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Crossing the Line - Panama to Ecuador
After we celebrated Rebcca’s 3rd birthday in Panama we spent a week cruising the Las Perlas islands south of Panama before leaving for the 600 mile journey to mainland Ecuador.  En route we celebrated crossing the Equator, having woken all three kids at 2300, with bubbly and chocolate brownie!  The trip was uneventful and quiet, a pleasant change after the western Caribbean, and we made landfall at Las Platas island, a bird sanctuary off the Ecuadorian coast.

We hauled Clarabella at the Puerto Lucia Yacht Club on the mainland, where we anitfouled and had the rudder withdrawn for maintenance.  The exclusive yacht club, where we enjoyed free use of the pools and facilities, was a good place to leave the boat to travel inland.
Date(s): March 2007. Album by Gerard Coulson. Photos by Gerard Coulson. 1 - 31 of 31 Total. 9201 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1

The kids!

Enlarge photo 2

Rebecca is 3 today!

Enlarge photo 3

Present opening

Enlarge photo 4

and a homemade choccy cake!

Enlarge photo 5

En route to Ecuador 04

Enlarge photo 6

Eric and Jeniya join us for birthday tea

Enlarge photo 7

En route to Ecuador 06

Enlarge photo 8

En route to Ecuador 07

Enlarge photo 9

Dolphins in a quiet sea

Enlarge photo 10

En route to Ecuador 09

Enlarge photo 11

En route to Ecuador 10

Enlarge photo 12

Tired kids, roused as we cross the Equator

Enlarge photo 13

En route to Ecuador 12

Enlarge photo 14

En route to Ecuador 13

Enlarge photo 15

How much longer

Enlarge photo 16

Goodbye northern hemisphere

Enlarge photo 17

Hello southern hemisphere!

Enlarge photo 18

Late night bubbly

Enlarge photo 19

and chocolate brownie!

Enlarge photo 20

En route to Ecuador 19

Enlarge photo 21

En route to Ecuador 20

Enlarge photo 22

Anchiored in Las Platas after 5 days at sea

Enlarge photo 23

En route to Ecuador 22

Enlarge photo 24

Rebecca hoists Ecuador

Enlarge photo 25

En route to Ecuador 24

Enlarge photo 26

En route to Ecuador 25

Enlarge photo 27

En route to Ecuador 26

Enlarge photo 28

En route to Ecuador 27

Enlarge photo 29

Lifting out in Salinas, Ecuador

Enlarge photo 30

En route to Ecuador 29

Enlarge photo 31

En route to Ecuador 30

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