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Easy Designs Made from Brass Stampings
Here's a little gallery to get those creative juices flowing....a few little things I've made up over the years from the brass stampings I carry.   Easy and fun, you won't need to attend a jewelry making class to figure them out!   Some of the stampings are carried on our home website at http://www.bsueboutiques.com.  If you don't see what you need, give me a holler by emailing me at bsue1441@aol.com, or I can perhaps suggest other things we carry that would work.  Please refer to this gallery and the photo number, if you are making an inquiry.  THANKS!
Date(s): January 23, 2007. Album by Brenda Sue Lansdowne. Photos by B'sue. 1 - 24 of 54 Total. 23204 Visits.
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Enlarge photo 1
This is slick and fast!  If you love kitsch, you'll have such fun with our 35mm lace edged bezels and our 35mm 2X lenses!   Just pick out a photo ( I just love using old sepia pix of people I don't even know with interesting expressions on their faces!) insert, top with the lens and bend down the tabs on the lace edge....it will take you longer to pic out the photo than it will to make it, guaranteed!  Add to funky charm bracelets, charm strings for purses, any kind of mixed media piece!

Enlarge photo 2
Here's a big flower ring I made with one of our brass ox tearoses sold on the site at http://www.bsueboutiques.com.    Just glue to one of our signet ring bases and add a no hole pearl ball.   I wear this ring all the time!

Enlarge photo 3
Check on the side view on this ring!   Lovely detail.  I use E6000 glue, it works well and is very very strong.  Cures in about 24 hours.   We sell it on the site.

Enlarge photo 4
What fun I had concocting these!  I had some very simple toggle clasps to which I wired one of our oblong brass ox vintage style filigree beads (you guys have to check those beads out....I have them in brox and Russian goldplate and they are faboo!) THEN....added a dangle of brox tulip caps and another bead, and some more pretty dangles.  I used Eurowire earring wires in brass ox, which we carry.   These are real shoulder dusters!
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Enlarge photo 5
A ten minute project....I took these cool Victorian hearts, which aren't drilled, backed them with one of my x-shaped filigree (all you do is position it to the back and bend over the tabs!) Added jumps through some of the holes in the filigree at the back and added a spiffy little bow-motif eurowire in brass ox.   Honestly....it really only took about ten minutes to complete!
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Enlarge photo 6
When pigs fly!  My eye!  LOL   I had a good time putting these together, I'd had these little laser-cut wooden pigs for some time, I just put them on a stirrup-shaped hoop and hung a dark beige glass pearl on one of my filigree cones at the bottom.   It took far longer to select the components than it did to make the earrings.

Enlarge photo 7
Here is a take-off on the crescent style necklaces I used to make as large collages with glue....instead I used a grid and decorative tipped headpins.  I simply 'speared' the flower and rose stampings (this is a layer, first is a stamping with petals, then the manipulated tearose with the rivet center, we have these on the website at http://www.bsueboutiques.com) and then twisted and looped til it was secure on the grid.   All in all it took me MAYBE ten minutes to make the crescent motif centerpiece, and maybe 45 minutes total to plan and bead the rest on eyepins.
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Enlarge photo 8
Here is a closeup of the grid.  We carry a wide variety of grids made from 50's tooling on the website at bsueboutiques.com.   We specialize in things you can use for cagework beadery.
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Enlarge photo 9
Here's a pretty lavalier that took about a half an hour to make, once I planned which beads I wanted to use.  As you can see, I love to work with unusual cone caps and tiny filigree beads as accent.   I carry these on our website at bsueboutiques.com.
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Enlarge photo 10
Here is a closeup of the centerpiece, which I made from an Art Nouveau undrilled medallion.  So many times people wonder to do with these great undrilled pieces.  Well...you could drill them! LOL or you could wrap, as I did this piece, with filigree or an opened metal bead.   I connected to the top with long eyepins that I manipulated.
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Enlarge photo 11
Here you can see the back of the manipulated centerpiece.   I simply bent the tips over to secure the medallion, with pliers.
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Enlarge photo 12
Not exactly a brass stamping I know....but we do sell this item SKU clearcuff in the BASES and CUFFS section at http://www.bsueboutiques.com   It has a slight amber glow, is clear resin.  I collage it to the INSIDE with paper scraps...old tickets, parts of letters, postcards, whatever I have that means something to me, even photos!  Glue with Memory Stick Glue to the FRONT of the scrap.  Press in place, smallest pieces first, then medium, then largest.  Gesso over them, let dry, then paint over them (I usually like a parchment or gold-colored paint.)   Let that cure then finish the edges or rim with maybe a gold paint pen for a nice finish.  Let that set for maybe a day or so...clean up any glue that landed on the front with Novus or Jewelry Joose...and wear!
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Enlarge photo 13
Same technique as number one, just a different example.  I like to do these in front of the TV at night, I can make two or three collages in an hour so long as I have my scrap picked out already.

Enlarge photo 14
This is a bangle I made for a friend....you're seeing it before she has!   I can't wait to give it to her.  She's a new Gramma.   Think of the possibilities for gifts and personalization with these clear bangles.

Enlarge photo 15
An easy to make charm bracelet put together with the little charms we carry right here on the site.  I always start my bracelets with our rolo chain, it's so easy to work with and count off.
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Enlarge photo 16
This is a two inch wide plated cuff finding to which I bonded one of our pretty Victorian swan buckles.   Just use E6000 and four clamps.  Glue, position the buckle and clamp overnight, and voila!   Really handsome, dontcha think?
"Qué clase de pegante usa u..."
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Enlarge photo 17
This was the Born to Shop brooch from my charm jewelry collection that we sold to stores in the 90's.   I glued a bow stamping to the side of the shoe with the hanging hole upside down.  From this I dangled an earring pendant and little bag of money charms.  I topped it with a pretty little heart, a bisque rose and some little sparklers.    You will have to use glue for a project like this; I recommend E6000.

Enlarge photo 18
It couldn't be easier than this:   simply bond a selection of our 13mm button cabs (flatbacked) to our 11-link bracelet with E-6000 glue and let it cure overnight.   The center button is 18mm.
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Enlarge photo 19
All you need are five old gold-filled or plated-brass-case teacher watches, some large jumps in about a 12mm (if you can get raw brass it's best, I don't carry them at this time but will have some soon) and hang clusters of charms (I love the reproduction-style puffy hearts and hollow charms we carry at Ebay and on the site) along with little beads and caged simulation pearls.  This is my personal bracelet and a special favorite.
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Enlarge photo 20
This might look elaborate, but it's not.  I took vintage style belt buckles, topped them with bezels and filled them with pretty vintage stones.   I connected them all together through their filigree ends and beaded up the backs.   The centerpiece has pretty little dangles and a birdie bonded on as a motif.  I didn't spend more than an hour making this set!
"You are a master designer...."
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Enlarge photo 21
I used gunmetal components and a vintage glass cameo to make this unique necklace.  Now here is an example where it's all in the componentry---it took very very little skill to make this piece, just a little time with pliers and hooking together.   The cameo was glued on with E6000.   Probably it didn't take more than a half an hour to put this together---and how showy!  It really demonstrates how important it is to look for interesting findings.

Enlarge photo 22
A closeup of the centerpiece.
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Enlarge photo 23
This is a WIIIDE bracelet about two inches wide, and though it may look elaborate, it was so easy.   I used figured heavy vintage chain and rolo along with our wide necklace or bracelet ends carried on the site.   This one is finished with a foldover clasp, but you could use a lobster, toggle or whatever clasp you prefer.

Enlarge photo 24
Another bracelet with different chain in the same 'feeling.'   I used a large box clasp for the finish and topped it with a large dragonfly finding which I glued on.  This one also has a safety catch.
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