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Caro Canou's American Hairless Terrier
We are Cardy and Rob from Belgium. We are the proud owner of 5 American hairless terriers and we really love this breed. We will sometimes have a litter pups to help with the bloodlines for this young breed. Our dogs are health tested and are pets in first place.
If you would like to know more about us, or our dogs, let us know!

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1. J-litter  (May 10, 2021)
Born on December 23, 2023.
Hanami and Bentley are the proud parents off 3 boys and 3 girls.
All pups are reserved at the moment.
Breeders hold can be reserved maybe, please contact us if interested.
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Caro Canou's Hanami
2. Caro Canou's Hanami  (May 10, 2021)
Hanami is born here with us from our H-litter. She is the daughter of Diva and Milow and our 3th generation. She lives with us and her grandparents Dio and Kyra.
We hope she will grow up as expected and bring us a new line in the future.
Hanami is tested and clear on everything.
We plan her first litter begin 2024
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Velour Fashion Show Black Bentley
3. Velour Fashion Show Black Bentley  (February 22, 2021)
Bentley is our new boy. We hope he will be our future stud. His picture crossed us on Facebook and we just fell in love with him from that very first moment. Bentley lives with Rob's parents. He will be avaible as stud for limited girls. He is tested clear on everything. Bentley is black tan white and around 40 cm. He is a very muscular boy, we can't wait to see what his pups will look like.
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4. Offspring  (February 10, 2020)
In this album we would like to show all our pups all grown up.
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5. I-litter  (March 14, 2022)
Our I-litter is born on March 2, 2022. We have 2 girls and 3 boys, all solid colour.
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6. H-litter   (August 21, 2020)
Our H-litter is born on februari 9 2021. The father is Milow, mom is Diva.
There are 3 solid girls and 1 piebald boy.
0,15% inbreeding in 6 generations, 0.69% inbreeding in 10 generations.
All pups sold
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Beauty and Beast Simson ‘Eros’
7. Beauty and Beast Simson ‘Eros’  (April 28, 2022)
Eros is het father of our G-litter and I-litter and stayed here after we lost Ea. He is now neutered but his son and daughters are going to make him proud in the future.
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Caro Canou's Gamble The Dice
8. Caro Canou's Gamble The Dice  (February 22, 2021)
Lucifer is born on august 21, 2020. He is a son of Ea's last litter. We knew we wanted to keep a pup from this litter to keep Ea's bloodline as she only will have 2 litters. Lucifer is white choco and a small boy, just like his mom. He is 29 cm at 6 months.
Unfortunately he tested high with te bile aced test so Lucifer is been neutered in 2023.
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Dio 'Blue Baboon Mooshka'
9. Dio 'Blue Baboon Mooshka'  (October 1, 2013)
This is our boy Dio, he is a solid blue with white. Dio is born on July 24, 2012. This lovely boy is so funny to watch, Always soft to others, loves to play and so cute!
Dio is now neutered and sired 4 litters. There are a few males with his bloodline that can be used as stud. If you are interested or want more info, contact us:
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Ea in Memory of Baba
10. Ea in Memory of Baba  (September 3, 2016)
This is Ea, our new addition. We hope that she might be able to help us continue to help this wonderfull breed. Ea will be tested and maybe one day, she will have a litter with us.
This little girl has already stole our hart with her great personality.
Ea is White pearl tan.
We had to say goodbye to Ea way to soon, just after her 5th birthday in 2021. We will always miss you our little girl.
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Diva 'Caro Canou's Diva Carmilla'
11. Diva 'Caro Canou's Diva Carmilla'  (November 5, 2015)
This is Diva, our little girl from our C-litter. Diva lives with family. We love this little black girl, she has the best of both parents.
She gave us 2 litters where Lisa from the first litter stayed and lives with her mom and Hanami from her second litter lives with us now.
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Kyra 'Vanhoftereeckhout Ayco'
12. Kyra 'Vanhoftereeckhout Ayco'  (October 1, 2013)
This is Kyra, my first AHT. Kyra is born on June 02, 2010. She is a nice white apricot female with a lovely character. Kyra loves playing with a ball and will do anything for it. She is also the mom of our A-C-D-litter.
Her pups grow up so nice.
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Nomy 'Beauty's Exotic Naomi'
13. Nomy 'Beauty's Exotic Naomi'  (October 1, 2013)
This is my second girl Nomy. She is born on december 05 2011. Nomy is a white black tan piebald. She is so friendly and loves everybody!
Nomy is the mom of our B-litter.
Nomy is neutered in october 2016 as she developed some allergy after her vaccination, we have decided not to breed her anymore. We had to say goodbye to Nomy on Januari 9 2020.
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14. G-litter  (June,02,2020)
Our G-litter is born on August 21, 2020. The proud parents are Ea and Eros. There are 4 boys.
This litter will be smaller/medium size pups. This litter is 2,15% inbreeding in 5 generations, 3,72% in 10 generations.
All pups are spooken for.
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15. F-litter  (May 11, 2018)
24-10-2018 is this litter born. Ea has 5 girls and 1 boy. Alle pups are reserved. Dio is the father of these pups. We are curiouse to see them grow.
Are you interested in one of our future pups? Contact us:
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