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2017 Grand Gulch - Day 5
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Grand Gulch 2017
Day 5 - May 26

The Narrows to Collins Spring Trailhead

Collins Canyon
Cowboy Camp
Salvation Knoll

Nick M. Carrying the Old Man's Pack Up The Last Leg
Of Collins Canyon

On our last day, we broke camp very early and headed back up the Gulch a short ways to begin our climb out via Collins Canyon. The hike up Collins is very pleasant and scenic. Even though I was the first one out of camp the Nicks and the Stongs soon overtook me and left me in the dust. It didn't help that I made the wrong turn not once but twice as I mistakenly headed up a side canyon and then missed the trail around a pouroff.

Along with the scenery, the trip is memorable for an old (early 20th century) Cowboy camp above a massive pouroff that provides an interesting glimpse of the modern history of the canyon. The pouroff is skirted by a constructed cattle trail and signals that we are not far from the trailhead. At the top of the pouroff, the canyon walls no longer tower over you and you realize that your hike will soon be over.

It's a relief to change clothes and wash up at the trailhead. I even had a fairly cold diet coke in the cooler. After packing up all the gear we headed out for our long trip home. Our last scenic stop was to climb the "Salvation Knoll" which played a significant role in the historic Hole in the Rock pioneer expedition. Then it was on to Blanding, for our first non freeze dried food in 5 days.

Note photo takers are given in the titles under the thumbnails: Bill (bm), Mike (ms), Nick M. (nm), Nick T. (nt)

Kickass Trekkers on this trip were: Bill Mooseker, Will Stong, Mike Stong, Nick McMahan, Nick Tuggle

The descriptions under the photo thumbnails in the album sometimes contain links to maps or additional information. These are identified by "Blue” text for links. I've also inserted links to Google Maps to show where certain photos in the album were taken or to locate features shown in the photos. Click on the link, close the sidebar, and choose satellite view. Basically, you can then zoom in and out using the mouse wheel or drag the map by clicking and holding.

For panoramic photos, I would recommend clicking on the thumbnail photo to enlarge. View at original size for most detail. The thumbnails do not do justice to petroglyphs and pictographs, so I would recommend enlarging them as well. Please take the time to view the many videos to better experience what it was like to be there.

Troop 24 Kickass Trekkers Backpacking Trip
-Cascade Bill Mooseker

Date(s): May 26, 2017. Album by Cascade Bill. 1 - 69 of 69 Total. 9 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
enlarge 335KB, 995x1024

To get the plugin just Google "videolan" or CLICK HERE FOR DOWNLOAD for Windows. There is a MAC version as well. Disable the Quicktime plugin if you use Videolan. To view fullscreen videos click the icon on the top right of the video when it starts playing.

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Enlarge MPEG4 2
enlarge 53.83MB, 1152x648
Download MPEG4
05-26 05-13 ms.mp4
VIDEO - Click Photo to View.
We were up early before the sun hit our campsite.  You can hear the Dragonfly stove as  water is heating for our oatmeal and cocoa.  The Nicks did not bother setting up their tent as you can see.

Enlarge MPEG4 3
enlarge 64.03MB, 1152x648
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05-26 05-52 bm.mp4
VIDEO - Click Photo to View.
Breaking down camp for our hike out to the car.  Nick M is pumping water - our good Pur Scout filter had clogged up so Nick is using the Pur/Katadyn Hiker backup filter.

Enlarge photo 4
enlarge 204KB, 1152x647
05-26 05-52-15 - bm DSC02021
Breaking camp

Enlarge photo 5
enlarge 111KB, 1024x768
05-26 06-33-18 - bm DSC02023
Packs on - Sun is hitting the canyon rim above us.

Enlarge photo 6
enlarge 89KB, 768x1024
05-26 06-33-58 - bm DSC02024
A farewell look at the Narrow as we head out.

Enlarge photo 7
enlarge 140KB, 1024x768
05-26 06-50-50 - bm DSC02027
Heading up Collins Canyon - the guys had passed me by and were going full speed.

Enlarge photo 8
enlarge 155KB, 1024x768
05-26 07-00-14 - bm DSC02028
Looking back down canyon: Pretty section of slickrock in lower Collins Canyon.

Enlarge photo 9
enlarge 150KB, 1024x768
05-26 07-00-21 - bm DSC02030
Looking up canyon from previous spot - just before I went off track.  Collins Canyon goes off to the left, but I went up the side canyon shown here to the right, missing a big cairn showing the right way.

Enlarge photo 10
enlarge 143KB, 1024x768
05-26 07-03-10 - bm DSC02031
Looking up the side canyon - this pool drew me in.  I made it up to the base of the headland at center and was going to keep going, when I saw a tent that was occupied by a couple we had seen the previous day.  The woman from Telluride told me that I was going the wrong way. I'm glad that she did as I would have continued on.

Enlarge photo 11
enlarge 125KB, 1024x768
05-26 07-04-20 - bm DSC02034
Looking back down the side canyon to Collins Canyon proper.

Enlarge photo 12
enlarge 113KB, 1024x768
05-26 07-05-49 - nt IMG 0181
Yucca buds

Enlarge photo 13
enlarge 209KB, 768x1024
05-26 07-05-53 - nt IMG 0182
Yucca about ready to bloom

Enlarge photo 14
enlarge 184KB, 1024x768
05-26 07-15-40 - bm DSC02035
About to go on my second wild goose chase of the day, I missed the trail that takes you around a big impassible pouroff which is just ahead.

Enlarge photo 15
enlarge 218KB, 1024x768
05-26 07-23-22 - bm DSC02036
After I hit the pouroff, I backtracked and found the bypass trail.  This photo looks down into the pool below the pouroff.  I was kicking myself as I had been up this canyon twice before and down it once as well.
(the pouroff is located HERE)

Enlarge photo 16
enlarge 116KB, 1152x326
05-26 07-15-41 - nt IMG 0184
Meanwhile, the guys have reached the historic "Cowboy" camp shown in this panoramic photo.
(view at xx-large or original size)

Enlarge photo 17
enlarge 67KB, 1152x213
05-26 07-16-05 - nt IMG 0189
Another panoramic view

Enlarge photo 18
enlarge 226KB, 1024x768
05-26 07-16-40 - nt IMG 0185
Collection of leftover cowboy trash.

Enlarge photo 19
enlarge 232KB, 1024x768
05-26 07-16-46 - nt IMG 0186
Another view.

Enlarge photo 20
enlarge 243KB, 1024x768
05-26 07-16-57 - nt IMG 0187
Close up.

Enlarge photo 21
enlarge 129KB, 1024x768
05-26 07-17-05 - bm DSC02052
Rock with cowboy signatures.

Enlarge photo 22
enlarge 233KB, 1024x768
05-26 07-17-15 - nt IMG 0188
Cowboy signatures

Enlarge photo 23
enlarge 199KB, 1024x768
05-26 07-18-46 - nt IMG 0190
More trash.

Enlarge photo 24
enlarge 247KB, 1024x768
05-26 07-18-50 - nt IMG 0191
Leftover items from the cowboy camp.

Enlarge photo 25
enlarge 138KB, 1024x768
05-26 07-19-32 - nt IMG 0192
leftover can - note Sunspun name was trademarked in 1950.

Enlarge photo 26
enlarge 157KB, 1024x768
05-26 07-19-41 - nt IMG 0193
Schilling Coffee was produced until 1947 when the company was bought out by McCormick spices.

Enlarge photo 27
enlarge 185KB, 1024x768
05-26 07-20-27 - nt IMG 0194
Cowboy seat

Enlarge photo 28
enlarge 204KB, 1024x768
05-26 07-20-34 - nt IMG 0195
Utensils and bones strung up on rack.

Enlarge photo 29
enlarge 219KB, 1024x768
05-26 07-20-57 - nt IMG 0196
Cowboy larder dug into ground.

Enlarge photo 30
enlarge 152KB, 1024x768
05-26 07-21-02 - bm DSC02055
Inside view of larder showing a can of Columbine evaporated milk which was produced in the 1940's and 1950's.

Enlarge photo 31
enlarge 113KB, 1024x768
05-26 07-21-40 - bm DSC02054
Other side of larder showing a SEGO evaporated milk carton which was produced until the plant closed in 1957.

Enlarge photo 32
enlarge 212KB, 1024x768
05-26 07-22-17 - nt IMG 0197
Cow femur?

Enlarge photo 33
enlarge 129KB, 1024x768
05-26 07-33-45 - bm DSC02038
Looking back down canyon.

Enlarge photo 34
enlarge 155KB, 1024x768
05-26 07-34-14 - bm DSC02040
Looking up canyon.

Enlarge photo 35
enlarge 137KB, 1024x768
05-26 07-44-39 - bm DSC02041
Flower along the way quite possibly or closely related to the Sonoran Beardtongue (aptly named).

Enlarge photo 36
enlarge 107KB, 1024x768
05-26 07-45-50 - bm DSC02042
Very nice hiking - I think that this was taken looking up canyon from HERE.

Enlarge photo 37
enlarge 156KB, 1024x768
05-26 07-45-57 - bm DSC02044
Vertical canyon walls

Enlarge photo 38
enlarge 292KB, 1024x768
05-26 07-59-05 - bm DSC02045
Nick M came back to carry my pack the rest of the way.  This is the start of the constructed cattle trail that goes around the huge pouroff near the end of Collins Canyon.

Enlarge photo 39
enlarge 168KB, 1024x768
05-26 07-59-22 - bm DSC02046
Looking down canyon from start of cattle trail located HERE

Enlarge photo 40
enlarge 155KB, 1024x768
05-26 08-01-01 - bm DSC02047
Heading up the trail - the pouroff is to the right. If you enlarge the photo to original size you can see Nick M sprinting ahead with my pack.

Enlarge photo 41
enlarge 191KB, 1024x768
05-26 08-03-00 - bm DSC02048
The pouroff below

Enlarge photo 42
enlarge 214KB, 1024x768
05-26 08-08-06 - nm Image1
Bill at the cowboy camp.

Enlarge photo 43
enlarge 138KB, 1024x768
05-26 08-22-23 - bm DSC02056
Almost to the top - this gate prevents cattle on free range atop the mesa from going down into the Gulch as they did in the past.

Enlarge photo 44
enlarge 102KB, 1152x284
05-26 08-09-36 - nt IMG 0198
Panoramic view of Collins Canyon from the canyon rim
(best viewed enlarged or original size)

Enlarge MPEG4 45
enlarge 93.46MB, 1152x648
Download MPEG4
05-26 08-37a ms.mp4
VIDEO - Click Photo to View.
Bill tells about his wild goose chase up the wrong canyon.

Enlarge MPEG4 46
enlarge 175.20MB, 1152x648
Download MPEG4
05-26 08-45 ms.mp4
VIDEO - Click Photo to View.
Packing up for our return to the NW.  Mike looks at the map and points out the route of our hike, and a last look at Collins Canyon.

Enlarge photo 47
enlarge 157KB, 1024x768
05-26 08-56-10 - ms DSCF5014
Getting the gear ready to go back into the Subaru.

Enlarge photo 48
enlarge 122KB, 1024x768
05-26 08-58-19 - ms DSCF5016
What are the odds that the only two cars at the trailhead are both red Subarus.

Enlarge photo 49
enlarge 163KB, 1024x768
05-26 08-58-46 - ms DSCF5017
Separating out the troop gear from the personal gear.

Enlarge photo 50
enlarge 220KB, 1024x768
05-26 08-59-16 - ms DSCF5022
Collins Canyon - you can see the trail in the foreground.

Enlarge photo 51
enlarge 195KB, 1024x768
05-26 08-59-52 - ms DSCF5018
Trailhead map and registration box.

Enlarge photo 52
enlarge 103KB, 1024x768
05-26 09-01-29 - ms DSCF5025
Mike pointing to the Gov't Trailhead where we entered.  We had a much shorter trip this time due to the water and heat condtions.

Enlarge photo 53
enlarge 102KB, 1024x768
05-26 09-01-33 - ms DSCF5026
Mike pointing out Collins Canyon trailhead.

Enlarge photo 54
enlarge 135KB, 1024x768
05-26 09-19-23 - ms DSCF5028
Most of the gear is in.

Enlarge photo 55
enlarge 134KB, 1024x768
05-26 09-21-03 - ms DSCF5029
Nick M, Nick T, Bill, and Will -ready to roll.

Enlarge photo 56
enlarge 132KB, 1024x768
05-26 09-30-11 - ms DSCF5032
Fab 4 plus Mike this time.

Enlarge photo 57
enlarge 135KB, 1152x648
05-26 09-42-44 - nt IMG 0200
Heading out on the Collins Canyon access road.

Enlarge photo 58
enlarge 128KB, 1152x648
05-26 09-42-51 - nt IMG 0202
Another shot on the way out.

Enlarge photo 59
enlarge 128KB, 1152x648
05-26 09-43-55 - nt IMG 0203
Over some slickrock - In 2006, I had to have all my passengers get out and walk through here as the Corolla was dragging bottom.

Enlarge photo 60
enlarge 121KB, 1152x648
05-26 09-44-03 - nt IMG 0205
Rocky Road

Enlarge photo 61
enlarge 121KB, 1152x648
05-26 09-49-09 - nt IMG 0206
Smooth sailing again

Enlarge photo 62
enlarge 177KB, 1024x768
05-26 10-26-38 - ms DSCF5033
On the way back, we stopped off to hike up to Salvation Knoll, a historic moment in the epic pioneer trek of the Hole in the Rock Expedition when all hope was gone.

Enlarge photo 63
enlarge 174KB, 1024x768
05-26 10-26-50 - ms DSCF5035
Enlarge photo to read the story of Salvation Knoll.  On our drive from Collins Trailhead to the Gov't Trail, Mike had discussed with the driver about the Hole In the Rock expedition.  Our shuttle driver had told us about the trail to the top of Salvation Knoll and where to find the TURNOUT on Hwy 95.

Enlarge photo 64
enlarge 49KB, 1152x183
05-26 10-31-32 - nt IMG 0210
Panoramic view from the top of Salvation Knoll. Hwy 95 eastbound is at the left and westbound at the right.
(best viewed at original size)

Enlarge photo 65
enlarge 53KB, 1152x190
05-26 10-32-31 - nt IMG 0208
Panoramic view from the top of Salvation Knoll.
(best viewed at original size)

Enlarge photo 66
enlarge 145KB, 1024x768
05-26 10-32-58 - ms DSCF5036
Informational sign at top of Salvation Knoll.

Enlarge photo 67
enlarge 122KB, 1024x768
05-26 10-33-02 - ms DSCF5037
View from top of Salvation Knoll - after this side trip, we said our goodbyes to Cedar Mesa and started our long journey back to Washington.  We stopped at the Homestead Steakhouse in Blanding for a meal that wasn't freeze dried.  The restaurant was crowed with Native American families, who had apparently just attended an elementary/middle school graduation as the kids were all dressed in full ceremonial regalia (quite impressive).
We spent our first night in Logan, UT where we stopped and had supper with Mike's daughter, Madison.  The next day we rode with Mike to Kennewick, where the Nicks and I transferred to the Gray Ghost and continued on to Lynnwood.

Enlarge photo 68
enlarge 93KB, 1024x768
06-02 15-47-46 - bm DSC02058
After the trip home I took the filter out of the Pur Scout.  This is what it looked like compared to a brand new filter.  Makes you wonder what your insides look like after spending a week there.

Enlarge photo 69
enlarge 189KB, 1152x643
the end-2400px.png
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