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Grand Gulch 2018 day 2
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Grand Gulch 2018
Day 2 - May 22

Wall Ruin
El Cid Ruin
Surprise Petroglyph Panel
Cactus Butt!

Will Approaching El Cid Ruin

Our original plan for the second day was to hike down Grand Gulch and camp in Green House Canyon. Just below the Bullet-Grand Gulch junction, we met a group of high school students who told us that the water situation was sketchy. We decided to backtrack and go up the Gulch and to camp at our 2016 camp in Sheiks Canyon

Along the way we visited Wall Ruin, and several other sites that we had not been to on our previous trips. Will had an unfortunate encounter with a cactus while descending a slope that required some precise extraction of needles using a tweezer. After a cloudy morning, the afternoon got very hot and we were glad when the sun dipped below the canyon walls.

Kickass Trekkers on this trip were: Bill Mooseker, Shelby Stong, Fred Stong, Will Stong, Mike Stong, and Allan Hoseth

The descriptions under the photo thumbnails in the album sometimes contain links to maps or additional information. These are identified by "Blue” text for links. I've also inserted links to Google Maps to show where certain photos in the album were taken or to locate features shown in the photos. Click on the link, close the sidebar, and choose satellite view. Basically, you can then zoom in and out using the mouse wheel or drag the map by clicking and holding.

For panoramic photos, I would recommend clicking on the thumbnail photo to enlarge. View at original size for most detail. The thumbnails do not do justice to petroglyphs and pictographs, so I would recommend enlarging them as well. Please take the time to view the many videos to better experience what it was like to be there.

Troop 24 "The High Adventure Troop" Backpacking Trip
-Cascade Bill Mooseker

Date(s): May 22, 2018. Album by Cascade Bill. 1 - 199 of 199 Total. 152 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
enlarge 335KB, 995x1024

To get the plugin just Google "videolan" or CLICK HERE FOR DOWNLOAD for Windows. There is a MAC version as well. Disable the Quicktime plugin if you use Videolan. To view fullscreen videos click the icon on the top right of the video when it starts playing.

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Enlarge photo 2
enlarge 334KB, 1024x768
allan gg047

Allan was up early and got some photos of our camp - here you can see Fred (behind bush) and his tent.

Enlarge photo 3
enlarge 388KB, 1024x768
allan gg048

Will's and Allan's tents - Will borrowed my Sierra Designs Lightyear 1 tent for the trip.

Enlarge photo 4
enlarge 324KB, 1024x768
allan gg049

It was an overcast morning, which was good as it kept the temperature down.

Enlarge photo 5
enlarge 346KB, 1024x768
allan gg050
Looking down canyon from our camp.

Enlarge photo 6
enlarge 327KB, 1024x768
allan gg051
Side view of the Pouroff.

Enlarge photo 7
enlarge 374KB, 1024x768
allan gg052
Ledge above Will and Allan's tents with the pouroff to the right.

Enlarge photo 8
enlarge 390KB, 1024x768
allan gg053

Cooking area with convenient sitting/table rock.  You can see from the color of the water in the jug that the water is pretty good.
(Note that the new REI jug, which replaced the old reliable Reliance 5 gal jug has a mouth that is too small for the filter plug)

Enlarge photo 9
enlarge 302KB, 1024x768
allan gg054

Shelby's tent with Fred's beyond.  Note the rock anchors on the sandstone.

Enlarge photo 10
enlarge 361KB, 1024x768
allan gg055
Bill's tent - on sand so unstable that it wouldn't hold the tent pegs.

Enlarge photo 11
enlarge 357KB, 1024x768
allan gg056
Area just below our camp

Enlarge photo 12
enlarge 379KB, 1024x768
allan gg066

View of the Pouroff from below - you can see it was quite a hump up to get the water in the potholes.  But as they say "Beggars can't be choosers", and we were begging for water at that point.

Enlarge photo 13
enlarge 320KB, 1024x768
allan gg065
Close up of Pouroff

Enlarge photo 14
enlarge 273KB, 768x1024
allan gg062
Edge of pouroff - how the water has smoothed the surface.

Enlarge photo 15
enlarge 327KB, 1024x768
allan gg061

Getting ready to go - Bill, Mike, Will, Fred and Shelby.  I'm putting on my hiking boots sitting on our convenient rock bench.  You can see the steep trail behind us that you take up to the potholes for water.  It's good that you're carrying it down instead of up!

Enlarge photo 16
enlarge 274KB, 1024x768
will DSCF0592

Will's photo looking down canyon - looks like I'm the last one ready as usual.

Enlarge photo 17
enlarge 416KB, 1024x768
allan gg067

While we were having breakfast a very large group of Colorado high school students passed us by.  They were completing an outdoor class with a backpacking trip.

Enlarge photo 18
enlarge 314KB, 1024x768
allan gg071
Lawn chair backpacking at its best

Enlarge photo 19
enlarge 374KB, 768x1024
allan gg073
Will & Shelby

Enlarge photo 20
enlarge 339KB, 768x1024
allan gg076
Mike - strapped and ready to go.

Enlarge photo 21
enlarge 295KB, 1024x768
allan gg078

Shelby & Will - Bill's almost ready.  When I moved my pack in the morning, I found a large cricket that had crawled under it to keep warm.  Just before I left, I saw that ants had found him and were dismembering him as he was immobilized in the morning chill .

Enlarge MPEG4 22
enlarge 73.26MB, 1152x648
Download MPEG4
05-22-9-01 camp bill.mp4
VIDEO - Click Photo to View.
Camp discussion and hiking down canyon under cloudy skies.

Enlarge photo 23
enlarge 321KB, 1024x768
allan gg080
Looking down canyon from our camp.

Enlarge photo 24
enlarge 304KB, 1152x647
bill DSC02346
A short way down canyon from our camp

Enlarge photo 25
enlarge 499KB, 1024x768
allan gg081

Unusual cottonwood giant at the junction of Bullet Canyon with Grand Gulch.

Enlarge photo 26
enlarge 495KB, 1024x768
allan gg084

Will - it was unusual to see all the camps at the junction empty (no water as the spring had dried up).  Whenever we had camped here before, there were no sites without tents.

Enlarge photo 27
enlarge 456KB, 1024x768
allan gg083
Will at cottonwood

Enlarge photo 28
enlarge 430KB, 1024x768
allan gg087
Rock formations at the junction

Enlarge photo 29
enlarge 235KB, 1024x768
will DSCF0593
Close up - looks like a dinosaur emerging from the egg.

Enlarge photo 30
enlarge 528KB, 1024x768
allan gg088
Claret cup cactus blooms

Enlarge photo 31
enlarge 327KB, 1024x768
allan gg089

We took a break a ways down the Gulch beyond the mouth of Bullet Canyon. As we were sitting there, we met the second group of Colorado High School Students coming up from Green House Canyon, where we were planning to camp that night.  They said that the water situation there was pretty sketchy.

Enlarge photo 32
enlarge 256KB, 1024x768
allan gg090
Bill & Shelby discussing options.

Enlarge photo 33
enlarge 304KB, 1024x768
allan gg092
Fred & Will

Enlarge photo 34
enlarge 277KB, 768x1024
allan gg093

Enlarge photo 35
enlarge 300KB, 768x1024
allan gg096
Fred & Will

Enlarge photo 36
enlarge 268KB, 1024x768
allan gg099

Shelby took all of my maps (I print out 11x17 copies of Google Earth images) and lined them up showing our planned trip. Bullet Canyon is the line of maps to the right. The bottom two maps are Grand Gulch with Green House Canyon.  The three maps bending up to the left are Grand Gulch and then Sheiks Canyon.

Enlarge photo 37
enlarge 301KB, 1024x768
allan gg100
You can see the junction here.

Enlarge MPEG4 38
enlarge 58.16MB, 1152x648
Download MPEG4
05-22-10-20 maps will.mp4
VIDEO - Click Photo to View.

Discussion whether to go with the original plan and continue down to Green House Canyon or to backtrack and head for Sheiks Canyon for the night.  As the hiking down from the junction is what we kindly refer to as "Bastard Miles" and with sketchy water, we decided to take the latter option.

Enlarge photo 39
enlarge 358KB, 1024x768
allan gg101

Mike in Grand Gulch wash above the junction with Bullet - usually this is a boggy and muddy mess.

Enlarge photo 40
enlarge 434KB, 768x1024
allan gg102

Enlarge photo 41
enlarge 401KB, 768x1024
allan gg103

It was easy hiking in the wash this year - in 2016, it was like THIS along this same stretch of canyon.

Enlarge photo 42
enlarge 335KB, 1024x768
allan gg104
Mike hiking in the wash

Enlarge photo 43
enlarge 461KB, 768x1024
allan gg105

Enlarge photo 44
enlarge 424KB, 768x1024
allan gg106
Unusual rock in the wash

Enlarge photo 45
enlarge 462KB, 1024x768
bill DSC02347

Through a break in the trees, you can see Wall Ruin. If you enlarge to original size, you can see the members of the Colorado High School at the ruin.

Enlarge photo 46
enlarge 306KB, 1024x768
bill DSC02348

Telephoto of Wall Ruin - you can make out the students.  We didn't visit this ruin in 2016.

Enlarge photo 47
enlarge 495KB, 1024x768
allan gg107
Wall Ruin through the trees

Enlarge photo 48
enlarge 376KB, 1024x768
allan gg108
Students are coming down

Enlarge photo 49
enlarge 401KB, 1024x768
allan gg109
Another view

Enlarge photo 50
enlarge 343KB, 1024x768
allan gg110
Wall Ruin from below

Enlarge photo 51
enlarge 268KB, 1024x768
allan gg111
Upper level of Wall Ruin

Enlarge photo 52
enlarge 375KB, 1024x768
allan gg112
Wall opening stands out

Enlarge photo 53
enlarge 334KB, 1024x768
allan gg113

It's a steep climb over slickrock to get to the ruin, but septuagenarian Allan made it and got this photo of Fred and Shelby below.

Enlarge photo 54
enlarge 311KB, 1024x768
allan gg114

Looking up canyon from inside the walls of Wall Ruin - the wall with the opening seen in previous images is at the far end shown here.

Enlarge photo 55
enlarge 279KB, 1024x768
allan gg115

The upper level of Wall Ruin is accessed by a slot which you can see at the left.

Enlarge photo 56
enlarge 312KB, 1024x768
allan gg116

Looking down from the ruin - Will is making his way up and Bill is just arriving at the right.

Enlarge photo 57
enlarge 270KB, 1024x768
allan gg117
Rubble wall at lower level - slot to upper level is at top left.

Enlarge photo 58
enlarge 303KB, 1024x768
allan gg118

The wall at the up canyon end has a curve to it similar to a kiva, but there are no smoke darkened areas indicating that it was.  Looks from the rubble in the foreground that there was a wall there separating it from the rest.

Enlarge photo 59
enlarge 314KB, 1024x768
allan gg123

From the outside, it looks like the openings in the wall are "arrow slits", but as you can see here, they are at the bottom of the inside wall probably for ventilation.  Fill inside the wall as been added to make a level floor.

Enlarge photo 60
enlarge 264KB, 1024x768
allan gg124

There is a granary behind this slab of rock that has splintered off the face of the alcove.

Enlarge photo 61
enlarge 205KB, 1024x768
will DSCF0595
Close up of door to granary

Enlarge MPEG4 62
enlarge 428.51MB, 1152x648
Download MPEG4
05-22-11-45 wall ruin 1 will.mp4
VIDEO - Click Photo to View.
Will's video of Wall Ruin - he even made it up to the upper level!!!

Enlarge photo 63
enlarge 315KB, 1024x768
allan gg119
Mike exploring bench as seen from ruin

Enlarge photo 64
enlarge 385KB, 1024x768
allan gg121
Looking across the canyon from the ruin

Enlarge photo 65
enlarge 329KB, 1024x768
allan gg122
Looking down canyon from the ruin

Enlarge MPEG4 66
enlarge 47.80MB, 1152x648
Download MPEG4
05-22-11-54 mike at wall ruin bill.mp4
VIDEO - Click Photo to View.

Bill's video of Mike climbing down (butt slide) from the ruin.  Fred and I didn't go up.  I was up there in 2002 (as seen HERE).  On this trip, it looked a little too steep and being a few months shy of being 75 instead of 59, I opted to stay below.

Enlarge photo 67
enlarge 274KB, 1152x647
bill DSC02349
Fred and Shelby consulting the map

Enlarge photo 68
enlarge 259KB, 1024x768
bill DSC02350
Will doing the "butt slide" down

Enlarge photo 69
enlarge 328KB, 1024x768
bill DSC02353
Will is almost to the bottom.  Allan is "saddled" up and ready to go.

Enlarge photo 70
enlarge 327KB, 1024x768
bill DSC02356
Looking down the Gulch before heading out

Enlarge photo 71
enlarge 281KB, 1024x768
bill DSC02354
Final look at lower level of Wall Ruin

Enlarge photo 72
enlarge 263KB, 1024x768
bill DSC02355
Wall ruin - lower and upper levels

Enlarge photo 73
enlarge 308KB, 1024x768
allan gg125
Yellow Prickly Pear bloom

Enlarge photo 74
enlarge 247KB, 1024x768
allan gg126
Another bloom

Enlarge MPEG4 75
enlarge 153.88MB, 1152x648
Download MPEG4
05-22-12-20 Hiking the ledge bill will.mp4
VIDEO - Click Photo to View.
Hiking along a sandstone ledge above the wash

Enlarge photo 76
enlarge 254KB, 1024x768
bill DSC02359
Will is dwarfed by the massive canyon walls (enlarge photo to see him)

Enlarge photo 77
enlarge 271KB, 1024x768
bill DSC02360

Will and Mike clamber over a boulder field obstructing the ledge.

Enlarge photo 78
enlarge 433KB, 1024x768
allan gg127
More yellow cactus blooms

Enlarge photo 79
enlarge 319KB, 1024x768
bill DSC02361

Enlarge photo 80
enlarge 303KB, 1024x768
bill DSC02362
Making our way along the ledge

Enlarge photo 81
enlarge 348KB, 1024x768
allan gg128

Drainage chute worn into the ledge over thousands of years

Enlarge photo 82
enlarge 332KB, 1024x768
allan gg131
Mike and Will forge ahead

Enlarge photo 83
enlarge 338KB, 1024x768
bill DSC02363
Mike and Will

Enlarge photo 84
enlarge 434KB, 1024x768
allan gg132

As we round a bend a gem of a ruin appears - looking almost like a Moorish castle

Enlarge photo 85
enlarge 419KB, 1024x768
allan gg133

Will & Bill approaching the ruin (Shelby was carrying my pack through this section)

Enlarge photo 86
enlarge 393KB, 1024x768
bill DSC02364

Enlarge photo 87
enlarge 366KB, 1024x768
bill DSC02365
View of Ruin

Enlarge photo 88
enlarge 376KB, 1024x768
bill DSC02366

Will - In the shadows you can see Fred & Shelby taking advantage of the shade on a hot day.

Enlarge photo 89
enlarge 289KB, 1024x768
bill DSC02367

This ruin doesn't have a name AFAIK, but it reminds me of a Moorish Castle, so I am calling it the El Cid Ruin, after one of my favorite movies of my youth!

Enlarge MPEG4 90
enlarge 26.88MB, 1152x648
Download MPEG4
05-22-12-45 castle ruin bill.mp4
VIDEO - Click Photo to View.
Bill's video of ruin

Enlarge photo 91
enlarge 308KB, 1024x768
allan gg137
Shelby inspecting ruin

Enlarge photo 92
enlarge 255KB, 1024x768
allan gg138
Shelby, Bill, & Fred

Enlarge photo 93
enlarge 224KB, 1024x768
will DSCF0601
Some pottery shards at the ruin

Enlarge photo 94
enlarge 180KB, 1024x768
will DSCF0602

Enlarge photo 95
enlarge 181KB, 1024x768
will DSCF0603
Detail of shard showing showing ridges pressed in the clay

Enlarge photo 96
enlarge 267KB, 1024x768
allan gg140
These storage areas have deteriorated over time

Enlarge photo 97
enlarge 316KB, 768x1024
allan gg151

There is a narrow passage between the Large room at the left and the granary at the right. The granary door seems to be in a poor position because of the narrowness of the space between the walls.

Enlarge photo 98
enlarge 351KB, 768x1024
bill DSC02369
The passage leads to a "terraced" area at the back.

Enlarge photo 99
enlarge 373KB, 1024x768
allan gg142

In the back of the passage there is a bed of twigs and sticks.  It's hard to imagine animals or the wind bringing them in here.

Enlarge photo 100
enlarge 219KB, 1024x768
allan gg144

Looking into the interior of the main room from the top - note the openings.

Enlarge photo 101
enlarge 251KB, 1024x768
bill DSC02368
Interior of the main room - the floor is pretty spotless.

Enlarge photo 102
enlarge 296KB, 1024x768
allan gg145
Looking down into the granary opposite the main room.

Enlarge photo 103
enlarge 288KB, 1024x768
allan gg146

View across the top of the granary. I wonder what they used for a roof as there is no evidence of beams or rafters as found in other ruins.

Enlarge photo 104
enlarge 262KB, 1024x768
allan gg147

Looking the other direction - the top of the wall is relatively flat.

Enlarge photo 105
enlarge 289KB, 768x1024
allan gg148

Shelby & Bill - photo taken from passage between the granary and the main room.

Enlarge photo 106
enlarge 300KB, 768x1024
allan gg149
Door of the granary - typical "horse collar" shape.

Enlarge photo 107
enlarge 268KB, 1024x768
will DSCF0606

Looking through the granary door from the opposite side. Enlarge photo to see what appears to be "finger" marks shaping the clay mortar as it was placed.  No that is not a Vibram sole print at the upper left.

Enlarge photo 108
enlarge 292KB, 768x1024
bill DSC02370

Allan in the passage, showing the height of the walls and the size of the door.

Enlarge photo 109
enlarge 304KB, 1024x768
allan gg154

Fred - The door to the main room features the common "Block T" shape.  You can see that the height of the walls is pretty even across the ruin, except at the back.

Enlarge photo 110
enlarge 202KB, 1024x768
bill DSC02371

Mike found a rounded "rock" laying in the sand and when he picked it up it turned out to be an intricately decorated pottery shard.

Enlarge photo 111
enlarge 148KB, 1024x768
will DSCF0607
Close up of Pottery shard

Enlarge photo 112
enlarge 252KB, 1024x768
allan gg156

To the left of the main room of the ruin are two granaries, and what appears to be a built up terrace to provide a level floor.  Note the unusual "block" depressions in the mortar - like stones were pressed into the clay before it set.

Enlarge photo 113
enlarge 318KB, 1024x768
bill DSC02373

Another view of the "Terrace" and the rounded wall of the main ruin.

Enlarge photo 114
enlarge 381KB, 1024x768
bill DSC02374

Photo showing the openings in the rounded wall- two different styles.

Enlarge photo 115
enlarge 441KB, 1024x768
allan gg157
Further along there was another ruin built into an alcove.

Enlarge photo 116
enlarge 259KB, 1024x768
bill DSC02375

This ruin is fairly large and door seems larger than normal for a typical granary.

Enlarge photo 117
enlarge 217KB, 1024x768
allan gg158
Fred at ruin

Enlarge photo 118
enlarge 260KB, 1024x768
will DSCF0609

Side of ruin - seems like the builder took a short cut with that large rock. I'm wondering why the bottom courses are not grouted as the upper.

Enlarge photo 119
enlarge 245KB, 1024x768
allan gg163
Will & Fred

Enlarge photo 120
enlarge 286KB, 1024x768
allan gg165
Mike, Will, & Fred

Enlarge photo 121
enlarge 292KB, 768x1024
allan gg170

View of the alcove and the patterns in the rock above - also note the strange pile of rocks to the right of the ruin leveling a hole in the bedrock.

Enlarge photo 122
enlarge 419KB, 1024x768
allan gg166
Bill heading out

Enlarge photo 123
enlarge 417KB, 1024x768
allan gg167

Enlarge photo 124
enlarge 259KB, 1024x768
will DSCF0608
Shifting bands of layers in the sandstone

Enlarge photo 125
enlarge 242KB, 1024x768
bill DSC02377
Fred coming around the bend

Enlarge photo 126
enlarge 328KB, 1024x768
allan gg171

There was a little bit of shade so we ducked in to escape the heat for a little while

Enlarge photo 127
enlarge 330KB, 1024x768
allan gg173
Looking up canyon from our shady spot

Enlarge photo 128
enlarge 257KB, 1024x768
bill DSC02388

When we got up to go, we found that behind us was a petraglyph panel - a serendipitous surprise.

Enlarge photo 129
enlarge 234KB, 1024x768
allan gg179
Bill viewing petraglyphs

Enlarge photo 130
enlarge 195KB, 1024x768
will DSCF0610
Petraglyphs (enlarge for best view)

Enlarge photo 131
enlarge 222KB, 1024x768
allan gg178
Mike videoing the panel (unfortunately the SD card was lost)

Enlarge photo 132
enlarge 215KB, 1024x768
allan gg183

Bighorn sheep marching along - this blocky design seems to the standard one common to many panels across Utah.  Compare them to the "frisky" bighorns also found on this panel

Enlarge photo 133
enlarge 186KB, 1024x768
will DSCF0612
Expanded view - a lot of figures have faded out over time.

Enlarge photo 134
enlarge 227KB, 1024x768
allan gg184
More figures

Enlarge photo 135
enlarge 277KB, 1024x768
allan gg181
Frog? sheep?

Enlarge photo 136
enlarge 321KB, 1024x768
allan gg182

Close up of frog(?) - in the sunlight you can see the indentation in the rock

Enlarge photo 137
enlarge 203KB, 1024x768
allan gg177
Another section of the panel

Enlarge photo 138
enlarge 203KB, 1024x768
will DSCF0611
Enlarged detail

Enlarge photo 139
enlarge 218KB, 1024x768
bill DSC02384

Concentric circles with an extended wavy line.  Seems to be a common theme:
Slickhorn Canyon (2015)
Lower Grand Gulch (2006)

Enlarge photo 140
enlarge 284KB, 1024x768
bill DSC02383
Frisky bighorn?

Enlarge photo 141
enlarge 219KB, 1024x768
allan gg186
More figures

Enlarge photo 142
enlarge 206KB, 1024x768
bill DSC02386
Another section of the panel

Enlarge photo 143
enlarge 241KB, 1024x768
bill DSC02382
Another frisky bighorn?

Enlarge photo 144
enlarge 278KB, 1024x768
bill DSC02381
Stylized bighorn

Enlarge photo 145
enlarge 216KB, 1024x768
will DSCF0613

Enlarge photo 146
enlarge 197KB, 1024x768
will DSCF0615

Enlarge photo 147
enlarge 213KB, 1024x768
bill DSC02391
Another view

Enlarge photo 148
enlarge 288KB, 1024x768
bill DSC02392
Continuing along

Enlarge photo 149
enlarge 324KB, 1024x768
allan gg190
Erosion patterns in the rock

Enlarge photo 150
enlarge 280KB, 1024x768
allan gg191
Bill hiking in the shade

Enlarge photo 151
enlarge 315KB, 1024x768
allan gg192
Looking down to the wash

Enlarge photo 152
enlarge 370KB, 1024x768
allan gg193

Looking across the canyon - trails from the bench down to the wash

Enlarge photo 153
enlarge 388KB, 1024x768
allan gg194
Looking down canyon across the wash

Enlarge photo 154
enlarge 408KB, 1024x768
bill DSC02393

Will - A little further up canyon from the previous photos are these Hoodoos across the way.

Enlarge photo 155
enlarge 378KB, 1024x768
bill DSC02396
Mike & Fred arriving at break spot

Enlarge photo 156
enlarge 340KB, 1024x768
will DSCF0617

We found a shady spot around the bend and while we were sitting there someone (can't remember who) spotted a granary across the canyon.  Enlarge the picture to original size and look above the highest branch of the lower tree at center right.

Enlarge photo 157
enlarge 274KB, 1024x768
bill DSC02394
Telephoto view of granary across the canyon

Enlarge photo 158
enlarge 381KB, 1024x768
will DSCF0618
Allan at break spot

Enlarge photo 159
enlarge 337KB, 1024x768
will DSCF0619
Bill & Fred (worn out) - Mike & Shelby ready to go.

Enlarge MPEG4 160
enlarge 178.16MB, 1152x648
Download MPEG4
05-22-14-20 break time mike 2.mp4
VIDEO - Click Photo to View.
"My Buddies"

Allan shares an off color joke during our break.  Just prior to this, Mike swapped out his full SD card from his GoPro with an extra that Will had.  You can see Will putting the card in a ziploc bag and putting it in his pack.  Unfortunately between then and when we got back, the card was lost including all the footage up to that point of the trip.

Enlarge photo 161
enlarge 344KB, 1024x768
allan gg198
How do we get down??

Enlarge photo 162
enlarge 315KB, 1024x768
allan gg197

While it was fairly easy to get up on the ledge, getting down was not. Steep gullies due to erosion as seen here made things difficult.  Shelby came back up this one to show me the way down - you couldn't just hike down the gully as it was periodically choked with debris so you had to bushwhack out and around.  Not a pleasant experience.

Enlarge photo 163
enlarge 200KB, 1024x768
bill DSC02395
Hidden in a deep alcove was this little granary.

Enlarge MPEG4 164
enlarge 189.09MB, 1152x648
Download MPEG4
05-22-15-30 cactus butt mike.mp4
VIDEO - Click Photo to View.

On the way down, Will had an unfortunate encounter with an angry Prickly Pear cactus (with the emphasis on "Prickly").

Enlarge photo 165
enlarge 219KB, 1024x768
allan gg200

Allan made his way down and his encounter with a Prickly Pear cactus was much different.

Enlarge photo 166
enlarge 224KB, 1024x768
allan gg201
Another bloom

Enlarge MPEG4 167
enlarge 67.85MB, 1152x648
Download MPEG4
05-22-15-50 prickly porcupine mike.mp4
VIDEO - Click Photo to View.
Will discussing the aftermath of his cactus encounter

Enlarge photo 168
enlarge 288KB, 1024x768
bill DSC02397

A memorable section of slickrock - it was much different in 2002 with a large pool of water here: Click Here.

Enlarge photo 169
enlarge 240KB, 1024x768
allan gg203
Another cactus bloom by Allan

Enlarge photo 170
enlarge 461KB, 1024x768
allan gg204
More blooms

Enlarge photo 171
enlarge 288KB, 1024x768
allan gg208
Yellow bloom

Enlarge photo 172
enlarge 204KB, 1024x768
allan gg210
Another yellow bloom

Enlarge MPEG4 173
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05-22-16-15 Bill in Sheiks canyon mike.mp4
VIDEO - Click Photo to View.

Bill huffing and puffing his way up to our camp. At this point I was really worried as there was water along this whole stretch in 2016, but was totally dry two years later.

Enlarge MPEG4 174
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05-22-17-02 Green Mask spring source mike.mp4
VIDEO - Click Photo to View.

Mike and his GoPro investigate the source of the Green Mask Spring.

Enlarge MPEG4 175
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05-22-17-04 frogs tadpoles getting water mike.mp4
VIDEO - Click Photo to View.

Mike follows the water flow from the source down to the pools where Fred, Will, and Allan are filling our jugs with water. Along the way are encounters with frogs and tadpoles galore.

Enlarge photo 176
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allan gg224
Fred and Will filling our water jugs

Enlarge photo 177
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allan gg226
Fred & Will

Enlarge photo 178
enlarge 414KB, 1024x768
allan gg227
We use our coffee pot to dip water from the pool

Enlarge photo 179
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allan gg229

Pouring water into the 5 gal jug - this was a new jug from REI.  It wasn't the old reliable from Reliance of Canada and fell short as the mouth was too small for the water filter intake hose plug.

Enlarge photo 180
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allan gg236
Bill getting some Kool Aid Lemonade after a hot day on the trail

Enlarge photo 181
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allan gg233
Shelby in camp

Enlarge photo 182
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allan gg234
Fred measuring out some Kool Aid

Enlarge photo 183
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allan gg235
Mike in camp

Enlarge photo 184
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allan gg237
Allan's tent

Enlarge photo 185
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allan gg238
Will's Tent

Enlarge photo 186
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allan gg239
Fred's Tent (Cramped 2 man!)

Enlarge photo 187
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allan gg240
Fred, Will & Mike in camp

Enlarge photo 188
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allan gg244
Cooking the veggies for Chili - onions, jalapenos, & garlic

Enlarge photo 189
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allan gg243
Dinner is cooking

Enlarge photo 190
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allan gg246
Chili is simmering. Cider is brewing. Shelby is preparing cheesecake.

Enlarge photo 191
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allan gg247

Will pumping water.  Shelby mixing the cheesecake for dessert and the water's on for super sugary spiced tea.

Enlarge photo 192
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allan gg249
A lawn chair is always welcome in camp

Enlarge photo 193
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allan gg251
Fred getting his tent ready for the night

Enlarge photo 194
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allan gg255
After dinner camp time

Enlarge photo 195
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allan gg241
Looking down Sheiks Canyon towards the Gulch from our camp

Enlarge photo 196
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allan gg242
High ruins above the Breech Birth Panel (Enlarge photo)

Enlarge photo 197
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allan gg257
Relaxing before bed time

Enlarge MPEG4 198
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05-22-19-50 Prewash for chili mike.mp4
VIDEO - Click Photo to View.

Pre-wash and Wash of Chili Night dishes.  Bill & Shelby erecting their tents

Enlarge photo 199
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