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Concentration au Bridge
"to me the bridge table is a quiet place where we meditate on the beauties of the game. A place where the world's "rules" don't apply. We bridge players have created our own space -- that's why we have so many special rituals, so much protocol. Without the ritual our illusions fall flat."Michael Arnowitt
"One of my primary bridge goals,is to focus completly when I sit down at the table, and always play up to my potential. My experience is that when I succeed in focusing and have my antennae tuned, I can play well." from Conversations with the bridge Masters -Sabine Auken- by Mark Smith
Date(s): August 28, 2006. Album by Claire Martel. Photos by Swan Games, Ron Tacchi, Gazzetta, FFB,. 1 - 166 of 166 Total. 0 Visits.
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