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Dark Canyon 2012
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Dark Canyon Wilderness, Utah
May 2012

Don't Tread on Me! - Canyon Resident We Met on Trail

Attendees: Bill Mooseker, Fred Stong, Joel Fuller, Nick McMahan

This was the 12th springtime trip to Utah's Canyons for the Troop 24 Kickass Trekkers. There were only four of us for this trip. I've often wondered about going to Dark Canyon, but the trailheads are above 8000 feet and usually are snow covered when we usually make our trips.

This year we were making the trip in mid May, and the access roads were open. It takes two days to reach the trailhead from Lynnwood. After a long, long first day we overnight in Tremonton, Utah (about a 700 mile day)

The next day was much shorter and we hoped to meet Fred at the National Bridges National Monument Headquarters in mid afternoon, but it took us longer as we were wandering all over Price, UT to find an auto parts store to get some fuses to fix the taillights on the Gray Ghost.

It was late afternoon when we pulled into the parking lot at National Bridges NM. We sorted out our gear and got our packs ready and transferred them to Fred's truck. Taking off we made our way on a fairly good dirt road up and through the Bear's Ears. We dropped the car off at the Peavine Trailhead and all of us piled into Fred's Truck for the long drive to the Big Notch Trailhead.

The Dark Canyon Wilderness is very remote, and we did not see many people during our trip. It was quite different from our other canyon treks due to the higher elevation. Water was a concern as 2012 was a very dry year, and any visitor should consult local sources for the latest information before making a trip here.

In order to locate where the photos in the album were taken i've used the online map tool, Acme Mapper. This is a superb application which gives you linked topo and aerial photo (google) maps. I used to use some Bing maps but those didn't work anymore, so I've converted them to Google Maps.

Note that photo titles ending in "Joel" are by Joel Fuller. The rest are mine.

Troop 24 Kickass Trekkers Backpacking Trip
-Cascade Bill Mooseker

Date(s): May 15 -19, 2012. Album by Cascade Bill. 1 - 214 of 214 Total. 5529 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
enlarge 335KB, 995x1024

To get the plugin just Google "videolan" or CLICK HERE FOR DOWNLOAD for Windows. There is a MAC version as well. Disable the Quicktime plugin if you use Videolan. To view fullscreen videos click the icon on the top right of the video when it starts playing.

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Enlarge photo 2
enlarge 591KB, 1024x768
DC2012-001-IMG 0563
Fred, Joel, and Nick - Near the start of the trail at the Big Notch Trailhead.

After a long drive from Tremonton, we met Fred at the Natural Bridges NM parking lot.  After packing up our packs and getting our gear in order, we took off on a rough road up through the Bears Ears.

Enlarge photo 3
enlarge 551KB, 1024x768
DC2012-002-IMG 0564
Nick, Bill, and Joel at the Notch Trailhead, heading down into Dark Canyon.
The Big Notch Trailhead is located HERE

Enlarge photo 4
enlarge 394KB, 1024x768
DC2012-003-IMG 0565
The trail drops sharply and we were soon down on the valley floor.

Enlarge photo 5
enlarge 465KB, 1024x768
DC2012-004-IMG 0566
The trail crosses grassy flats, dotted with aspens and evergreens.

Enlarge photo 6
enlarge 182KB, 1024x768
DC2012-005-IMG 0567
Heading down the trail.  When you notice a faint fork in the trail head to the left to avoid a big gully which opens up and will leave you stranded.  If you see a big dropoff to your left head back to go down the other side close to the hill on the south side of the canyon.

Enlarge photo 7
enlarge 372KB, 1024x678
DC2012-006-2012-05-15 at 17-48-36-Joel
Rock formation across the canyon - the sun is dropping fast.

Enlarge photo 8
enlarge 288KB, 1024x678
DC2012-007-2012-05-15 at 17-52-49-Joel
Nick, Bill, and Fred - the sun is almost down and we start looking for a camp spot.

Enlarge photo 9
enlarge 312KB, 1024x678
DC2012-008-2012-05-15 at 17-53-47-Joel
"Canyon" Bill??

Enlarge photo 10
enlarge 425KB, 1024x768
DC2012-009-IMG 0568
Here you can see the "Gully" - it's deep with steep sides - we are on the south side.

Enlarge MPEG4 11
enlarge 84.65MB, 1024x682
Download MPEG4
VIDEO - Click Photo to View
Heading down the Canyon as the sun sets.

Enlarge photo 12
enlarge 277KB, 1024x768
DC2012-010-IMG 0571
Rock formation across from our camp site - you can the the Gully in between.

Enlarge photo 13
enlarge 340KB, 1024x678
DC2012-011-2012-05-15 at 20-27-57-Joel
Joel - trying his hand at star photography.  Do you see the meteor he caught. Enlarge for best view.

Enlarge photo 14
enlarge 260KB, 1024x678
DC2012-012-2012-05-15 at 20-39-51-Joel
Another star shot.

Enlarge photo 15
enlarge 496KB, 1024x768
DC2012-013-IMG 0572
Nick, Joel, and fred on our first morning.  It was a great spot to camp and we were lucky that we didn't go much further as we were hiking down the wet and muddy Gully bottom for a long time.

Enlarge photo 16
enlarge 481KB, 1024x768
DC2012-014-IMG 0573
Fred and my tents.  Just beyond my tent the trail dips down into and crosses the gully to the other side.
Our Camp was located HERE

Enlarge photo 17
enlarge 400KB, 1024x768
DC2012-015-IMG 0574
Breakfast on a chilly morning.

Enlarge photo 18
enlarge 454KB, 1024x768
DC2012-016-IMG 0575
Looking down into the wash from our camp. You can see the trail climbing up the other side on a sandy slope.  There was a little water in the wash here.

The trail is shown here on this MAP

Enlarge photo 19
enlarge 372KB, 1024x768
DC2012-017-IMG 0576
Beautiful flower along the way - I couldn't identify it but you don't have to know what it is to enjoy it.

Enlarge photo 20
enlarge 288KB, 1024x768
DC2012-018-IMG 0577
Back on top of the vally floor on the north side of the gully heading down canyon.

Enlarge photo 21
enlarge 400KB, 1024x768
DC2012-019-IMG 0578
The rocks are similar to our other canyon hikes, but the evergreens are not.
After a while we came to a point where we had to descend down into the gully wash again.  
There was a trail up the other side so we took it only to find out that we were just on a peninsula between another gully coming down a side canyon.  Looking down we could see a trail going down the wash.
For Location: CLICK HERE

Enlarge photo 22
enlarge 481KB, 1024x768
DC2012-020-IMG 0579
Fred and I decided to go back down and head down the wash where we saw the trail.  Nick and Joel decided to drop down into the gully coming down the side canyon.  Not the most pleasant hiking as we had to contend with brush, mud, and water in the wash.
Eventually, Fred and I stopped for a break where we found a trail up out of the wash.  Nick went up to investigate.
I think that this is located HERE

Enlarge MPEG4 23
enlarge 51.09MB, 1024x682
Download MPEG4
VIDEO - Click Photo to View
Fred and Joel, waiting for Nick to tell us if it was a go or not.  Our map showed that the trail up out of the wash was further back, but we never found it.  After looking around, Nick came back and told us that there was another side canyon gully blocking the way, so we decided to keep on going down the wash.

Enlarge photo 24
enlarge 465KB, 1024x768
DC2012-021-IMG 0581
A short while later we found another trail up the side - this is the view from the top.  Since a cairn marks the spot we were pretty confident that we were on the right path.

Enlarge photo 25
enlarge 413KB, 1024x768
DC2012-022-IMG 0582
Looking down canyon from the top of the trail to the bluff.
I think that this is located HERE

Enlarge photo 26
enlarge 327KB, 1024x678
DC2012-023-2012-05-16 at 10-23-02-Joel
The trail crossed the level valley floor headed towards this interesting rock formation.

Enlarge photo 27
enlarge 426KB, 678x1024
DC2012-024-2012-05-16 at 10-26-35-Joel
When we got near the rocks we could see that we had to cross another deep gully from a side canyon on the north side.  This was Drift Canyon, although I didn't realize it at the time and I thought that Drift was further down canyon.

Enlarge photo 28
enlarge 446KB, 1024x768
DC2012-025-IMG 0583
Looking down into the wash at Drift Canyon and back up canyon where we had come down (we had crossed the gully and climbed back up to the valley floor).  You can see the steep trail down the side of the gully and that there was a little water Drift Canyon.

Enlarge photo 29
enlarge 286KB, 1024x768
DC2012-026-IMG 0584
Another view looking up canyon.
The wash crossing is located HERE

Enlarge photo 30
enlarge 355KB, 1024x678
DC2012-027-2012-05-16 at 10-33-06-Joel
Looking across to the rock formations on the other side of Drift. You can see Nick if you look closely.

Enlarge photo 31
enlarge 405KB, 678x1024
DC2012-028-2012-05-16 at 10-37-52-Joel
Bill hiking through the sage brush.

Enlarge photo 32
enlarge 327KB, 678x1024
DC2012-029-2012-05-16 at 10-36-54-Joel
Close up view of the rock formation at the mouth of Drift Canyon.

Enlarge photo 33
enlarge 366KB, 678x1024
DC2012-030-2012-05-16 at 10-37-20-Joel
Fred and Bill.

Enlarge photo 34
enlarge 280KB, 768x1024
DC2012-031-IMG 0585
Fred rounding the rock at the mouth of Drift.

Enlarge photo 35
enlarge 388KB, 1024x768
DC2012-032-IMG 0586
Joel and Nick at the mouth of Drift Canyon.

Enlarge photo 36
enlarge 397KB, 1024x768
DC2012-033-IMG 0587
After rounding the rocky point at the mouth of Drift, the trail entered a wooded basin - this view is looking back up canyon.

Enlarge photo 37
enlarge 507KB, 1024x768
DC2012-034-IMG 0588
Fred at some of the Ponderosa pines in the basin - very pleasant spot.

Enlarge photo 38
enlarge 406KB, 1024x768
DC2012-035-IMG 0589

Enlarge photo 39
enlarge 401KB, 1024x768
DC2012-036-IMG 0590

Enlarge photo 40
enlarge 390KB, 768x1024
DC2012-037-IMG 0591
I'm gettin too old for this!

Enlarge photo 41
enlarge 376KB, 1024x768
DC2012-038-IMG 0592
Rounding another knob, we find rocky cliffs surrounding the next little basin - as we walked by, Joel spotted a ruin in the cliff above.  Enlarge the photo and see if you can find it.

Enlarge photo 42
enlarge 391KB, 1024x768
DC2012-039-IMG 0593
Telephoto view of ruin.  I don't know how they got up there. Enlarge for best view.

Enlarge photo 43
enlarge 405KB, 1024x768
DC2012-040-IMG 0594
Another view.

Enlarge photo 44
enlarge 374KB, 1024x768
DC2012-041-IMG 0595
After passing the basin with the cliff ruin, the next basin (or more correctly a "box canyon" harking back to my Gene Autry and Roy Rogers terminology) was a large meadowed one.  We left the trail to find a good spot for lunch (as seen here). After lunch Nick and Joel took off to explore the basin.  As Fred and I waited, the sky clouded up and we had a short period of wind and rain.

Enlarge photo 45
enlarge 332KB, 1024x768
DC2012-042-IMG 0596
This is the rock buttress at the south end of the box canyon where we had lunch. You can see what looks to be an alcove.  Nick and Joel went on down the trail while Fred and I went up to explore the alcove.

Enlarge photo 46
enlarge 295KB, 1024x768
DC2012-043-IMG 0597
Getting a closer view of the alcove. We dropped our packs and went up to explore.

Enlarge photo 47
enlarge 399KB, 1024x768
DC2012-044-IMG 0598
In the alcove are a few random rocks - remnants of a ruin? probably not.

Enlarge photo 48
enlarge 292KB, 1024x768
DC2012-045-IMG 0599
Looking back up canyon from the alcove.
This box canyon is located HERE

Enlarge photo 49
enlarge 403KB, 1024x768
DC2012-046-IMG 0600
Hiking down from the alcove, I was holding the camera and I accidently snapped this photo.  Fred and I decided that we would explore the basin.

Enlarge photo 50
enlarge 459KB, 1024x768
DC2012-047-IMG 0601
Desert paintbrush - seems "stringier" than those in Cascade meadows.

Enlarge photo 51
enlarge 359KB, 1024x768
DC2012-048-IMG 0602
Telephoto looking back to the up-canyon end of the meadow.

Enlarge photo 52
enlarge 288KB, 1024x768
DC2012-049-IMG 0603
Fred heading to the upper end of the meadow.

Enlarge photo 53
enlarge 296KB, 1024x768
DC2012-050-IMG 0604
Fred climbed up the rocks at the head of the basin and got this photo.

Enlarge MPEG4 54
enlarge 53.57MB, 1024x682
Download MPEG4
VIDEO - Click Photo to View
Video taken by Fred as he climbed up the cliff at the head of the meadow.

Enlarge photo 55
enlarge 319KB, 1024x768
DC2012-051-IMG 0605
View from the cliff looking back toward the main canyon.

Enlarge photo 56
enlarge 466KB, 1024x768
DC2012-052-IMG 0606
View looking back along the cliffs surrounding the meadow.

Enlarge photo 57
enlarge 422KB, 1024x768
DC2012-053-IMG 0607
Another view.

Enlarge photo 58
enlarge 241KB, 1024x768
DC2012-054-IMG 0609
After our side trip, we returned to our packs and headed back down canyon. Rounding the Rocky point that had the alcove, we traversed another small basin.  Rounding the bluff at the end of the basin, we were surprised when we found that we had arrived at the Scorup Cabin at the mouth of Horse Canyon.  This is a view looking down canyon at the mouth of Horse Canyon.

Enlarge photo 59
enlarge 432KB, 1024x768
DC2012-055-IMG 0610
Fred sitting on the steps of the Scorup Cabin, reading the history of Al Scorup a copy of which can be found online:
We camped at the campsite Located Here.

Enlarge photo 60
enlarge 347KB, 1024x678
DC2012-056-2012-05-16 at 12-38-14-Joel
The Scorup Cabin. Photos of the interior of the cabin can be found HERE
The cabin was originally located in Rig Canyon (1927) where it was used as a base for an oil drilling operation until it was moved here in 1930 for the summer headquarters of the Dugout Ranch Cattle cowboys. In 1970 the cabin was turned over to the Forest Service.

Enlarge photo 61
enlarge 320KB, 1024x678
DC2012-057-2012-05-16 at 15-02-31-Joel
Nick heading up Horse Canyon - Nick and Joel took an afternoon sidetrip a ways up Horse.

Enlarge photo 62
enlarge 276KB, 1024x678
DC2012-059-2012-05-16 at 15-04-01-Joel
Horse Canyon is wide at the mouth with a big meadow.  
Fred was telling me about the book "Dark Canyon" by Louis L'amor with it's tales of rustlers hiding cattle in it's side canyons. Horse Canyon does appear to be a place to hide a bunch of steers.

Enlarge photo 63
enlarge 273KB, 1024x678
DC2012-061-2012-05-16 at 15-04-18-Joel
Nick in Horse Canyon.

Enlarge photo 64
enlarge 369KB, 1024x678
DC2012-063-2012-05-16 at 15-31-11-Joel
Claret Cup cactus flowers in Horse Canyon.

Enlarge photo 65
enlarge 218KB, 1024x678
DC2012-064-2012-05-16 at 15-31-45-Joel
Close up of Claret Cup flowers.

Enlarge photo 66
enlarge 442KB, 678x1024
DC2012-065-2012-05-16 at 15-32-15-Joel
Group of Claret cup flowers.

Enlarge photo 67
enlarge 293KB, 1024x678
DC2012-066-2012-05-16 at 15-34-26-Joel
Nick doing some "bouldering" in Horse Canyon.

Enlarge photo 68
enlarge 300KB, 1024x678
DC2012-067-2012-05-16 at 15-34-42-Joel
Note the interesting hoodoo's in the background.

Enlarge photo 69
enlarge 342KB, 1024x768
DC2012-068-IMG 0611
Looking up Horse Canyon from it's mouth.

Enlarge photo 70
enlarge 335KB, 1024x768
DC2012-069-IMG 0612
Fred in Horse Canyon.

Enlarge photo 71
enlarge 335KB, 1024x768
DC2012-070-IMG 0613
View of Horse Canyon.

Enlarge photo 72
enlarge 557KB, 1024x768
DC2012-071-IMG 0614
Cattlemen's shed near Scorup Cabin - filled with interesting junk.

Enlarge photo 73
enlarge 580KB, 1024x768
DC2012-072-IMG 0615
phlox flowers near Scorup Cabin.

Enlarge photo 74
enlarge 289KB, 1024x768
DC2012-073-IMG 0616
View from near the "waterfall" below Scorup Cabin.

Enlarge photo 75
enlarge 404KB, 1024x768
DC2012-074-IMG 0617
Waterfall at Scorup Cabin - there was some seepage but no water coming down the wash.  There was a big pour-off pool below the falls.

Off to the right of this picture there was a pipe (3/4" maybe) jutting out from the hill dripping water.  We would put our big pot under the drip and come back an hour or so later to transfer it to our 5 gal jugs.

Enlarge photo 76
enlarge 365KB, 678x1024
DC2012-075-2012-05-17 at 08-55-17-Joel
Looking down canyon from the "falls".

Enlarge photo 77
enlarge 406KB, 1024x768
DC2012-076-IMG 0618
Fred - Heading out on our 3rd day.  This is really an impressive view.

Enlarge photo 78
enlarge 427KB, 1024x768
DC2012-077-IMG 0619
The Old Man.

Enlarge photo 79
enlarge 429KB, 1024x768
DC2012-078-IMG 0620
Another view.

Enlarge photo 80
enlarge 374KB, 1024x768
DC2012-079-IMG 0621
Looking back towards the falls.  It was very swampy here and we had to make detours frequently to avoid going over out boot tops.

Enlarge photo 81
enlarge 300KB, 768x1024
DC2012-080-IMG 0622
Hoodoo down canyon from Horse Canyon.

Enlarge photo 82
enlarge 418KB, 1024x768
DC2012-081-IMG 0623
Further down the canyon, the wash dries up.  This is another "Falls" as noted on the topo map. The road (accessible by ATV from Peavine Canyon) winds around this spot.
This Pour-off is located Here

Enlarge photo 83
enlarge 310KB, 1024x768
DC2012-082-IMG 0624
Looking back up canyon.  You can see the road as it comes down the bank into the wash from a side canyon.

Enlarge photo 84
enlarge 336KB, 1024x678
DC2012-083-2012-05-17 at 10-37-47-Joel
Another bank of phlox flowers.

Enlarge photo 85
enlarge 386KB, 1024x768
DC2012-084-IMG 0625
Horned toad - the first I've seen.

Enlarge photo 86
enlarge 391KB, 1024x768
DC2012-085-IMG 0626
When we got to the mouth of Peavine Canyon, we met this group of hikers who are members of a seniors bicycle club who were doing the Woodenshoe - Peavine Canyon loop trip.  It's all relative when I say senior as they were all junior to me.  They told us that other than where we were, there was no water available until the spring just up canyon from the Mouth of Trail Canyon.
We had planned to camp somewhere near Rig Canyon, but with no water our options were either staying put or hiking all the way down to the next water.  As it was still early in the day, we decided to hike all the way down the canyon.

Enlarge photo 87
enlarge 304KB, 1024x768
DC2012-086-IMG 0627
Looking up Peavine Canyon. You can see the "Seniors" heading up the trail.

Enlarge photo 88
enlarge 325KB, 1024x678
DC2012-087-2012-05-17 at 12-01-06 (2)-Joel
Nick at the mouth of Peavine - we took a break for lunch here.

Enlarge photo 89
enlarge 477KB, 1024x768
DC2012-088-IMG 0628
Nick looking for a little shade!

Enlarge photo 90
enlarge 324KB, 1024x678
DC2012-089-2012-05-17 at 10-44-20-Joel
If you look closely you can see the Peavine Arch in the rocks above.

Enlarge photo 91
enlarge 357KB, 1024x678
DC2012-090-2012-05-17 at 12-01-21-Joel
A view of the arch.

Enlarge photo 92
enlarge 388KB, 1024x768
DC2012-091-IMG 0629
Another view.

Enlarge photo 93
enlarge 182KB, 1024x678
DC2012-092-2012-05-17 at 12-12-30-Joel
Close up of Phlox flowers.

Enlarge photo 94
enlarge 365KB, 1024x768
DC2012-093-IMG 0630
Another view looking towards Peavine Arch from the wash at the mouth of Peavine Canyon.

Enlarge photo 95
enlarge 367KB, 1024x768
DC2012-094-IMG 0631
On our way down to Rig Canyon - this shot is looking back up canyon to Steamboat Point,which is the peak dividing Dark (which goes to the left) and Peavine (which goes to the right).  The path here is the Peavine-Rig Corridor which is a strip in the wilderness that allows ATV access.

Enlarge photo 96
enlarge 241KB, 1024x768
DC2012-095-IMG 0632
Joel & Nick ahead on the way to Rig Canyon.

Enlarge photo 97
enlarge 373KB, 1024x768
DC2012-096-IMG 0633
At the mouth of Rig Canyon, the ATV track turns left and heads up Rig Canyon.  The backpacker trail (no vehicles) turns right for a few hundred yards and then heads back down Dark Canyon.  This photo shows Fred along the stretch between Rig Canyon and Poison Canyon.

Enlarge photo 98
enlarge 517KB, 1024x768
DC2012-097-IMG 0634
Some flowers along the way.

Enlarge photo 99
enlarge 295KB, 1024x768
DC2012-098-IMG 0635
Almost to the mouth of Poison Canyon.

Enlarge photo 100
enlarge 322KB, 1024x768
DC2012-099-IMG 0636
Now heading down the main canyon after the junction with Poison Canyon - Dark Canyon is a broad valley now with imposing buttresses along it's length.
The wash is to the left as the trail shortcuts a loop in the wash - note that the headland above is the same one as in the previous picture.

Enlarge photo 101
enlarge 351KB, 1024x768
DC2012-100-IMG 0637
This one faked me out - I thought we had reached the big loop that the trail shortcuts, but this is just one of the many side canyons.  We still had a long way to go.

For location of Photo: CLICK HERE.  
If you put the coordinates into Google Earth, you get the view shown in the photo when you switch to "Ground View".

Enlarge photo 102
enlarge 324KB, 1024x768
DC2012-101-IMG 0638end
After a while the following amphitheater massif comes into view - It would take a long time to get past it.
The trail is sometimes in the wash and then it will climb up on the banks as we go around loops and bends.

Enlarge photo 103
enlarge 383KB, 678x1024
DC2012-102-2012-05-17 at 15-31-36-Joel
A close up view of the Amphitheater. Very Scenic, but strange that it doesn't have a name.

Enlarge photo 104
enlarge 311KB, 1024x678
DC2012-103-2012-05-17 at 16-14-04-Joel
Joel's photo of some Cryptobiotic Soil along the way.  You're not supposed to walk on this as it destroy's the colony.

Enlarge photo 105
enlarge 277KB, 678x1024
DC2012-104-2012-05-17 at 16-14-23-Joel
Another shot.

Enlarge photo 106
enlarge 282KB, 1024x768
DC2012-105-IMG 0639
This little guy was laying astride the trail when we came by.  He scurried into this snug hiding place, where he was shaking his rattle very vigorously.

Enlarge MPEG4 107
enlarge 28.82MB, 1024x682
Download MPEG4
VIDEO - Click Photo to View
Little rattle snake seen along the trail - this is the first one I have seen in my many years of hiking and growing up in Penna.

Enlarge photo 108
enlarge 249KB, 1024x768
DC2012-106-IMG 0641
Right next to the rattlesnake was this birdnest - sorry for the focus.

Enlarge photo 109
enlarge 356KB, 1024x768
DC2012-107-IMG 0642
We finally reached the big bend loop that the trail short circuits by going actoss the headland between the loop.  You can see Nick and Joel already down in the wash - as you can see we've climbed a fair amount above the wash.  The trail switchbacks down through the trees an re-enters the wash.

Enlarge photo 110
enlarge 314KB, 1024x768
DC2012-108-IMG 0643
For location of the Photo: CLICK HERE.

Enlarge photo 111
enlarge 304KB, 1024x768
DC2012-109-IMG 0644
View from the headland we crossed over, looking back up the loop we were shortcutting.

Enlarge photo 112
enlarge 170KB, 1024x678
DC2012-110-2012-05-17 at 20-02-36-Joel
Joel got this shot of Nick at night at our campfire in our camp.  It was a long, long day and I was too tired to take any pictures.  The spring fed water in the wash was really a welcome sight.

Enlarge photo 113
enlarge 80KB, 1024x678
DC2012-111-2012-05-17 at 20-03-07-Joel
For location of our camp CLICK HERE.

Enlarge photo 114
enlarge 464KB, 678x1024
DC2012-112-2012-05-18 at 07-11-40-Joel
Day 4: In the morning Joel and Nick climbed up to this point near our camp. Actually, the point is on the finger of land that the wash loops around.  We found that there was a trail across the headland that we missed as we were coming down the canyon.

Enlarge photo 115
enlarge 397KB, 1024x678
DC2012-113-2012-05-18 at 07-12-16-Joel
Joel about to roll a rock over the edge.
For location of this point CLICK HERE.

Enlarge photo 116
enlarge 450KB, 1024x768
DC2012-114-IMG 0645
Heading back up canyon (retracing our Day 3 hike) we see these landmarks as the trail switches in and out of the wash.

Enlarge photo 117
enlarge 649KB, 1024x768
DC2012-115-IMG 0646

Enlarge photo 118
enlarge 389KB, 1024x768
DC2012-116-IMG 0647
It was a much brighter and sunnier day as we climbed back over the headland shortcutting the big loop in the wash.

Enlarge photo 119
enlarge 499KB, 1024x768
DC2012-117-IMG 0648
Fred on the trail over the headland.

Enlarge photo 120
enlarge 344KB, 1024x768
DC2012-118-IMG 0649
Hiking along the bank of the wash with this headland as a backdrop.

Enlarge photo 121
enlarge 328KB, 1024x768
DC2012-119-IMG 0650
Even closer as the wash loops around.

Enlarge photo 122
enlarge 343KB, 1024x768
DC2012-120-IMG 0651
Back in the wash.  Hiking in the wash was more difficult due to the loose sand - you can see the trail on the bank in the background.

Enlarge photo 123
enlarge 271KB, 1024x678
DC2012-121-2012-05-18 at 09-53-28-Joel
Nick and Joel find another Horned Toad.

Enlarge photo 124
enlarge 227KB, 678x1024
DC2012-122-2012-05-18 at 09-53-38-Joel

Enlarge photo 125
enlarge 154KB, 1024x678
DC2012-123-2012-05-18 at 09-54-12-Joel
Close up - He doesn't appear to be amused.

Enlarge photo 126
enlarge 270KB, 678x1024
DC2012-124-2012-05-18 at 09-54-18-Joel
Nick with toad.

Enlarge photo 127
enlarge 603KB, 1024x768
DC2012-125-IMG 0652
These cactus flowers are comint into bloom.  If I were to hazard a guess, I would guess that it is one of THESE or closely related.

Enlarge photo 128
enlarge 390KB, 1024x768
DC2012-126-IMG 0653
Fred - almost to Poison Canyon.

Enlarge photo 129
enlarge 380KB, 1024x768
DC2012-127-IMG 0654
Fred - the trail goes through these pines.

Enlarge photo 130
enlarge 331KB, 1024x768
DC2012-128-IMG 0655
Fred Looking for the trail - we lost it crossing the wash, so we just kept heading up canyon. Unfortunately we were heading up Poison Canyon rather than turning into Dark Canyon.  It looked like it was the main canyon.  I did see this puny little wash coming in from the right but it didn't look like a major canyon so we just kept going.  When we couldn't find any trail or footprints we headed back.  I think that hooodoo above is just Poison Canyon giving us the finger.

Enlarge photo 131
enlarge 443KB, 1024x768
DC2012-129-IMG 0656
After bushwhacking around in the sage brush trying to find the trail, we found this old fencepost - at last a clue that humans had once come this way. All in all we pissed away about an hour.

Enlarge photo 132
enlarge 368KB, 1024x768
DC2012-130-IMG 0659
Finally we found the right trail - Here Fred takes a self portrait.

Enlarge photo 133
enlarge 433KB, 1024x768
DC2012-131-IMG 0660
If you look on the Google Satellite map you can see two circles at the mouth of rig canyon - These are corrals of some long gone cattle operation.
For location CLICK HERE.

Enlarge MPEG4 134
enlarge 91.25MB, 1024x682
Download MPEG4
VIDEO - Click Photo to View
Fred took this video of the Corrals.

Enlarge photo 135
enlarge 359KB, 678x1024
DC2012-132-2012-05-18 at 12-29-11-Joel
Joel got this shot of me as I came up the backpacker trail to meet the ATV road at the mouth of Rig Canyon.
The sign says "Wilderness Boundary - No vehicles beyond this point. Violators will be prosecuted."

Enlarge photo 136
enlarge 427KB, 1024x768
DC2012-133-IMG 0661
Taking a break at Rig Canyon. Joel and Nick were wondering where the hell we had gotten to.

Enlarge photo 137
enlarge 460KB, 1024x768
DC2012-134-IMG 0662
Nick, Joel, and Bill.

Enlarge photo 138
enlarge 328KB, 1024x768
DC2012-135-IMG 0663
Heading back towards Peavine Canyon.

Enlarge photo 139
enlarge 436KB, 1024x768
DC2012-136-IMG 0664
We camped about a hundred yards up Peavine Canyon in a nice developed camp, located HERE.

Enlarge photo 140
enlarge 438KB, 1024x768
DC2012-137-IMG 0665
Sign at the mouth of Peavine Canyon.  Our starting point was at Big Notch on Rd #378.

Enlarge photo 141
enlarge 296KB, 1024x768
DC2012-138-IMG 0670
After we settled in, Joel and Nick took off to see if they could hike up to Peavine Arch, seen here.

Enlarge photo 142
enlarge 338KB, 768x1024
DC2012-139-IMG 0669
View of the arch.

Enlarge photo 143
enlarge 291KB, 768x1024
DC2012-140-IMG 0668
Another view.

Enlarge photo 144
enlarge 254KB, 768x1024
DC2012-141-IMG 0667
Extreme telephoto (as much as my camera allows) of arch.

Enlarge photo 145
enlarge 248KB, 678x1024
DC2012-142-2012-05-18 at 14-35-01-Joel
The following photos are from Joel and Nick's day hike up to the arch - Here is an old ruin they found along the way.

Enlarge photo 146
enlarge 246KB, 1024x678
DC2012-143-2012-05-18 at 14-35-08-Joel
Nick playing hide and seek.

Enlarge photo 147
enlarge 299KB, 1024x678
DC2012-144-2012-05-18 at 14-45-20-Joel
Another ruin - Steamboat Point across the valley.

Enlarge photo 148
enlarge 425KB, 678x1024
DC2012-145-2012-05-18 at 14-48-20-Joel
Getting closer to the arch.

Enlarge photo 149
enlarge 301KB, 678x1024
DC2012-146-2012-05-18 at 14-48-31-Joel 2
Nick looking for a route.

Enlarge photo 150
enlarge 393KB, 678x1024
DC2012-147-2012-05-18 at 15-03-17-Joel
They made it - Nick on the other side of the arch.

Enlarge photo 151
enlarge 412KB, 678x1024
DC2012-148-2012-05-18 at 15-03-25-Joel
Note that Nick and Joel are also mountain climbers.
For location of the arch CLICK HERE

Enlarge photo 152
enlarge 301KB, 678x1024
DC2012-149-2012-05-18 at 15-22-42-Joel
Slot along the way - These Ponderosa pines have found a home.

Enlarge photo 153
enlarge 302KB, 678x1024
DC2012-150-2012-05-18 at 15-23-38-Joel
Looking out another slot.

Enlarge photo 154
enlarge 295KB, 1024x678
DC2012-151-2012-05-18 at 15-49-56-Joel
Nick on the edge of another precipice.

Enlarge photo 155
enlarge 282KB, 1024x678
DC2012-152-2012-05-18 at 15-50-06-Joel
Walking along the edge - For location, CLICK HERE

Enlarge photo 156
enlarge 274KB, 1024x678
DC2012-153-2012-05-18 at 15-50-09-Joel
Another shot.

Enlarge photo 157
enlarge 218KB, 678x1024
DC2012-154-2012-05-18 at 15-50-20-Joel
Getting close to the monolith.

Enlarge photo 158
enlarge 227KB, 1024x678
DC2012-155-2012-05-18 at 15-58-28-Joel
Joel on top.  Looking back up Dark Canyon.

Enlarge photo 159
enlarge 298KB, 1024x678
DC2012-156-2012-05-18 at 15-58-33-Joel
Another view.

Enlarge photo 160
enlarge 342KB, 1024x678
DC2012-157-2012-05-18 at 15-59-43-Joel
Joel (why are his shorts pulled up?) from the same spot looking back to the monolith seen in previous photos.

Enlarge photo 161
enlarge 272KB, 1024x678
DC2012-158-2012-05-18 at 16-11-26-Joel
Nick looking over the edge - Steamboat Point is opposite.

Enlarge photo 162
enlarge 253KB, 1024x678
DC2012-159-2012-05-18 at 16-11-30-Joel
Another view.

Enlarge photo 163
enlarge 307KB, 1024x678
DC2012-160-2012-05-18 at 16-12-13-Joel
Nick on the Edge.

Enlarge photo 164
enlarge 326KB, 678x1024
DC2012-161-2012-05-18 at 16-12-21-Joel
View of the Cliff - that's quite a drop.

Enlarge photo 165
enlarge 328KB, 1024x678
DC2012-162-2012-05-18 at 16-13-32-Joel
Joel at the same spot.

Enlarge photo 166
enlarge 390KB, 678x1024
DC2012-163-2012-05-18 at 16-13-50-Joel
Joel - I think that this is where he is sitting: CLICK HERE

Enlarge photo 167
enlarge 307KB, 1024x678
DC2012-164-2012-05-18 at 16-34-02-Joel
Working their way back down.

Enlarge photo 168
enlarge 262KB, 1024x678
DC2012-165-2012-05-18 at 16-34-16-Joel
Now that looks scary to me.

Enlarge photo 169
enlarge 310KB, 1024x678
DC2012-166-2012-05-18 at 16-34-26-Joel
Looking back through the slot over to Steamboat Point.

Enlarge photo 170
enlarge 275KB, 678x1024
DC2012-167-2012-05-18 at 16-34-50-Joel
View from Slot - I think that this slot is located HERE.
The slot leads back to the Arch.

Enlarge photo 171
enlarge 314KB, 678x1024
DC2012-168-2012-05-18 at 17-01-56-Joel
Nick having a little fun.

Enlarge photo 172
enlarge 304KB, 678x1024
DC2012-169-2012-05-18 at 17-02-34-Joel
Doing a little bridging.

Enlarge photo 173
enlarge 481KB, 1024x768
DC2012-170-IMG 0671
DAY 5: Getting ready to leave camp.

Enlarge photo 174
enlarge 469KB, 1024x768
DC2012-171-IMG 0672
Fred squeezing the air out of his Thermarest.  Enlarge photo to see the elaborate fireplace.

Enlarge photo 175
enlarge 449KB, 1024x768
DC2012-172-IMG 0673
Nick and Joel pumping water for the day.

Enlarge photo 176
enlarge 346KB, 1024x768
DC2012-173-IMG 0674
We met John, a Doctor for the Hopi, who was doing the Woodenshoe-Peavine Loop.  He gave Nick and Joel, two 16 ounch cans of Coors, which made them fans for life.

Enlarge photo 177
enlarge 439KB, 1024x768
DC2012-174-IMG 0675
Heading up Peavine.

Enlarge photo 178
enlarge 322KB, 1024x768
DC2012-175-IMG 0676
Along the way we met several AWD convoys headed out for the weekend - The road appears to be fairly heavilly travelled.  If you're not the first vehicle in the convoy, you're eating a lot of dust.

Enlarge photo 179
enlarge 355KB, 1024x768
DC2012-176-IMG 0677

Enlarge photo 180
enlarge 307KB, 1024x768
DC2012-177-IMG 0678
Lower Peavine is a wide open valley.  We passed several grassy meadows, such as those to the left.

Enlarge photo 181
enlarge 285KB, 1024x678
DC2012-178-2012-05-19 at 08-31-56-Joel
We found these bones along the way.

Enlarge photo 182
enlarge 324KB, 1024x678
DC2012-179-2012-05-19 at 08-32-10-Joel
Joel having a little fun.

Enlarge photo 183
enlarge 314KB, 678x1024
DC2012-180-2012-05-19 at 08-32-17-Joel
No, Joel did not carry these out.

Enlarge photo 184
enlarge 242KB, 1024x678
DC2012-181-2012-05-19 at 08-32-31-Joel
This looks like some kind of Dragonbone armor from Skyrim.

Enlarge photo 185
enlarge 262KB, 1024x678
DC2012-182-2012-05-19 at 08-32-50-Joel

Enlarge photo 186
enlarge 471KB, 1024x768
DC2012-183-IMG 0679
Fred Taking a Break.

Enlarge photo 187
enlarge 420KB, 1024x768
DC2012-184-IMG 0680
Hiking up the road.

Enlarge photo 188
enlarge 442KB, 1024x768
DC2012-185-IMG 0681
Joel relaxing with a book.
We stopped for lunch where the backpacker trail up Peavine split off from the ATV road, which leaves Peavine Canyon and goes up Kigala Canyon to Little Notch.

Enlarge photo 189
enlarge 422KB, 1024x768
DC2012-186-IMG 0682
Nick - (When you're young and fit you can take a 500 page hardcover book along).  Note the Bearcans - we used them to keep the food organized and as camp chairs.

Enlarge photo 190
enlarge 373KB, 1024x768
DC2012-187-IMG 0683
Trail marker for the Junction - we were heading up the Peavine Trail.
The Junction is located HERE

Enlarge photo 191
enlarge 302KB, 1024x768
DC2012-188-IMG 0684
Fred heading up the Peavine trail.

Enlarge photo 192
enlarge 380KB, 1024x768
DC2012-189-IMG 0685
Fred crossing a sage brush meadow - It looks like the canyon is closing in a bit.

Enlarge photo 193
enlarge 614KB, 1024x768
DC2012-190-IMG 0686
Fred - Leaving the open sage we enter an aspen forest.  Very pleasant hiking.

Enlarge photo 194
enlarge 499KB, 1024x768
DC2012-191-IMG 0687
Very pretty along this stretch.

Enlarge photo 195
enlarge 502KB, 1024x768
DC2012-192-IMG 0688
Joel and Nick waiting for Fred and I at the water trough.

Enlarge photo 196
enlarge 406KB, 1024x768
DC2012-193-IMG 0689
Fred inspecting the water trough.

Enlarge photo 197
enlarge 413KB, 1024x768
DC2012-194-IMG 0690
We were going to camp here but there weren't any really good spots to camp so we decided to keep going.

Enlarge MPEG4 198
enlarge 33.17MB, 1024x682
Download MPEG4
VIDEO - Click Photo to View
There isn't much flow here!

Enlarge photo 199
enlarge 529KB, 1024x768
DC2012-195-IMG 0694
Fred going up the trail.

Enlarge MPEG4 200
enlarge 29.20MB, 1024x682
Download MPEG4
VIDEO - Click Photo to View
Fred heading up the trail - it almost seems that we are somewhere in the Pasayten.

Enlarge photo 201
enlarge 509KB, 1024x768
DC2012-196-IMG 0695
Joel & Nick - after giving up on camping at the water trough, we hoped to find a camp in upper Peavine where the creek would provide water.  We got there and it was very pleasant, but there were no camp spots.  We decided to hike out to the car and spend the night in Blanding.

Enlarge photo 202
enlarge 356KB, 1024x768
DC2012-197-IMG 0696
The guys headed out and soon left me behind.  This is the boundary of the Dark Canyon Wilderness.

Enlarge photo 203
enlarge 503KB, 1024x768
DC2012-198-IMG 0697
Some Lupine meadows.

Enlarge photo 204
enlarge 451KB, 678x1024
DC2012-200-2012-05-19 at 16-23-22-Joel
Joel's photo of the Sun through the trees.

Enlarge photo 205
enlarge 285KB, 678x1024
DC2012-201-2012-05-19 at 16-25-05-Joel
Another artistic shot.

Enlarge photo 206
enlarge 299KB, 678x1024
DC2012-202-2012-05-19 at 16-25-13-Joel
Fred hiking through the aspens - the last 1/2 mile was really steep gaining 500-600 feet.

Enlarge photo 207
enlarge 542KB, 1024x678
DC2012-203-2012-05-19 at 16-25-22-Joel
The sun is setting - we've had a long day.

Enlarge photo 208
enlarge 315KB, 1024x768
DC2012-199-IMG 0698
The trail marker near the trailhead.

Enlarge photo 209
enlarge 473KB, 1024x768
DC2012-204-IMG 0699
I'm finally in sight of the car - Joel came down and got my pack.  Even with the pack, he could go about three times as fast as I could.

Enlarge photo 210
enlarge 458KB, 1024x768
DC2012-205-IMG 0700
Going down the trail.

Enlarge photo 211
enlarge 477KB, 1024x678
DC2012-206-2012-05-19 at 17-10-44-Joel
The Sign at the trailhead.

Enlarge photo 212
enlarge 345KB, 768x1024
DC2012-207-IMG 0701
Enlarge to read.

Enlarge photo 213
enlarge 301KB, 1024x768
DC2012-208-IMG 0702
Another view.

Enlarge photo 214
enlarge 509KB, 1024x768
DC2012-209-IMG 0703
Bill and the "Silver Bullet" aka "The Gray Ghost" (1985 Camry).  This was the third trip to Utah for it.  On the way in we put all our stuff in Fred's truck and left my car here.  All we had to do was drive to the Big Notch trailhead.  On the way out, we had to drive to Big Notch and return with Fred's Truck.  
When we got back to the Peavine trailhead it was almost dark.  After packing everything up, we headed back through the Bear's Ears, chasing steers down the road.  Unfortunately, we got to Blanding just as the last restaurant was closing.  We had to settle for a Quik Mart sandwich.
The next morning we said our goodbyes to Fred and started on our two day trip back to Lynnwood.

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