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2017 Grand Gulch - Day 2
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Grand Gulch 2017
Day 2 - May 23

Pollys Canyon to Big Pouroff

Slide Ruin
Fortress Ruin
Railroad Panel

Exploring the Fortress Ruin

We didn't go as far as we planned on Day 2 because of the water situation and the heat. In 2000, we hiked from Pollys Canyon to the Bannister Ruin in one day, but only made it to the Big Pouroff on this trip. However, the more leisurely pace allowed more time for exploration and sidetrips

What a day it was. Many ruins to see and explore, including the fantastic Fortress Ruin. Also amazing was the Railroad Panel, which we had missed in 2000.

Note photo takers are given in the titles under the thumbnails: Bill (bm), Mike (ms), Nick M. (nm), Nick T. (nt)

Kickass Trekkers on this trip were: Bill Mooseker, Will Stong, Mike Stong, Nick McMahan, Nick Tuggle

The descriptions under the photo thumbnails in the album sometimes contain links to maps or additional information. These are identified by "Blue” text for links. I've also inserted links to Google Maps to show where certain photos in the album were taken or to locate features shown in the photos. Click on the link, close the sidebar, and choose satellite view. Basically, you can then zoom in and out using the mouse wheel or drag the map by clicking and holding.

For panoramic photos, I would recommend clicking on the thumbnail photo to enlarge. View at original size for most detail. The thumbnails do not do justice to petroglyphs and pictographs, so I would recommend enlarging them as well. Please take the time to view the many videos to better experience what it was like to be there.

Troop 24 Kickass Trekkers Backpacking Trip
-Cascade Bill Mooseker

Date(s): May 23, 2017. Album by Cascade Bill. 1 - 206 of 206 Total. 0 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
enlarge 335KB, 995x1024

To get the plugin just Google "videolan" or CLICK HERE FOR DOWNLOAD for Windows. There is a MAC version as well. Disable the Quicktime plugin if you use Videolan. To view fullscreen videos click the icon on the top right of the video when it starts playing.

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Enlarge photo 2
enlarge 230KB, 768x1024
05-23 08-34-20 - nt IMG 0055
After having breakfast we broke our camp down and packed up everything to be ready to go.  We then set out on a day hike to look for ruins and art panels.

Enlarge photo 3
enlarge 195KB, 1152x647
05-23 08-51-17 - bm DSC01872
Mike & Will on our day hike.

Enlarge MPEG4 4
enlarge 45.46MB, 1152x648
Download MPEG4
05-23 08-51a bm.mp4
VIDEO - Click Photo to View.
Setting out on our day hike.

Enlarge MPEG4 5
enlarge 73.59MB, 1152x648
Download MPEG4
05-23 09-01 ws.mp4
VIDEO - Click Photo to View.
Climbing up to the Slide Ruin.

Enlarge photo 6
enlarge 165KB, 1024x768
05-23 09-02-21 - bm DSC01874
Exploring a small ruin complex that we visited on our 2000 and 2002 hikes.

Enlarge photo 7
enlarge 170KB, 1152x647
05-23 09-02-35 - bm DSC01875
Another view

Enlarge MPEG4 8
enlarge 77.61MB, 1152x648
Download MPEG4
05-23 09-03b bm.mp4
VIDEO - Click Photo to View.
Exploring the ruins.

Enlarge photo 9
enlarge 188KB, 1024x768
05-23 09-05-37 - bm DSC01878
close up of wall construction - you can see where fingers have pressed the mud into the cracks between the rocks.

Enlarge photo 10
enlarge 137KB, 1024x768
05-23 09-05-53 - ms DSCF4871
Bill and Will

Enlarge photo 11
enlarge 140KB, 1024x768
05-23 09-06-04 - bm DSC01879
Granary is in very good condition - notice the "bowed" shape of the door, which is fairly common for these structures.

Enlarge photo 12
enlarge 107KB, 1024x768
05-23 09-06-31 - ms DSCF4883
Another view.  One addition that was not there at our previous visits is this notice to not climb into the ruins.

Enlarge photo 13
enlarge 148KB, 1024x768
05-23 09-08-10 - bm DSC01885
Will inspecting the granary.

Enlarge photo 14
enlarge 135KB, 1024x768
05-23 09-08-18 - ms DSCF4873
Mike at the granary.

Enlarge photo 15
enlarge 118KB, 1024x768
05-23 09-08-30 - ms DSCF4872
Fingerprints in the mortar.

Enlarge photo 16
enlarge 133KB, 1024x768
05-23 09-08-32 - ms DSCF4887
The complex lies behind a rock slab that split off from the cliff above the alcove.

Enlarge photo 17
enlarge 162KB, 1024x768
05-23 09-08-37 - bm DSC01883
View of destroyed room - one thing that I don't understand is that there is a sharp delineation between the lower part of the wall and where it has been blackened above.  This is pretty common: Sheiks Canyon; Inside kiva at Slickhorn Canyon.

Enlarge photo 18
enlarge 140KB, 1024x768
05-23 09-08-58 - bm DSC01884
Clay fragment that was on the roof - mud mortar was applied to branches to form a seal, leaving outlines of them in the fragment.

Enlarge photo 19
enlarge 98KB, 768x1024
05-23 09-09-19 - nt IMG 0056
Series of hand prints applied to the inside of the fallen slab.

Enlarge photo 20
enlarge 63KB, 1024x768
05-23 09-09-26 - nm IMG 2162
Another view - jet contrails juxtaposed to 800 year old hand prints.

Enlarge photo 21
enlarge 104KB, 1024x768
05-23 09-09-28 - bm DSC01876
Another set of hand prints - this time in white stripes.

Enlarge photo 22
enlarge 84KB, 1024x768
05-23 09-09-36 - bm DSC01880
faint hand print.

Enlarge photo 23
enlarge 112KB, 1024x768
05-23 09-09-38 - bm DSC01877
"cowboy" signature from the 1890's when these canyons were first explored.  When I first saw this in 2000, I was pissed off that anyone would put graffiti here then I realized that the signature was about 100 years older than I thought it was!

Enlarge photo 24
enlarge 144KB, 1024x768
05-23 09-09-41 - bm DSC01881
Another "cowboy" signature.

Enlarge photo 25
enlarge 122KB, 1024x768
05-23 09-10-00 - bm DSC01882
One more - hard to read but amazing that charcoal signature has lasted this long.

Enlarge photo 26
enlarge 140KB, 1024x768
05-23 09-12-19 - ms DSCF4880
Nick & Will.

Enlarge MPEG4 27
enlarge 229.64MB, 1152x648
Download MPEG4
05-23 09-15a ws.mp4
VIDEO - Click Photo to View.
Video showing the various ruins and ancient art of the Slide Ruin.

Enlarge photo 28
enlarge 192KB, 1024x768
05-23 09-12-24 - nt IMG 0057
Looking at the ruin complex from outside - you can see the rockfall from here.

Enlarge photo 29
enlarge 195KB, 1024x768
05-23 09-12-27 - nt IMG 0058
Another view.

Enlarge photo 30
enlarge 182KB, 1024x768
05-23 09-12-55 - nt IMG 0060
View from the alcove.

Enlarge photo 31
enlarge 177KB, 1024x768
05-23 09-13-35 - bm DSC01891
Nick T.

Enlarge photo 32
enlarge 149KB, 1024x768
05-23 09-14-08 - nm IMG 2174
Looking back into the complex from a hole between the rockfall and the back wall of the alcove.

Enlarge photo 33
enlarge 92KB, 1024x768
05-23 09-15-04 - bm DSC01893
View of face of the rockfall - if you enlarge you will see faint petroglyphs that must be much older than the ruins behind.

Enlarge photo 34
enlarge 94KB, 1024x768
05-23 09-15-13 - bm DSC01894
Ancient Petroglyph figure.

Enlarge photo 35
enlarge 190KB, 1024x768
05-23 09-17-53 - nm IMG 2164
Another view of rock face.

Enlarge photo 36
enlarge 117KB, 1024x768
05-23 09-18-30 - ms DSCF4888
Another petroglyph figure incised into the rock.

Enlarge photo 37
enlarge 139KB, 1024x768
05-23 09-18-39 - ms DSCF4889
Another one.

Enlarge photo 38
enlarge 188KB, 1024x768
05-23 09-19-04 - nm IMG 2159
Symbols as well.

Enlarge photo 39
enlarge 80KB, 1024x768
05-23 09-19-14 - bm DSC01873
Another cross symbol.

Enlarge photo 40
enlarge 221KB, 1024x768
05-23 09-19-20 - nm IMG 2160
Close up.

Enlarge photo 41
enlarge 136KB, 1024x768
05-23 09-21-10 - bm DSC01896
These metate's for grinding grain are located by the rockfall.

Enlarge photo 42
enlarge 150KB, 1024x768
05-23 09-26-22 - bm DSC01898
Exploring the ledge.

Enlarge photo 43
enlarge 229KB, 1024x768
05-23 09-26-26 - nm IMG 2169
I think these are fossils embedded in the rock - tubes that have weathered out.

Enlarge photo 44
enlarge 212KB, 1024x768
05-23 09-26-33 - nm IMG 2173
Fossilized tubes of ancient worms?

Enlarge photo 45
enlarge 220KB, 1024x768
05-23 09-27-11 - nm IMG 2172
Don't get too close!

Enlarge photo 46
enlarge 200KB, 1024x768
05-23 09-32-04 - nm IMG 2178
Fisheye view of nasty cactus.

Enlarge photo 47
enlarge 137KB, 1024x768
05-23 09-32-10 - nm IMG 2179
Fisheye view of prickly pear cactus.

Enlarge photo 48
enlarge 119KB, 1152x441
05-23 09-33-04 - nm IMG 2163
Panoramic view.

Enlarge photo 49
enlarge 198KB, 1024x768
05-23 09-33-12 - nt IMG 0061
Bill heading back to camp.

Enlarge photo 50
enlarge 226KB, 1024x768
05-23 09-33-17 - nt IMG 0062
Another view.

Enlarge photo 51
enlarge 179KB, 1024x768
05-23 09-33-59 - bm DSC01900
Looking back at Nick T.

Enlarge photo 52
enlarge 144KB, 768x1024
05-23 09-36-26 - ms DSCF4894
Nick M & Nick T

Enlarge photo 53
enlarge 172KB, 768x1024
05-23 09-36-41 - ms DSCF4895

Enlarge photo 54
enlarge 174KB, 768x1024
05-23 09-36-57 - ms DSCF4897

Enlarge photo 55
enlarge 122KB, 1024x768
05-23 09-37-05 - ms DSCF4898
The Nicks

Enlarge photo 56
enlarge 215KB, 1024x768
05-23 09-49-45 - ms DSCF4899
Will finds and old tin can - how old?

Enlarge photo 57
enlarge 205KB, 1024x768
05-23 09-50-28 - ms DSCF4901
Inscription on can.

Enlarge photo 58
enlarge 154KB, 1024x768
05-23 09-51-28 - nt IMG 0063
Hand print panel found by the Nicks.

Enlarge photo 59
enlarge 305KB, 768x1024
05-23 09-51-33 - nm IMG 2181
More hand prints.

Enlarge photo 60
enlarge 325KB, 1024x768
05-23 09-52-54 - nm IMG 2182

Enlarge photo 61
enlarge 344KB, 1024x768
05-23 09-52-57 - nm IMG 2183

Enlarge photo 62
enlarge 340KB, 1024x768
05-23 09-52-57 - nm IMG 2183
Cowboy signature.

Enlarge photo 63
enlarge 239KB, 1024x768
05-23 09-53-02 - nt IMG 0065
Another view.

Enlarge photo 64
enlarge 168KB, 1024x768
05-23 10-09-02 - bm DSC01901
Mouth of Polly's Canyon - this is where we got our water last year (2016) - bone dry as compared to last year as shown here

Enlarge photo 65
enlarge 142KB, 1024x768
05-23 10-12-14 - ms DSCF4906
This was our water source (looking back toward our camp.  It was a long haul carrying two 5 gal jugs back to camp.

Enlarge photo 66
enlarge 147KB, 1024x768
05-23 10-12-22 - bm DSC01902
Mike documenting our water source for camp 1.

Enlarge MPEG4 67
enlarge 139.63MB, 1152x648
Download MPEG4
05-23 10-11 pollys island ms.mp4
VIDEO - Click Photo to View.
Mike describing our water source for camp 1 at Polly's canyon.

Enlarge photo 68
enlarge 180KB, 1024x768
05-23 10-16-01 - nt IMG 0066
Unusual formations at canyon rim opposite SW end of Polly's Island.

Enlarge photo 69
enlarge 165KB, 1024x768
05-23 10-16-06 - nt IMG 0068
Southwest end of Polly's Island.

Enlarge MPEG4 70
enlarge 64.75MB, 1152x648
Download MPEG4
05-23 10-31 gg ms.mp4
VIDEO - Click Photo to View.
Bend in the canyon located HERE.

Enlarge MPEG4 71
enlarge 229.20MB, 1152x648
Download MPEG4
05-23 10-47 ms.mp4
VIDEO - Click Photo to View.
Mike's video of walk-up to the Fortress Ruin Complex.

Back in 2000, the only name for these ruins that I found was the "Grand Hotel".  In 2017 there are no references to "Grand Hotel" at all.  Now it seems that this ruin is called either the "Fortress" ruin (as you can plainly see from the following photos) or as the "Wrong-Side" ruin, because it is one of the few, if not the only ruin,on the left side (looking down canyon).

Enlarge photo 72
enlarge 171KB, 1024x768
05-23 10-50-04 - bm DSC01904 1
View of the Fortress Ruin complex - to the left on the lower ledge is a large granary.  Several ruins above.

Enlarge photo 73
enlarge 200KB, 1024x768
05-23 10-50-00 - bm DSC01903 1
The main part of the Fortress Ruins (this is to the right of the previous photo).

Enlarge photo 74
enlarge 165KB, 1024x735
05-23 10-50-00 - bm DSC01903a
Another view.

Enlarge photo 75
enlarge 221KB, 1024x768
05-23 10-16-11 - nt IMG 0069
Looking back toward the wash.

Enlarge MPEG4 76
enlarge 52.77MB, 1152x648
Download MPEG4
05-23 11-20 ws.mp4
VIDEO - Click Photo to View.
Will's video of the approach to the Fortress Ruin complex.

Enlarge MPEG4 77
enlarge 53.22MB, 1152x648
Download MPEG4
05-23 10-51 ms.mp4
VIDEO - Click Photo to View.
Video of the large granary on the lower ledge.

Enlarge photo 78
enlarge 187KB, 1024x768
05-23 10-55-04 - bm DSC01906
Will on the lower ledge.

Enlarge MPEG4 79
enlarge 217.46MB, 1152x648
Download MPEG4
05-23 10-53a ms.mp4
VIDEO - Click Photo to View.
Mike's video showing the climb up to the ruins.

Enlarge photo 80
enlarge 209KB, 1024x768
05-23 11-19-29 - ms DSCF4915
Looking back to the wash.

Enlarge MPEG4 81
enlarge 225.03MB, 1152x648
Download MPEG4
05-23 10-58a ms.mp4
VIDEO - Click Photo to View.
Mike looks for a way into the "Fortress".

Enlarge MPEG4 82
enlarge 404.93MB, 1152x648
Download MPEG4
05-23 11-04a ms.mp4
VIDEO - Click Photo to View.
Mike finds a way into the ruin complex and explores them.

Enlarge MPEG4 83
enlarge 286.31MB, 1152x648
Download MPEG4
05-23 11-15 ms ws.mp4
VIDEO - Click Photo to View.
Will overcomes his fear of heights and finds a way into the complex.

"Arrow" slots and formidable wall is why it's called the "Fortress" ruin.

Enlarge photo 84
enlarge 110KB, 1024x768
05-23 11-20-11 - ms DSCF4919
View of Hoodoos at canyon rim.

Enlarge photo 85
enlarge 122KB, 768x1024
05-23 11-20-31 - ms DSCF4925
Close up of Hoodoos.

Enlarge MPEG4 86
enlarge 89.80MB, 1152x648
Download MPEG4
05-23 11-22 nm.mp4
The Nick's were late arrivals at the complex - here is Nick M's video of the lower granary.

Enlarge photo 87
enlarge 179KB, 1024x768
05-23 11-20-44 - ms DSCF4923
Nick M. hiking up to the ruins.

Enlarge photo 88
enlarge 160KB, 1024x768
05-23 11-25-02 - bm DSC01909
This wall has an unusual way of decorating not seen in other ruins - small white stones are embedded in the mud mortar. Note the Circular patterns.

Enlarge photo 89
enlarge 144KB, 1024x768
05-23 11-25-41 - ms DSCF4910
Close up of the patterns of the stones embedded in the clay.

Enlarge photo 90
enlarge 139KB, 1024x768
05-23 11-26-03 - ms DSCF4913
Showing the scale of the patterns.
This could possibly represent the Constellation Corona Borealis which lies overhead during May. It contains 7 predominant stars as recorded in this era.

Enlarge photo 91
enlarge 140KB, 1024x768
05-23 11-26-09 - ms DSCF4914
The holes in this wall are just above the floor level on the opposite side.  They could possibly be for ventilation.

Enlarge photo 92
enlarge 128KB, 1024x768
05-23 11-26-48 - ms DSCF4912
Another section of the wall.

Enlarge photo 93
enlarge 164KB, 1024x768
05-23 11-26-49 - ms DSCF4916
Bill taking a break.

Enlarge photo 94
enlarge 135KB, 1024x768
05-23 11-27-03 - ms DSCF4917

Enlarge MPEG4 95
enlarge 266.34MB, 1152x648
Download MPEG4
05-23 11-34 ws.mp4
VIDEO - Click Photo to View.
Will's video of the wall with the patterns on it as well as an inside view of the ruin behind the wall.

Enlarge photo 96
enlarge 180KB, 1024x768
05-23 11-27-13 - bm DSC01907
Mike and Will - It looks like there used to be a wall extending along the ledge in front of Mike. Our relatively easy access would not have been possible.  I guess it really was a fortress.

Enlarge photo 97
enlarge 203KB, 1024x768
05-23 11-27-21 - bm DSC01908
Will & Mike.

Enlarge photo 98
enlarge 172KB, 1024x768
05-23 11-28-01 - ms DSCF4920
Will at upper end of the "Fortress" section of the ruin. Note that this wall does not have the pebbles inserted into mud decoration of the previous photos.

Enlarge photo 99
enlarge 205KB, 1024x768
05-23 11-28-57 - nm IMG 2196
Another view.

Enlarge photo 100
enlarge 198KB, 768x1024
05-23 11-30-45 - nm IMG 2198
Close up of the wall construction.

Enlarge photo 101
enlarge 212KB, 768x1024
05-23 11-31-29 - nm IMG 2193
View of the "Fortress".  The holes here are also close to the floor level and would not be openings to fire arrows through.

Enlarge photo 102
enlarge 263KB, 1024x768
05-23 11-31-35 - nm IMG 2194
Close up of the "Fortress" wall and it's openings.

Enlarge photo 103
enlarge 180KB, 1024x768
05-23 11-32-29 - bm DSC01911
View of the small room in back of the decorated wall.  Mike and Nick in the background.  From the amount of rubble here, it would appear that there was a substantial wall extending out from the stub shown here.

Enlarge photo 104
enlarge 166KB, 1024x768
05-23 11-32-37 - bm DSC01912
Another view.

Enlarge photo 105
enlarge 204KB, 1024x768
05-23 11-33-19 - nm IMG 2200
Close up of the door to the small room - note the inset frame.

Enlarge photo 106
enlarge 97KB, 1024x768
05-23 11-33-52 - bm DSC01931
View of the interior of the small room.

Enlarge photo 107
enlarge 158KB, 1024x768
05-23 11-34-09 - bm DSC01927
Just beyond the small room is the remains of a kiva. There is also another small ruin further down the ledge - we can see Will inspecting it.

Enlarge photo 108
enlarge 249KB, 1024x768
05-23 11-34-12 - nm IMG 2201
Showing the interior of the kiva - note the construction using large poles for the beams then layers of branches of diminishing size laid in a grid pattern.

Enlarge photo 109
enlarge 223KB, 1024x768
05-23 11-34-43 - bm DSC01924
View showing the floor and what may be the "vent" for allowing smoke to escape.

Enlarge photo 110
enlarge 190KB, 1024x768
05-23 11-35-11 - ms DSCF4907
The roof construction - clay mud over small branches.  Not much left today. Note that one log has fallen in since our trip in 2000

Enlarge photo 111
enlarge 190KB, 1024x768
05-23 11-35-12 - ms DSCF4908
Another view of the floor - enlarge photo to see details.  There appears to be a rectangular "frame" setback in the wall.

Enlarge photo 112
enlarge 155KB, 1024x768
05-23 11-35-13 - bm DSC01913
Closer view of the roof construction.

Enlarge photo 113
enlarge 202KB, 1024x768
05-23 11-35-14 - bm DSC01914
Another view - note rectangular opening in side wall.

Enlarge photo 114
enlarge 177KB, 1024x768
05-23 11-35-15 - bm DSC01915
Cliff side view.

Enlarge photo 115
enlarge 188KB, 768x1024
05-23 11-35-18 - nt IMG 0070
View of inner side and the little bit of roof that remains

Enlarge photo 116
enlarge 243KB, 768x1024
05-23 11-35-19 - nt IMG 0071
Another view of the kiva's roof construction.

Enlarge MPEG4 117
enlarge 274.82MB, 1152x648
Download MPEG4
05-23 11-09a ms.mp4
VIDEO - Click Photo to View.
Mike explores the further ruin and postulates on the meaning of a pattern on the door of the ruin.

Enlarge photo 118
enlarge 204KB, 1024x768
05-23 11-35-20 - bm DSC01916
View of the northernmost ruin.

Enlarge photo 119
enlarge 159KB, 1024x768
05-23 11-35-22 - bm DSC01917
View inside one of the rooms in the ruin. Note that the back wall is also a constructed wall and not just the bedrock that is exposed.

Enlarge photo 120
enlarge 205KB, 1024x768
05-23 11-36-07 - bm DSC01918
View of the door to the room. Mike's "constellation" pattern is at the bottom left of the door.

Enlarge photo 121
enlarge 182KB, 1024x768
05-23 11-36-33 - bm DSC01920
A small door up against the overhang - that explains the constructed wall inside the room - it allows for a small storage area between the room and the overhang.

Enlarge photo 122
enlarge 179KB, 1024x768
05-23 11-36-45 - bm DSC01921
View of the main door (I wouldn't fit through this!).  The door is framed with branches. - good view of the "constellation" pattern.

Enlarge photo 123
enlarge 149KB, 1024x768
05-23 11-37-02 - bm DSC01922
View of inside of the room - branch sticking out was probably part of the roof construction.

Enlarge photo 124
enlarge 186KB, 1024x768
05-23 11-37-30 - bm DSC01923
Looking back along the ledge from the last ruin.

Enlarge photo 125
enlarge 133KB, 1024x768
05-23 11-38-08 - bm DSC01925
High above on the ceiling of the overhang near the kiva is a ghost handprint.

Enlarge photo 126
enlarge 167KB, 1024x768
05-23 11-38-39 - nt IMG 0075
Close up of the handprint.

Enlarge photo 127
enlarge 138KB, 1024x768
05-23 11-38-54 - bm DSC01928
A pair of ghost handprints on the ceiling.

Enlarge photo 128
enlarge 122KB, 1024x768
05-23 11-39-01 - nm IMG 2206
The end of one of the beams for the kiva roof.

Enlarge photo 129
enlarge 144KB, 1024x768
05-23 11-39-14 - nt IMG 0076
This rock has some coloration - wonder if it was used to mix dyes.

Enlarge MPEG4 130
enlarge 47.68MB, 1152x648
Download MPEG4
05-23 11-37 ms.mp4
VIDEO - Click Photo to View.
Mike and Nick T discuss the "painter's pallette".

Enlarge photo 131
enlarge 237KB, 1024x768
05-23 11-39-16 - nt IMG 0072
A pottery shard in the rubble. Must have been a beautiful pot.

Enlarge photo 132
enlarge 104KB, 1024x768
05-23 11-39-18 - nt IMG 0077
Maize cob left behind.

Enlarge photo 133
enlarge 169KB, 1024x768
05-23 11-39-21 - nm IMG 2207
More pottery shards showing the diversity of styles.

Enlarge MPEG4 134
enlarge 63.00MB, 1152x648
Download MPEG4
05-23 11-48 ms.mp4
VIDEO - Click Photo to View.
Will climbing down from the ruins.

Enlarge photo 135
enlarge 197KB, 1024x768
05-23 11-53-45 - nt IMG 0078
Will and Bill descending down slickrock.  Bill is using the tried and true method of sliding down on his rear end when it gets too steep.

Enlarge photo 136
enlarge 160KB, 768x1024
05-23 11-53-57 - ms DSCF4926
Switchbacking our way down following the grooves in the sandstone.

Enlarge photo 137
enlarge 157KB, 1024x768
05-23 11-54-21 - ms DSCF4927
Will negotiating a steep spot.

Enlarge photo 138
enlarge 183KB, 1024x768
05-23 11-54-27 - ms DSCF4928
Bill's not too sure about this - it's easier going up.

Enlarge photo 139
enlarge 167KB, 768x1024
05-23 11-54-35 - ms DSCF4929
Bill coming down.

Enlarge photo 140
enlarge 184KB, 1024x768
05-23 11-57-32 - bm DSC01932
Will taking a last look at the "Fortress".

Enlarge photo 141
enlarge 154KB, 1024x768
05-23 11-58-31 - bm DSC01933
Looking up to the kiva portion of the ruin.

Enlarge photo 142
enlarge 177KB, 1024x768
05-23 11-58-55 - bm DSC01935
Mike and Nick T making their way down to the lower ledge.

Enlarge photo 143
enlarge 175KB, 1024x768
05-23 12-00-48 - nt IMG 0079
Checking out the granary on the lower ledge on the way down.

Enlarge photo 144
enlarge 157KB, 1024x768
05-23 12-01-44 - bm DSC01936
Close up.

Enlarge photo 145
enlarge 350KB, 768x1024
05-23 13-01-34 - nt IMG 0080
Back on the "trail" again - down the wash.

Enlarge photo 146
enlarge 163KB, 768x1024
05-23 13-02-09 - ms DSCF4930
The Nicks going around a bend.

Enlarge photo 147
enlarge 150KB, 1024x768
05-23 13-21-00 - nm IMG 2216
We were looking for the "Railroad" panel - Mike and the Nicks bushwhacked overland while Bill and Will stayed in the wash. It turned out that the easiest approach was from the down canyon end.  Nick M got this shot of the panel from afar before he went down and flagged Bill and Will.

Enlarge photo 148
enlarge 191KB, 1024x768
05-23 13-22-41 - bm DSC01938
View of the panel from the down canyon side.

Enlarge MPEG4 149
enlarge 184.83MB, 1152x648
Download MPEG4
05-23 13-20a ws.mp4
VIDEO - Click Photo to View.
Will's panoramic video of the Railroad Panel.

Enlarge MPEG4 150
enlarge 211.79MB, 1152x648
Download MPEG4
05-23 13-25 bm ms.mp4
VIDEO - Click Photo to View.
Bill and Mike's combined video of the Railroad Panel and its details.

Enlarge photo 151
enlarge 172KB, 1152x647
05-23 13-23-09 - bm DSC01939
Nick M and Mike at the Panel

Enlarge photo 152
enlarge 131KB, 1024x768
05-23 13-23-10 - bm DSC01943
Overall view of the Panel

Enlarge photo 153
enlarge 136KB, 1024x768
05-23 13-23-23 - bm DSC01946
Mike at the Panel

Enlarge photo 154
enlarge 128KB, 1024x768
05-23 13-23-50 - bm DSC01950
Click on this thumbnail photo in order to see the intricate details of the panel.
The main portion of the Railroad Panel
As a structural engineer, I'm fascinated by the Warren Truss sitting on springs that is at the top left of the panel, a type of bridge commonly used for railroads.

Enlarge photo 155
enlarge 121KB, 1024x768
05-23 13-24-06 - bm DSC01940
Click on this photo in order to see the intricate details of the panel.
Left end of the panel - you can see that wind scour has eroded the patina and is erasing some of the figures.

Enlarge photo 156
enlarge 169KB, 1024x768
05-23 13-24-12 - ms DSCF4931
Click on this photo in order to see the intricate details of the panel.
Close up showing details.

Enlarge photo 157
enlarge 163KB, 1024x768
05-23 13-24-22 - nt IMG 0084
Click on this photo in order to see the intricate details of the panel.
Another shot of this part of the panel.

Enlarge photo 158
enlarge 224KB, 1024x768
05-23 13-24-55 - nm IMG 2219

Enlarge photo 159
enlarge 226KB, 1024x768
05-23 13-24-55 - nm IMG 2219
Click on this photo in order to see the intricate details of the panel.
It's hard to imagine what some of these symbols represented.

Enlarge photo 160
enlarge 222KB, 1024x768
05-23 13-24-58 - nm IMG 2220
Click on this photo in order to see the intricate details of the panel.
Another view.

Enlarge photo 161
enlarge 159KB, 1024x768
05-23 13-35-28 - ms DSCF4933
Click on this photo in order to see the intricate details of the panel.
Showing the lower portion.

Enlarge photo 162
enlarge 159KB, 1024x768
05-23 13-35-33 - ms DSCF4934
Click on this photo in order to see the intricate details of the panel.
The next section to the right.

Enlarge photo 163
enlarge 154KB, 1024x768
05-23 13-35-39 - bm DSC01945
Click on this photo in order to see the intricate details of the panel.
Continuing on to the right - more evidence of erosion.

Enlarge photo 164
enlarge 148KB, 1024x768
05-23 13-35-42 - ms DSCF4935
Click on this photo in order to see the intricate details of the panel.
Details from the previous photo.

Enlarge photo 165
enlarge 148KB, 1024x768
05-23 13-35-46 - ms DSCF4936
Click on this photo in order to see the intricate details of the panel.
Details to the right of the previous photo.

Enlarge MPEG4 166
enlarge 266.55MB, 1152x648
Download MPEG4
05-23 13-27 ms.mp4
VIDEO - Click Photo to View.
In response to Mike's wife's request for more "people videos" - Mike and Will' commentary.

Enlarge photo 167
enlarge 149KB, 768x1024
05-23 13-23-55 - nm IMG 2224
While Mike and Will were filming the "people video", Nick T. had climbed up above and photo bombed the production.

Enlarge photo 168
enlarge 124KB, 1024x768
05-23 13-35-52 - ms DSCF4937
Click on this photo in order to see the intricate details of the panel.
Details of the panel at its right edge.

Enlarge photo 169
enlarge 136KB, 1024x768
05-23 13-35-56 - ms DSCF4938
Click on this photo in order to see the intricate details of the panel.
The panel terminates at the right edge at this "perpendicular" rock edge.  Erosion has also taken its toll here.

Enlarge MPEG4 170
enlarge 321.68MB, 1152x648
Download MPEG4
05-23 13-32 ms.mp4
VIDEO - Click Photo to View.
Mike's video showing the Railroad Panel details from right to left.

Enlarge photo 171
enlarge 184KB, 1024x768
05-23 13-36-19 - bm DSC01942
View looking outwards from the panel.

Enlarge photo 172
enlarge 168KB, 1024x768
05-23 13-36-24 - bm DSC01947
Nick M. has climbed up to the ridge above and is taking photos.

Enlarge photo 173
enlarge 137KB, 1024x768
05-23 13-36-34 - bm DSC01948
Telephoto of Nick M taking photos.

Enlarge photo 174
enlarge 248KB, 1024x768
05-23 13-36-43 - nm IMG 2226
Nick M's photo of the rock buttress at the end of the ridge he was on.

Enlarge photo 175
enlarge 246KB, 1024x768
05-23 13-39-46 - nt IMG 0090
Nick T had climbed up to the rim and took this photo - the Railroad Panel is to the left.  You can see Mike just outside of the shadow heading down. Will is inside the shadow and is visible if you enlarge the photo and brighten your monitor.

Enlarge photo 176
enlarge 217KB, 1024x768
05-23 13-39-50 - nt IMG 0091
Looking up canyon from the rim above the Railroad Panel. (Nick T)

Enlarge photo 177
enlarge 159KB, 1024x768
05-23 13-40-25 - nt IMG 0092
Another photo by Nick T from the rim - this is to the right of the previous photo.

Enlarge photo 178
enlarge 206KB, 1024x768
05-23 13-40-26 - nm IMG 2232
Claret Cup Cactus in bloom

Enlarge photo 179
enlarge 304KB, 1024x768
05-23 13-41-16 - bm DSC01951
Prickly Pear cacti in bloom

Enlarge photo 180
enlarge 228KB, 1024x768
05-23 13-45-32 - nt IMG 0093
Across the canyon from the RR panel.

Enlarge photo 181
enlarge 249KB, 1024x768
05-23 13-45-37 - nt IMG 0094
Slightly down canyon from the RR panel - Nick T heading down from the rim.

Enlarge photo 182
enlarge 176KB, 1024x768
05-23 14-21-04 - bm DSC01952
It was getting hot and we trudged on down the canyon.  Up ahead we spy some ruins on a high ledge - one is known as the round house.

Enlarge MPEG4 183
enlarge 65.51MB, 1152x648
Download MPEG4
05-23 14-30a ws.mp4
VIDEO - Click Photo to View.
Will's video of the ruins on the high ledge.

Enlarge photo 184
enlarge 141KB, 1024x768
05-23 14-23-15 - bm DSC01953
Getting closer, you can see the remains of a large ruin perched on the ledge. Looked like it was a defensive structure preventing access to the ruins further along the ledge.

Enlarge photo 185
enlarge 165KB, 1024x768
05-23 14-28-14 - bm DSC01958
Looking back at the ruin - Even though it looks impossible to access that ledge, I've seen a Photo of the ruin taken from the ledge from this Trip Report.

Enlarge photo 186
enlarge 106KB, 1024x768
05-23 14-27-55 - bm DSC01954
Here is the Round House ruin and another larger ruin on that same ledge - The sun was in the wrong position to get a good photo.

Enlarge photo 187
enlarge 117KB, 1024x768
05-23 14-28-03 - bm DSC01956
Another view.

Enlarge photo 188
enlarge 184KB, 1024x768
05-23 14-56-27 - nt IMG 0095
Bushwhacking across a headland.

Enlarge photo 189
enlarge 185KB, 1024x768
05-23 15-24-53 - bm DSC01959
A small ruin just above the wash.

Enlarge MPEG4 190
enlarge 287.31MB, 1152x648
Download MPEG4
05-23 15-30 ms ws.mp4
VIDEO - Click Photo to View.
Mike and Will's combined video showing some small granaries.

Enlarge photo 191
enlarge 222KB, 1024x768
05-23 15-27-52 - bm DSC01960
Another small granary - note that this is "Shelby's Nosebleed" granary not the one called out in the video.

Enlarge photo 192
enlarge 183KB, 1024x768
05-23 15-36-57 - bm DSC01961
Finally reach the Big Pouroff.

Enlarge photo 193
enlarge 198KB, 1024x768
05-23 15-35-44 - nt IMG 0096
Looking down at the pools of the Big Pouroff.

Enlarge photo 194
enlarge 240KB, 1024x768
05-23 15-35-53 - nt IMG 0098
You can see all the debris left behind when flash floods go over this point - must be some sight.

Enlarge MPEG4 195
enlarge 99.18MB, 1152x648
Download MPEG4
05-23 15-54a ws.mp4
VIDEO - Click Photo to View.
The old man has had it - We decide to camp at the pouroff because of the water situation.  This is the first water since Pollys Island.

Enlarge photo 196
enlarge 175KB, 1024x768
05-23 16-23-32 - nm IMG 2246
A bone from some unlucky animal - near the Big Pouroff.

Enlarge photo 197
enlarge 231KB, 1024x768
05-23 16-31-15 - nm IMG 2247
The Nick's went looking for a campsite - and got this photo.  We stopped here for lunch in 2000.

Enlarge photo 198
enlarge 169KB, 1024x768
05-23 16-32-58 - nm IMG 2248
An artistic photo by Nick M.

Enlarge photo 199
enlarge 184KB, 1024x768
05-23 16-59-42 - bm DSC01962
The pool at the bottom of the Big Pouroff.

Enlarge MPEG4 200
enlarge 314.37MB, 1152x648
Download MPEG4
05-23 16-57 ms ws.mp4
VIDEO - Click Photo to View.
Combined Mike and Will's video showing the Big Pouroff Pool and getting our water jugs filled for the night's camp.

Enlarge photo 201
enlarge 178KB, 1024x768
05-23 17-14-21 - nt IMG 0099
Late afternoon sun and reflections on the Big Pouroff pool.

Enlarge MPEG4 202
enlarge 91.34MB, 1152x648
Download MPEG4
05-23 18-08 bm.mp4
VIDEO - Click Photo to View.
Getting ready for the night and dinner preparation.

Enlarge photo 203
enlarge 186KB, 1152x647
05-23 18-08-13 - bm DSC01963
Mike getting his gear ready of the night.

Enlarge MPEG4 204
enlarge 388.15MB, 1152x648
Download MPEG4
05-23 18-59a ms.mp4
VIDEO - Click Photo to View.
Cheesecake Dessert. Lighting the Dragonfly and discussion of rock found by Will.

Enlarge MPEG4 205
enlarge 57.40MB, 1152x648
Download MPEG4
05-23 19-37a ws.mp4
VIDEO - Click Photo to View.
Getting camp shipshape for the night.

Enlarge photo 206
enlarge 593KB, 1152x576
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