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Anazasi Moccasins Found

On one of their explorations of the Grand Gulch on our trip, the Nicks (Nick McMahan and Nick Tuggle) stumbled on a pair of Anazasi moccasins in an almost inaccessible alcove (note: the Nicks are climbers). The photos below show the moccasins in situ. Their location was reported to the BLM, who reported back that they were probably for a child as the adults normally wore sandals or went barefoot. The BLM also stated that they would have been made sometime between 800-1200 AD.

One of the moccasins ins in pretty good shape, but the other has seen better days. If you click on the photos below, an enlarged image will be shown. You can then click on the image agein to view the image at the highest resolution. If you do this you can see that one of the rope laces has been braided into an "eye" and has a short length of cord with an enlarged end passing through it, possibly to keep the cord from going past the "eye". On the other moccasin, you can see the stitching quite clearly.

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Moccasin Photo 1

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Moccasin Photo 2

Troop 24 Kickass Trekkers: "The High Adventure Troop" Alumni Backpacking Trip
-Cascade Bill Mooseker

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