meal.

St Kitt’s was our turning point; the hurricane season gets going in the summer and our insurance company insists that we are below 12 degrees North (St Kitts is at 17.3 deg N) by the beginning of June, and we still have a lot to see and do!

We left Nevis at dawn, aiming for Guadeloupe, 70 miles of up-wind slog away, but passing the tiny rock of Redonda, which is in fact a kingdom, and then sailing down the lee of Montserrat.  You’ll recall that this island hit the headline in the 90’s when its volcano erupted, forcing the evacuation of the island.  As we passed the volcano was pumping out dust almost to the edge of the mandatory exclusion zone and we could clearly see the ruined town of Plymouth, with many houses up to the eaves in ash. As I write – in late May – the volcano has again erupted a few days ago, sending lava flows 2 miles out to sea; exactly where we were a few weeks ago!
Date(s): April 2006. Album by Gerard Coulson. Photos by Gerard Coulson. 1 - 53 of 53 Total. 4028 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1

Arriving in Nevis

Enlarge photo 2

Golden Rock Plantation

Enlarge photo 3

Nevis and St Kitts 19

Enlarge photo 4

Lunch overlooking the sea, after a cooling swim in the pool

Enlarge photo 5

The old plantation house

Enlarge photo 6

Nevis and St Kitts 25

Enlarge photo 7

Nevis and St Kitts 28

Enlarge photo 8

Happy kids!

Enlarge photo 9

A vervet monkey; they were introduced during slavery

Enlarge photo 10

Nevis and St Kitts 46

Enlarge photo 11

Nevis and St Kitts 48

Enlarge photo 12

Looking NW towards Statia and Saba, from Brimstone hill fort on St Kitts

Enlarge photo 13

Nevis and St Kitts 50

Enlarge photo 14

Looking SE towards Nevis

Enlarge photo 15

Nevis and St Kitts 52

Enlarge photo 16

Statia and Saba

Enlarge photo 17

Nevis and St Kitts 55

Enlarge photo 18

Nevis and St Kitts 57

Enlarge photo 19

Nevis and St Kitts 59

Enlarge photo 20

Nevis and St Kitts 61

Enlarge photo 21

Nevis and St Kitts 62

Enlarge photo 22

A very large yach on passage south

Enlarge photo 23

Nevis and St Kitts 64

Enlarge photo 24

Nevis and St Kitts 65

Enlarge photo 25

Nevis and St Kitts 66

Enlarge photo 26

Nevis and St Kitts 67

Enlarge photo 27

Nevis and St Kitts 73

Enlarge photo 28

Nevis and St Kitts 75

Enlarge photo 29

Nevis and St Kitts 77

Enlarge photo 30

Nevis and St Kitts 80

Enlarge photo 31

Taken from brother Ben's place in St Kitts, looking South

Enlarge photo 32

Ben's place

Enlarge photo 33

Nevis and St Kitts 89

Enlarge photo 34

The windward side of St Kitts

Enlarge photo 35

Nevis and St Kitts 91

Enlarge photo 36

Some of the bays that we anchored in on our way to St Kitts

Enlarge photo 37

With Christian, a taxi driver.

Enlarge photo 38

Goodbye St Kitts and Nevis

Enlarge photo 39

Nevis and St Kitts 96

Enlarge photo 40

Our long suffering push-chair has finally given up!

Enlarge photo 41

So over it goes, to make a new reef for the fish!

Enlarge photo 42

Nevis and St Kitts 100

Enlarge photo 43

Nevis and St Kitts 101

Enlarge photo 44

Nevis and St Kitts 103

Enlarge photo 45

Nevis and St Kitts 105

Enlarge photo 46

Nevis and St Kitts 110

Enlarge photo 47

The island of Redonda, the smalled kingdom in the world!

Enlarge photo 48

The volcano on Montserrat spewing out ash

Enlarge photo 49

Nevis and St Kitts 128

Enlarge photo 50

You can see the ash falling in the water

Enlarge photo 51

The ruined town iof Plymouth lies under many feet of ash

Enlarge photo 52

Here you can see the path of the lava flow

Enlarge photo 53

leaving Montserrat astern

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