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San Sebastian, La Gomera
This small island is off the SW tip of Tenerife.  We spent about 10 days there over Christmas.  It's a pretty island and the town by the marina is very pleasant.  Car hire was cheap and we spent a day exploring the island.

We enjoyed our first Christmas afloat too, and on the the 27 December we left for the 800 mile trip to the Cape Verdes.
Date(s): December 2005. Album by Gerard Coulson. Photos by Gerard Coulson. 1 - 20 of 20 Total. 2873 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1

In the Square of San Sebastian, La Gomera

Enlarge photo 2

Looking over to Tenerife, NB Mt Teide with snow!

Enlarge photo 3

San Sebastian, marina in bottom right corner

Enlarge photo 4

looking at the Atlantic

Enlarge photo 5


Enlarge photo 6

Tom having fun

Enlarge photo 7

and Rebecca

Enlarge photo 8

Up in the rain forest

Enlarge photo 9

Christmas in La Gomera 22

Enlarge photo 10

Christmas in La Gomera 23

Enlarge photo 11

Christmas in La Gomera 29

Enlarge photo 12

T and J in the rain forest

Enlarge photo 13

and again!

Enlarge photo 14

Christmas day, happy kids!

Enlarge photo 15

Christmas in La Gomera 37

Enlarge photo 16

Christmas in La Gomera 38

Enlarge photo 17

Christmas in La Gomera 39

Enlarge photo 18

Christmas dinner, with friends from another Nic 35

Enlarge photo 19

Christmas in La Gomera 43

Enlarge photo 20

Tim and Rebecca

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