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1997 Lost Creek Ridge
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Lost Creek Ridge
September 1997

Austin and Bill Peckinpaugh -Switchbacks in the Snow

No school on Friday meant we could do a multi-day trip in September, and the Lost creek Ridge trail is a good one. The weather cooperated and we had a great trip. It's a rugged trip, 20.5 miles and 7600 ft. climbed, but it is also one of the most scenic hikes in the Cascades. Topped off with a dip in Kennedy Hot Springs, it was a good way to close out the alpine hiking for the year.

This hike is no longer possible as we did it in 1997. In October 2003 the deteriorating Whitechuck Trail was completely destroyed by floods and mudslides taking out many trail bridges, and obliterating the hot springs and nearby ranger cabin.

Troop 24 Scouts: Jason Smith, Adam Phillips, Austin Peckinpaugh

Troop 24 Adults: Bill Mooseker, Bill Peckinpaugh

Troop 24 "The High Adventure Troop" Backpacking Trip
-Cascade Bill Mooseker

Date(s): Sept 1997. Album by Cascade Bill. 1 - 32 of 32 Total. 554 Visits.
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It's a long climb up the Lost Creek Ridge trail and we were late getting into camp.  This photo is from the morning of the second day.  Although the weather was nice, there had been some snowfall earlier in the week and any north facing slope was covered with 4-6 inches of snow.  You can see the ridge above Round Lake, where we had to descend on a very slick ice covered trail.  Fortunately we all made it down without incident.

Enlarge photo 3
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Our camp at Round Lake.

Enlarge photo 4
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Round Lake from near our camp.

Enlarge photo 5
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Bill Peckinpaugh, Adam Phillips, and Jason Smith (doing dishes).

Enlarge photo 6
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Another shot of Round Lake - we were lucky that the snow level did not come down to the lake level.

Enlarge photo 7
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Austin Peckinpaugh leaving camp. Mount Pugh in the background.

Enlarge photo 8
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Austin, Adam, Jason, and Bill P. leaving camp.

Enlarge photo 9
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Climbing up the trail, you get a good look at Round Lake.  Going up the trail through the snow was a little easier than it was coming down.

Enlarge photo 10
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Sloan Peak from the trail near where you duck over the ridge to descend to Round Lake.

Enlarge photo 11
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Looking back at Round Lake, you can see why it was named.

Enlarge photo 12
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Sloan Peak provides the backdrop for Bill P., Adam, Jason, and Austin.

Enlarge photo 13
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Another view of Sloan Peak from the meadows along the Lost Creek Ridge Trail.

Enlarge photo 14
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Adam - taking a break along the trail.  Note that from Round Lake to Camp Lake, the trail is sketchy in places.

Enlarge photo 15
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Looking up the trail we can see Glacier Peak.

Enlarge photo 16
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In shady spots the snow lingers.

Enlarge photo 17
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Crossing over to the north side, we find another snow covered set of switchbacks to descend.  This was along the ridge near Hardtack Lake.

Enlarge photo 18
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Heading down the switchbacks.  The trail along the ridge goes up and down a lot, as is typical of ridge trails.

Enlarge photo 19
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Late in the day we roll into our camp at Camp Lake.  Bill P. tried his luck at fishing, but no dice.

Enlarge photo 20
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You can see Bill P. trying his luck fishing.

Enlarge photo 21
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Austin cooking dinner.  You can see my beloved "Cowboy" Coffee pot, that my son  Greg found on the Carne Mountain Leroy Creek trail.

Enlarge photo 22
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Our camp near Camp Lake.

Enlarge photo 23
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Another View.

Enlarge photo 24
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Adam and Jason at camp.

Enlarge photo 25
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Adam catching the last rays of the sun - Mount Pugh in the background.

Enlarge photo 26
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Heading out around Camp Lake - our camp was by the big rocks at the center of the photo.

Enlarge photo 27
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Taking a break - Bill P., Austin, and Adam.  View is down the Whitechuck Valley looking west.

Enlarge photo 28
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Adam, Jason, Bill, and Austin.

Enlarge photo 29
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Getting closer to Glacier Peak.

Enlarge photo 30
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Taking in the view of Glacier Peak.

Enlarge photo 31
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Lake Byrne's Blue waters beckon from the trail - a very scenic spot with the fall colors in the foreground.

Enlarge photo 32
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A last look at Glacier Peak before we begin the long descent to Kennedy Hot Springs and out the Whitechuck Trail.  We paused for a dip in the hot springs, where we took a quick dip before continuing on out.  Coincidently, one of the teachers at Adam and Jason's school was in the pool when we were there.

Unfortunately, Kennedy Hot Springs is no more, having been washed out in the floods of 2003.  See these links for information:
Kennedy Hot Springs before the flood
Kennedy Hot Springs after the flood
There is a good picture of the Springs in the "before" link. Troop 24 used to do an annual hike to the Springs in 70's and early 80's in late March or early April.  Our record was 18 people at one time in the Springs, which seems impossible looking at how small the springs look in the picture.

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