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Dominica 2
The two main anchorages in Dominica are Roseau, in the south, and Portsmouth in the north.  After Roseau we moved up to Portsmouth, where we took an early morning river trip into the Indian River, a peaceful mangrove lined river, which, apparently, has been used in Pirates of the Caribbean II (whatever that is!).

The shoreline in Portsmouth is littered with wrecked freighters that went ashore many years ago in a hurricane and for which the resources do not exist to remove them.
Date(s): March 2006. Album by Gerard Coulson. Photos by Gerard Coulson. 1 - 12 of 12 Total. 2138 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1

Leaving Roseau and the boys! astern

Enlarge photo 2

Having fun!

Enlarge photo 3

Dominica 2 01

Enlarge photo 4

Indian River

Enlarge photo 5

Indian River 2

Enlarge photo 6

Indian River 3

Enlarge photo 7

A local chap with a spear gun doing a little illicit fishing!

Enlarge photo 8

Mangrove roots

Enlarge photo 9

more roots

Enlarge photo 10

gearing up for the onslaught of cruise ship tourists at the end of the indian river

Enlarge photo 11

Spot the iguana!

Enlarge photo 12

A hurricane victim

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