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2016 Evan Baseball
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Evan's Baseball

Evan at Second Base

-Cascade Bill Mooseker

Date(s): Summer 2016. Album by Cascade Bill. 1 - 16 of 16 Total. 168 Visits.
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2016-06-12 Evan grounds out.mp4
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Evan at bat at Magnuson Park Ballfield- 06/12/16.

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For Sue's birthday, we went to one of Evan's baseball games at Juanita High School field.  Here Evan is at bat.

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Close up of Evan at bat.

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2016-07-27 Evan at bat 001.mp4
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Evan's at bat.

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2016-07-27 Evan at bat 002.mp4
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Another at Bat 07/27/16.  He got a base hit here - I forgot I was filming and I got a good shot of the ground as he ran towards first.

Enlarge MPEG4 8
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2016-07-27 Evan at bat 003.mp4
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Evan gets a double this time.

Enlarge photo 9
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Evan on 2nd base.

Enlarge MPEG4 10
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2016-07-27 Evan at bat 004.mp4
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Evan gets another double and an RBI on this at bat.

Enlarge photo 11
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Evan on 2nd base

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2016-07-27 Evan on third.mp4
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Evan on 3rd base.

Enlarge photo 13
enlarge 140KB, 1024x768
Evan playing 2nd base.

Enlarge photo 14
enlarge 139KB, 1024x768
Evan playing 2nd base.

Enlarge MPEG4 15
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2016-07-29 Evan at bat 001.mp4
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Evan flies out on this at bat.

Enlarge photo 16
enlarge 173KB, 1152x647

Evan hits a fly ball.  This game was at Lee Johnson Field, which is adjacent to the Kirkland Library from which Sue retired.

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