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Raiatea, Tahaa and Bora Bora
The two islands of Raiatea and Tahaa are surrounded by fringing reef and one can cruise round these two beautiful islands without having to leave the reef’s protection.  We arrived through a gap in the reef on the SE side of Raiatea after spending a couple of days in Huahine.  Raiatea and Tahaa are very picturesque, unspoilt, verdant islands French Polynesia and although Raiatea is the base for charter yachts in Polynesia it was possible to find stunning anchorages away from other boats.
Bora Bora was a real disappointment.  We found it awfully built-up and commercialised, geared towards relieving tourists of their cash and areas that would have been picture postcard perfect have been ruined by beach hotels.  Habitats for many fish species including large manta rays have been destroyed in the process.  We changed the boat’s batteries in Bora Bora and spent a few lovely days in an anchorage tucked away from the bustle ashore.  Here we also said a very sad goodbye to Eric and Jeniya on Meta, they had become very good friends since we met them in Cartagena.
Date(s): August 2007. Album by Gerard Coulson. Photos by Gerard Coulson. 1 - 26 of 26 Total. 8203 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1

En route to Raiatea

Enlarge photo 2

Exploring up one of the island's rivers

Enlarge photo 3

Jonty tries a coconut

Enlarge photo 4

Raiatea, Tahaa, Bora Bora 09

Enlarge photo 5

Sailing inside the reef on Raiatea, Bora Bora on the horizon

Enlarge photo 6

A local church on the water's edge, Raiatea

Enlarge photo 7


Enlarge photo 8

Approaching Bora Bora

Enlarge photo 9

The skipper enjoys a moment on deck

Enlarge photo 10

Tom looks out on Bora Bora

Enlarge photo 11

Jonty on deck

Enlarge photo 12

On of the many beach hotels on Bora Bora

Enlarge photo 13

Eric from Meta

Enlarge photo 14

Eric and Jeniya

Enlarge photo 15

Our last farewell, we wonder if we will ever see them again

Enlarge photo 16

Looking over the summit of Bora Bora

Enlarge photo 17

Winding our way through the narrow reef strewn channels as we leave Bora Bora

Enlarge photo 18

Raiatea, Tahaa, Bora Bora 32

Enlarge photo 19

Raiatea, Tahaa, Bora Bora 34

Enlarge photo 20

One of the Bora Bora anchorages

Enlarge photo 21

We anchored here for a couple of days

Enlarge photo 22

Tom keeps an eye out in the channel

Enlarge photo 23

Raiatea, Tahaa, Bora Bora 39

Enlarge photo 24

Raiatea, Tahaa, Bora Bora 40

Enlarge photo 25

Leaving Bora Bora

Enlarge photo 26

Bora Bora sinks below the horizon astern

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