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All good things must come to an end and the Panama Canal and the Pacific beckon so we enjoyed a good sail from the San Blas to Isla Linton (where we were almost attacked by monkeys ashore) and thence to Portobello, main hub of the transportation of treasure from the Spanish Main and so attacked by Drake, Henry Morgan and Adm Vernon among others.  Here we saw lovely old forts in various states of disrepair but with all their original cannon.

The Panama canal was a 20 mile motoring job from Portobello, and here we prepare for our transit through one of the engineering marvels of the world in the building of which 20,000 died of malaria and yellow fever.  Stanley, our ship-agent, has taken care of the reams of paperwork and hours of offialdom required to transit the canal allowing me to finally bring the website up to date!  We transit the Canal on Monday 26 Feb, a real milestone date in our cruise so far.  We lock up through the Gatun locks, spend the night in the Gatun lake, make our way across 30 miles of lake to the Miraflores locks where we lock down in the morning of the 27th.  See the Miraflores webcam here.
Date(s): February 2007. Album by Gerard Coulson. Photos by Gerard Coulson. 1 - 41 of 41 Total. 12679 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1

Monkeys arrive as we explore Islan Linton

Enlarge photo 2

They are not looking too friendly, and have a reputation for being viscious here

Enlarge photo 3

so everone leaps into our dinghy, whilst Muggins here is left to collect shoes and untie!

Enlarge photo 4

Panama 61

Enlarge photo 5

I studiously ignore the monekys, hoping they will do the same!

Enlarge photo 6

Finally we're all in the dinghy

Enlarge photo 7

so nothing for you guys!

Enlarge photo 8

Panama 65

Enlarge photo 9

Sunset, Portobello

Enlarge photo 10

Monica's Birthday

Enlarge photo 11

Celebrated with Eric and Jeniya from Meta

Enlarge photo 12

Jan from Decourcy spirit makes a cake and adds a candle!

Enlarge photo 13

Jeniya, Jonty and Rebecca

Enlarge photo 14

Canal traffic

Enlarge photo 15


Enlarge photo 16

Sarah and R

Enlarge photo 17

A conatainer ship emerges heading east

Enlarge photo 18

So here we are!  A real milestone in our travels

Enlarge photo 19

Panama 12

Enlarge photo 20

We watch the Zim Savannah locking.  The gates open and she moves forward very slowly...

Enlarge photo 21

kept off the walls by the 'mules' but moving under her own steam

Enlarge photo 22

Inches only on each side

Enlarge photo 23

Panama 19

Enlarge photo 24

Panama 20

Enlarge photo 25

One more lock to go...

Enlarge photo 26

Friendly crew

Enlarge photo 27

A mule moving into place

Enlarge photo 28

Panama 33

Enlarge photo 29

The stern of the Zim Savannah and the lock building

Enlarge photo 30

My brother Ben

Enlarge photo 31

with Sarah

Enlarge photo 32

All secured, the water is about to go...

Enlarge photo 33

Panama 39

Enlarge photo 34

She dropped about 50 feet now

Enlarge photo 35

She moves ahead - note  propwash

Enlarge photo 36


Enlarge photo 37

It really is a tight squeeze!

Enlarge photo 38

Off she goes

Enlarge photo 39

We saw this young sloth being rescued as he wandered, slowly, by the road

Enlarge photo 40

Panama 55

Enlarge photo 41

Panama 56

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